20 Things The Kardashian Moms Still Can't Agree On

Fans of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" know that each sister has their own parenting style. From Kourtney’s attachment style parenting to Kim’s strict nap schedule, these ladies have different perspectives when it comes to raising their children. Now that Kylie is the mom of Stormi and Khloe gave birth to True, they are carving out their own parenting styles, as well.

It seems like they hardly agree on anything in regards to their kids. Kourtney is a natural mom and prefers that her children play with wooden toys while Khloe has been very vocal that she doesn’t plan on banning True from plastic toys. Kylie is very protective of Stormi’s social media appearances while Kim pushes her children into the limelight. From Kourtney’s kid-friendly furniture to Kim only allowing her kids to play in one room, even how they decorate their homes is different.

They have opposite views when it comes to education, sleep habits, and even the types of clothes that the children wear. Each of the Kardashian moms has their own set of rules that they enforce within each of their families. Please enjoy this list of 20 things that Kardashian moms still can’t agree on.

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20 Strict Parenting Style Vs. Go-With-The-Flow Style


The Kardashian moms don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to parenting styles. Kourtney is a laid-back mom who doesn’t seem to sweat the small stuff. While Kim wanted the nursery perfect before her baby arrived, Kourtney had a chill outlook when it came to getting everything ready for her newborn.

According to Parents, Kourtney had this to say during an interview with The New Potato: "I remember when I was pregnant with Mason, my mom would always be like, 'Why isn't the room painted? Where is the crib? Where is this or that?' And I was like, 'People used to have babies in caves; it's going to be okay,'" Kourtney said.

19 Co-Sleeping Vs. Sleeping In Their Own Beds

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Kourtney has been very vocal about co-sleeping with her children. According to Closer, she opened up about co-sleeping with Mason when he was an infant. "He’s such a happy baby, and I really think sleeping together has something to do with that,” Kourtney said.

Kim has a different perspective. “Like Kourtney’s style is where her kids sleep in bed with her, so especially with the third baby coming – they’re going to need a bigger bed or they’re going to need some other rules,” Kim said. “And maybe on weekends, [North will] come and sleep in the bed with us,” she added.

18 Kids Dress Themselves Vs. Mommy Dresses Them

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When it comes to what their kids wear in public, the Kardashian moms have very different outlooks. Kim once told The Vancouver Sun about North: "Every morning and every night is her time to shine,” Kim said. “She can wear costumes, which she really loves. She wears wild pajamas. And then when we go out, she really just wears whatever I want."

Kourtney gives her kids complete freedom in what they choose to wear. She told People: “My son definitely has an opinion on what to wear. He gets himself dressed every day and likes to come out and show us his outfit, and we’re not allowed to have a say in any of it.”

17 Microwave Vs. No Microwave

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One way that Kourtney is totally different from the other Kardashian moms is that she refuses to use a microwave when she heats up food for her children. She opened up about her decision to ban the appliance from her kitchen on her personal blog.

“If anything needs to be heated up, I prefer to use the oven, stovetop or toaster oven instead,” she wrote. “When I had Mason, I did a lot of health-related research and decided to get rid of my microwave when I read that toxins from plastic containers can be transferred to food when reheated (this applies to BPA-free plastic containers too),” she added.

16 Nanny Time Vs. Mom Time


Kourtney insists on being hands-on with her children, even if the hired help is with her. She told Parenting of her son, Mason: “Every time I am not working, he is with me,” she continued. “Even on an airplane, he is with me even if the nanny is also on the plane. Any time I can have with him, I am lucky to have."

An insider told OK! that it’s a much different story when Kim and Kanye travel with their children. "When they're traveling, it's a nightmare for the nannies. Kanye barely has any direct contact with the staff,” the source said.

15 Screen Time Vs. No Screen Time


Kourtney has a strict schedule about screen time."Now that all my kids are over the age of two, I do allow them limited time to play video games and watch television," she explained on her blog. “I allow 30 minutes of video game time during the week and an hour on the weekends."

