20 Things We Didn't Know About Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos' Marriage

Celebrities are not exactly known for having marriages that last longer than a couple of years. So, it can be quite a pleasant surprise when two well-known people remain together for a very long period of time.

One of the best examples of a long and healthy marriage between two people in the entertainment world is the marriage between television personality and actress Kelly Ripa and her husband, actor Mark Consuelos.

These two lovebirds have apparently been going strong since they got together in the 1990s, which is amazing. Another thing that makes this couple so awesome is the fact that they are quite relatable.

They might have what appears to be a picture-perfect life together these days, but it has definitely taken them a lot of work and time to get to that point. According to usmagazine.com, Ripa claims that she cannot live without Consuelos these days.

But, on the other hand, the couple has faced some difficult things throughout their time together, which seems to have only made Mark and Kelly become closer to each other. In fact, they have actually been very open with their fans about the struggles that the couple has faced over the years, and honestly, that just makes them even more likable.

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20 Their Professional Lives Have Forced Them To Have A Long Distance Relationship


Travelling is a really fun and important thing to do once in a while. Those who are involved in show business are basically required to do it, but it can be hard sometimes.

Also, having a long-distance relationship can be tough, especially when children are involved. But Ripa and Consuelos are actually used to doing it since they have been actors for quite some time.

Lately, Consuelos has had to live away from his family so that he can film Riverdale. But there are times when Ripa and their three children pay him a visit while he is filming it, according to insidevancouver.ca.

19 Some People Insulted Kelly, And Mark Immediately Stepped In


Anyone who follows Mark or Kelly on their social media accounts knows that they gush about each other all the time. A while ago, Consuelos posted a photo of his wife while they were at the beach.

She, of course, was in a bikini, and according to people.com, some people were not happy with a woman of her age in a bikini. When Consuelos posted the photo on IG, it was not long before some of his followers were leaving comments that suggested Ripa was too old to wear a bikini.

Consuelos swooped right in and defended his wife. He talked about his admiration for her, as well as the fact that she is committed to exercising and having a healthy lifestyle.

18 They Have Shared Very Personal Details About One Another With The Public


Part of what makes Mark and Kelly such an awesome couple is the fact that they seem to hide nothing from the world. They are very open people, and there appears to be very little that the couple will not talk about publicly.

In fact, they have been known to discuss some very personal things about each other. For instance, Ripa recently let her fans in on something very interesting about her husband.

These days, he has a job that is somewhat family-friendly, as he has filmed a few things that parents could watch with their children. But before he was a famous actor, he had a much more "mature" job dancing, according to huffpost.com.

17 Kelly Doubted That Mark Was Serious About Getting Married


When these two lovebirds had been dating for approximately one year, Consuelos proposed to Ripa. One might think that she immediately said yes and the rest is history, but that was not quite how it happened.

On the night he asked her to marry him, Ripa and Consuelos were hanging out and having pizza and wine at his apartment. He proposed to her, and she responded by saying that he should wait to ask her until he is serious about it.

According to oprahmag.com, he told her he was serious. He then suggested that they get married the next day.

16 Kelly’s Show Could Have Ended Their Marriage


Before television personality Ryan Seacrest joined Ripa on LIVE With Kelly And Ryan, Ripa co-hosted the show with numerous other people. In addition, one of those people was her husband.

The two seemed to work very well together. However, it appears that neither one of them wanted Consuelos to be Kelly’s co-host.

According to christianpost.com, the couple felt that doing the show together could potentially mess up their marriage. Ripa said that her husband values their marriage greatly, and he does not believe that the two could stay married to one another if they both worked on the show, and it seems that Ripa agrees.

15 Mark Does One Thing That Makes Kelly Angry


There is no doubt that this happy couple is just as in love with one another as they were at the beginning of their relationship. They have been married for over 20 years, and they are still going strong.

However, not even Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa are perfect. They each do some things that annoy the other.

