20 Things We Didn't Know About The Celeb World Of Attachment Parenting

The thirst for knowing every intricate detail about celebrities has grown. Look at the amount of TMI available in magazines at the grocery store or online, it’s absolutely staggering. In addition, to being known for their life in their body of work and on the red carpet, celebrities are now known for their day-to-day lives, including how they parent.

A huge trend in parenting, for the rich and famous and regular folk, is attachment parenting. This popular way of parenting has gained additional traction thanks to the notable people who support it. Attachment parenting is creating a strong physical and emotional bond with a child from infancy thanks to practices that include babywearing, child-led weaning, co-sleeping, and approaching their child with a keen sense of sensitivity.

Whether they’re writing books about their parenting philosophies or simply snapped by a paparazzi while they’re out for a walk with their children, the general public now knows more about celebrity parents than they ever have before – particularly when it comes to their penchant for attachment parenting.

Today we explore the celebrity world of attachment parenting, revealing all the little things that these famous moms and dads do in hopes of creating a close and lasting bond with their children.

20 Alanis Morrissette Claims Attachment Parent Can Help Kids Avoid A Jagged Little Pill

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Everyone has their own reasons for attachment parenting, and Alanis Morrissette has been very clear why she opted for this philosophy – a way to help ensure the best possible mental health for her child.

The singer wrote an article for The Huffington Post describing the benefits of attachment parenting and wrote, "I personally believe that the attachment stage, done well, can circumvent countless addictions later in life." The components of AP that Alanis personally practices include home birth, breastfeeding, and babywearing, making her a triple threat attachment parent.

19 No Strollers For Hilary Duff

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The hands-on approach of AP is interpreted in many ways. Some parents believe it means literally having their hands on their kids at all times. While many like strollers for their ease of use and ample storage of baby gear, a lot of attachment parents reject the idea in favor of having their child tethered to their hip. Hilary Duff has been seen using many AP practices with her son Luca, from breastfeeding to babywearing. You’d be hard pressed to find a photo anywhere of Duff with a kid in a stroller.

18 It Begins At Birth

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Most people, celebrity or otherwise, read up on what parenting practices they want to embrace, sometimes before they’re even pregnant. Dr. Sears is the guru of attachment parenting, and encourages home birth, saying, “A close attachment after birth and beyond allows the natural, biological attachment-promoting behaviors of the infant and the intuitive, biological, caregiving qualities of the mother to come together.” Celebs who opted for home birth include Ricki Lake, Julianne Moore, Evan Rachel Wood, Alanis Morissette, Jennifer Connelly, Mayim Bialik, and Alyson Hannigan.

17 No Cry Parenting


In the world of celeb attachment parenting, Mayim Bialik is the biggest spokesperson. Perhaps she’ll dedicate all her time to this once The Big Bang Theory goes off the air.

Attachment parents believe that ignoring your child’s cries or using the cry-it-out method is bad for your child, stunting them emotionally. Bialik says, “Any time you become immune to those cries, you are pushing down a very strong hormonally primed instinct to protect and help your baby and that's kind of sad to me.” Bialik also went as far as saying that parents who are not responding to their child’s cries are, “going against (their) natural mammalian wiring.”

16 Custom Beds Built For Co-Sleeping Jolie

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Since contact and touch are seen as a valuable way to gain insight into your child’s needs through AP, many AP families embrace the idea of co-sleeping. Angelina Jolie told People Magazine about how much she enjoyed co-sleeping saying, "It’s kind of nice, we have family sleep on Sundays." The star also told Vanity Fair back in 2007 that her family enjoyed a family sleep together at least once a week. Her family is such a fan of this practice they even had a custom bed made to allow for more room and comfort.

15 January Jones & Her Unique Attachment Meal Plan

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January Jones is another parent who likes to talk about how awesome attachment parenting is. January Jones has shared with People Magazine how she had her placenta encapsulated to ingest herself for it’s numerous (although mostly unproven heresy) related health benefits saying that it isn’t ‘witch-crafty’ and is something all moms should consider. The Mad Men star isn’t afraid to speak up about her love of attachment parenting, and ingesting placenta, and says that humans are the only mammals who don’t consume it. Talk about a mama bear!

