20 Things The Kardashians Shared About Caitlyn Jenner's Parenting

Caitlyn Jenner is a polarizing public figure who has boldly made a life-changing decision under the bright spotlight. After months of media speculation, she publicly announced her name change from Bruce to Caitlyn to Vanity Fair in 2015, and her name and gender change became official on September 25, 2015.

Caitlyn has been married three times, and has two children with each of her former wives. She shares daughter Cassandra and son Burt with first wife Chrystie Crownover, sons Brandon and Brody with second wife Linda Thompson, and daughters Kendall and Kylie with third wife Kris Jenner. She was also a long time stepparent to Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian.

Speaking about how difficult it is to be a parent, the gold medal-winning athlete once stated, “If I were to compare the Olympic decathlon to fatherhood, I would say fatherhood is a lot tougher.”

Since her transition, her relationships with some of her children have changed. In an interview with Broadly, Caitlin shared, “We’re just human beings; we’re going to be here for a very short time. We come and we go and at the end, when it’s all said and done, hopefully your family is going to be there.”

Read on for 20 things the Kardashian clan has shared about Caitlin as a parent.

20 Scott: “A Big Disconnect”

On Part 2 of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce special, Kourtney’s former flame and baby daddy Scott Disick sat down for a heart-to-heart conversation with Jenner. The parent-of-six admitted to Disick, “My whole life I haven’t been honest with myself, I haven’t been honest with my kids. It’s been the big secret that nobody could talk about.”

Disick felt the revelation that Jenner had been living a secret life helped him understand Kourtney's stepfather much better. He admitted to Jenner, "I felt like for so many years, you know, me and you had a big disconnect and if I would have had any idea of some of the things that you were struggling with, I wouldn't have been so insecure about why we couldn't get along properly, sometimes."

19 Kris: “Nobody Mentioned A Gender Issue”

It is quite possible that no one has more insight into Caitlyn’s parenting than his former wife Kris Jenner. Just one month after her first marriage ended, Kris wed Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, making him the stepfather of her four children. Her first husband, Robert Kardashian, passed away due to complications from esophageal cancer in 2003, making Jenner the primary father of all of her children.

Kris has admitted to having inklings about her second husband’s struggles with gender identity during their marriage, but has also shared that she didn’t realize the extent to which he was struggling. The momager told Vanity Fair in 2015, “When I met Bruce he told me that he had done hormones back in the early 80s. This was a conversation that took place in the early 90s. So, what he was telling me happened a decade earlier, and he never really explained it. There wasn't a gender issue. Nobody mentioned a gender issue. Somebody mentioned that at one point in his life [he] liked to dress up."

18 Kim: “I Support Him 100 Percent”

In an exclusive 2015 interview with Today’s former anchor Matt Lauer, Kim opened up about Jenner and his transition. She shared, “I’m really happy for him that he is living his life the way he wants to live it and that he has found inner peace and just pure happiness. That’s what life is about.”

The reality star also revealed, "I don't know what life would be like if you always felt like you weren't yourself. I know it's not something that you or I could really fully understand, but I don't even think we have to. As long as he is happy, and he wants to live his life, however he wants to live it, that just makes me happy. And I support him 100 percent.”

17 Khloe: “You Have To Be Honest With Us”

On part one of the 2015 Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce special, Khloe opened up to Jenner about how important it was for everyone to be open and honest with each other. Khloe told her stepparent, “We want you to do what makes you happy. We all do, and we're going to support you and be there for you, but you have to be honest with us, even if it hurts you, cause it's going to hurt all of us.”

Jenner sincerely told Khloe that she wasn’t “going anywhere” and would still be there for her family despite the major changes she was undergoing at the time.

16 Kourtney: “Couldn’t Be A More Proud Daughter”

Kourtney is an open-minded, forward thinking mother-of-three. She has fully embraced Jenner’s transformation from the very beginning, and has been outspoken about how proud she is of her stepparent’s courage and strength. Since the change, Jenner and the Kardashian family have had a strained relationship, but right after the transformation, the famous clan rallied around their family patriarch.

Soon after it was confirmed that Jenner was going forward with a gender change, Kourt wrote on Twitter, "Couldn't be a more proud daughter. With courage and bravery, let's change the world. I am honored to stand by Bruce's side and support him."