On the other hand, there have been several snaps of Kim’s daughter, North, holding a cell phone as a distraction while out in public. Kourtney has a different perspective."We used to let them use iPads at restaurants, but rules evolve as kids grow and we learned that didn't always work for us.” she wrote.

14 Sleep Training Vs. No Sleep Rules

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When it comes to scheduling a regular nap time for her children, Kim has rigid rules. According to Closer, she had this to say about kids and napping: "I’m really fun and playful, but I’m really strict on nap time and sleeping in her own crib.”

On the other hand, Kourtney is flexible about where and how her kids sleep. She revealed on her blog, “Reign was the only one who has always slept in his own bed. We didn’t use any sleep-training methods for him. By 2½, he started sleeping through the whole night without waking up,” Kardashian wrote,

13 Television In The Nursery Vs. No Television

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Khloe had plenty to say about rather or not she accepted parenting advice from her sisters when she was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel. According to People, it seems like she and Kourtney don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to having a television in the nursery.

“I haven’t even decorated the nursery yet, the whole thing I wanted was a TV so far,” Khloe said. “And she [said], ‘I’m the [craziest] person forever wanting a TV.’ And when you’re breastfeeding or whatever, I need a TV... She thinks she’s better than I am because she doesn’t watch TV but I like TV shows.”

12 Hand-Me-Downs Vs. High Fashion

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Kourtney has no problem using hand-me-down clothes for her children. According to People, she said: “I kept a lot of Mason’s clothes, like little blazers and loafers and I’ve used them on Penelope,” she told reporters at a tea party at N.Y.C.’s Soho House.

Kim’s family has a different opinion on this topic. According to The National Enquirer, an insider close to the family dished that Kayne told his wife no hand-me-downs when it comes to their children. “He told Kim, ‘My kid’s gonna have the very best of everything, always. And that means not wearing anybody’s used [stuff] . . . ever!’” the insider said.

11 Plastic Toys Vs. Natural Toys


Kourtney is very selective about the types of toys that she allows her children to play with. According to E!News, during an episode of her weekly parenting vlog, Kourtney’s Mommy Blog, she talked about her reasoning behind the decision.

“I just think just to have the knowledge of why wooden toys could be better than plastic toys, in general, is a good thing and just like everything in moderation,” she continued. “And wooden toys are better for the environment.”

Her sister, Khloe, on the other hand, posted a pic to social media of her baby, True, posing in toy Bentley that obviously wasn’t made of natural materials.

10 Ear Piercing Vs. No Piercings

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One thing that many of the Kardashian moms seem to have in common is the fact that they pierced their daughters’ ears as infants. North, True, Stormi, and even Dream all wear earrings. The only mom that hasn’t pierced her daughter’s ears is Kourtney.

Penelope did sport a fake lip ring in an IG pic and fans slammed Kourtney for allowing her child to be pierced. The debate rages on about of the Kardashians should pierce their baby’s ears or not but it hasn’t stopped the majority of them from going ahead with it. It seems like this might be something that they almost agree on.

9 Healthy Choices Vs. Candy Bribes


Another parenting rule that the Kardashians moms can’t seem to agree on is allowing their children to eat candy. Kourtney has been very vocal about making healthy eating choices for her kids. Not only do they eat a gluten-free diet but she puts strict limits on their sugar intake, as well.

She’s so uptight that a family insider told The Star that Kim even stepped in to tell her to let up a little bit. “Kim [Kardashian] says she’s going overboard and needs to chill. But Kourtney isn’t budging. She hasn’t given her poor kids a decent dessert in months.”

8 Kids In The Public Eye Vs. Demanding Privacy

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One way that the Kardashians mom differs is rather or not they thrust their children into the spotlight or protect them the prying cameras. Kylie is very private when it comes to her daughter, Stormi. “She is extremely protective and she is very focused on trying to keep motherhood private for right now,” an insider told Us Weekly. “She used to love being in the limelight, but that has totally changed.”

Kim often allows her children to be photographed by the paparazzi and seems to put them front-and-center often. Her three kids, North, Saint, and Chicago lead very public lives in front of the camera.

