20 Things That Women Think About While They're Pregnant

Women who are pregnant have a lot on their plates and a lot on their minds. They have hopes, wishes and dreams, plus a few worries sprinkled in between. Thoughts may be very positive one moment and slightly darker the next. Women have shared plenty of their pregnancy thoughts online and found that they are relatively similar to one another.

Anyone who's curious about what women think about while they're pregnant will enjoy this list. It's a list of 20 of the most common thoughts that women have while they're expecting. Moms-to-be will probably relate to everything on this list, or close to it. The questions that women ask themselves when they are pregnant cause them to seek out answers that help to put their minds at ease. These questions inspire them to educate themselves about what's happening and what will happen after they give birth. That's a good thing, right?

Now, it's time to look at the twenty questions. Answers may vary from woman to woman but this list is filled with real talk and facts about pregnancy. Pregnant woman who read it will realize that that they're not alone with their thoughts. Lots of expectant mothers are thinking the same things.

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20 Will I Get My Figure Back?


Women who are pregnant may wonder when they're going to get back into their pre-pregnancy clothes, but women need time to heal after having babies, so they should be more concerned about healing and feeling healthy after they have babies.

It's possible to burn some calories nursing, which helps to speed along the process of getting the female figure back to normal. With this in mind, women who are figure-conscious may want to consider nursing their babies. It's good for babies and good for new mom's figures, too.

Of course, some women choose not to nurse and shouldn't feel bad about it. It's a personal choice and no one else's business.

19 Will My Relationship Stay the Same After I Give Birth?


If you're living with a partner, having a baby with that person is going to change your relationship, but that doesn't mean that it's going to change for the worse. You may find that parenthood brings you closer together, because it makes your bond so much deeper.

You've created a little human together and what could be more meaningful than that?

Sure, there are going to be times when the stress of caring for a newborn takes its toll. You'll both be tired and struggling to cope. When things get hard, you'll need to hone your communication skills. How you express your emotions and thoughts will have a big impact on how your relationship goes.

18 Will Caring For a Newborn Be Really Hard?


It'll be hard sometimes. You can prepare for it, by educating yourself about proper baby care, gathering the right supplies and trying to rest up before childbirth, but it's something that is going to be challenging occasionally. The biggest hurdle is probably exhaustion. Newborns are adorable, but they wake up a lot in the night, because they need feedings.

Your best defence against exhaustion is to sleep when your baby does, if at all possible. Napping when the baby sleeps will help so much. Also, leaning on friends and family, or a partner if you have one, will be important. Use your support system to stay balanced as you care for your newborn.

17 Will I Miss Working During Maternity Leave?


You might. It depends on how you take to new motherhood and how passionate you are about your career. Some women love not working. They adore being home with their newborns and dread going back to work after maternity leave. Others realize that they really are career women and that they need to work in order to maintain their identities and be happy.

You may already have a sense of whether or not you're going to love being home with your baby full-time. If you decide you don't want to work outside of the home, get creative and find ways to earn from home (like writing!). It can be done.

16 What Will Labor Feel Like?


It's not going to feel really great. However, after your baby is born, you will forget about your labor pains soon enough. It's amazing how the memory of labor pains recedes. I had a hard labor, but I can't remember it very well at this point. Our brains seem to shield us by softening memories of labor pain. At least, that's my experience.

Some women have an easier time in labor than others. You won't know what it's going to be like for you until it happens. Contractions are sort of like severe "time of the month" cramps. Labor contractions get stronger throughout labor. Consider it all a rite of passage, because it is.

15 Will I Have Enough Money For My Baby?


Worrying about money while pregnant is very common. Some pregnant women are wealthy, but most are not. Pregnancy brings new expenses and new financial pressure. Men worry about money when their partners are pregnant, too. It's a universal worry among those who are embarking on parenthood, unless they are fortunate enough to have ample cash.

The best way to deal with these worries is to make a realistic budget. How much will it cost to buy what the baby needs each month? Figure it out ahead of time. Then, crunch the numbers. If you feel that you won't have enough money, find ways to save or ways to earn, or both. You can do it.

14 Will I Lose All Of My Free Time?

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You might lose some free time, but you may find that spending time with your newborn is more fun than a lot of the "fun" activities that you used to do before you had a baby. You're going to bond with your baby in a deep way that fills you with wonder and joy. Sure, you might not be able to hit every Hot Yoga class or wander the mall, checking out new shoes and handbags (or whatever else you loved to do, pre-childbirth), but you'll still find a bit of time for leisure activities that make you happy...especially if you have friends and family who are willing to help with the baby.

13 Should I Nurse My Baby Or Not?


In Canada, ninety-five percent of new mothers choose to nurse their babies for at least four weeks. So, the odds are that you will try nursing your newborn, even if you don't keep up with it for too long.

Nursing is good for babies. It's the perfect fuel for newborns. However, some women have trouble nursing and these women should be able to bottle-feed their babies formula without being judged by society.

Mother's milk is good for babies. It delivers antibodies and lots of other vital nutrients. But it's not the only choice. Read up about nursing before you give birth, so you can make an informed decision.

12 Will I Be a Good Mother?


Sure, you will, as long as you're a loving and conscientious mother. You need to deliver proper baby care, as well as affection that comes straight from the heart. If you can do both, you will give your newborn everything that he or she needs. Babies are defenceless. It's up to us to take good care of them. The fact that you're here, reading up on pregnancy, shows that you do care and that you're committed to doing your best. Stay positive about things. Learn how to care for a baby before you have one. Then, give your baby the best care...and tons of love.

