20 Things We Didn't Know About Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake's Marriage

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have always seemed like a match made in celebrity heaven! Fans know Jessica from her stint as Mary Camden on the family-friendly show 7th Heaven. She’s gone on to star in various high-profile films, including Texas Chainsaw movie, The Rules of Attraction, Stealth, The Illusionist, and Total Recall. Most recently, she’s made headlines for starring and producing in the show The Sinner. Justin has dabbled in film, as well, with his credits including The Social Network, Bad Teacher, and Friends With Benefits. However, Justin is definitely more famous for his musical work, with his 2018 album Man in the Woods finishing as the sixth-best-selling album of the year.

The long-time couple began dating in 2007 and the marriage speculation began stirring as soon as they were spotted in public together. The pair always had kind words for each other (even when they took a brief break). So, it was no surprise when they got married in 2012 in a stunning resort in Italy after getting engaged the year prior. And after their wedding, of course the baby buzz started. The couple eventually welcomed their only child, son Silas, in 2015 to the delight of fans everywhere. Yet, despite living life in the spotlight, Justin and Jessica have tried to remain as mum as possible on their personal lives — including on speculation over whether baby no. 2 is in the plan or not.

Keep reading to discover what there is to know about this beloved celebrity couple!

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20 Jessica Feels Threatened By Britney Spears

via Instyle

Justin has known fellow pop star Britney Spears since they were kids and starred on the Mickey Mouse Club together (alongside Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera, too). And no one can forget when Justin and Britney were the couple of the moment during the early 2000s.

Although the two have long been split up and have since had kids with other people, reports say that Justin’s wife Jessica still feels uneasy about their history. In 2016, a source dished to Life & Style that Jessica was feeling “hurt and insecure” over rumors that Britney and Justin were considering collaborating on music.

However, the source added that she had nothing to worry about. “He’s totally over Britney,” the insider shared. “[He only has] eyes for Jessica.”

19 They Can’t Agree On Having More Kids

via Daily Mail

While Jessica and Justin are already parents to an adorable little boy, many fans have to wonder if and when they’ll be expanding their family further. And while Justin has told the media that he’s down for a handful of kids, his wife seems reluctant.

"I mean, I wanna have as many as we can, if I'm being honest," Justin said during a 2018 radio interview, Café Mom reports. However, when his wife was later asked about this comment, she didn’t immediately agree.

“I think it would be amazing to have a bigger family. I don't know if that's in the cards for us; we'll see, but I'm feeling him. I don't know what that means exactly, but I like his dedication,” Jessica responded, making it clear that they might just stop at one kid after all.

18 Although They Have Been Trying

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Despite the couple seemingly being unsure about expanding their family, Justin has admitted that they’ve been “practicing.”

Back in 2016, Justin sat down to an interview with Mario Lopez. “Are you working on a little brother or sister for [Silas], perhaps?” the TV host asked Justin. “I’m having a lot of fun practicing!” Justin replied, leaving the question unanswered.

However, in 2017 Hollywood Life reported that the couple was indeed pregnant with baby no. 2, sending fans into a frenzy. However, when the couple didn’t make a baby announcement in the following months, many fans assumed the news was wrong or perhaps they had unfortunately lost the pregnancy.

17 They Broke Up A Year Before Getting Married

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Justin and Jessica had already been dating for four years when they surprised fans by abruptly breaking up in 2011. The pair released a statement saying it was amicable, but of course many fans were quick to jump to conclusions about what really went down (although, to this day, we still don’t know!).

Luckily, it wasn’t long until the pair got back together. We guess distance makes the heart grow stronger because not only did they rekindle their relationship, but the two were also engaged by December 2011. They married the following October in a lavish ceremony in Italy.

16 But They Only Had Sweet Words For Each Other After

via People

With many celebrity breakups, it can get messy. Each side is throwing accusations at the other and name-calling over social media or to the press. However, fans can’t forget the bittersweet things JT and Jessica said about each following their brief break-up. For instance, in one interview, Justin said Jessica was still one of the most important people to him — and he didn’t want to talk about it because it was too painful. Swoon!

"I would rather not talk about her, because it's hurtful for me," he said, E! News reports. Timberlake told VF, "I don't want to say much more, because I have to protect things that are dear to me—for instance, her. She is the ... most significant person in my life. In my 30 years, she is the most special person, OK? So I protect it, and until somebody shows me what would be more fulfilling at this point, that's what I have to do."

