• 20 Things To Know About Celeb Mom Drew Barrymore

    Drew Barrymore is Hollywood royalty not only because of her lengthy career in front and behind the camera, but because she comes from a long line of Hollywood royalty as well. The daughter of the late John Drew Barrymore and granddaughter of John Barrymore, Drew seemed destined to be an actress.

    Barrymore shot to fame at a young age after starring in the blockbuster E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and went on to become an in demand younger actress. Sadly Barrymore's home life was far from stable, and the child star found herself in trouble due to excessive partying. Thankfully Barrymore was able to turn her life around and was able to continue to have a successful career in front of the camera before taking on producer and director roles as well. Although she had a tumultuous youth and what many would call an adventurous and carefree 20s and 30s, Barrymore is now the proud and loving mother of two young girls and is a far cry from the wild child days of her youth.

    Although we've followed Barrymore's career for most of her life there are some things that fans may not know about her. Here are 20 interesting facts about celeb mom Drew Barrymore that may surprise.

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    She's Hollywood Royalty

    Barrymore comes from a long line of actors and actresses. Her father, pictured above, was actor John Drew Barrymore appeared in film and on television. His father and Drew's grandfather, John Barrymore Sr. was known for his iconic portrayal of Hamlet on stage before turning to star in silent films.

    Even her grandfather's siblings Lionel and Ethel were acclaimed actors, with Lionel winning and Academy Award in 1931 and Ethel starring in her own television series.

    The Barrymore family's acting genes can be traced back to the 1800s, when Drew's great-grandfather, Maurice Barrymore decided to become an actor. Seems like it was destiny that Drew herself would enter the family business.

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    She Was A Baby In Her First Acting Gig

    Many people think the first time that Drew Barrymore was in front of the camera was when she starred in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, but the truth is that young Drew was in front of the camera almost her whole life.

    While Drew was just a kid when she starred in E.T. she was even younger when she made her first on camera appearance. Drew was just 11 months old when she landed her first job in Hollywood. Barrymore starred in a commercial for Puppy Chow before her first birthday.

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    She Was The First Child Cast in E.T.

    Drew Barrymore, who played the lovable little sister Gertie in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, was actually the first child actor cast by Steven Spielberg in the film. Barrymore admitted that she was so precocious as a child she 'lied her face off' during her audtion by claiming to be a drummer in a rock band called the Purple People Eaters.

    She explained in an interview on the Ellen show why she decided to tell such tall tales in her audition.

    "I felt like I had [Spielberg] in my butterfly net," she said. "Pippy Longstocking was my hero, so I just felt like girls can do anything. There's no ceiling … I sold myself and told my little stories."

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    Steven Spielberg is Her Godfather

    Although he directed her when she was just 7 years old, Steven Spielberg would become a much more prominent figure in Barrymore's life as she grew older. And let's face it, she definitely was in need of a father figure as she grew up.

    Barrymore has been very open about having a tumultuous relationship with her parents, and has said that Spielberg  "was—and always will be —the dad I never had." After starring in E.T. Barrymore asked her mom and then manager Jaid Barrymore if Spielberg could be her Godfather. He agreed and has been mentoring and guiding the actress ever since.

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    She Was The Youngest Person To Host SNL
    Credit: NBC

    While thousands of stars have visited 30 Rockefeller Center to host Saturday Night Live, Drew Barrymore still holds the record for being the youngest host to ever grace the iconic stage.

    On November 20, 1982 at the tender age of just 7 years old, Barrymore hosted the sketch comedy show for the first time, but definitely not her last. She has gone on to host five more times, joining the illustrious '5 Timer's Club' of select celebrities who have hosted the show five times. She's also made a number of different appearances in various episodes in cameo and guest starring roles.

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    She's a Multiple Guinness World Record Holder

    Not only is Drew Barrymore an actress, producer and director, but she's also a Guinness World Record holder!

    During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the talk show host surprised the actress with a series of Guinness World Record challenges. He even had a representative from Guinness on hand to verify the challenges.

    Barrymore now holds the record for most lipstick applications in 30 seconds, most paper banners run through in 30 seconds, and wearing the world's widest wig the measured 7 feet, 4 inches.

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    She Was Definitely A Wild Child As A Teen

    Drew Barrymore shot to fame as the loveable Gertie when she was just 7, but she was also introduced to a life of partying at such a young age as well. Drew's mother Jaid took her daughter to the famed Studio 54 when she was just 9 years old, which was the beginning of Drew's hard partying youth that saw her in rehab at just 12 years old.

