20 Things To Know About The Way Adam Sandler Raises His Kids

For many years now, Adam Sandler has rocked the Hollywood world with his many amazing films. He has fought tooth and nail to get where he is now and has become one of Hollywood’s most recognizable stars.

Adam Sandler made his first film debut in 1989 when he starred in the movie Going Overboard, after the movie finished though, he went on to pursue a career in comedy, something that his brother had pushed him to do at the age of 17. He performed in many different comedy clubs before being discovered by comedian Dennis Miller. Adam was lucky enough to be performing in a club one night in Los Angeles, the same night that Dennis was visiting and was recommended to Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels. His career took off after that (one could say).

Along with his comedy, he has done quite a few box office successes, as well as bombs. He is amazing at playing the goofy, silly, hilarious roles and is an amazing person to work with. He is very laid back and easy going, some have said. And this is how he parents his children.

Adam Sandler has a very unique parenting style. To him, his children come first before anything else in the world, even his career. He also wants his children to be raised humble and to be down to Earth like he is. He refuses to allow them to take advantage of his wealth and fame like other celebrities do with their children. He wants them to grow up to know the worth of a dollar and to work hard to get what they want. He just wants them to be nice and caring people. Which is amazing.

Here are 20 interesting facts about how Adam Sandler parents his two daughters.

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20 It Took 10 Minutes Before His Fatherly Instincts Kicked In


When it comes to Adam Sandler, it is hard to ever believe that anything would make him nervous. The man has performed in front of hundreds of people, had filled out arenas full of screaming fans, and has even starred in several high ranked and anticipated films.

At last though, he found his kryptonite. According to kveller.com, when it came to becoming a father for the first time, Adam Sandler was a nervous wreck.

He said, “You know what was funny? When my kid was born, I was so nervous, I didn’t know what I felt.”

Things changed quickly though once his daughter was here. “Five minutes later, maybe 10 minutes later, it was me and the kid and a nurse. We walked down alone to just check the vital signs and all that stuff, and I had a chemical reaction in my body, where I loved the kid so much, and I was so nervous for her, and that’s when I lost my mind for the kid.”

19 He Has A Strict Cut Off Time


Adam Sandler has done it all. He is a comedian, an actor, a screenwriter, a producer and even a musician. The only thing he really hasn’t done is modeling. He has many talents that keep him busy and have helped him get to where he is today.

His family is number one priority, though.

According to kveller.com, he makes sure that he is around as much as he can.

He said, “My kids give me the most joy but there are life adjustments. I don’t go out to meet anyone after 9:30 at night. I eat dinner at 6 or 7.”

One thing one never wants to do is keep this daddy out late. “If someone makes me stay out until 10:30 at night, I’m angry the entire next day because I’m exhausted.”

18 He's An Amazing Father, But An Even More Amazing Husband


Adam Sandler first met his wife Jackie during the filming of Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo in 1999. It was the first film to be released by Happy Madison Productions and his friend of many years, Rob Schneider, was the star of the film. After Rob introduced Jackie to Adam, she went on to star in a few of his films including: Big Daddy and Little Nicky. Soon after they started dating and were married on June 22, 2003.

The happy couple have been going strong ever since.

When it comes to Adam and his family, they come first. He isn’t just a supportive father though, he is also a supportive husband.

According to therichest.com, he has always been a caring husband to her, but when she became pregnant, and gave birth to his children, he made sure that he was always there for her and had all the support she needed. “I see the actual diapers go on, and I cheer my wife for doing such a good job. I’ll also say, ‘Honey, good feeding! Way to go! Nice milk!” He said.

17 It Took Him A While To Feel Comfortable


Not a lot of people thought that when Adam Sandler was first starting out that he would become as big as he today. He proved them all wrong though and now is one of the biggest and most recognizable celebs in the world. He even just signed a four-picture deal with Netflix.

When it comes to his parenting, he tries to be as open and honest about his experiences as he can with the hopes that it helps other first-time dads.

According to therichest.com, he even talked about the birth of his first daughter and how she made him feel the first time holding her: “Every day I feel more comfortable with the baby. The only thing is, I want the baby to feel comfortable with me. I’m Klutzy. It’s like my arms aren’t long enough.”

16 His Doors Are Always Open (For His Kids)


Adam Sandler has proven time and time again that when it comes to his children, he has some unique parenting styles.

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Adam admitted that he wants to make sure that his daughters know that they can always depend on him and that he will always be there for them.

He also talked about how he leaves all the doors in his house open so that his daughters know that they are always welcome, and he is there for them. They can come and go as they please.

15 No Hobbies


Adam Sandler is a busy man. He divides all of his time between his wife, his children and his work.

When a person has a child, it is always a good idea to keep any hobbies he or she might have had before the child came along. Unfortunately for Adam, he realized that he doesn’t have any hobbies. His whole life is about his children and his work.

He said, “Last night I couldn’t sleep. It was like 2:00 in the morning. I was thinking, ‘What can I do?’ I’m watching TV. I’m like, ‘Let me do something else.’ I’m not going to fall asleep for a few hours.”