15 Justin Is Jealous Of Jessica’s Bond With Their Son

via Daily Mail

Justin has admitted that his wife often spends more time at home with their son, and evidently, it’s helped them develop a strong bond - something Justin wishes he also had with their son.

“My son sometimes wants his mom; he just doesn’t want me,” he shared in his book Hindsight. “I can’t give him what he needs, sometimes, and he pushes me away,” he writes. “I’ll feel bad for a moment. I’ll feel inept. Why can’t I help him? Why doesn’t he love me? I have to remind myself that of course, he loves me. But she’s his mother, and that’s who he wants right now.”

14 Jessica Told Him She Was Pregnant Via FaceTime

via Life and Style

Talk about a casual couple! Evidently, Jessica was so excited to be pregnant that she couldn’t even wait to tell her hubby when it got home. Rather, Justin has revealed his wife told him the exciting news via FaceTime, although he had a feeling what she was going to say.

"There was a text from Jess, in all capital letters,'' he wrote in his book Hindsight. "It read 'Call Me Now.' I FaceTimed her back immediately. She answered with this look on her face, and I knew exactly what she was going to say.”

Justin continued, "Instead, she just held up the pregnancy test, and we both started bawling. I ended the tour early so I could be at home and take care of my family."

13 They’re Very Private (Especially About Their Son)

via Daily Mail

Fans have likely noticed just how private Justin and Jessica can be. They are rarely spotted out by the paparazzi, and even less so when they have their 3-year-old in tow. There have only been a handful of times that paparazzi have been able to snap a photo of the toddler’s face.

Likewise, even when they upload pics of their son to social media, the couple has adopted a rule where they hardly show his face. In interviews, the parents are also reserved to talk about anything to do with their relationship or son. Perhaps that’s how they keep their relationship so strong despite the hustle and bustle of Hollywood!

12 Jessica Never Saw Herself Getting Married

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Although Justin and Jessica seem like soulmates, there was once a time the actress never imagined she’d meet the right guy, let alone get married.

“Honestly, I didn’t grow up dreaming about having kids and having a family,” she once explained, Hollywood Life reports. “I was so focused on my [work] and so focused on my selfish existence, but I think meeting my husband inspired me. One day I just woke up and knew it’s what I wanted to do and it’s been the hardest, greatest thing, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.”

Well, we’re glad that Jessica eventually settled down. Could you imagine Hollywood without Jessica and Justin’s cuteness?

11 Long Distance Has Been Hard On Them

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While the couple has never spoken candidly about their relationship issues, Jessica has implied that being separated for long periods of time has taken its toll on them. Maybe that’s why the whole family went on tour last year!

"It's so easy to get out of touch with your partner, especially if you're over here in one part of the world, and they're over there in another part of the world. Very easily you can become strangers," she once said, Entertainment Tonight reports. "So having his back and he having my back in every moment of our lives, even if it's the decision of what's for breakfast, you feel safe and you feel like you're not alone in the world. So it's very important for us."

10 Justin Has Gotten Jessica Into Music

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Although both Justin and Jessica have acted, Justin is better known for his ventures in the music industry than anything else. As a former member of NSYNC and a successful solo artist in his own right, it’s clear that music is a huge passion of his. But who knew he also shared his love for music with his wife!

In 2018, a source revealed that music has become a huge part of their life. “Music plays a huge role in their relationship,” they explained to Us Weekly. “They love singing together. Jessica actually has a beautiful singing voice. And they’ll even dance on the table together at their house!”

Could that mean a duet is in the future…?

9 They’re Traveling The World With Their Son


We’d say Jessica and Justin are already pretty well-traveled, given their stardom and all. However, this family has still got the traveling bug! Last summer, the parents took their son on a months-long adventure across Europe, stopping in countries including Paris, the Netherlands, and the U.K.

People revealed that Jessica was quite happy to have her little family out and about together and seeing what there is to see and hearing new and different things. The family is adamant they want to keep traveling until they’ve conquered the world!

8 She Totally Starred In His Music Video

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It’s not uncommon to have musicians feature their significant others in their music videos. Why would you want to get cozy with anyone else? But it took a long time for Jessica to finally agree to be in one of Justin’s videos - they had to get married first!