    Barrymore, a self proclaimed 'party girl' spent much of her tween and teen years partying too hard and then being institutionalized by her mother for it. She has said that when she was just 13 years old it was probably the lowest time of her life.

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    She Published Her Autobiography At 14

    Having already lived a lifetime full of experiences, Barrymore released her first autobiography when she was just 14 years old titled Little Girl Lost.

    The book quickly became a bestseller as Barrymore detailed her hard partying days as a child, tween and teen in Hollywood. Her book amazed readers who couldn't fathom that a child as young as she was had already experienced so much of the dark side of Hollywood yet somehow managed to survive it all.

    Barrymore has said that she simply wanted to give her side of her less than conventional upbringing and writing her own book allowed her that platform.

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    She Posed For Playboy At 19

    Barrymore famously posed for Playboy when she was just 19 years old during what many have described as her 'wild child' years. When asked if she had any regrets about the things she had done in her past, the actress responded that;  "I have no regrets in my life whatsoever." However, she definitely wouldn't be happy if one of her daughters wanted to pose for the famous publication.

    "I would not let her. I don't think I would. I would influence her not to, because my life choices are supposed to be the gateway to somebody else's. That's my journey," she told ABC News.

    After her cover was revealed her Godfather, Steven Spielberg, reportedly sent the actress a quilt with an accompanying note that read, 'cover up'!

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    She Started Her Own Production Company At Just 20

    Barrymore was just 20 years old when she and one of her best friends, Nancy Juvonen, started their own production company, Flower Films. Three years later Flower Films produced Never Been Kissed, starring Barrymore as the legendary character Josie Grossie.

    She went on to complete her transition from wide eyed adorable child in E.T. to controversial girl next door in Poison Ivy to more good girl characters like those she portrayed in 50 First Dates and Charlie's Angels.

    She even co-produced and directed her first film, Whip It, after starting her production company, proving she's more than just an actress with a famous name.

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    She's Been Married Three Times

    Drew Barrymore has been married and divorced three times. Her first marriage was to Welsh bar owner Jeremy Thomas. Barrymore was just 19 when she and Thomas wed on March 20, 1994 but the union wasn't meant to be. Barrymore filed for divorce just two months later.

    She seemed to find true love with Canadian comedian Tom Green and the duo were married on July 7, 2001. Sadly, not even a year in to their marriage, Green filed for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

    Third time looked to be the charm when Drew wed art consultant Will Kopelman in June of 2012. She was 6 months pregnant with daughter Olive when they married, and they would go on to welcome another daughter, Frankie, together. Sadly the two divorced in August of 2016 but have remained friends and actively co-parent their daughters together.

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    Daughters Olive And Frankie

    Although their marriage didn't work out, their union gave Drew her two greatest loves, daughters Olive and Frankie. Barrymore was 37 years old when she welcomed her first child, daughter Olive Barrymore Kopelman, on September 26th, 2012.

    On April 22, 2014 the couple welcomed daughter Frankie. "Happy to announce that today we are the proud parents of our second daughter, Frankie Barrymore Kopelman," the couple said in a statement to PEOPLE Magazine. "Olive has a new little sister, and everyone is healthy and happy!"

    The mom of two confessed in a an Instagram post that her daughters are the loves of her life. ""I never knew I could love so much," she wrote. "I never knew I would be so lucky one day to be a mom."

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    Becoming A Mom Changed Her Priorities

    Like so many of us, Drew Barrymore told The Guardian in an interview that becoming a mom completely changed her priorities in life.

    “Without [minimizing] what I’ve done, I think I really did have a desperation – I felt that everything I did in film mattered. It was my whole world," she said. "Now it’s kids, friends, marriage, work, health. I don’t want my girls to grow up saying, ‘Oh wow, yeah, she really worked hard, but I didn’t see her.’ I want them to be like, ‘I don’t know how the [heck] she was there for all those things, and she still worked!’”

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    Her Divorce From Kopelman was rough

    No one ever wants to become divorced, but Barrymore so desperately wanted to give her daughters a traditional upbringing that she called her divorce from Kopelman her worst fears come true.

    In an appearance on The Ellen Show, she explained to host Ellen DeGeneres why she was so upset by the divorce.

    “It was just like my worst nightmare,” she told the talk show host. “I so wanted to raise kids in this ultratraditional way and do everything so the polar opposite of my experience.”

    Barrymore had a tumultuous relationship with both her parents that resulted in an almost tragic childhood, so it's easy to see why she hoped she could give her children a 'traditional childhood' experience.

