20 Things To Know About Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris

Michael Jackson was a whole lot of things. He was the (and by many standards is still) King of Pop, inspiring generations of musical minds. Michael lived his life eccentrically, privately, and by some standards, questionably. He was famous beyond most people's imaginations, and he was also a loving and devoted father to three children; Prince, Paris and little Blanket.

Michael's middle child and only daughter, Paris Jackson, was only eleven years old when The King of Pop passed. Over the years she has remained devoted and loyal to her father's honor, and while she stayed hidden from public eye for the entirety of her childhood, we have seen Paris step out into the limelight and blossom in her adult years. She is as eccentric as her father but possesses a unique spirit about her that is all her own. We kind of love it.

She is also successful in her own right and frankly, completely gorgeous. (Those eyes, though.) Here are 20 things everyone should know about the musical heiress. Ms. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is nothing if not fascinating, that's for sure.

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20 Her Name Has A Special Meaning

Paris's parents, now deceased Michael Jackson and his former wife Debbie Rowe, reportedly did what so many parents do when they discover that they are expecting a baby. They made sure that the baby-to-be's name had incredible significance to them. While their first child has the same name as his father, their second child, Paris, has a unique name, but it is still packed full of meaning.

It is believed that her name was chosen as Paris because the City of Lights is where she was conceived. A beautiful city, a beautiful name and indeed a lovely lady that Paris Jackson!

19 She Has Famous Godparents

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When your father happens to be one of the most watched and celebrated entertainers in all of history, the people he surrounds you with are likely not going to be anything less than fabulous. In Paris's case, Michael paired her up with some very famous Godparents to stand by her side and guide her throughout life.

His lifelong friends, (Elizabeth Taylor and Macauley Culkin), are Paris's godmother and godfather. To this day Paris remains tight with Culkin, and the pair is often seen out and about of engaging in some parental bonding activities, (like toenail painting or getting matching tattoos.)

18 Paris Has Got Game!

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For the vast majority of Paris's childhood, she was homeschooled under the roof of Neverland Ranch along with her siblings. Her father Michael was intensely private regarding his trio of children. (Who can remember the loads of images where the children's faces are hidden underneath scarves?)

Once he passed, Paris went on to live with her paternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and along with her older brother was enrolled in a prestigious private school in Sherman Oaks, California. At The Buckley School Paris participated in a bevy of sports and activities including flag football, cheerleading, and softball before she left the institution in 2013.

17 She Was Made For The Spotlight

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According to Paris's biological mother, Debbie Rowe, it was her idea and not Micahel's to keep the children's faces covered at all times while in the public eye. When Paris and her sibling were growing up, we would see the Jackson children out and about with their father, but their faces would Paris with scarves.

It's safe to say the days of hiding behind veils are long gone for Paris. The girl was made for the spotlight.

Not only has she landed a lucrative modeling gig in her adult years, but she is also stepping out into the world of acting.

Maybe her famous Godfather can give her some guidance in this arena. He had his days in front of the cameras.

16 The Girl Loves Her Tattoos

Paris loves herself some body art and took to her Instagram page in 2016 to showcase her beloved symbols. She currently has roughly fifty various tattoos scattered over her skin. She and her famous Godfather, Macauley Culkin, have matching tattoos and eight of her other ones are in dedication to her deceased father, Michael.

Of body ink, Paris has said, “The craftsmanship of tattoos will always be [seen as divisive]. Some people like them, some people hate them. I appreciate art, I always have. especially when that art means something to me.” She isn't wrong there.

15 Paris Was Homeschooled

Before receiving her education at Buckley Private School and later at a therapeutic space to help her deal with emotional issues, Paris and her siblings received all of their education within the walls of her father's home, Neverland Ranch. Because Michael was so concerned with his children and overexposure to the public eye, he chose to keep them within the walls of the compound that he created.

The only interactions she had up until she left the ranch was with her siblings and other adults who were trusted by her father.

Her childhood was a unique one to be sure, and in many ways, it has molded who she is in her adult years.

14 She Gets A Special Visitor From Time To Time

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Michael Jackson's passing profoundly affected his children as he was the only parent that the children knew. Paris spoke bravely and candidly at her dad's memorial saying he was the "best daddy" and that she loved him dearly. She also claims that her father frequently visits her in her dreams.

His passing was very upsetting for young Paris, but it also gave her a realization that no matter how bad things ever became, nothing could ever be as bad as losing Michael, so because she managed to handle that loss, she can pretty much handle anything. Talk about making lemonade out of a bag of lemons.

13 She Didn't Meet Her Mom Until She Was 15

Michael Jackson's marriage to Debbie Rowe was one of the stranger things that he did. If there was ever an unlikely pair, it was these two. Rowe was a nurse who worked in the Dermatology office that Michael frequented. The couple married in 1996, had two children, including Paris, and eventually divorced in 1999.

Rowe gave up all of her parental rights at that point and it wasn't until Paris was 15 years old that the famous daughter of the King of Pop and her recluse mother met for the first time in Paris's recollection. The two have managed to grow closer following Debbie's recent health battle.

12 She Used To Go Out With An Unlikely Companion

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Paris is particularly close with her Godfather, childhood actor Macauley Culkin. Culkin and Paris's father Michael struck up an unlikely friendship years ago. It was a friendship that made people uncomfortable, mostly due to the age difference between the two, but regardless of what the public thought Macauley and Michael's union stood the test of time.

They were so tight that Michael named Culkin as Paris's godfather. The two have been spotted out at clubs together, getting matching tattoos and even indulging in the occasional home pedicure. Culkin and Paris's friendship is nearly as strange as the one that Culkin had with Michael.