Even though they are madly in love, Consuelos does one thing that makes Ripa upset. According to zimbio.com, he still leaves the toilet seat up, and Ripa gets very irritated by it. Ripa claims that they still argue about it once in a while.

14 Kelly Feels That She Sometimes Talks Too Much For Mark’s Liking


Nearly everyone who had a successful relationship of any kind can agree that there is one thing that keeps a bond healthy, and that is communication. According to thelist.com, Ripa claims that it only takes a little bit of communication to help a relationship stay strong.

However, Ripa also feels that she might talk a little too much. In the past, Ripa has claimed that when she and her husband go on dates, he is very quiet, and just enjoys the evening. But on the other hand, Ripa has quite a different personality. She likes to talk about various topics while they are out.

13 The Couple Did Not Wait Long Before Having Children


It seems that Consuelos and Ripa did not waste much time when they met each other. The two met on the set of All My Children in 1995, and they got married in 1996.

Not long afterward, they began working on starting the big family they have these days. The couple welcomed their first child, Michael, 1997.

However, according to thisisinsider.com, they waited a few years before they added other children to their family. Lola, their second child (and only daughter), was born in 2001. Additionally, the happy family welcomed another baby into their lives when Mark and Kelly’s youngest child, Joaquin, was born in 2003.

12 The Pair Regret Not Being A Family Of Six


A lot of mothers know what it is like to miss the time when their children were little. That is also the case for Ripa.

Apparently, there are a couple of reasons why she regrets not adding a fourth child to the family. According to closerweekly.com, one of the reasons why Ripa wishes she had one more child with Consuelos is because having only three is not quite fair to the children.

Ripa said when the children argue, having three of them means it is two against one, which is unavoidable. Ripa believes having a fourth child would have balanced things out. She also just misses having little kids.

11 Their Marriage Almost Didn’t Happen


These days, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have a fantastic marriage. But one interesting fact about them is that things were not always so smooth in between the two.

Right before they got married, the couple hit a rough patch and they ended up breaking things off, but the breakup was extremely short-lived. According to cheatsheet.com, neither one of them has revealed what led to it in the first place.

Nevertheless, they broke up. But they got back together after they both had to make an appearance on Live With Regis And Kathy Lee. Later that night, the couple became engaged and they eloped the next day.

Another fun fact about this couple is that someone’s wish is what brought them together. They appeared on the show during a Mother’s Day Special, and one mother wished to meet them both because they played her favorite characters on All My Children.

10 Kelly Did Not Wear An Engagement Ring For A While


Usually when a couple gets engaged, at least one of them is wearing a ring to symbolize the fact that their relationship has progressed. But that is not the case for everyone.

Some people do not receive an engagement ring until after the proposal has taken place. According to closerweekly.com, Consuelos did not have an engagement ring to give to Ripa when he proposed.

But apparently, he felt pretty bad about it. On their 10th wedding anniversary, the happy couple went shopping and picked out an engagement ring for Ripa. In addition, Ripa claims that her most prized possession is her wedding ring.

9 Not Even Mark And Kelly Can Avoid Divorce Rumors


Relationships among celebrities are usually short, so it is easy to see why some people tend to believe it when there is a rumor about a famous couple getting divorced. Furthermore, almost everyone famous man or woman in show business has had to deal with rumors like this a time or two.

Even Ripa and Consuelos cannot escape divorce rumors. According to en.mediamass.net, a fan spotted Ripa by herself in public recently, and that sparked some curiosity about whether or not the pair had ended their marriage. But it’s not true. Things are still going well for the happy couple.

8 They Have Arguments Just Like Everyone Else


Many people think that if you love the person you’re with, and they love you just as much, the two of you won’t ever have an argument. But this just not true.

Everyone has arguments from time to time. How we handle them, however, can be a pretty important thing. Even Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have the occasional quarrel.

According to theknotnews.com, there are some moments when the couple does not agree with each other. We are all human beings, and it is simply impossible to spend our lives with someone without doing something that they find irritating sometimes.

