20 Things To Know About Ryan Reynolds Since He Became A Dad

When it comes to parenting, celebrities don't always get the best publicity. But every once in a while, there comes a celebrity parent who sets a good example and shows the world that parenting can be a joy!

He's done a lot to discuss his role as a father and has given us various comedic gems. It seems that becoming a father has only made Ryan Reynolds funnier.

Also, he and Blake Lively seem to make a great team and find work-life balance despite their demanding professions. So what it is it about this celebrity couple that makes being a parent seem like so much fun?

Well, Ryan Reynolds is actually quite frank about the realities of becoming a father. Even though he's a celebrity with various privileges, he recants several stories that let us all know there are some things about being a father that are universal.

For example, changing diapers and figuring out your own complicated relationship with your parents. Reynolds also openly discusses how he feels dads, in general, could be more supportive of their wives, who have to do a lot of labor (heh) when it comes to actually bringing babies into the world.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 moments when Ryan Reynolds shed his Deadpool mask in order to be a total dad.

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20 When He Tweeted Sage And Hilarious Advice

Via People

People definitely change when they become parents. There's no way that raising a tiny human is going to help you stay exactly the same as when you were on your own.

Most people believe that becoming a father will make every man suddenly say dad jokes as if it's nobody's business. Ryan Reynolds' Twitter feed shows us that some dads actually get more clever.

Reynolds constantly jokes about whether or not fathers can get an extension on their pregnancy because a 4th or 5th trimester would be helpful. He also discusses what it's like to drive around with a crying 1-year-old—and fans definitely relate.

19 He Misses Being Bad 

Via Cosmopolitan

Parents also often discuss how their personalities change after they start raising their children. Of course, Reynolds does have one major complaint about his new life as a father: he misses being a bit bad!

This is because he says becoming a father has now made him into a better person. That sounds like nothing to complain about, but it does speak to the fact that Reynolds has become totally immersed in his new responsibilities.

Reynolds was frank about his complaints when he did an episode of Ellen DeGeneres' show. As always, he discussed aspects of being a dad with his usual sense of humor.

18 When He Gushed About How His Older Daughter Loves Her Sister

Having Baby #2 can be tricky for some parents. Sibling rivalry can start early on as older siblings don't always understand why the new baby is getting all the attention.

Plus, older siblings always get to hear a new baby cry and wonder what's happening. Reynolds instead talked about how much his older daughter loves her younger sister.

To most outsiders, watching their older child love their younger child is no big deal. Reynolds said that it "kinda crushed" him. For what it's worth, we're glad his older daughter was happy about becoming a big sister. It certainly makes things easier!

17 "A Human Being Will Exit Your Wife..."

Via Pinterest

Parenting is tough for all parties involved. But let's just be fair and realize that women really do bear the brunt of the burden.

Reynolds isn't just known for making jokes about what it's like to be a dad. He also talks about things men can do to make women's lives easier after having a baby.

He went on Late Night with Seth Meyers and explained that men need to really step up to the plate after their wives have finished giving birth. After all, he says, "A human being will exit your wife." Truer words have never been spoken.

16 He Admitted That Fatherhood Is Stressful


Celebrities often have much better resources than the average parent. More money means their kids can go to better schools and just have nicer things.

Along with this, being a celebrity parent means juggling a profession in the public eye while also having a full schedule. Reynolds has admitted to feeling exhausted all the time and that he even struggles to get dressed on time to attend engagements and obligations.

Reynolds has also discussed how he would do anything for his daughter—as long as it doesn't mess up his hair. He's also talked about how he now no longer has time for anything and that he sometimes misses his pre-dad days.

15 And He Changed Diapers

Via T13

Nowadays, men are expected to share responsibilities with women. But there are still some people who don't take part in parental duties, such as changing diapers.

Reynolds has often commented that husbands should also help out with things around the house such as changing diapers. He also talks about getting up in the middle of the night, and other duties that have historically been placed on women.

Then again, it's good that Reynolds is stepping up to the plate because it was reported that he played Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get In On" while Lively was giving birth. He mentioned Lively wasn't keen on this choice of music during labor.

14 There Was That Time He Considered Blinking To Be A Break

Via Men's XP

Parents can and will take every break they can get—even if it lasts less than a second. If you thought celebrities don't understand the value of making every break count, you're wrong.

Ryan Reynolds has gone as far as admitting that he believes every blink is a welcome break. He's even admitted this to the world. Though he constantly talks about how becoming a parent has changed him, we can appreciate that he understands that every fraction of a second can be put to use as a break.

Maybe we'd all change that perspective, or many some parents will now try blinking more often.

13 When He Made A PG-13 Version Of Deadpool

Via YouTube

Deadpool is hilarious, but it's definitely not made for kids under a certain age range. The way superhero films were going, we knew that someday someone would create a superhero film for adults.

Many parental units had a conundrum: hire a babysitter, or take children to the film but then answer a lot of questions. Eventually, some parents asked that Ryan Reynolds create a more PG-13 version of the film just so they could have some family entertainment.

And Ryan Reynolds obliged! Being a dad, he also understands that value of entertainment that can please the entire family.

12 That Time He Said His Baby Is "100% Average"

Many parents become enthusiastic when they have a baby and can't stop talking about how much of a genius they are.

This can quickly get annoying, but at least it's a vote of confidence from parents to their young kids.

Ryan Reynolds has decided to buck this trend and be proud that his baby is "100% average." Most fans find it refreshing, but if you read between the lines, there's no way his kids are average.

With parents like Reynolds and Blake Lively, they've hit the genetic lottery. Now let's talk about growing up in a mansion and traveling the world.

11 Ryan Reynolds Really Doesn't Like Flying With His Kids

Via Eater

No parent looks at their new baby and thinks, "let's get into a plane with it!" Reynolds has admitted that he doesn't exactly like flying with his kids.