14 Can Celebs Really Be Parenting Experts?

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They say that just about everyone has one great story they should share with the world. When you have fame on your side you can use this as a platform to promote your ideas. Mayim Bialik has been one of the most outspoken celebs on the merits of using attachment parenting methods. She even wrote a book, Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way. While Bialik may seem like she has it all, with a successful professional life and wonderful kids, even the star herself admits that her social and romantic life has suffered thanks to the high demands of AP.

13 Who Belongs To The Celeb Babywearing Club?

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People who strongly believe in attachment parenting follow the eight principles of attachment parenting very closely. One of these principles is to provide constant loving care and to ensure at least one parent is with the child, with no external childcare providers beyond 20 hours a week until the baby is nearly 3 years old.

In order to get things done with baby in tow, many of these parents take them places literally tethered to them through the practice of babywearing. Celebs who have been spotted wearing their babies on a regular basis include Kate Hudson, Orlando Bloom, Tina Fey, Olivia Wilde, Gwen Stefani, Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Bell, and many, many more.

12 Believe It Or Not, Pamela Anderson Is An AP Mom

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While Pam is best known for her tumultuous relationship with rocker Tommy Lee and her stint on Baywatch in that notorious red bathing suit, she should also be known as an attachment parent. While Pam doesn’t meet the presumed archetypal AP type that we’ve come to expect, she is an attachment parent. Pam had a home birth, breastfed both of her sons for over a year, and despite being essentially a solo mom with a lot of money, Pam opted to raise her sons without a nanny. Pam’s mom and dad both helped when her sons were young. Pam said during an interview, “I had kids because I wanted to raise kids,” which is a common-sense perspective on AP.

11 Alyssa Milano Super Breastfeeding Advocate

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Contact with babies is near constant with breastfed babies, particularly when they’re cluster feeding. Babies who are three to six months should be feeding at least seven to nine times a day, and feed anywhere from ten minutes to forty-five most of the time. This means a lot of contact, which is important in terms of AP. Alyssa Milano isn’t just an actress, she’s also a long-time advocate of breastfeeding, and is working towards normalizing breastfeeding. She says, "we’ve [fantisized] the female body so much that we forget that it has a real function — to feed our babies."

10 Pink's Proud To Be AP, But On Her Own Terms


Pink is a confident mom. She isn’t afraid to clap back at those who criticize her parenting choices on IG and to show off small moments she enjoys with her family. Pink has said about her decision to raise her family in the attachment way, but also while following your own instincts, has been well received. After the highly talked about attachment parenting cover of 2012, she said, “I felt that the article in Time on attachment parenting was, unfortunately, a tad extreme. I support attachment parenting 100%… And have a very happy and healthy little girl to show for it. It’s time we support what’s healthy (breastfeeding) instead of judge it."

9 Alicia Silverstone's Little Bear or Baby Bird Feeding?

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These days Alicia Silverstone is better known for her parenting choices than she is for her iconic roles in films like Clueless. Mom and author of pro-vegan books like The Kind Diet, not only practices AP, but is also raising her family completely vegan.

In an interview with The Huffington Post Silverstone said AP, “is about getting back to basics and doing away with excess.” Someone who co-sleeps, babywears, and breastfeeds doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary, but Silverstone made waves when she fed her son Bear like he was a baby bird, by chewing up food for him, before sharing.

8 Is Maggie Just Like Her Character On Screen?

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In the movie Away We Go, Maggie Gyllenhaal played a militant attachment parent who not only didn’t believe in strollers (because why would you want to push your child away from you?), practiced co-sleeping, and even breastfed other people’s children without their permission.

In real life, Maggie is a conscious parent who uses organic cloth diapers on her daughters, babywears and breastfeeds her daughter. While things aren’t as extreme as they were in the film, perhaps some of the ideology of a character she played rubbed off in real life.