According to yahoo.com, he even thought about reading a book instead of watching television: “I couldn’t come up with anything. I was going, ‘God, read a book.’ Then I was like this, ‘Where do I keep the books?’ I’ve got nothing to do but watch TV.”

14 He Loved Having A Baby In The House


Adam Sandler might have been a total nervous wreck when his first child was born, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t excited.

According to therichest.com, when it came to parenthood, he was not one of those Hollywood stars who was dreading settling down and giving up a life of luxury and parties. He was completely excited and was looking forward to the day he officially became a father.

“I knew I’d be excited. I was dying to be a father. I didn’t realize that it would be so much fun to have a baby in the house.”

He embraced fatherhood, and there is nothing more special to him than being able to spend every minute he can with his girls. He shares a deep connection with them and makes sure he is honest about every experience he shares with them.

“But It’s surprising how the baby looks through me. Every time I think the kid really likes me – and that she’s staring into my eyes with love – I realize that she’s just looking at my forehead. She’ staring at a zit on my face.”

13 Date Night Doesn't Always Go As Planned


Date night is an important night that parents should always make sure to do after having kids. Getting out, having a night just the two of them, no kids to bother them, it helps to keep things civil and a relationship strong.

Unfortunately for Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie, this can be a hard thing to do and when it does happen, it is typically a spur of the moment kind of event.

According to yahoo.com, Adam Sandler said this while opening up about how date nights usually work out in his house:

“Last night, my wife and I were falling asleep at 8 and we said, ‘No, we’re not giving into this sleep. Maybe we should go see a movie after the kids fall asleep.’”

Sadly, the kids hadn’t fallen asleep yet and date night was a thing of the past:

“The next thing I know, I walk out of that room and my wife and my other daughter are curled up sleeping. I’m up half the night with the other one. Welcome to parenthood.”

12 He Prefers To Keep His Albums Away From His Young Daughters For Now


When it comes to some of the work Adam Sandler has done, it is no wonder that he makes sure that his daughters never hear or see it until they are older. From his movie Eight Crazy Nights to his famous songs The Chanukah Song and The Thanksgiving Song, some would agree that they are not kid friendly.

According to therichest.com, when his first daughter Sadie was born in 2006, he made the adult decision to keep all his comedy albums and movies away from her. “I don’t want my kid to hear any of the albums I made for now. I don’t know what I’ll do when she gets older. I hope she enjoys the movies I made, but she probably won’t dig them until she’s 14. I know I’ll be like, ‘Honey, let's watch Daddy again in The Waterboy.’”

11 His Kids Aren't Fans Of His Movies


Adam Sandler is known for doing some pretty amazing films, but he is also known for doing some pretty big bombs such as: Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy and Blended, all of which have received some heavily criticized reviews.

As stated previously, Adam Sandler made the decision after his first daughter was born that he would keep his movies and songs away from her until she was older.

Well for years, he stood by that rule and kept all his films away from both his girls, that is until they started to ask to watch them.

Unfortunately, they are not his biggest fans.

According to vanityfair.com, Adam had this to say about how his daughters feel about his movies: “They're like, 'Please, it's not fair! Let me watch your movies. Those people always yell things at you on the street. I don't know what the heck they're talking about.' So, I show them the movies---they demand this---and they get, every time, I'd say about 20 minutes in, and then I see them tuning out, and then I hear them. They're nervous to say it, but like, 'Can we watch something else?'”

10 He Is The Cool Dad At School


Even though Adam Sandler has had some flops at the box office, he has also had some pretty memorable big success films such as: Billy Maddison, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, and The Longest Yard.

No matter how much his movies rank in though, he will always be just 'dad' to his children. To everyone else though, he is Adam Sandler. No matter what level of success he reaches though, he will always remain humble and try to just be a regular guy.

According to yahoo.com, he had this to say about his children and their school peers: “Honestly, at school, I’m like Santa. The kids love me and flock around me. It doesn’t make me cool. I’m just a guy with a lot of kids around him.”

9 He Is Always Worried And Nervous


Since becoming a father to two amazing girls, Adam Sandler has learned a lot about what kind of parent he is, what kind of parent he wants to be, and even a lot about himself that he didn’t know.

According to kveller.com, Adam had this to say on what he has learned:

“I’m a worrier. I’ve learned in life now that when your kid is upset, you’re rocked until they’re not upset anymore. Even when they’re not upset, you’re rocked. You’re always nervous because you want your kid to be happy.”

Being worried about his family and their safety has become a constant thing for him now. That is not the only thing though, he also worries about his children being spoiled and feeling entitled because they know their parents have money.

“The idea of my kids being spoiled, I go to sleep thinking about it and I wake up thinking about it.” He added.

So far, he has been doing an amazing job balancing things out, and making sure they do not grow up greedy, entitled and unappreciative.

8 Make Sure Everyone In The Family Is Ok


When it comes to parenting, most people tend to lean on their own parents for their parenting experiences and for some much-needed advice when it comes to being a new parent.

