20 Things The Kardashian Kids Are Learning (That They’ll Likely Never Use)

Between the designer wardrobes and weekend getaways on a private jet, it’s difficult for us normal folks to imagine what it must be like to grow up a Kardashian. The Kardashian clan wasn’t nearly as wealthy or famous when Kris’s children were growing up. Actually, many of the siblings have spoken about having a semi-normal childhood despite how famous their family is now. But we can’t say the same about the younger generation!

Nowadays, the media is flooded with speculation over how the Kardashian kids are being raised. There’s talk about just how much their wardrobes are worth (Stormi’s is said to be in the millions!) and all of the opportunities they’ve already been granted, despite all of the grandbabies being under the age of 10. Imagine how wild it must be to grow up in a household where it’s normal for cameras to constantly be following you around or for the public to know every inch of your personal life. It would definitely be different!

Needless to say, the Kardashian kids are learning tons of things that they’d never have to use in the real world. Only in the Kardashian clan are having a good eye for selfies and the perfect pout for the camera considered employable skills. Keep reading to discover what things the youngest Kardashian generation are learning that they’d never know if they grew up in any other family.

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20 Filming Comes Before School

via Celeb Insider

Most parents feel that school should be their children’s ultimate priority. But when you’re a Kardashian, filming for Keeping Up With the Kardashians evidently takes priority. Back in 2015, a source dished that Kourtney had chosen to home-school her then 5-year-old son Mason because it worked better with the family’s filming schedule.

“[Mason's] being homeschooled right now instead of being enrolled in kindergarten,” the insider revealed, Us Weekly reported. “It has to be this way. He is shooting Season 11 of the show.” The celebrity immediately received backlash from fans who felt she should be prioritizing school over the family’s reality show.

19 How To Throw Lavish Parties

via ABC News

Just days ago, the Kardashian-Jenners took to social media to show off photos from an elaborate St. Patrick’s Day-themed party thrown for brother Rob. Khloe revealed that it was actually Rob’s three-year-old daughter, Dream, who had come up with the idea for the party. Is Dream a little event planner in the making?

Given how often the family throws lavish parties, we guess the Kardashian kiddos are more than familiar with the ins and outs of throwing a grand soiree. And while they may grow up to throw their own events, we can’t say that party planning is an otherwise beneficial skill.

18 Start Wearing Makeup At 5 Years Old

via Pinterest

Many fans have criticized Kim Kardashian this past year for letting 5-year old North wear lipstick to various events. Some fans feel it's not age-appropriate for the kindergartener to being wearing bold makeup outside of the house.

This past December, for instance, North rocked a bright red lip to her family’s holiday party. "Really Kim Nori is wearing red lipstick. Teaching her to be superficial from a young age!" one upset fan wrote online, The Hollywood Gossip reports. Another said, "Thank god Beyonce is keeping you away from her kids."

However, Kim hasn’t been afraid to respond to the backlash, making it clear she thinks North wearing lipstick is all in good fun.

17 Don’t Post If You’re Not Making Money

via Cheat Sheet

Most people in the real world use social media for fun- to update their friends about what they’re doing and see what other people are up to. And while we’re sure the Kardashians still have fun with social media, there’s no denying they treat it more as a business than a pastime.

While none of the kids have accounts of their own, there’s no denying that when they do, they’ll instantly start with the sponsored posts. According to CNBC, Kylie Jenner can make upwards of $1 million for uploading just one photo. So, we’re sure the family will capitalize on the opportunity to make some serious cash when the younger generation is old enough to use social media.

16 And Don’t Forget the Hair Extensions

via Pinterest

Along with allowing their kiddos to wear makeup, the Kardashians have received backlash for also allowing them to get hair extensions. Now plenty of people get hair extensions IRL. But not many of them start when they’re only toddlers.

Back in 2016, the Internet was abuzz when Khloe posted photos of herself with nieces North and Penelope, who were only 2 and 3-years old at the time. What caught the attention of fans was the fact that the toddlers were wearing extra long hair extensions, which many said wasn’t age appropriate. Let’s just say fans weren’t happy in the comments. On a separate occasion, fans were also appalled when Rob's daughter Dream was allowed to rock hair extensions.

Would you let your 2-year-old rock hair extensions?

15 Designer Clothes Are Must-Have

via Yahoo News

The Kardashians sure like to wear their money on their sleeves — literally! All of the Kardashian children have wardrobes that are worth a mini-fortune. They’ve been dressed in designer duds since day one and likely aren’t going to stop rocking their high price tag clothing anytime soon.

