20 Things That Suddenly Become A Hazard In The Third Trimester

Pregnancy is a joyous experience. Growing a tiny human inside, feeling him or her move around, being able to pick out names and decorate a nursery... all this and more are just some of the things that a woman looks forward to when she finds out she is pregnant.

However, pregnancy brings about a lot of changes. Some things become harmful to the baby and need to be stopped right away. There are also some things that pregnant women need to make sure to stop doing at various stages of pregnancy or if the pregnancy becomes high-risk. For example, waterslides and other rides at an amusement park need to be avoided at all costs. Any ride that has a forceful landing, sudden start or stop can cause harm to a growing baby inside of a woman’s belly.

Running is another activity that a woman should avoid. It is fine in moderation, but too much could be harmful to not only a mother to be but to her baby as well. From the second trimester and on, she is at high risk of falling, dehydration, lower back pain, and injuries to her bones and joints. Let's have a look at 20 other things an expecting mother should avoid once in her third trimester.

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20 Going To A Sauna

Saunas are a great place to go to relax, clear one’s mind, and loosen up after a long, couple hours of exercise.

For women in their third trimester though, saunas could be tremendously dangerous.

Pregnant women are already at a great risk for dehydration, dizziness and low blood pressure, add in a sauna, and these symptoms can intensify.

According to boldsky.com, when a woman goes into a sauna or a steam bath, the heat can raise her internal body temperature, which can cause harm to her unborn baby.

Whattoexpect.com says that anything that raises a woman’s body temperature over 102 degrees and keeps it like that for a while, can cause neural tube defects of the baby’s brain, spine or spinal cord.

19 Lifting Heavy Objects - Including Kids

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According to babycenter.com, when a woman becomes pregnant, her ligaments and joints become less stable.

Mix that with a growing belly that can throw off her balance and change her center of gravity, and you do not end up with a good combo.

The first thing to worry about is lower back pain. As a woman’s belly grows, she becomes more vulnerable and can strain it easier, especially when lifting anything over 20 pounds.

Having a baby growing inside of a woman’s body can throw her off balance a bit, making falls more likely. A serious fall is not only dangerous for the mom to be, but also for the baby. It could end in preterm labor or premature separation of the placenta.

18 All You Can Eat Buffets

It's no secret that with pregnancy, also comes an insatiable increase in appetite and cravings.

Although it may be ok overeat a bit during the first two trimesters, according to boldsky.com, it is best to only do small meals at normal meals times once a woman hits her third trimester.

Once a woman enters inter her third trimester, the baby begins to drop lower in her belly. This is when digestion can become a bit more difficult. The mom will be will have a harder time digesting a large meal, which could lead to upset belly’s, acid reflux, and heartburn.

17 Bedroom Romance

When it comes to bedroom romance while pregnant, every woman is different.

Some women have an increase in their libido and want it more while pregnant, while some women do not. Other women will go their whole pregnancy not wanting to have any private time between the sheets at all. One reason being they feel uncomfortable with their bodies or are just all around uncomfortable from growing a tiny human in their body.

According to boldsky.com, if a woman is having a normal pregnancy then it is ok to have as much bedroom romance as she wants up until she goes into labor, but if she is having a risky pregnancy, doctors recommend that she puts a halt on doing the deed for a while.

16 Heavy Exercising

As stated earlier, when a woman becomes pregnant, her joints and ligaments become softer, making her more susceptible to injury. Her center is also thrown off balance due to the baby growing inside her belly.

It is ok to exercise while pregnant, especially if an expecting mother was exercising a lot before her pregnancy.

But it is not ok to partake in heavy exercises. According to boldsky.com, heavy exercising can lead to exhaustion, that mixed with her off balance and she could cause herself and her baby injuries. She could fall and injure herself, break a bone, or cause herself to go into premature labor or even rip the placenta, causing harm to herself, and her baby.

15 Flying

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When it comes to traveling by plane, it is ok to do it during certain stages of a woman’s pregnancy. But according to boldsky.com, when the third trimester comes along though, many doctors recommend that an expecting mother puts a halt on all sky travel and just stick to the ground.

On a plane, passengers are sent up into high altitudes. The higher up they go, the harsher it becomes to breathe since oxygen becomes scarce.

This can be dangerous for a woman in her third trimester. It can cause the baby to asphyxiate, or even cause premature labor, and having a baby on a plane full of strangers is not something a lot of woman want to do.

