20 Things Toddlers Did In The Early 2000s (That Moms Would Never Allow Today)

It is crazy to think that the year 2000 was 19 years ago. Kids born in the year 2000 are turning 19 this year, so they are practically fully-grown adults. A lot of things can change in this amount of time, and motherhood is definitely one of them. The times are always changing, and it is usually for the better. As the world gets older, research gets better and there are always new things to learn.

The only constant when it comes to being a mother is loving our children. Mothers love their children and no amount of time will change that. However, the way a person mothers will change as time goes on. Women will learn from the changes in science and social structure. There are things that moms did in the past that no mother would ever do today.

There are a lot of things that toddlers did in the year 2000 that not many mothers would allow today. Some of it has to do with health and safety and some of it has to do with how the world works now socially. So, those babies who are now 19 had a way different childhood than toddlers today do.

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20 Watched SpongeBob


Boy has the world gotten strict when it comes to screen time for a toddler. The AAP is currently stating that there should be no screens for any baby who is younger than 18 months, and even at the age of 2, it should be limited. This was not really a thing in the year 2000 and a lot of toddlers were watching TV where some of the programming was a bit questionable.

Parents used to allow their toddlers and young kids to watch programs like SpongeBob SquarePants, something that no parent would even think of allowing today. They are not only stricter about the amount of TV they watch but also the quality of the programs that are playing.

19 All About Dora


Dora The Explorer was another one that every parent let their toddler watch 19 years ago and that was because it was seen as educational.

Dora, Diego and all her pals would solve a wide range of problems and they would do it while speaking Spanish. Not only would children learn concepts such as colours, shapes and simple math but they would be exposed to foreign languages, which we always thought was a good thing.

While educational programming is the better option if you are going to let your toddler watch TV, this entry may be more about the tolerance of the parents. Parents now find Dora a little annoying and are much stricter about the background noise they will constantly have to listen too.

18 Played Outside Alone


The world was a lot safer in the early 2000s than it is now. It wasn’t completely safe, but it was safer (or so we thought), so there were a lot more kids running around outside without a parent in sight.

Kids would go out onto their front lawn and run around while mom watched from inside the house. This is not how the world is now. Parents will not be letting their toddlers run around outside unless they are right there watching, which may not be a bad thing.

The media has also enhanced this problem because what we hear and see on the news is enough to make any parent paranoid and leaves them to have a closer watch on their child. When news stories are being automatically sent to our phones, it is easy to become stressed with such dramatic news.

17 Ate Questionable Things


When you are a mom, you are always worried about something happening to your child. My biggest fear was always choking, and it still worries me.

However, I was never too worried about what my kids put in their mouth and just thought it would help their immune system get stronger. However, I am in the minority when it comes to this worry.

Moms today are a lot more worried about what their kids are putting in their mouth. Gone are the days when kids could happily eat dirt or something off the floor. The world has gotten more concerned with germs and bacteria than it ever has been before.

16 Play With Glitter

via Twin Mummy and Daddy

It is always important that a child or a young toddler has the ability and opportunity to explore their creativity. They must be allowed to do crafts and experiment with all sorts of media.

With the expanse of social media,  it is easy to find a lot of ideas and inspiration out there. However, any craft that involves glitter is bound to be banned from any household nowadays.

Moms have a lot on their plate already, with a lot of them having to work to support the household. So they don’t have enough time to clean up the disaster that glitter can make. It's also impossible to clean it up completely, so mom will be finding glitter in the couch cushions for years to come.

15 Experiment With Flavours

via YouTube

This is also along the same line as moms not wanting their children to put food that they find on the floor in their mouth and that is experimenting with flavours.

We have all seen videos of babies trying lemons for the first time, and while some find these hilarious, others think they are unnecessary. More and more moms are leaning away from this trend.

We live in an age where everything goes viral and that is not always a good thing. This also means that we can now witness the world’s reaction to certain things. This is how we have concluded that giving a baby a lemon for your own entertainment is no longer considered the cool thing to do.

14 Register Their Stuffed Animal

via Vsco

This may be a piece of nostalgia for a lot of moms out there, but does anyone remember webkinz?

These are still out there but they are not as popular as they once were. They are just little stuffed animals that a child could go online and register. It would turn into their own little pet. The problem with this is that there are very few parents out there who will let their child go online.

Computers and the internet were around in the early 2000s, but they are much more advanced now. So that means that parental controls have to be tightened. This is especially true when it comes to little fingers that don’t always know what they are doing. Moms have become super vigilant about how much technology their toddler uses.

13 Play With A Lite Brite


Another toy that is all about the nostalgia is a lite brite.

This item is not actually geared towards toddlers, but since the rules for what a toddler can play with have gotten stricter, we bet that this is definitely on the no-touch list. Not only is it operated with a light bulb which could harm little fingers, but the pieces are clear choking risks.

Back in the day, moms may have let their little ones play around with one of these as another way to express their creativity, but it is definitely not a toy that any mom would have near their toddler today.

12 Dangerous Preschool Activity


A lot of toddlers are starting to go to preschool. It is a great way for little ones to learn how to socialize with other children and it helps prepare them for the start of kindergarten, which is only a year or two away. It is also a great break for stay-at-home moms, who can then just relax or clean the house in peace.

In preschool, the kids play a lot of games and some of them could be played in a big gym. One of the activities quite popular in the early 2000s was riding on these seat scooters. Kids would sit on them and scoot themselves around the room. While this may be fun for little ones, it is a nightmare for moms who envision little fingers getting pinched and run over.

11 Explore On Their Own


The terms ‘helicopter mom’ and ‘attachment parenting’ were not terms you heard in the year 2000. Not that parents like this weren’t out there, but they weren’t the norm.