For instance, back in 2018, Hollywood Life reported that Kimye’s daughter North West had a wardrobe worth a cool $35,000. The site added that dad Kanye had recently spent $10,000 on fur coats for his eldest child… jackets that she’ll probably grow out of sooner than later given how fast kids grow. Maybe Chicago can wear them?

14 And So Is A Million Dollar Shoe Closet

via Instagram

You’ve got to have designer kicks to wear with your designer duds!

It’s pretty clear that all of the Kardashian children have extensive shoe closets in addition to their stunning wardrobe. But 1-year old Stormi Webster may have the most lavish collection of all. Last year, Kylie took to Snapchat to show off her daughter’s extensive shoe closet (even though we bet she’s grown out of most of the shoes by now!).

The toddler had sneakers from big-name brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Nike, Elle reports. Each pair could easily cost a cool $1,000, the magazine reported. That means one pair is probably more expensive than most adults’ entire shoe collection!

13 How To Film Makeup Tutorials

via E News

Most little girls played with makeup before they were allowed to wear it. But most little girls did not film a makeup tutorial in front of the camera to be uploaded online. And that’s because most of us aren’t Kardashians.

Last November, Kim Kardashian made headlines for allowing eldest daughter North to film a makeup tutorial. The reality star uploaded a series of videos promoting her newest KKW Beauty launch.

In one, her 5-year-old was teaching viewers how to several of the products. North applied foundation with a beauty blender to her mom’s face and followed it up with eyeliner and highlighter. Although the video was cute, we can’t say this is a skill North would need to know in the real world.

12 No Waiting In Lines At Disneyland

via Pinterest

There have been plenty of times the Kardashians have taken their kids to Disneyland. After all, they live in California, so it would be hard for them not to visit the legendary theme park with their brood. But fans will be surprised to know that the Kardashian kids can’t enjoy the theme park like normal.

“If we go to Disneyland, we’re not snapping pictures with Dumbo,” grandma Kris Jenner told People when discussing the family’s security protocols. She explained that it wouldn’t be safe for the family to wait in line like normal since they’d receive too much attention from fans and the media. Rather, it appears the Kardashian kids have to skip seeing the characters altogether.

11 Never Do Hand-Me-Downs

via Allure

Given their impressive wardrobes, it’s no surprise to hear that the Kardashian children don’t need to rely on hand-me-downs. In fact, for Kim and Kanye, they actually have a rule against suing second-hand clothing.

“They don’t really do hand-me-downs, so each baby is like their first,” a source told People about the couple.

“They’re buying everything they need for him, and Kanye insists they go top-of-the-line for everything. So they’ve been shopping.”

“Kanye is a big online shopper,” they continued. “When he can’t sleep, he gets online and buys whatever he wants. A lot of what they’re getting, they order online.”

10 Million-Dollar Vacations Every Other Weekend

via Instagram

In the real world, most people are lucky enough to go on vacation once per year, and it’s even tougher when you have an entire family to take along. But for the Kardashian brood, they seem to jet off with their children every other weekend. For instance, this past February Kylie took daughter Stormi to Turks and Caicos for only two nights.

The mother-and-daughter duo had just finished traveling on the road with Stormi’s dad Travis Scott, as he’s currently on tour. But clearly, the pair hadn’t had enough traveling — or spent enough, either. According to E! News, Kylie’s hotel room cost a whopping $13,700 per night and we don’t even want to know how much the private jet cost to drive them there for only 48 hours.

9 You Can't Upload Whenever You Want

via People

No one will argue that the Kardashians’ social media feeds are expertly coordinated. But their youngsters will have to learn the tricks of the trade before they’ll be allowed to run their own accounts since the Kardashians have some very strict rules about when and when not to upload.

After Kim’s infamous Paris robbery, the family has stopped posting photos and videos online until after they’ve moved locations. That way it’s harder to track their movements, which keeps them safer. “We’ll wait until we leave and then share something we want to share. But it also gave us great pause about what to share,” Kris has said to People.

8 How To Pose For Photoshoots

via Us Weekly

We can all remember the controversy that followed the Kardashian-Jenners when Kendall and Kylie began modeling at young ages. Fans couldn’t believe some of the outfits the girls were allowed to flaunt on their social media pages.

But nowadays, no one bats an eye when one of the family’s offspring is featured in a photoshoot or campaign. North West graced the cover of Vogue when she was under a year old. Khloe’s daughter True recently starred in a campaign for her mom’s brand Good Am. And it’s only a matter of time before Stormi is advertising lip kits.