7 Homeschool Vs. Private School

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Take Their Kids Bowling In Los Angeles.

When it comes to education, the Kardashian moms have totally different outlooks. Kourtney’s kids are don’t attend a regular school as she opted for them to be homeschooled. Her three children spend their days being tutored at home between shooting for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim and Kanye have enrolled their daughter North at an exclusive private school near their Belair home. According to RadarOnline, they dish out $30K a year for their little girl to attend. Insiders say that Kanye pushed for their daughter to go to school instead of being educated at home like her cousins.

6 Homemade Baby Food Vs. Store-Bought Food


Kourtney sets herself apart from her sisters because she makes her own baby food for her children. According to Parenting magazine, she shared that her mother, Kris Jenner, inspired her to delve into making meals for her first baby, Mason.

"My mom bought me this amazing baby-food maker, the Beaba," she told the mag "I steam and puree fruits and vegetables, and they last for like four days." The other Kardashian moms have not been vocal about what sort of food they feed their babies but we somehow don’t see them making their own purees for their little ones.

5 Kid-Friendly Furniture Vs. Adult Furniture


Kourtney designed her home with her kids in mind. “Above all, it had to be family-friendly,” she told Architectural Digest. “This is the place where my kids will open Christmas presents and celebrate birthdays. I wanted them to feel like we were embarking on a wonderful new adventure.”

Kim also spoke with the mag and admitted that her furniture isn’t as kid-friendly. “Everyone knows your home is all white. How do you keep it clean with kids?” she answered. "Oh my God. I run around the house with towels. You do have to just take a deep breath and say, ‘Okay, it’s going to happen. We decided to have lighter colors.’”

4 Children At Adult Events Vs. Adults Only


Kim famously took her daughter, North, to Kayne’s fashion show and various adult functions. The other Kardashian moms tend to leave their little ones at home when they attend events. It may seem wrong for Kim to drag her little girl around but the reasoning is actually really sweet.

“Kayne was so upset and angry with himself last year because he missed a lot of time with Nori due to his busy work schedule… that’s not happening,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com. “He made a promise to Kim and Nori that he’s going to be a hands-on father and he meant it. Where ever he goes, the family goes, including Nori.”

3 Hands-On Daddy Vs. Distant Daddy


Speaking of Daddy time, it seems like the Kardashian moms have differing degrees of help from the father of their children. “Since Stormi was born, Travis has been around more than anyone was actually expecting,” an insider close to Kylie told HollywoodLife.com. “So far he’s actually been more hands-on with Stormi than Kanye has been with Chicago.”

Kanye just hasn’t been as hands-on with his third child. “Kim is fighting off resentment as Kanye jets to New York, leaving her home alone with their new baby,” an insider close to Kim shared. “Even though Kim has plenty of help at her home when Kanye is not around she sometimes feels [swamped] with the kids.”

2 Social Media Rules Vs. No Rules


It goes without saying that if your mom is a Kardashian, then your life will be splashed on social media. All of the sisters are active on social media and share plenty of pics of their little ones. Yet, Kylie does things a bit differently than her sisters and has been known to limit posting pics of Stormi.

According to The Independent, she didn’t like the negative comments that appeared on pics of Stormi.“Kylie is [surprised] and doesn’t want her daughter’s pictures to be a part of something negative,” a family insider said. “She might reconsider in the future, but for now, she won’t post any more photos of Stormi’s face.”

1 No Kids Zone At Home Vs. Kid-Friendly Home


Each Kardashian mom has their own idea of a kid-friendly home. Kourtney’s house was designed with her children in mind and she gives them plenty of freedom. Kim on the other hand, only allows her children to play in one designated room. According to The Daily Mail, she admitted this fact on her personal blog.

“Our home decor taste tends to be minimal and modern but the kids' playroom is the one room in the house where I let them run wild,' Kim explained. 'That's where all the markers, paints and colors are,' she said, adding: 'By the time they're done there, they have no desire to take a pen to our white furniture, lol!”

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