11 She Was One Of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People

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There is no denying that Paris Jackson is a remarkable human being. Her flawless skin and striking blue eyes are hard to miss. She is such a beauty that IMG models, the firm that also lays claim to Bella and Gigi Hadid and Gisele Bündchen, snatched her up.

Paris even made People magazine's most beautiful list in 2012, at the time of print she was only 14 years old. She told the magazine that her grandmother, Katherine, didn't approve of her wearing foundation. Paris herself agreed with the family matriarch saying foundation wasn't good for the skin.

10 Paris Is A Very Spiritual Person

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Paris considers herself to be a very spiritual person. We already know that she believes the dead can visit the living in dreams. Her Instagram page is full of Paris connecting with elements of nature. She also believes in reincarnation, tarot, and spiritualism.

These aspects of spirituality are a far cry from the devout Jehovah Witness views that her grandparents held dear, but Paris seems to make sense of the world in a way that is cathartic to her. After he childhood she had and the losses she went through, any kind of peace and belief in a higher power is probably a good thing.

9 She Has Musical Talent Running Through Her Veins

Ms. Jackson has artistry running through her veins. We see her creativity pour out of her when she is acting and modeling, but she isn't only visually artistic. Paris also has the gift of music inside of her too. She loves playing the acoustic guitar, and we think her father would be nothing but proud at his spawn's ability to connect with melody and notes.

Paris also revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that she writes her own songs and sings as well. After all, she is a Jackson, and that family is stocked full of talented musicians. Perhaps we will someday get to hear some of this next generation Jackson music.

8 She Is A Healthy Eater

Paris is said to be a healthy eater and is often seen posting images of her clean eating habits and her love for everything organic on her Instagram page. A source close to Paris revealed to E News that the budding starlet enjoys teas, green smoothies, and fresh juice and also adamantly believes that eating as organically as possible and maintaining a cruelty-free lifestyle is extremely important to Paris.

This doesn't mean that the beauty and positive body image activist doesn't indulge in the good stuff too. Life is all about balance and when it comes to food Paris seems to have that part down.

7 Paris Is Very Close To Her Siblings

For the entirety of Paris's childhood, she had two full-time friends, and that was it. Because her father was so private and wary of the outside world, Paris and her two brothers were kept within the Neverland Ranch walls almost full time. She schooled with her brothers and played with them. They were the only kids that she had contact with until Michael's death, so understandably the three have an unbreakable bond.

Prince, Paris, and Blanket have all gone their separate ways now, but the trio remains closely knit and incredibly supportive of one another, which is a beautiful thing to see.

6 She Is All About Positive Vibes

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In recent years Paris has become an advocate for positive body images in females. She often posts Instagram pictures of herself rocking some serious body hair and even struts the red carpet completely unshaven. This gal won't let societal beauty norms get to her. She also made a public plea for magazines to cease darkening her skin in order to make her appear more African-American looking.

Paris stated that she is entirely aware that she is light skinned and that is just who she is. She doesn't need magazines to recreate her true image for their own desires. You go, girl.

5 She's An Animal And Nature Lover

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Like so many young stars, Paris is a complete animal lover. She owns two cross-breed dogs named Koa and Kenya. Kenya was a gift to the Jackson children from their father. She fights for animal rights, which is only one component of her busy life in the world of activism, and even stormed out of a Christian Dior show last March because she didn't approve of the show's creators using animals to perform.

Paris also strives to only nourish her body with cruelty-free foods and products. When it comes to the animal kingdom, Paris Jackson has her furry friends' backs.

4 Activism First

Paris Jackson is establishing herself as a powerhouse activist for her generation. She fights against typical female norms with her gender-bending prom pics and her furry armpits and legs. She also stands by her animal friends, encouraging others to live their lives in a way that is cruelty-free to animals.

Aside from these platforms, Paris has worked with her late Godmothers' Aids foundation, spoken out against racism, fought alongside the Native Americans for their fundamental human rights and voiced her concern over global warming and pollution. For such a young adult, that is one heck of a resume!

3 She Has Dealt With Personal Issues

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 20: Paris Jackson Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" at Rockefeller Center on March 20, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Paris's struggles with mental illness in her younger years have been well documented. Following her father's death, she experienced depression and anxiety that was intensely difficult for her. She spent some time at a therapeutic center in Utah getting healthy.

Paris credits this time and space for essentially saving her life. The young lady left the center stronger, solid as a rock and more confident than ever before. She openly speaks about that time in her life, in hopes that it helps and inspires others to seek help with mental illness.

2 She Is Already Worth A LOT Of Money

Michael Jackson's only daughter has a solid sense of business and is out in the world making her own way and her moolah. Her modeling gigs and acting career give Paris a pretty paycheck, but it isn't like she needs that money. Ms. Jackson is rich... really, really rich. You might want to sit down for this people. Paris is reportedly worth $100 million already!

She and her brother allegedly received an eight million dollar allowance per year, following the death of their father, and will split another $1,740,000,000 once they hit thirty years old. The fact that Paris never has to work a minute in her life, but still grinds away at multiple careers only makes us love her more.

1 There May Have Been An Engagement

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Back when Paris was only seventeen years old, the public became obsessed with her relationship with 18-year-old soccer player Chester Castellaw. Once Ms. Jackson was seen sporting bling on her ring finger, everyone was interesting in seeing Michael's little girl getting set to walk down the aisle.

After one year of intense teenage love, the couple split up, putting all wedding rumors to rest. Paris has gone on to date many a people, but at this point has yet to settle down with that someone special. Let's be frank; the girl is young, she has plenty of time to test the waters of love!

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