20 Things The Baby Does That Can Reveal How Smart They'll Be

Before two people even start trying to have a baby they will daydream about what they want their future children to be. They want them to be kind, generous and they also want them to be smart. They want them to grow and succeed in this world and make sure they get a proper education. These are just the basic building blocks parents wish for them to have.

However, there is no real way of knowing how smart a child will be until they are grown. Until they have been in school for a while and mom and dad can see what kind of grades and GPA they get. This is the way it is, right? Wrong!

There are many indicators of a child’s intelligence that mom and dad can notice if they only pay attention. Infants and toddlers are learning as they go and every day they learn something new. It has been noticed that babies and toddlers who are intelligent tend to show certain characteristics and traits that sets them apart from the rest.

We have found 20 of these indicators that mom and dad can check off a list to see if they have a mini-Einstein in the making.

20 Communication Is On-Point

It doesn’t take long for new babies to find their voice and they are full of different sounds to make. They will start cooing and babbling at a very early age, but does that indicate their intelligence? Babies will normally start forming words at 12-months and will start using short sentences by 18-months. Some are a little off of this schedule though as each child is different.

If your baby starts saying words and sentences much earlier than these timelines it may mean that you have a gifted baby in your home.

Encourage them by reading stories and talking back to them.

19 Emotionally Powerful

We all have emotions, but the difference between an adult and a child is that an adult knows how to manage and control their emotions. Children need to learn this and that is why we have temper tantrums. Temper tantrums are a normal part of child development as they learn how to behave in the world around them.

Children who are of higher intelligence tend to have strong emotions as well.

They will feel both the positive and the negative emotions much more intensely than other children their age. It is important to let them know their feelings are important and allow them to process the emotions.

18 Alert

When babies are just born they will spend most of their time sleeping. Being born is hard work and it can take some time to recover. They won’t be awake for very long and when they are, they are generally in a sleepy-state.

Some babies are more alert than others, making eye contact and turning their heads towards sounds.

All babies will reach a point where they do this, but if they are showing a great sense of alertness from a very young age it could be a sign that they have a higher IQ than other babies their age. Keep an eye out for other signs on this list, and make sure you make whatever their looking at fun and entertaining.

17 All About Those Milestones

The golden rule of being a parent is understanding that every baby is different, and they will hit milestones on their own time. Some babies take a little longer to crawl and walk, and some hit it right when they are supposed to. This is all considered normal and in no way reflects your child’s intelligence and ability.

However, if your baby is reaching milestones a lot earlier than they should be it could mean that they are a little smarter than your average baby.

If you notice this than it is time to foster their growth and help them to further hone their abilities.

16 Independent Lady (Or Gent)

Every child has their own personality, and it grows as time goes on. Some children are social butterflies and love hanging around and playing with other children. Then there are some children that are more a lone-shark.

They prefer to play by themselves and are quite capable of being their very own best friend. This may worry some parents, but it shouldn’t.

A heightened sense of independence can be a sign that you have one smart baby. Independence doesn’t only mean playing by themselves. It also can mean that they are able to do things for themselves from a very young age and that they actually want to do things for themselves.

15 Stubborn Is A Good Thing?

All toddlers can be stubborn, just ask any mother who has young children. This is a normal part of child development. It could also be a sign of great intelligence. Because stubbornness is a quite common trait among babies and small children it will be hard to use as a base to know if you have a genius. Mom and dad will need to see if their child displays any of the other traits on this list.

Stubbornness is actually a sign of determination.

Stubborn children grow up to be determined adults and if we look at it from this perspective it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing anymore.

14 Focus

If you have ever spent any time really observing a baby or small child, you will notice that they have a very short attention span. By the time a child is one year old, they can only focus on something for about 10-15 minutes at a time. It doesn’t take much to distract them. A loud noise, something shiny, or the sound of mom relaxing can cause them to lose focus.

If your child is showing signs of extreme focus, spending a lot more than the allotted time on a certain task, they may be gifted.

This doesn’t have to be focus on something intellectual either, even if they spend a lot of time with one specific toy and showing active play that is impressive.

13 Curious

No one ever told toddlers that curiosity killed the cat, and if they did than they weren’t listening very well. Curiosity is a normal part of growing up, our children are learning about how the world works so they need to know everything.

However, extreme curiosity is a sign that your child may be very intelligent. They show a will to learn that is completely higher than the average child.

They will ask you a lot of questions, and not the normal ‘why is the sky blue?’ but deep, important questions. It is important that mom and dad give real, detailed and honest answers because a smart child will demand them. If mom and dad do not know, don’t lie, research it and learn together.

12 Figures Things Out

A lot of parents take playtime for granted. They get their children toys and just assume they will play because that is what children do. When a child plays, they are learning. They learn about the world around them by playing. It is a time for them to test things and practice until they make perfect. Next time you see your child playing with Lego or blocks, really pay attention.

Watch how they do things, and especially watch what they do when their plan fails. A smart child will be great at problem solving. So, when their block tower falls, they won’t continue to do what they did before. They will try different things to see if they can make it work.