The minute Adam Sandler found out his wife was expecting, family became his main focus, even before his career. It wasn’t until he became a father though that some things his parents told him became a lot clearer.

According to kveller.com, Adam once talked about a saying that his parents used to say all the time, but that he didn’t understand until he had a family of his own: “Now, I understand why my folks were always saying, ‘be nice and be safe. Make sure everyone in the family is OK. That’s the most important thing.’ Making sure everyone in the family is OK is the most important thing. If the family hurts, then you hurt.”

7 Sometimes You Must Wait To Give Praise


One thing all parents can probably agree on is that when it comes to their children, they expect to hear recognition and praise when they do stuff.

According to yahoo.com, Adam Sandler learned that when it comes to kids, sometimes one must wait before actually acknowledging them. “When you go swimming with the kids, when your kids go off the diving board, and they say, ‘Daddy watch this!’ and they do something like a cartwheel off the diving board and land in the pool, you have to delay your reaction. I got yelled at because, they did the cartwheel and I yelled, ‘Yeah that’s awesome!’ and then they come out of the water and I’m just staring at them. They’re like, ‘You didn’t like it,’ and I’m like, ‘No I said it was awesome!’ and they say, ‘No, no I didn’t hear it!'”

6 Dating Is Not Encouraged In His House


Ever notice how a lot of Adam Sandler’s films have the same actors and actresses in them? Well, that’s because those are his real-life friends who he is really close with.

Friends, who when it comes to his daughters dating, will have his back and make any guy’s life who walks into his house an utter disaster.

According to therichest.com, Adam had this to say about his daughter dating: “When she dates, it will be ugly. I will not encourage dating. I’ll get my friends Rob Schneider and David Spade to come over to rough up the boys who want to take her out.”

5 His Bedtime Stories Have A Habit Of Riling The Kids Up Instead Of Putting Them To Sleep


We all know that Adam Sandler has a wild imagination thanks to all his comedy routines, his movies, and even his music. That being said, it comes as no surprise that when it comes to bedtimes in his house, his children become more riled up than sleepy.

According to yahoo.com, Adam had this to say about what happens when he tries to put the kids to bed at night: “I’m not great at bedtime stories. Bedtime stories are supposed to put the kid to sleep. My kid gets riled up and then my wife has to come in and go, ‘All right! Get out of the room.'”

4 In-And-Out Burger Is A Must


One thing Adam Sandler loves most about his children’s school is that they allow parents to come in and have lunch with their kids any day of the week. With a busy schedule like Adam's, it is pure joy to be able to take a break while home to spend more time with his girls.

“The best thing about my kids’ school is you can show up any day you want and have lunch with your kids. But you better show up with an In-N-Out burger.” Adam Said.

According to yahoo.com, Adam has no problem with making his kids feel guilty either when they start to act up.

“Same night, the kids won’t want to go to bed. My best parental technique is to look shocked and say, ‘Go to bed. Don’t you remember the In-N-Out Burger?!'” He added.

3 He Tries His Best To Raise His Children Like He Was Raised


Adam Sandler had a decent childhood and he is thankful for his parents working so hard to give him the best life they can and for bestowing some great life lessons on him that have made him into the man he is today.

Today Adam is one of the wealthiest comedians on the circuit and has even been estimated to be worth over $300 million.

According to yahoo.com though, he does not want his children to grow up thinking they can do what they want because they have money.

“I try to do the right thing, but with the amount of money I have, it’s difficult to raise the children the way I was raised. I took away the West and North wing of the house from those guys. They’re not allowed in there, and so far, I think that’s working.”

2 He Gave Mike Myers Some Fatherly Advice


Before Adam really got into making movies, he was a comedian who worked in different clubs. One night he was discovered though and it wasn’t long before he was writing for different comedians on Saturday Night Live. While there, he was able to work alongside some big legends such as: Chris Rock and Mike Myers.

To this day, he still keeps in touch with a lot of those he worked with, one big one being Mike Myers.

According to People.com, when Mike had his first child back 2011, Adam was quick to reach out and give him some new fatherly advice.

“Adam said it’s like that first time you fall in love and you’re 12 years old — only every day. He said it’s like finding a room, like in a dream, in your house you never knew you had, and that’s going to be your heart. I had no idea how true that was going to be. You do kind of become a father to all the children,” Mike told People magazine.

1 His Daughters Are His World


In the end, Adam is a pretty easy going and laid-back guy who tends to take parenting and fatherhood the same way. Many have talked about how easy he is to work with and just an all-around fun guy to be around in general.

He is a down to Earth father who does not like to impose strict rules and who allows them to have their independence, but at the same time, he is constantly worrying about them. He wants to make sure they are raised well, they are humble, and they are just nice people who care for others and aren’t all about the fame and money. He wants them to grow up to be honest and hardworking girls who aren’t entitled, spoiled and expect everything to be handed to them.

He may not be around 24/7 due to his career and many projects, but family is still number one in his book and when it comes down to it, family comes before anything else, even work.

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