15 Kylie: “This Has Been Very Hard For Me”

Kylie Jenner is Caitlyn’s youngest child, and was still a teenager when her father began the transformation from man to woman. She has been supportive of Cait's decision, but has also admitted that it hasn't been easy to watch her father change so drastically.

Soon after the news of Jenner’s gender change became public knowledge, the IG sensation and lip mogul took to Twitter to share her feelings about her dad’s transition. She wrote, "Understandingly, this has been very hard for me. You will hear what I have to say when I'm ready to but this isn't about me. I'm so proud of you, Dad. You are so brave. My beautiful Hero."

14 Rob: “I Look Up To You”

Rob Kardashian was still young when his father Robert Kardashian passed away, making Jenner his primary male role model. Furthermore, Jenner has been a part of Rob’s life since he was just a tot. Kardashian has always looked up to his stepfather, and was publicly supportive after the news of Jenner’s transformation broke.

Rob has had a strained relationship with his family over the years, but was in full support of Jenner’s revelation that he had chosen to change his gender. In 2015, following Jenner’s televised interview with Diane Sawyer, the father-of-one wrote on Twitter, “You have always been a role model to me and now more than I ever, I look up to you. LOVE YOU.”

13 Kim: “He Is Ready For The Challenge”

Kim and Caitlyn have been at odds as of late, but Mrs. West was nothing but supportive of Cait's transformation when she sat down with Lauer in 2015. At the time of the interview, Kim revealed that she was sure her stepparent was ready to take on the challenges that come along with changing genders.

The reality star stated, "I think he is ready for the challenge and ready to help other people's lives that might be going through the same things that he's going through. And that's something that he's really proud of and something that he is really ready to take on. I'm really proud of him for that."

12 Kris: “I Am Now Able To Call Him My Hero”

Kris Jenner and her former spouse didn't always get along while they were together. The stress of constantly being in the spotlight, and the private battles Caitlyn was fighting most likely took a toll on their marriage. Kris and Caitlyn haven’t been on the best of terms lately, but the famous momager stood behind the father of her two youngest children after Cait shared the story of her gender change journey with the world. 

Following Caitlyn’s televised interview with Diane Sawyer, the mother-of-six tweeted, "Not only was I able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, I am now able to call him my hero."

11 Kendall: “To See Him So Happy... Is Amazing”

On Part one of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce special, Bruce spoke candidly with Khloe and Kendall. The girls told him that it was upsetting to think about the fact that the Bruce they’d always known wouldn’t really exist anymore after he transitioned into a woman.

Kendall tearfully told her father, "[I] think it's just [daunting] when someone says that Bruce is going to be ‘gone' and you're not going to be like you anymore." Jenner replied, "I never said that Bruce is going to be gone. I'll probably be closer to you." Kendall has since embraced her father’s new identity, and has stated publicly, “To see him so happy and to see him going through this and staying so strong and really thinking about his kids is amazing."

10 Kris: “He Was Miserable”

Speaking about her marriage to Jenner, Kris has admitted, “He was married to me and he wasn't who he wanted to be so he was miserable...All I was doing was working very hard for my family so that we could all have a wonderful future, and he was pissed off.”

She continued, “At the end of my relationship with Bruce he definitely had a lot of social anxiety. That was one of the reasons we were in a struggle at the end. We fought a lot because we would go out together and before we got to the end of the block we were in a fight because he started saying 'when can we go home?'"

9 Khloe: “Dads Really Are Heroes”

As previously mentioned, in 2015, Caitlyn chose to sit down for an interview with Diane Sawyer to share the details of her gender change. After the episode aired, her family was nothing but supportive, and shared public statements of their support.

It has also been mentioned that since this time, Jenner and his former wife and step children haven’t always gotten along. Khloe has been especially outspoken about the fact that she and Caitlyn have a strained relationship, however, soon after the interview, Khloe tweeted, "Just finished watching the #BruceJennerInterview with the family. Bruzer, I'm soooo proud of you! Dads really are heroes.”

8 Kim: “Is It A Hard Adjustment? Yes.”

The Kardashians and Jenners have supported Caitlyn throughout her transition, but have never denied the fact that it has been a challenging adjustment for their family. Such a drastic change is bound to have lasting consequences, but the KarJenner clan has chosen to face this difficult time head on.

Before it was reported that Caitlyn and her former step daughters weren’t getting along, Kim admitted, "I think there is still an adjustment and there is family therapy. We're really close. I see reports that say, this one doesn't support him, and this one's over here, and my mom feels this way, and it's all really so made up. We all really support him. Is it a hard adjustment? Yes."