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    She Has Her Daughters Names On Her Wrist

    Barrymore is no stranger to tattoos, sporting various butterflys and crosses on her body, but it was her 9th tattoo that made moms everywhere rush out to get their own tattoos.

    Barrymore inked the names of her two daughters, Olive and Frankie, on the inside of her right wrist.  "Getting a great little lifetime note on my arm," she captioned the picture of her new tattoo on Instagram.

    The actress also has the word 'BREATHE' in large, capital letters inked on the inside of her left forearm, a reminder that sometimes you simply need to stop and take a breath.  "You’re never worse after a deep breath, she she told The Guardian.

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    She's Charitable

    Drew Barrymore has worked with the U.N.' s World Food Program since 2005, becoming an Ambassador Against Hunger in 2007. She made her own donation of $1 million in 2008 to help feed hungry children in Africa. She has travelled to Kenya twice wtih the U.N. and also supports a number of other charities that help children.

    Barrymore has been active with St. Jude's Children's hospital and Safe Kids Worldwide as well as Children's Hospitals LA.

    “Children’s charity is what speaks to me. It has for the last 15 years,” Barrymore told Parade Magazine. “I think maybe the universe was preparing me to have a relationship and care for and a dedication with children so that I would be better mother. Up until then, I had such a hard time with kids,” she confessed. “I was never a kid myself, I didn’t hang around with kids, I felt like kids were like, ‘Beat it, weirdo.’ I really did [feel] kind of, ‘Oh, God, will I ever connect with kids?’

    “And it turns out, they’re my whole life mission,” she said with a big smile. “Life can always take most dramatic of turns that you can’t anticipate.”

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    She Has Her Own Beauty Line

    Is there anything Drew can't do? Barrymore launched her beauty line, Flower Beauty, in 2014 where it was available for purchase exclusively at Walmart. She stated that she wanted women everywhere to be able to buy amazing, empowering products at affordable prices.

    The full range makeup line isn't just affordable and available for purchase at Walmart, but it's also cruelty free and simply amazing. Flower Beauty is now available for purchase at select Ulta stores.

    “When Flower started, it was more of a traditional, straightforward brand — we weren’t that Millennial brand or crazy color brand…we were more conservative," she told Women's Wear Daily. "But within a few years, social media, influencers, tutorial videos blew up.”

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    Her Daughters Are Interested In Showbiz

    Showbiz does run in the family, and it seems that Barrymore's daughters are definitely interested in becoming actresses.

    “They’ve got the Barrymore gene!” Barrymore told The Today Show. “We went to The Sound of Music, they’re like, ‘I just want up on the stage.’ We go to the Amazing Bubble Show, they’re like, ‘I just want on the stage.’ ”

    Unfortunately for Olive and Frankie, their mother doesn't seem too keen on them becoming child stars themselves.

    "I would unfortunately have to risk them hating me,” Barrymore told The Guardian when asked if she would let her kids get into showbiz at a young age.  “No, I wouldn’t. That doesn’t mean I would ever [bash] the profession of acting. I think it’s wonderful. I think films saved my life. I mean, I come from a family that has done acting for 400 years. But film sets are a bizarre world. For me, it was better than my circumstances. It was a saviour. For my children, it will not be better than their circumstances. They are going to be so safe and so loved that they won’t need a film set to make their life better.”

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    Her Netflix Show Has Been Renewed For A Third Season

    Barrymore has found fame once again in her hit Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet. In the dark comedy, Barrymore plays Sheila, a local realtor married to her realtor husband named Joel, played by Timothy Olyphant.

    They're ordinary husband and wife realtors until she undergoes a dramatic change that sends them down a road of destruction. In a good way. Basically Sheila becomes a zombie and begins to crave human flesh to survive!

    The show has become a fan favourite for the streaming giant and was recently renewed for it's third season. Barrymore's Flower Films also produces the show.

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    She Loves Her 'Modern Family'

    Although Barrymore and Kopelman are no longer married, the two remain friends and both actively co-parent their daughters.

    “It’s interesting, I saw this article the other day written about me — and I never see articles written about me — and it was like, ‘My Modern Family.’ And I was like, ‘I like that; that has a nice ring to it,’ the actress told Ellen DeGeneres.

    “It really is about the tone you set. And you can talk until you’re blue in the face, but kids watch what you do every single day of your life, all day long, and that behavior and that example and that love and community and honesty is what’s making everything feel safe for my kids.”

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