20 Things The Baby Does Differently If They're Happy

Newborns are very adorable. They are small, comfy, and they always smell good. They eat, sleep and make messes but that is pretty much it. They don’t really offer anything else to mom and dad as a way of confirming that they are okay and happy. This can be very frustrating to new parents who just want to make sure they are doing a good job and that their little one is happy.

They will look for any and all signs that their little one is happy and content with this life they have made for him. Everyone knows the signs of a baby who is not happy: they will cry, grimace and whimper and parents quickly try and solve their problem to make them content again.

However, there are signs that a baby is happy that parents can pay attention to long before that little smile pops up. There are certain things a baby does that they would only do if they were happy and content, and all mom and dad need to do is pay attention to every little interaction their little one makes because chances are they are trying to say that they are happy, if mom and dad would only listen.

20 All About Conformity

Has anyone ever heard of people saying that body language can say a lot more than words ever will? We often think this is just true when it comes to adults, but it is also very true when we are talking about little babies. Their body language can tell parents a lot and this starts right from birth. The best way to figure out if your little one is happy is to watch how they act when you hold them.

When you hold your little baby, do they ‘melt in your arms?’ Do they just fold up into you? This is a sure sign that they are happy and content. A baby that is frigid and seems uncomfortable when you are holding them could be a sign that something is wrong.

19 It’s All In A Smile

This one can be a little tricky, because even babies who are just a few hours old will smile and parents may assume that they have the happiest little baby in the world. All babies can smile when they are born, they can even smile in the womb, but this is not an indication that they are happy. Babies are born with a smile reflux and this normally happens as a result of gas in their belly. It is no indication on their mood.

Somewhere between 6-8 weeks of age is when babies will start to lose this reflux and their smiles will become genuine. If baby has locked eyes with you or another object and is grinning than chances are this is a real smile and they are very happy.

18 There Is A Giggle

The sweetest sound in the world is probably the sound of a baby laughing. They laugh openly, wildly and with no abandon for anything else. They also are very easy to make laugh, as long as they are happy. A baby that is happy will laugh easily, and often. It could be at a funny face, a silly pet or a dish cloth. We don’t ask why they laugh at certain things, we just sit back and enjoy their happiness.

Laughing is another skill that takes some time to develop in babies, so mom will have to wait some time before hearing this sweet sound. It normally shows up anywhere between 3-6 months of age.

17 They Eat!

We don’t give babies enough credit, they are a lot like us adults just in smaller form. Have you ever noticed that if you are not feeling too well, or like yourself that you change? A lot of people will not eat when they are feeling sad or depressed, they just don’t have an appetite. The same rule applies to babies.

If a baby stops eating or stops eating well or like they used too it could be a sign that they are not happy, and something is wrong. This could mean they are unhappy because they are teething, or they are coming down with an illness. Mom should always have her little on checked if there is a drastic change in behaviour.

16 They Sleep!

The eating rule applies to sleeping as well. When we are stressed or getting through a hard time sleep is often hard to come by. Our minds keep us up at night while we think things over and over. It is similar with babies. If they are going through a rough time and can’t get comfortable their sleep will take a hit. This is one that mom will notice, because if the baby is awake than mom is awake.

Always make sure the baby’s immediate needs are met when you try and figure out what is wrong with your little one. If they can’t talk yet than they can’t tell you what’s bothering them. Mom will have to put on her detective hat.

15 Babble More

We all know that babies can’t talk, that takes a few years to develop but they do try and communicate with you. If the baby is happy they may start to babble at you. Babbling is also known as baby language and it is their way of talking to you. This skill usually emerges anywhere from 4 to 7-months and baby will look you in the eye and seem like they are trying to tell you something with sounds.

A happy baby will have a lot to talk about. A baby who is not feeling themselves will be quieter and more reserved and will be less likely to open up.

14 It Is Silly Time

A lot of parents think that around the age 1 is the best age. Their little ones have entered this silly phase. What is really happening is that they are learning cause and effect. They are realizing that what they do has an effect on mom and dad. So, if they do something funny and mom laughs, they will do it again and again to get the same reaction.

They will do this especially when they are a happy baby. Happy people (and babies) want to make other people happy so it is in their instinct to want to make the people around them happy.

13 Eye Contact

Another great way to tell if your baby is happy is if they make eye contact with you. Babies are born with very poor eye sight. They don’t really have control of their eyes yet and they can only see about 12 inches from their face. Give them a couple weeks to gain control of their eyes and they should be staring deep into your soul.

When we are uncomfortable around people we don’t tend to make eye contact with them. It is a social function that doesn’t work if we are not happy or comfortable so when your baby does it, it is a very good sign.

12 Opening The Mouth

This one is a bit odd, and probably one that you haven’t really heard of, but it is true. When you are dealing with a young and breastfed baby you can tell if they are content with you if you are holding them and they open their mouth. Baby’s who are breastfed love their mothers and they can tell them just by scent alone.

When you are holding your little one and they open their mouth it is because they can smell you. Not only that, but they know (from smell alone) that you are their mom. The mouth opening is a natural reflux to a food source. Doesn’t always mean they are hungry, but it does mean they are happy.