Reynolds even says he's always felt sympathy for parents who travel with their children because other people get angry at them.

He understands that two-year-olds aren't aware of what socially acceptable behavior is. Plus, it's normal for them to act inappropriately as they don't yet understand what's going on.

Considering the turbulence, cramped space, and difficulty of keeping kids entertained even in a place that makes them comfortable, we second Ryan Reynolds!

10 He Also Talked About Frozen—And How Much It Annoys Him

Via 961

Being a parent means supporting your child's interests—even if they annoy you just a bit. Kids love repetition, and once they love something, they truly can't stay away from it.

Reynolds discovered this as his daughter basically couldn't stop watching Frozen. This also means Reynolds and Blake Lively are probably experts in the film as well.

We wouldn't be surprised if they could reenact the whole thing thanks to their kids' interest in the film. He even joked that Frozen played backward is actually a remake of The Exorcist. Clearly, this means the film isn't fit for children... right?

9 When Blake Lively Went On About His Parenting Skills

Via Glamour

It's one thing for someone to come across as being great at something. People are known to over or underestimate their skills in a given task.

It's another to have their spouse vouch for their skills and effort. Blake Lively has gone on record about how Reynolds is a great father. She's gone on about how he's always joking around and that he's her best friend.

So basically, the world already thought Ryan Reynolds must be a good dad. Turns out Blake Lively agrees about this and is okay with talking about her hubby's fatherhood skills with anyone who wants to hear it.

8 And Reynolds Said Fatherhood Is A Dream

For some people, parenthood just kind of happens. Reynolds mentioned that for him, fatherhood truly is a dream.

He's been frank about the difficulties of having two daughters, but overall he focuses on the positive. According to Reynolds, his daughters are his buddies.

He mentioned in the Ellen DeGeneres show, where he also talked to her about what it was like to take his family to Abu Dhabi. Reynolds said this was because he was filming a Netflix film.

Reynolds said that while he was there he made sure his two daughters saw as much of the country as they could.

7 ...In Fact, He'd Have Nine Daughters If He Could!

Via Glamour

Most parents think having two or three children is enough. Maybe four. Reynolds loves being a dad so much that he'd have 9 daughters total if he could!

Sure, having two daughters is great, right? Reynolds has been open about how being a father is great and that it enables him to share more love. It also means there's a bit more work to be done, but so far he says becoming a father is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

Hmmmm... maybe he should ask Blake Lively what she thinks about the prospect of having 9 daughters though.

6 Reynold's "Twin" Even Roasted His Fatherhood Skills!

Via Today

Ryan Reynolds' "twin brother" Gordon Reynolds has done a great job of checking up on his brother. Gordon is the face of Aviation Gin, Reynolds' new gin company.

Gordon goes on to roast Ryan about his parenting duties, Deadpool 2, and of course, how grown up it is for him to buy a gin company.

It seems like celebrities are often surrounded by people who try to make them feel good. But Gordon is here to make sure our favorite internet dad stays humble. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds seems to take it all in stride. Maybe his twin is just jealous?

5 He Also Embraced Dad Style

Via GQ

We're sure other non-celebrity dads are itching to copy Ryan Reynolds' style. In fact, GQ even did a "how to" issue featuring.

This was meant to show people how to have style, but we're sure a lot of female fans bought the issue so they could learn a thing or two as well.

The photoshoot gave a lot of sensible advice and showed that men also have to make sacrifices when they become fathers.

GQ even said that men can and should embrace a few of the perks of being a dad. Some of these include finishing what their kid leaves behind in the Happy Meal.

4 Awww... When He Revealed How Excited He Was To Be A Dad!


When Blake Lively was pregnant with their first daughter, he revealed how happy he was about the news! He kept mentioning he looked forward to having a buddy.

Judging by how things turned out, we can see that he continues to be fulfilled in his role as a dad. The couple revealed the news on Blake Lively's blog, and fans became excited ever since!

Of course, he continued to revel in this excitement once Lively became pregnant with the couple's second child as well. It seems like Reynolds often turns fatherhood into a joke, but he really enjoys the more serious aspects too.

3 He Reconciled With His Own Dad

Ryan Reynolds actually keeps a lot of details of his life private, but he's talked about what it was like to grow up with a very strict dad.

Reynolds has credited Blake Lively with helping him reconcile with his father. His father was a former cop and boxer, and the way Ryan Reynolds tells it, growing up was tough.

But James Reynolds battled Parkinson's disease later in life. Lively encouraged her husband to find a way to patch things up.

The late James Reynolds was able to meet his granddaughter, and Reynolds was determined to focus on the positive aspects of their relationship.

2 ...And Named His Daughter After Him

After Ryan Reynolds was able to reconcile with his father, he decided to name his daughter James. Now, we live in a world where celebrities sometimes give their children strange names. Giving a girl a traditionally male name doesn't seem like a big deal.

But James is named after Ryan's father. Thankfully, Reynolds and his father were able to have a better relationship shortly before Ryan became a father himself.

Reynolds also said that he knows he's not the only person who dealt with tough things as a kid. It's adorable that he chose this name for his first daughter.

1 And Of Course, Every Time He's A Great Husband To Baby Mama Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have such a lovely relationship that many have taken blog about life lessons we could all learn from the couple.

Though both partners make the couple work, Lively has talked about how important Ryan's sense of humor is to her. Plus, Reynolds has been supportive of his wife's film roles as well.

Both Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively seem very in love, and fans are probably rooting for them to last forever. But let's just be honest here and talk about how Blake Lively has totally gushed about what a great partner Ryan Reynolds is.

Sources: cosmoplitan.com, gq.com, thisisinsider.com

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