11 Are My Pregnancy Symptoms Normal?


Pregnancy does bring some big physical changes. Women who are pregnant with their first babies may wonder if they are the only pregnant women experiencing certain symptoms. There's really no need to wonder. The answer is visiting your ob-gyn and asking. Make a list of questions and keep it on the fridge, like a grocery list. Then, take it to your prenatal checkups. Doctors are very busy, but your ob-gyn should have time to answer a few questions or even more. Having the questions in list form will make it easy to get answers. Google is great, but advice from an ob-gyn is even better.

10 Why Do I Feel So Sleepy?


Your shifting hormone levels are the primary reason why you're so sleepy during pregnancy. It takes a lot of hormone changes to grow a baby and these hormone changes will make you feel sleepy sometimes during the day, as well as at bedtime. Most women find that the first trimester is the sleepiest phase of pregnancy. Don't feel guilty about napping whenever you can. You'll be doing what's best for yourself and your unborn baby.

It's actually kind of hard to sleep during the end of the last trimester. I found that sleep was almost impossible at that point. It's like I was being prepared for the sleeplessness of caring for a newborn.

9 Why Am I So Moody?


You're moody because of hormones. You may also be moody because you're feeling a bit uncomfortable. Pregnancy brings its share of discomfort, from swollen ankles to morning sickness to heartburn and beyond. When we aren't physically comfortable, it does take a toll on our mood. Mostly, it's about hormones.

Go easy on yourself. Of course, you shouldn't become a screaming diva because you're expecting, but feel free to let people know that you are experiencing some emotional turbulence due to pregnancy. The people who love you will understand and be patient with you. They will try to change your mood for the better.

8 Will I Have a Son or Daughter?


Now, this is a fun one! You may be thinking about what your baby will be like. Will your child be a son or a daughter? You may suspect that you're carrying one or the other, based on old wives' tales or your gut instinct...but will you be right? You won't know until you've delivered your baby.

In many cases, it is possible to find out gender from ultrasounds, but it's fun to be surprised, so you'll need to decide if you want the surprise or not. If you want to be surprised, try not to cave in if the ultrasound tech offers to tell you what you'll be having.

7 What Should I Name My Baby?


More fun! Picking out baby names is a pleasant pastime. Most mothers-to-be really enjoy it. Here at Babygaga.com, we have amazing lists of baby names for you to check out. One of these lists may feature the perfect baby name for your baby. You'll have so many choices, from gender-neutral names to traditional names for sons and daughters. Whether you want something conventional or something unique is up to you. Some celebs give their babies really wacky names, like Pilot Inspektor or Apple. Before deciding on a crazy name, be sure to consider how other kids will react to your child's name when he or she is older.

6 Is It Twins?


Are you wondering if you're carrying twins? Maybe it's early in your pregnancy, and you're hoping that you're carrying twins, or you're afraid that caring for twins will be too much for you? The only way to find out for sure is to get an ultrasound. An ultrasound tech will be able to tell you whether you should be eating for two or three! Multiple births are more common when fertility medications are utilized, but they happen without those medications, too. Of course, it's possible to carry triplets or quadruplets or whatever. When you get your ultrasound, you won't need to wonder anymore.

5 Why Has My Drive Changed?


If you're ducking physical contact, you're not alone. There are women who become friskier during pregnancy, but a lot of women go in the opposite direction. Pregnancy is a time when some women don't feel their most attractive. They may be dealing with annoying pregnancy symptoms, too.

For example, a woman who's experiencing extreme morning sickness probably isn't going feel as romantic as she usually does. She is just trying to make it through the day. However your drive is during pregnancy, be kind to yourself. Let your partner know honestly how you are feeling. Cuddle when you're up to it.

4 Can My Baby Feel My Stress?


Stress is a fact of life, but you should try to minimize stress while you're pregnant, for your own sake and for the sake of your unborn baby. Stress isn't great for women who are expecting. It boosts the risk of premature labor and may cause problems in babies after they are born.

Stress hormones surge when pregnant women are stressed out and these hormones raise the risk of intrauterine infections. Your unborn baby may not be emotionally impacted by your stress, but your stress is still not good for him or her, or for you. This is a time in your life to chill out.

3 What If My Baby Is Born Early?


If your baby does come early and is delivered in a hospital, you may rest assured that a team of skilled neonatal medical pros will step in and give your baby the kind of care that he or she needs. Preemies do have special needs and neonatal specialists know exactly how they should be cared for.

These medical experts give preemies so much vital attention. In Canada, only eight percent of babies are born premature, out of 390,000 annual births. So, the vast majority of babies are born on or near their due dates.

2 What If I Don’t Make It To The Hospital In Time?


You probably will make it to the hospital in time, especially if it's your first baby. Labor for first babies is usually a process that women wish would go faster. If it's not your first baby, there is a greater chance that a baby will come faster.

Basically, you can't really control this stuff, so try not to worry too much about it. Worry about what you can control. Plan ahead by timing the trip to the hospital from your home. Pack a "go bag" for the hospital and keep it in the front entryway, where it's easy to grab in a hurry. Plan to the extent that you can...and then hope for the best.

1 Am I Eating Too Much?


You might be. Pregnancy brings some cravings and boosts the appetite. Also, women feel more free to gorge because they are pregnant. If you feel that your weight gain is abnormal, please talk to your ob-gyn. A doctor will know whether or not you're taking in too many calories. If you want to be proactive, track your calorie consumption (there's an app for that) and see if it's within normal levels. During trimester one, shoot for 1800 calories a day. During the 2nd trimester, 2,200 calories per day will be good. In the last trimester, eat 2,400 calories per day.

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