11 “Lights Up” when mom enters the room

By the time your little one is 6-months old they are able to determine who people are. Before that they don’t really care who is holding them as long as they are being held. By the half-year mark, they know the difference between mom, dad and a stranger. When mom enters a room, she wants to watch how her baby reacts.

If the baby is happy, they will ‘light up’ when mom walks in the room. They will smile, babble, laugh and just act like you have given them the best present in the world. This is one of the best gifts that the baby will ever give mom. It is a joy to see.

10 Doesn’t Seem To Be In Pain

Parents have no problem figuring out if their child is in pain or discomfort. They will cry, wiggle and make a lot of grimacing faces. However, we seem to forget that a lack of these actions means that they are happy. If a baby is calm, content and laid back they are generally happy. This is a great tip for a parent who has a baby who doesn’t smile a lot, like me.

If the baby doesn’t smile but appears to be calm and relaxed than they are happy. Some babies just don’t smile as much as others, they are more laid-back and relaxed which does not mean they are not happy.

9 Separation Anxiety IS There

When babies hit anywhere between 9-months and one year they may start to experience some separation anxiety. This is not a pleasant stage for mom, who dreads leaving her baby anywhere because the crying breaks her heart. However, it is a fleeting phase and it actually means that the baby is living a very happy life with mom.

If the baby was not happy with mom and comfortable with their surroundings, they would not care very much if mom leaves the room. This is not always the case but mix this in with some of the other signs on our list and you have one very happy baby.

8 Checking In With Mom

We all love playing with our babies and we always want too, except when we need a few minutes. We want our babies to be independent and have the ability to be content to play with themselves for a few minutes while we get some things done around the house. Babies are normally OK with this, but they will check in with mom every now and then.

This may be with just a look, or with a small cry that has mom come back in the room for a minute. This is a sign that the baby is happy with mom. That she feels content and safe in her space, but she still just wants to check every now and then to make sure mom is still nearby.

7 No Crying (Duh!)

Here is one that probably doesn’t need to be said, but it is always a good idea to add it here to help a mom. If it gives just one mom some peace of mind than it is worth it. Many moms worry that their little one is not happy, and this can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in mom. However, the common rule is that if the baby is not crying, they are happy.

Babies can not communicate with words, the only way they can tell mom that something is wrong is by crying. Crying means something is wrong, so the lack of tears will mean that everything is just fine.

6 Holding Up On His Own

A lot of moms are very happy when their baby is past 3-months of age. This when the newborn phase is over and there is some sort of schedule in place. This is also when babies can hold their own head up, usually. If a baby is happy, this milestone will be right on track. They will be able to fully support their head and they will have control of their arms.

This occurs when mom has done enough tummy time with the baby. Tummy time is allowing your little one to lay on their stomach for short periods of time which enables them to work on some pretty important muscles. This is another sign of a happy baby.

5 Development Is On Track

There is a certain timeline that all babies follow when it comes to development. Sure, every baby is different, and babies will reach milestones on their own schedule and in their own way. With that being said there is still some resemblance of a ‘normal’ guideline that they should be following. If baby is developing on track, or closely related to it than that is a sign that they are happy.

If we are not happy we do not reach our full potential. Our mental health is directly related to our physical health so why would it be any different for babies? Their bodies work exactly the same ways ours do, just smaller.

4 Responds To Sounds

When we are sad or depressed there is very little that will bring us joy. Nothing seems to amuse us or bring us joy, and the same principle will apply to little babies as well. Babies are learning new things every day and they will start to react to certain stimulants. Sound is a big one.

There will come a point when the baby will respond to sounds. Whether it be music, the sound of mom’s voice or a loud bang, it should all elicit a response from the little one. If nothing seems to happen when your baby is hearing his favourite song, or the scary dog barking outside than he may not be his happiest self at the moment.

3 Baby Is Getting bigger

We can not say enough how important our mental health is, and the mental health of our babies. It is directly related to our physical health and is essential in allowing us to thrive in life. If a baby is happy than they will be thriving, and they will be getting everything out of life that they can. If they are not happy they may not be thriving.

This could mean that they will not put on weight as they should. They may not be eating as much, making the number on the scale stay at the same spot or even lower. Of course, this should all be discussed with your doctor to make sure there is nothing else medically going on that could be causing the lack of weight gain.

2 Not Sick As Often

The worst thing that can happen to a parent is having their little one gets sick. It is heartbreaking, and all mom will want to do is everything that will help her little one gets better. A baby who is not happy may find that they get sick more. Our immune system can shut down when we are not feeling the happiest and this can make it easier to catch common colds and flus.

Much like the weight loss, if your child is falling sick often than you should definitely be having a conversation with your doctor. Especially if they are showing other signs of being happy. There could be other medical concerns going on.

1 Baby Is Finally Ready For You To Go!

The hardest thing about being a mom or dad is knowing that you are doing something right. There are not many ways to make sure that your baby is happy and healthy. We scrutinize and look for these tiny clues that tell us everything is fine. Sometimes we don’t know until our children are grown and living successful lives.

There will come a time when your little one will not cry every time you leave the room, and this means that they are happy. This means you have raised them to know they are safe, loved and cared for and this is what makes any baby truly happy.

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