7 Khloe: “Now All The Pieces Are Coming Together”

In a very revealing 2016 interview with Howard Stern, Khloe shared that she had discovered some clues about her stepfather’s secrets long before they became public knowledge. She recalled, "When I was a teenager, I want to say like 13, I was in Bruce's closet for some reason, and I pulled a bag down and I found wigs and makeup and all this stuff and I told everyone what I [found]. I don't know why it was alarming to me.”

The mother-of-one continued, “I can't remember if there was something else specific... My mom and Bruce told me I was lying. I don't think they knew what to do—I don't even think my mom knew at the time. But everyone was like, ‘You're making it up.' For some reason this event always stuck in my head, and now all the pieces are coming together."

6 Kim: Says Media Is Very "Intrusive"

While it has definitely been reported recently that the Kardashians and Caitlyn are having a hard time getting along, Kim has also been sure to let the public known that they shouldn’t believe everything they hear. When a star makes a statement on his or her own Twitter account, it’s safe to say the information they share can be trusted, and Kim wants the world to be aware that, in some cases, the media twists things.

Speaking about Jenner, and attempts made by the media to stir things up, Kim tweeted, “And speaking of fake stories...The media is super wrong for posting fake quotes from Caitlyn when she hasn’t spoke to anyone.”

5 Khloe: “We Felt Betrayed”

Khloe has recently revealed that she and her family didn’t find out about Jenner’s desire to transition into a woman until a production meeting. She couldn’t believe that producers would be in the know about her own stepfather before she and her family were. She has admitted, "People would think that we were lying…But no, we believed him. They mentioned Bruce had a television show about transitioning, and that's the first we heard of it.”

The star also shared, “We felt betrayed because more business people [knew]...I never want someone to feel like they have a one-up on our family. We've never turned our backs on each [other] so why would we now?"

4 Kim: “Caitlyn’s So Angry At Mom”

As with the dissolution of most marriages, Kris and her former spouse have struggled to get along outside of the bonds of matrimony. It is clear that there is no love lost between the two, but the reasons behind the cooling off of their relationship are largely unknown. A recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians revealed that their chilly relationship as of late may have something to do with cold, hard cash.

Kim gave KUWTK fans an inside peek into the feud going on between her mom and her former stepdad when she told Kourtney about the former pair’s disagreements on camera. Mrs. West told her older sister, “[Caitlyn’s] so angry at mom, like for no reason. She said, ‘I didn’t see a dime of my money.’ She was insinuating that mom took the check and pocketed it and had this huge savings."

3 Khloe Had Some Strong Words For Caitlyn 

Kardashian fans everywhere celebrated when Khloe gave birth to her first child, a daughter named True, earlier this year. Soon after her bundle of joy arrived, the star was asked if becoming a parent had in any way helped her to feel closer to Caitlyn.

She didn’t mince words when she replied to the question, instead insinuating that whatever relationship she used to have with Jenner was on the outs. She boldly stated, “No, I don’t think that affects anything with Caitlyn. [Things are] just as they are... It’s not cause you’re trans, that’s not why I’m not talking to you. I’m not talking to you cause you’re a bad, mean person.”

2 Kim: “All Fair, I Think”

Things have gotten so bad between Kris and Caitlyn, that Kim was, at least at one point recently, quite sure the odds of them ever speaking to each other again were very, very slim. It seems the rift between Caitlyn and Kris stems from some of the things the former Olympian wrote in her tell-all memoir, The Secrets of My Life, published in April of 2017.

Kim recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and spoke about the chances that her mom and Caitlyn would ever speak again. She stated, “Zero. No, one. No, I would say two percent. And those are Kendall and Kylie. That’s their percentage. All fair, I think.”

1 Kendall and Kylie: “So Lucky To Call You My Dad”

Caitlyn’s daughter Kendall has had mixed feelings about her father’s transformation. The supermodel lamented on a 2017 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, “She goes around dissing the Kardashians, but those are the kids that you raised! If you have a problem with them, you raised them. That makes no sense to me!" 

Despite her hurt feelings and confusion over some of Caitlyn’s actions, this past Father’s day, Kendall wrote in a social media post “Happy Father’s Day to the soul that raised me.” Kylie echoed her sister’s sweet sentiment on the same day, stating on her own account, ”So lucky to call you my dad.”

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