This past February, the duo finally unveiled their collaboration. Jessica was featured in the video for her husband’s son “Man In The Woods,” which was featured on the Trolls soundtrack. The video starts off with Justin dancing through the woods and climbing trees while dressed as a handsome lumberjack. His wife joins him in the middle of the video, in which she looks completely awestruck with her hubby.

7 They Swear Communication Is The Key To Marriage

via Daily Mail

It’s been said many times before: communication is the key to a lasting relationship. And while some people may be skeptical, Jessica and Justin credit open communication as the reason why their relationship has stood the test of time.

“Communication, communication, communication,” Jessica once said, People reports. “The ability to be really honest about how you’re feeling and what your needs are. Just be able to communicate really honestly with your partner. That’s worked for us so far,” she says. “I would never want to speak on anyone else’s relationship, but that’s what we do.”

6 Justin Stopped Partying For Jessica

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Back in the day, Justin liked to party hard just like any other celebrity (especially while on tour). But nowadays, the star is clearly enjoying a more laid-back life in the spotlight, ever since getting married and becoming a father.

In 2018, a source told Us Weekly that meeting Jessica is what got Justin over his wild streak. “Gone is the partying and hanging out until all hours of the night,” the insider noted. “Justin is a very different man this tour around. He has been a family man.” Justin is no longer partying his tour away - rather, he’s been bringing his family along with him!

5 The Whole Family Goes On Tour

via Instagram

Last summer while Justin was on tour, Jessica and 3-year-old Silas decided to go with him! The family had a thrilling time making their way around Europe, visiting countries like the U.K., the Netherlands, Sweden, and France.

“It is fun to be on the road. You feel like a wild group of gypsies and you’re all in this together,” Jessica said about their adventure, People revealed. “You’re seeing so many new places and I think it’s amazing for our son because he’s hearing new languages. We’re talking about different countries, the names of different countries, what he likes, what he’s seen.”

4 Their Date Nights Are Pretty Boring

via Glamour

Although Jessica and Silas have traveled with Justin while he’s on tour, it’s definitely not a party. The actress has debunked assumptions that being on the road is always a wild ride. Rather, in order to protect Justin’s voice, she says most of their date nights are in the hotel so as to avoid any sickness (or hangovers, too!).

“What he has to do and the energy output […] honestly, keeping him healthy is so important. It’s not just this wild party that everybody thinks,” Jessica has said, People reports. “Yes, we’re in these amazing places, but a lot of times we’re trying to protect his immunity and protect his body from breaking down. A date night for us would be just sitting in the hotel and having room service and watching a movie — just like everybody else.”

3 She Never Listened To NSYNC Before Marrying Justin

via HerCampus

Before he was a solo artist and actor, Justin got his start in the band NSYNC. And while most fans know about his boy band roots, evidently Jessica had never even listened to the band before getting involved with her now-husband.

“I was such a theatre nerd at that time that I literally wasn’t listening to either of those groups,” she said in 2017, Hollywood Life reports. “I was listening to soundtracks, like Rent and old '50s/'60s music. I can be a little off on my timing. But if I had been cool, DUH, NSYNC all the way, baby!”

We wonder if Justin has helped broaden Jessica’s musical tastes since they got married!

2 Their Marriage Takes Priority Over Work

via Romper

One way Justin and Jessica say they keep their relationship strong is by prioritizing it above their jobs. And when you’re a celebrity, that can be a real sacrifice!

“We’re lucky enough to go and stay in different places and live in different places while we work and that’s definitely part [of having a strong marriage],” Jessica once explained, People reports.

“But, honestly, I just really feel like you have to work hard,” The Sinner star explained. “That doesn’t change if you work at home or in an office or you’re on a tour. It doesn’t change, the work doesn’t change.”

1 “A Song For You” Is Their Song

via Instyle

Given that Justin is so immersed in the music industry, fans expect this couple to have excellent taste in music. And they didn’t disappoint when Justin revealed what their special song is during a tribute post on their 5th anniversary - and it happens to be a classic!

“I became the luckiest man in the world when I exchanged vows with my best friend. This song was our first dance,” Justin wrote alongside a video of him covering Ray Charles’s “A Song For You” while playing the piano. Swoon!

He continued, “To my beautiful @jessicabiel: You have taught me so much about what true love means. I can’t put into words what these last five years have meant to me, so…Listen to the melody ‘cause my love is in there hiding.”

Sources: People, Ace Showbiz, Hollywood Life, Us Weekly, E! News, Entertainment Tonight

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