14 Wearing High Heels

Woman love how they feel in high heels. There is something about them that makes women feel more feminine.

Unfortunely, when it comes to a woman in her third trimester, it is recommended that she gives up her spikey heals and swap them out for some comfortable flats.

As stated before, pregnancy brings on looser joints and ligaments. As the baby grows, a woman’s balance is also thrown out of whack. Making a woman in her third trimester at a greater risk of falling and injuring herself and her baby.

According to boldsky.com, high heels can also cause back pain, something that she is already susceptible to thanks to her baby dropping in the third trimester and putting more weight on her lower back.

13 Contact Sports

Contact sports are just something that is a no-brainer on what not to do during pregnancy, let along in a woman’s third trimester.

Basketball, football, and soccer are just some of the sports a pregnant woman should avoid. Not only can they cause miscarriage early on in pregnancy, but when done to a woman in her third trimester, it is highly probably to cause injury to her stomach, which can not only her the expecting mother, but also the growing baby.

On top of more fatal consequences, it can also cause premature labor, ripping of the placenta, or injuries to the baby’s brain or fragile body.

12 Adventure Sports

There are different reasons as to why a woman shouldn’t do certain sports while pregnant.

For example, diving. Diving while pregnant has a high risk of decompression syndrome, according to babynames.allparenting.com. A woman could miscalculate the intervals between dives, the depths she can reach, or even rise too fast.

Between the possibility of decompression syndrome and getting treated in a decompression chamber, a baby would also be at high risk of experiencing harmful effects.

Water and snow skiing are two other sports that a woman in her third trimester should avoid at all costs. Some doctors may allow it early on in pregnancy if the woman is experienced, but that depends on what type of doctor the woman has.

Between the changes to a woman’s body due to hormones and the changes to her body that throw her balance off, it is not recommended due to the chance of falling and injuring her body or the baby.

11 Rough Household Chores

One good thing about being overly pregnant, is that it is ok to ask for help with chores and other household activities and not feel bad about it.

Being in the last trimester can be hard for a woman. She will find that she experiences exhaustion more, she is bloated, has more body aches, and just is all around miserable.

For this reason, an expecting mother should not hesitate to ask for help in her last trimester or even after the baby is born.

According to boldsky.com, most doctors will recommend that she holds off on doing heavy household chores until after the baby comes.

10 Shaving Your Legs

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The struggle is real when it comes to shaving while pregnant.

While pregnant, a woman’s balance is thrown off a bit, add that to an ever-growing belly, and shaving becomes almost impossible thanks to not being able to see or bend enough to reach the areas.

According to whattoexpect.com, one definite no-no for women pregnant is shaving in the shower. A mother-to-be could slip trying to maneuver herself to reach certain areas and cause serious injury to her or her unborn baby.

Some women will let it grow once it becomes too hard for them to reach or bend right and shave after the baby comes. The best thing to do if a woman MUST shave, is to ask for help. It may be embarrassing, but it is a lot safer.

9 Sleeping On Your Back

According to healthline.com, when a woman enters her third trimester, she is encouraged not to sleep on her back.

When a woman lays on her back, the uterus becomes too heavy and starts to reduce blood flow to the fetus.

The best thing a woman can do to sleep comfortably is to lay on her left side.

The reasoning behind this is because the uterus naturally rotates to the right side during pregnancy, when a woman lays on her left side it helps to balance it out, bring it more center and improve blood flow.

Also, adding a pillow between one’s legs can help to relieve pressure off the lower back and help with pain.

8 Going Anywhere Not Close To A Bathroom

As the baby grows, so does the urge to have to go to the bathroom all the time. As a woman enters her third trimester, the baby’s head may start to press down on her bladder now that it is bigger.

That extra pressures means more trips to the bathroom. The unfortunate effect is it may also mean leaking, especially if she coughs, sneezes, laughs or exercises.

The best thing to do to try and avoid accidents like that is to go to the bathroom as much as possible. Soon as one gets the urge to go, they should go. Also, avoid drinking fluids before bed. This can help with unwanted trips to the bathroom at night.

Wearing a panty liner can also help to absorb any leakage that may occur.

7 Driving

It is not forbidden to drive while pregnant, but it is recommended that a woman in her third trimester avoid doing it, and instead get a ride whenever possible.

There are a few things to consider before a woman who is expecting should step into a car.