7 Mayim Bialik Speaking Up For The Kids

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Intuition and learning to really listen to your child’s needs is a huge part of attachment parenting. Author and celeb mom Mayim Bialik has strong reasons for why she decided attachment parenting was best for her family, and why she continues to be one of the most vocal celebs out there about AP. Bialik told Time Magazine, "I saw it matters that very small people have a voice." In her book and pretty much everywhere else Bialik routinely preaches about how important it is that parents listen to their children expressing their needs, even if it’s before they’re able to speak.

6 The Kardashians Reading Parenting Books?

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The Kardashian family has a knack for posting just about everything they do online, so why would parenting be any different. After all, posting advertisements and the minutia of their everyday lives is how they make their bread, butter, and diamond crusted money.

Kourtney took to IG with a picture of Doctor Sears’ renowned book on attachment parenting and wrote, “Excited to read." Kourtney also co-sleeps with her babies further proving her dedication to AP. Rumour has it there are all sorts of rules the Kardashian family have their nannies follow. We’re guessing several of them involve AP principles.

5 It Doesn't End When They're Toddlers

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Nurturing touch in attachment parenting doesn’t always apply to babies. Attachment parenting doesn’t stop when a child is out of diapers. The eight principles of AP say, “Hugs, snuggling, back rubs, massage, and physical play help meet this need in older children.” While some celebs may not be as open to sharing their practice of attachment parenting with the world as others are, paparazzi are often snapping photos of famous parents with their kids that can reveal hints as to who is practicing AP, even if they aren’t shouting about it from the mountain tops.

4 Salma Hayek, The Wet Nurse

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The benefits of breastfeeding have long been celebrated. Beyond base nutrition, breast milk is said to contain all the vitamins and nutrients a child needs for the first six months of their life, promotes bonding (a big YES in the AP community), protects baby from many illnesses, prevents the development of allergies, might boost baby’s IQ, and reduce mom’s level of stress.

Salma Hayek breastfed her daughter for over a year and even offered up her milk to another hungry infant during a trip to Sierra Lione. Parents, celebrity or otherwise, need to make sure they ask for permission before they start offering up milk to other babies, just saying.

3 True Granola Hippy Parenting

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Dr. Sears and his AP messages can be interpreted to the letter or loosely followed, but Juno singer Kimya Dawson follows the sleep principles closely. Attachment parenting guidelines say, “Babies and children have needs at night just as they do during the day; from hunger, loneliness, and fear, to feeling too hot or too cold. They rely on parents to soothe them and help them regulate their intense emotions. Sleep training techniques can have detrimental physiological and psychological effects. Safe co-sleeping has benefits to both babies and parents.”

Dawson said in an interview with Babble about her choice to go AP, "I couldn’t imagine putting my baby in a crib, and I knew that I wanted to cloth diaper, and feed her healthy foods."

2 Owen Wilson Is A Hula Dad

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Home birth is a big marker to check off the AP must-do list. Owen Wilson and his ex-girlfriend Jade Duell both wanted to welcome their child into their lives via home birth to provide a calm and serene environment, to welcome their son from the womb.

An anonymous source told Star Magazine, “Jade and Owen were both on the same page when they decided to have the baby at home … They wanted a calm, quiet, soothing atmosphere for their boy. It was very important to Owen that the birth be Zen-like because now he’s all about tranquility being the key to a healthy life.” It was reported that instead of turning to a vice, Owen did a celebratory hula dance, cause that’s truly a Royal Tenenbaum way to welcome in new life.

1 Gisele 'Models' La Leche League & Feeding Laws

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Model Gisele Bündchen isn’t a part of the "fed is best" movement. When she graced the cover of magazine Harper’s Bazaar UK, she used this to talk about her pro-breastmilk stance saying, “I think breastfeeding really helped me keep (my figure) … there should be a worldwide law … that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”

Years later, still convinced that her own and other attachment parents know best she posted a photo of herself as a ‘busy mom’ getting made up for a photo shoot while feeding her baby. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to work and feed their babies however they like, but I guess this is something celebrities won’t understand.

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