11 Doesn’t Sleep …

This one may be a big bummer to mom and dad, but intelligent babies seem to require less sleep. This will affect the amount of sleep mom and dad get, but they need to remember the bigger picture, they have a genius for a child. Smart babies tend to have more energy than other children and require less rest time. They also have an even bigger thirst for knowledge, so they won’t want to sleep and miss anything.

The good news is, even though these babies run on less sleep, they will handle it a lot better. They won’t be cranky as other babies would be if they were not getting enough sleep.

10 Big Baby

Apparently, you can tell a baby’s intelligence from the moment they are born. Researchers have found that the higher the birth weight of the baby, the smarter they will be. They have conducted studies that have found that it a baby was born with a large birth weight, they have had slightly higher IQ’s than babies who were born smaller.

They don’t know exactly why this seems to be, they have made an educated guess that it could be due to how the baby is nourished and that larger babies are nourished a lot better than babies who are born with a small birth weight.

9 Language Lingo

This one is a little different because it involves things mom and dad can do to help foster a smart baby. If mom and dad think that their baby may have a higher level of intelligence it may be smart for them to start learning a new language. If mom and dad speak in a different language around their baby, they may be helping their brains develop a little faster.

Babies who were around and exposed to other languages than the one they were born into have been shown to perform better on IQ tests. It is always a good idea to be multilingual in this very diverse world, so it really is a win-win for everyone.

8 Height Matters

If you have a taller baby not only do they have a good shot at being a pro basketball player, but they may be a little smarter as well. Research has been done that has shown that babies who are slightly taller than average tend to have higher IQ’s. It really is hard to say why any of these things matter when it comes to how smart a person is, but the research doesn’t lie.

Research, for whichever reason, has shown that taller children preform better on cognitive tests. That they can do well on tests before any form of schooling has even been. They are not solving the biggest world mathematical problems, but they know more than their friends.

7 Sharp Memory

Mom may suffer from some pregnancy brain and mommy brain, which is the wonderful ability to forget everything and go out in public in your pajamas, but a smart baby would never do that. Toddlers who have shown that they have a great memory are said to be very intelligent. If you see your toddler remember specific things, like that the bedroom is for sleeping and the kitchen is for cooking than they may be gifted.

They will also seem to remember places after only one or two visits. Even if mom and dad are just driving by, they may exclaim that they know this place and will tell you where they are. This is not something all children can do, so if yours does, start saving for college.

6 World Of Colours

All children will develop a sense of imagination, but they do it on their own time. They will stop needing cues to play and will come up with their own games. They will start colouring pictures and using toys different than how they were intended. This is all called imaginary play, and it is a wonderful skill. If a child does this far earlier than all of his friends, you may have one smart baby.

A creative and imaginative mind needs intelligence, and the earlier it blooms the smarter your baby is. It shows that they have the ability to think outside of the world around them and make their own world.

5 Leap In Judgement

There are so many things we do that we take for granted. Things that we do every day but are studied by psychologists and researchers all over the world. The brain is a very complex organ. One thing we all do every day is we make associations. Our brains have been wired to know that if we go in the car, we are going somewhere. If we are looking in the fridge, we must be hungry.

Smart children will catch on to this very early on. They will make the link between putting on a jacket to going outside. They will know that when they have a bath and read a story that it is bedtime. These connections come but will come a lot quicker in intelligent children.

4 Like The Older Crowd

Next time you take your baby on a playdate, or anywhere there are other children of all ages, watch who they are attracted to. Do they hang out with the babies their own age, or do they prefer an older crowd? Research has found that intelligent children tend to want to hang around with children that are older than them.

They find that these older children are more an intellectual match for them. They also learn a lot from them, and they love learning. If you are mom, and the older children are not bothered by your baby’s presence, let them be. Let your child learn from the older kids.

3 Always Wiggling

All baby’s wiggle. From the moment they come out, they are on the move and they will want to flail their arms around and seemingly try and go somewhere. Children will always have energy to burn, they want to keep going and mom and dad wonder where it all comes from. They are just exhausted watching them.

Intelligent babies will always be movers, from the day they are born. They will always seem like they have somewhere to go. They will also not be content to just sit around. They will need to be constantly moving and changing positions and that is because they are bored and want to look around. They can’t tell you, so they try and move on their own.

2 Hobbies Are There Early!

Did you even know that babies and children can have hobbies? Hobbies are something we often think are just for adults, that children can not stay focused on one activity long enough for it to be a hobby. That is normally true, but remember, we already mentioned that intelligent children have to ability to focus on one thing for a long time.

If you notice that your baby or toddler has one or two activities they ask to play with the most, and will play with them for a long time, then they have a hobby. It doesn’t matter what it is, from colouring to play-dough, as long as it is something they enjoy than it is a hobby.

1 They Prefer Books To Tablets

We live in a world of technology, and it is a world all of our children have been born into. They seem to come out of the womb already knowing how to use a tablet or cell phone. It can be a bit scary to the parents who grew up playing outside in the dirt to see their child always glued to a screen. The truth is, a smart child will prefer a good old-fashioned book.

This doesn’t mean they won’t want the tablet every now and then, they are still a child. However, they will be just as happy, and maybe more so, to sit with mom and dad and read a book. Encourage this and buy them every book they want or get a library card.

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