While modeling from a young age appears to be the norm in the Kardashian-Jenner household, this is one skill you’d never learn if raised in a different household.

7 Always Travel On A Private Plane

via People

We’re very curious to know just how many private planes the Kardashian family owns! Anytime they’re traveling, the family is always posting photos of themselves enjoying their lavish jet. And most of the time their kids are in tow, too.

Back in April 2018, Kim shared a sweet picture of her family of five aboard their jet. All three children looked comfy and cozy in their parents’ arms, while fans could spot a flight attendant in the back. From the looks of it, the Kardashian kids have never traveled on anything less than first class (and they probably will never have to).

6 Your Outfits Must Match Your Aesthetic

via Instagram

One of the weirdest rules the Kardashian clan makes the kiddos follow is that their clothing options have to adhere to their aesthetic. Seriously! We guess that’s why we never see Chicago or True in rainbow striped pajamas or graphic t-shirts with cartoons on them. It would mess with the family’s image, right?

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie had a color palette picked out for Stormi’s wardrobe long before the tyke was born. “Kylie is loving dressing Stormi every day. Kylie has created a custom color palette for little Stormi using shades of pink, purple, and whites,” a source told the magazine. “Most everything in Stormi’s wardrobe matches the colors.”

5 How To Do Makeup Collaborations

via OK Magazine

Most children are never incorporated into their parents work or given the opportunity to collaborate with them on projects. But evidently, it’s not the same when your mom is a makeup mogul!

The Kardashian kids are already learning how to partner on makeup collaborations. Last October, baby Chicago was featured in a campaign for KKW Beauty’s newest release. The little one sat on her mother’s lap during a bare photo shoot, while Kim flaunted a variety of metallic eyeshadows.

At this rate, we don’t think it will be long until Kylie launches a lip kit collection specifically inspired by Stormi. We have a feeling it’ll be storm-themed!!

4 Never Go Anywhere Without A Security Team

via Daily Mail

It wouldn’t be accurate to say the Kardashians never go out without a bodyguard. Because when they do venture out, they never have just one bodyguard.

Rather, the family has become used to requiring a whole team of security to escort them around town (and who can blame them after Kim’s Paris robbery?). The family also appears to use more security when traveling with their children.

“Not only do we now have an enormous amount of security — everyone is armed and licensed; it’s legit companies that protect all of us — but also the way that we deal with our lives on social media took a huge turn: what we show, what we don’t show,” Kris has told People of the family’s extensive security protocols.

3 How To Do A Runway Walk

via Us Weekly

Most people will never have a need to perfect their runway walk unless they’re a model, that is. But even if the Kardashian children don’t end up modeling, it seems like they still need to know how to command a runway.

Case in point: North West has already been on a runway! Last September, the 5-year old made her runway debut at the L.O.L. Surprise fashion show. Her mama Kim was in the audience cheering her on. "Kim was cheering North’s name as she walked," an insider dished, Us Weekly reports. "[She] even hopped out of her seat and ran over to North before she walked to give her some last minute modelling tips!"

2 The Kids' Outfits Should Match Mom’s

via Instagram

Some fans have noticed that the Kardashians seemingly like to coordinate their kids’ outfits with their own. On numerous occasions, many of the sisters have ensured their children’s’ looks compliment their own. You should always be ready for the camera, right?

“I think it's really cute and it helps me get dressed too, even if it's not exactly matching. If I know Penelope is wearing black jeans it'll help me,” Kourtney has said about dressing her kids like herself. “I'll be like, 'I'll throw on my black jeans!' It makes everything go quicker and it's difficult enough to get everyone ready and out the door — so I just use that as a guide of what they're wearing."

1 How To Take Professional Pics Of The Parents

via Cafemom

Granted, most children will end up taking photos of their parents in their lifetime. But we’re not talking about normal family photos, at least not in the case of the Kardashians. Because when you grow up a Kardashian, you’ve got to master the camera angles at a young age so you can help your parents run their social media feeds. Seriously!

Kim has posted plenty of photos that she’s claimed North has taken. One of the most controversial ones was posted last February when North was only 4 years old. The photo featured a topless Kim as she was getting undressed. The kiddos evidently snapped the photo while her mom was paying attention, but Kim thought it was good enough for the feed. However, some fans thought the pic was a bit scantily clad for a preschooler to have taken.

Sources: Hollywood Life, Elle Magazine, E! News, People, The Hollywood Gossip, CNBC, Us Weekly

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