20 Things The Kardashians Did (That Their Delivery Nurses Couldn't Stand)

The Kardashians are one of the most recognizable families on television. Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kylie, and Kendall have all taken the concept of reality television to a whole new level. On top of becoming the world's most famous reality television stars, thanks to their hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they have all grown into million-dollar models and moguls.

These girls are empire-running powerhouses; they are also almost all now mommies. Kim and her rapping husband Kanye, have three (soon to be four) children. Eldest sister Kourtney and her former partner have three kiddos, and Kylie, Khloé, and brother Rob all have one daughter. Kendall remains the only childless Kar-Jenner for the time being. The Kardashians have proved that besides business, baby making is their real talent.

Because this family is full of superstars, every Kardashian birth comes with a unique set of requests and demands. We have to imagine that every time the phone rings at Cedar-Sinai Hospital, the doctors and nurses cross their fingers and pray that a pregnant Kardashian isn't on the other end of the line.

Check out these 20 things Kardashian parents did that made their team of doctors and nurses roll their eyes.

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20 Invited The Entire Clan In For The Final Push

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When a Kardashian has a baby, it is most definitely a family event. This loud and large family rarely misses the grand appearance when one of their own comes into the world. Anyone who has been in a labor and delivery room can tell you that those things are small. While there isn't much room to move around even for a few supporters, the Kardashians find a way to cram everybody in there. They have also been known to extend the invite to non-family folks. When Khloé delivered True, her best friend was present for the birth on top of Kris, Kim, and Kourtney.

19 Outlandish Reservations

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Kim and Kanye have three young children now and are now getting ready to welcome a fourth child into their lives via surrogacy. When their second child, and only son, Saint, was born, no standard birthing room would do for the famous family. According to Inquisitr, the Wests reserved a luxury suite at Cedars-Sinai that apparently cost at least $4,000 a night! This type of space included multiple bedrooms (like Kanye is sleeping on one of those janky, chair-beds normal hubbies have to use for overnights), several bathrooms, a personal doula, and meal delivery services. Kylie Jenner also requested that she get an entire hospital floor to herself.

18 Particular Snack Requests

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Long before Kylie and Khloé were even close to giving birth, they were already making demands of the hospitals that they delivered at. How annoying for hospital staff to have to be bothered with frivolous wants of the rich and famous when real life-threatening situations happen in delivery rooms every day!

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie requested that a fully stocked snack bar be readily available in her hospital room. While having snacks on hand isn't a bad idea for a laboring lady, Kylie probably could have handled this one herself. Heaven forbid she stash some granola bars or trail mix in that designer diaper bag of hers!

17 No Phones For Staff


Kylie kept her pregnancy a complete secret until she became a mother, and this was no small feat. While speculation circled her for months, and fans waited with bated breath to see if the young billionaire was indeed in the family way, Kylie kept the entire thing under lock and key. She continued her reign of privacy when she headed to the delivery room.

While other Kardashians were happy to let the world watch them become mothers, Kylie did everything in her power to keep herself and her new baby out of the spotlight. She requested that all hospital staff turn their phones off so that no images of her could be captured.

16 Cameras, Cameras EVERYWHERE

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Not only do laboring Kardashians request that their extended family all pile into the hospital room when it comes time to bring a baby into the world, but they also need the camera crew around filming the event for their reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It's a wonder a nurse hasn't had a collision with a cameraman by this point. The film equipment used for their show tends to be oversized and cumbersome, leaving very little room for everyone to move about safely. For this family, fame comes before safety and comfort.

15 One Doctor Only


It's a reasonable request to want your hand-picked doctor to deliver your baby, but sometimes things don't go according to plan and the doctor slated to deliver your kiddo gets caught up, and another must step in. This doctor switch was not an option for Kim and Kanye when their third child was born. Their surrogate had a lot of personal freedom when it came to how she chose to handle the actual pregnancy, but Kim and Kanye would not budge when it came to the logistics. The baby had to be born at Cedar-Sinai, and Kim's preferred doctor was the only one permitted to do the delivery.

14 Vegetarian Options Were A Must

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When it came to feeding mama Khloé in the hospital, the staff might have had to accommodate her new pregnancy cravings. Pregnancy can do a number on a woman's taste buds, and according to a personal blog post that Khloé wrote on her official app, Khloé Kardashian Official App, being preggers made her view meat products as "absolutely" gross. We doubt those aversions went away the minute she delivered True, so the hospital likely had to make sure vegetarian options were readily available for Khloé.

13 Facetime?


According to Eonline.com, Kylie and Kendall Jenner got a front row seat to the delivery of True Thompson, Khloé's firstborn child, even though they would not be at the actual birth. The sisters were able to be there with Khloé all thanks to the wonderful world of technology. The Kar-Jenner ladies were Facetimed in so that they were present to cheer Khloé on and be a part of the big moment from afar. Kendall Jenner was traveling for work at the time of Khloé's delivery, and Kylie was of course at home with her brand new baby girl Stormi.

12 So Many Hands On Deck, Literally

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How are the nurses and doctors supposed to do their jobs when the Kardashian clan is not only present for the family births, but they have their hands in everything that is going on? The sisters not only watch each other give birth, but they help to hold the laboring Kardashian's legs back as she gives that final push.

The Huffington Post reported that matriarch Kris Kardashian even pulled daughter Kylie's little girl Stormi directly from her mother's body for her. Talk about an overbearing Grannie! Maybe Kris should go back to school and get her nursing degree at this point.