7 Kelly Is Unhappy When Mark Has To Travel


 One of the negative parts of being an actor is the fact that actors often do not get to spend much time with their family members. Though Consuelos and Ripa are used to that kind of lifestyle, it can still be bothersome at times, at least for Ripa.

According to pressreader.com, Ripa claimed that she is unhappy without her husband of over 20 years. In fact, one time when he had to travel to film something, she took to one of her social media accounts to talk about how much she missed him already. Apparently, Ripa had already moved to his side of the bed that morning after he left so that she could feel a bit more comforted.

6 They Fought A Lot During Their First Year As A Married Couple


 Ripa claims that if there were ever any two people that were meant to be together, it is her and Consuelos. That is a lovely thing to hear, and those words are especially beautiful when they come from someone who has had a long and fulfilling marriage to the love of their life.

But that does not mean that things were always easy for the two of them. Marriage can be tough for everyone at times, and that is even more true for couples who are new to being married.

According to celebrityinsider.org, Ripa and Consuelos fought a lot after they got hitched. But they decided that since they were in it for the long haul, they needed to make their marriage more enjoyable.

5 Sometimes They Make Their Children Uncomfortable


In a lot of ways, Ripa and Consuelos are just like everyone else. For example, everyone who follows them on any social media platform knows that they post pictures of each other all the time, and the photos are usually accompanied by them saying proclaiming the love they have for one another.

A lot of their fans think this is cute, but there is at least one person who doesn’t enjoy it. Lola, the couple’s second child, is not exactly excited about the flirtatious posts her parents make on the Internet. But, according to accessonline.com, Ripa doesn’t really care. She’s proud of her man, and she likes telling the world how she feels about him.

4 Sometimes They Mix Work With Their Personal Lives


There is an old saying that claims it is often a bad idea to mix business with pleasure. That means that it is not always great to work with people you are close to, and it also means that when someone is at work, it is best to focus on that and not think about any problems they might be having elsewhere.

But, Ripa and Consuelos don’t usually follow that advice. That’s not very surprising though, considering that they met while working together, according to doyouremember.com.

The couple has worked together many times. Consuelos has appeared on Ripa’s television show. Furthermore, Ripa has also appeared on Riverdale.

3 They Don’t Ask For Much Help When It Comes To Raising Their Kids


There are a lot of celebrities that have hired nannies to help them raise their children since they are usually very busy. But, while they have talked about having someone babysit the kids while they had to work, Ripa and Consuelos have not turned to others when it comes to raising their family.

Also, according to closerweekly.com, their children have had to follow quite a few rules. Apparently, Ripa’s children were not allowed to flunk Spanish class. Also, none of them are allowed to interrupt someone else during the conversations they have at the dinner table. In addition, when it’s bedtime, her kids have to hand her their phones so that they don’t end up staying up too late.

2 Mark Is Still Learning About Marriage


Life does not come with an instruction booklet, so figuring it out can be extremely hard sometimes. So, we just have to learn as we go, and that is even more true when it comes to marriage.

In fact, in the past, Consuelos has admitted to the fact that he is still learning how to have a healthy and successful relationship with his wife. He also gushed about her, saying that Ripa is an extremely tolerant and patient person, which he believes is a major reason why their marriage works as well as it does. Also, they make sure their busy schedules don’t keep them from making time for one another, according to wonderwall.com.

1 Mark And Kelly Feel It Is Best Not To Share All Of Their Projects With One Another


It is important for everyone to spend at least a little bit of time with the ones that they are close to. But at the same time, we all need our space once in a while, and apparently, Mark and Kelly are not any different.

They are a great couple, but they are also two different individuals. Both Ripa and Consuelos enjoy doing things solo every now and then, according to nickiswift.com.

Ripa has said that Consuelos does not need to take her everywhere he goes. They also do not have to do everything together. They like to do things on their own sometimes.

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