One being changing symptoms. For most woman, a lot of their pregnancy symptoms that make driving unsafe have stopped either in the first or second trimester.

For other women though, the third trimester brings forth a revival of the first-trimester symptoms, such as morning sickness and fatigue.

Another thing to consider is the driving positions. If a mother to be wants to drive, she must make sure to sit as far back from the wheel as possible, while still being able to reach the steering wheel properly. If there was to be an accident, she could hit her stomach on the steering wheel, or the air bag could go off and injure her and the baby, which is why it is not recommended to drive.

A third thing to consider is seat belts. Seat belts are very annoying to a woman in her third trimester. They’re tight, restricting and uncomfortable. But! They are also essential and no matter how uncomfortable one might be, they need to be worn, and worn properly.

6 Bicycling

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As a woman enters her third trimester, according to everydayfamily.com, there are more things that she learns she can’t do. Biking is something that doctors recommend she avoids, unless she is an experienced rider.

A woman’s center of gravity begins to shift the farther a long she becomes due to her ever-growing baby inside of her belly. This can make riding a bike very dangerous. Falling could cause great injury not only to mom, but to her unborn belly inside of her.

It is best to avoid this type of activity, especially if an expecting mother hasn’t ridden in a long time or doesn’t know how to ride at all. Wait until after the baby is born.

5 Horseback Riding

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According to mypregnancybaby.com, it is best if a woman stops riding a horse after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Riding while pregnant is not safe in the second trimester, let alone the third and a OBGYN well tell a expecting mother to stop soon after her first trimester.

It is after the first trimester that the baby moves up above its mother’s pelvic girdle, meaning there are only skin and muscle protecting it from the jostling motion of riding.

If a woman was to be thrown off, or even kicked, there is nothing there to really protect the baby developing inside of her.

There is also the chance of placental abruption. Placental abruption if a pregnancy complication that occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterus to early. A pregnant woman is at high risk of this complication due to the jostling she endures while riding a horse.

4 Eating Raw Papaya

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It is hard being pregnant for so long and going through so many changes. Every day it seems like there is something new going on. Some women like to eat papaya due to it being able to help with constipation and heartburn, while also being able to relieve bloating, and gas.

Raw papaya is something that should be avoided completely though. There are no ifs or butts.

According to parentinghealthybabies.com, raw papaya contains latex, which can cause a woman who is expecting to experience early contractions and can also lead to miscarriage.

There is also the ingredients pepsin and papin that can cause fetal development issues. It is best to just avoid this fruit all together and avoid all the risks and complications.

3 Drinking Caffeine

It is best that when a woman becomes pregnant she avoids any types of foods that contain caffeine. To much caffeine, according to tinystep.in, can affect the body and limit how much iron it absorbs, therefore weakening it.

As a woman’s pregnancy progresses, her need for iron becomes higher due to the growing tiny human inside of her. Which is why it is best not to do anything that may interfere with her body getting the nutrient.

It has also been found that women who drink more than the recommended amounts of caffeine every day have a higher risk of having stillbirths, spontaneous abortions and miscarriages during the third trimester.

Some babies have even been born underweight or underdeveloped because of it.

2 Deep Fried Food

It is common for a woman going through pregnancy to experience different kinds of pregnancy cravings. Deep fried foods are one type of food that a lot of pregnant women seem to crave. French fries, chicken, nuggets all these and more are a pregnant woman’s weakness.

According to tinystep.in, it is best for a woman who is expecting to avoid these types of foods though. Avoiding everything deep fried can help to avoid any acidity or gastrointestinal problems a woman can have in the third trimester if she isn’t careful.

It is best to just eat healthy foods such as green vegetables and fruits that are high in folic acid. By doing this a pregnant woman is minimizing, if not eliminating, complications that can occur throughout her pregnancy.

1 Canned Foods

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Canned goods are a woman’s best friend. It makes life so much easier when you can just open a can and throw it in the microwave or on the stove fast to cook, especially a woman with a big family or who works.

Unfortunely, for women in their third trimester, canned goods are something that should be avoided. According to tinystep.in, canned foods contain a high amount of preservatives and bacteria that can be harmful not only to a woman’s health, but to her unborn baby’s health as well.

It is best for a pregnant woman to just avoid these types of foods all together. It is only a couple of months until she can pig out on all her favorites again. It will be worth the wait and it will go quickly.

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