11 Smile Through The Pain

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When your famous face is being seen by a wide array of hospital staff, you have to put your best face forward despite your situation. Khloé especially had to put a brave face on during her labor. Not only was she in a ton of pain while giving birth to True, but she was dealing with her partner's major relationship missteps. Of all the times to bring the drama, Khloé's partner chose to create chaos in the days before Khloé's delivery. We imagine she wanted to break down and cry several times, but with staff in and out of the room, and cameras rolling nonstop, an emotional vulnerability was not a possibility for the new mama.

10 Incredible Push Presents

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While having a baby should be all about celebrating the new little life and family, Kim Kardashian had a lot more to celebrate about when she welcomed her son into the family. She was apparently given a $1 million Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker for birthing Kanye's firstborn son. While some fans have speculated that the nod to the baubles was a mere hint to her hubby, others swear that he ended up getting her the real deal. Call us crazy, but million-dollar pushing presents tend to take a bit of shine off of the real gem, which is, of course, the baby!

9 Only The Finest Sheets

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According to several magazines, both Kylie AND Khloé requested that they be able to birth their babies on the softest sheets available. The sisters demanded that the beds where they were to lay their heads be made up of 1,000 thread count sheets and they had to be in soft grey to boot. That's pretty specific for something that they would use only during their time of delivery. The Kardashians might as well have birthed their babies at home if they needed so many special accommodations to have a baby. Considering their requests and the rapid number of babies they keep adding to the family, perhaps they should build themselves a little private hospital out in Kris's backyard.

8 New Birthing Tub, Just In Case

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At one point, Khloé Kardashian considered delivering her daughter via water birth, so she asked that the hospital bring in a brand new birthing tub just for her personal needs. Heaven forbid she give birth in a hospital tub that had been used by some random commoner beforehand! In the end, she decided against the water birth and went for a more traditional hospital birthing experience. If the hospital had already gone ahead and purchased a new tub, then some other lucky mama got to break it in, because Khloé most certainly gave birth atop her 1,000 count thread sheets.

7 So Much Security

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Of course, there is going to be beefed up security when a Kardashian sister is doing something as high profile as giving birth! You would think that they were legit royalty with the amount of protection that surrounds this reality television family. The Kardashians can barely go out and grab a cup of coffee without a force of security officers in tow, so of course, they are going to require several hired guards to make sure all surrounding the births of their babies goes smoothly. They don't want fans imposing on their special moments, and they certainly don't want the public able to snap pictures of them in compromising situations like pushing out a human,

6 Pretty For The Baby And The Cameras

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The Kardashian sisters look completely put together when they were delivering their babies. We don't remember looking that contoured when we gave birth to our kids! And we indeed didn't rock fake lashes when bearing down and bringing out babies into the world. The glam lifestyle of the Kardashians doesn't stop for labor and delivery. This makes us wonder where they kept their team of makeup artists? No wonder they need entire birthing suites and whole hospital floors! No Kardashian-Jenner would be caught giving birth sans makeup. Their shine is professionally applied, whereas most moms get theirs from the sweat that often comes along with delivery.

5 Tight Lips Required

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The Kardashians take their privacy pretty seriously, even though they lived their lives on camera. Their perspective is that they must be in control of what gets put out there, so of course, they wanted hospital staff to remain tight-lipped when births were involved. And honestly, privacy should never be breached for any patient, not only famous ones. When Kim gave birth to North, her records were inappropriately accessed along with a few others. Several people lost their jobs over this incident. We imagine the hospital, which was the same one that and Kylie and again Kim, delivered at, stepped up their game by the time more Kardashians came in to give birth. What a mess!

4 Unnecessary Relationship Drama

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Not all births include a loving couple, and these days families come in all different shapes and sizes, but the nurses and doctors working at the Cleveland hospital where Khloé delivered had to feel a bit uncomfortable considering the drama that went down when Khloé gave birth. Days before baby True entered the world, Khloé's boyfriend Tristan was caught giving his attention to other females. The leaked information rocked poor Khloé's world at the most vulnerable time. The two tried to push their issues down for the sake of the birth, but you could cut the tension in the delivery room with a knife. This birth was awkward even by Kardashian standards!

3 Jet-Setting Doc

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Khloé's California-based doctor had to put her life on hold and hop on a plane when it was time for Khloé to deliver. The much sought after doctor flew clear across the country to bring one baby into the world, while plenty of other women were left in California, doctor-less for a few days. The reason for this was while Khloé received her prenatal care in Cali, she chose to deliver in Ohio, closer to Tristan. We feel pretty badly for all of this doctor's other patients who missed out on having their doctor around during the time she had to be out in Cleveland only tending to Khloé. If Khloé knew that she might deliver in Ohio, then she should have had a doctor there as well.

2 Placenta Plans

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Ingesting the baby organ is something that some mothers swear by, and a few Kardashians have jumped on the bandwagon, choosing to keep their baby bag for future use after it served its purpose of fueling the fetus. According to Romper, Kim and Kourtney both gobbled up their placenta after the births of the last children. While there are several ways to down the baby bag, both sisters had their placentas encapsulated. According to the same source, Khloé planned on following in her sisters' footsteps and performing the same ritual. We wonder if Kylie followed her big sisters' advice or decided against it.

1 Insistence On A VBAC

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Blac Chyna, the former partner to Rob Kardashian and the mother to his daughter Dream, had a C-section with her firstborn son, by rapper Tyga, but Rob wanted the birthing experience to go differently this time around. He insisted on his lady trying to deliver naturally, regardless of what others (including the hospital staff) thought about it.  It can be pretty aggravating to medical professionals when new parents stick to their birth plans no matter the risks. What does Rob know about giving birth anyway? How does he even get an opinion in this matter?

Shout out to all the hospital staff that kept their comments to themselves as Rob expressed his personal views on his daughter's delivery.

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