Nowadays, millennial parents seem to hover around their children. They're always making sure that they are playing well and not getting injured. This was not always seen as important.

In the early 2000s, moms did not hover or hang over their children in the same way. They stood back and let their children explore the world on their own. They took their kids to the park and let them run wild. They would glance over now and then but it was mostly their time to catch up on some light reading while their kid played.

10 A Short Ride In The Car


Nothing quite gets a group of moms going more than car seat safety.

Anything about being in the car is seen as extremely important and all moms are warned before placing a picture of their little one in their car seat on a mom group. They are bound to get everything they did wrong pointed out to them. This is important information because accidents in a car are dangerous and safety is important.

It is also not that moms in the 2000s did not care about car safety. It's just that they were a little more relaxed than the moms of today. There wasn’t such a big deal made of a toddler sitting on dad's lap while he drove down a suburban street. Maybe it wasn’t a problem back then because no one was uploading it up onto social media.

9 Back To Sleep Hadn’t Quite Caught On Yet


The back to sleep campaign started in the 90s, and it took a while to really catch on.

When the year 2000 came around, there were still a lot of parents who did not like the idea of placing their baby on their back to sleep. They were still worried about baby choking on spit-up during the night. While this article is about toddlers and not babies, there is still safe sleep information for toddlers.

A child who is 1-years old is considered a toddler and there are still sleep safety concerns at that age. If a toddler is still in a crib, they were only to have a light blanket that was it. They don’t receive a pillow until they are 18-months old or in a toddler bed. Moms now follow these standards very closely, something they didn’t do 19 years ago.

8 Trampolines With No Net


Toddlers love to explore, as they are learning to run, skip and jump and they turn into little monkeys that are exploring a playground. They don’t even need an actual playground to do this, as they will use anything they see.

Trampolines can be a fun activity for a toddler who wants to jump around but it is known that there are some safety risks when it comes to using a trampoline.

Back in the year 2000, moms didn’t really have a concern when it came to trampolines, so they just let their children have fun. Moms now would never let their children jump on a trampoline that did not have a net there to protect them.

7 Sugar, Sugar, Sugar


One of the best things about the early 2000s was all the sugary food, especially the breakfast cereal. Moms didn’t think twice when it came to giving their children sugary cereal for breakfast, and it could be because they figured that they would work it off throughout the day. However, times have changed.

Now, moms are more concerned when it comes to the sugar content in their child’s food. They don’t want a lot of processed sugar in the food and this could be because the lifestyle has changed. Children back in the 2000s were much more active than they are today, and the obesity rates keep climbing, something we are all concerned about.

6 Went A Whole Day Without A Picture


It is hard to think about a time before cellphones, but there was one. While there were cellphones in the early 2000s, they weren’t always as great as the ones we have now.

The cameras on our phones nowadays are amazing and we can now take some pretty high-quality pics right from our phone. This means that a mom in today’s world will never let a day go by without taking a picture of her child.

Moms in the early 2000’s were not as obsessed with taking pictures of their children, as they just didn’t think about it. A good quality camera was not so easily accessible, so it was harder to get that perfect shot for all the friends and family.

5 Went A Whole Day Without A Social Media Update


Since we didn’t take many filtered pictures of our children in the 2000s, we didn’t upload them online every day for everyone to see. Social media sites were not as prevalent then as they are now, but no mom is going to let a day go by without making an update online about their child.

There are a lot of jokes and comments out there that when someone has a baby (especially if it is their first one) that is all they are going to post on their social media. I can even admit when I scroll through my pages it appears like my whole life is my children, and that is probably because it is.

4 Wore Hand-Me-Downs


While we are on the topic of social media, it has done a lot of damage when it comes to keeping up appearances. Society as a whole has become obsessed with how they look, especially when it comes to how they look online. The internet is forever, and once something is up there it is almost impossible to make it disappear.

Hand-me-downs still continue to be popular, but nothing like how they were in the early 2000s. If you were the second or third child, almost everything you had came from a sibling before you. You rarely got something brand new unless it was your birthday or Christmas.

This will rarely happen now. Moms are buying their kids brand new things because they are concerned with how their child looks and they need to be the cutest kid out there.

3 Went Days Without A Bath


Back in the early 2000s, it was quite common to go a few days without a bath. Some moms would only bathe their toddler once a week and that was OK.

This is not something that would happen now. This also relates to how a mom is perceived by her peers, and especially when it comes to online behaviour.

In order to get the good picture that mom is obsessed with, her little one has to look cute and clean. This means that there are usually daily baths or showers to keep their little one clean. The world has become afraid of dirt and germs and even more obsessed with our toddlers looking practically perfect in every way.

2 Refused A Meal (And Didn’t Get Away With It)


Toddlers are some of the pickiest eaters on the planet, and it can be a real source of stress and frustration for moms out there. They may go through phases where they only eat one thing, and then mom could offer them the next day and they suddenly hate it.

Toddlers in the early 2000’s would never get away with this, and they would likely be sent to bed without supper.

Parents would never do that now. Rather, they would find anything the toddler wanted to eat and give it to them. Sometimes parenting changes because new information has become available and we are always learning. Moms now are learning that sending a toddler to bed without supper can create an unhealthy relationship with food.

1 Used Semi-Safe Products


There is a wide market for toys and activities for toddlers and there is definitely no lack of things to buy for them- and moms today are buying it.

Moms in the early 2000s would give their toddler pots and pans to play with and they would be happy for hours. They may also give them a wooden spoon or two and let them go crazy.

Moms now tend to not do that. They will instead spend a lot of money on different toys for their child. Toys that are aimed to help them develop and grow. They not only want their child to look the cutest, but they better have the cutest and latest toddler toys.

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