20 Things We Finally Know About Maci Bookout (And Baby #4)

We were first introduced to Maci Bookout during her 16 And Pregnant episode, which followed her journey welcoming her son Bentley at the age of 16. During the episode, fans were also introduced to her baby’s father, Ryan Edwards, who seemed disinterested in fatherhood from the start. The young couple eventually signed on to star on Teen Mom, which to say "changed their lives" would be an understatement. Though the pair were briefly engaged, they eventually ended things while their son was still young.

Although Maci struggled as a solo mom for several years, she eventually found her perfect match in Taylor McKinney in 2012. The couple welcomed two children almost back-to-back: Daughter Jayde was born in May 2015, while their son Maverick was born in May 2016. The couple was married several months after the birth of their youngest in a beautiful Florida ceremony, which fans got to see televised on an episode of Teen Mom.

Despite having her hands full with three children, Maci has mentioned that she’s open to the idea of more kiddos. Read on to learn about Maci’s plans for baby no. 4!

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20 A Recent Post Made Fans Think She’s Pregnant

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Earlier this month, Maci uploaded a series of photos from a recent shoot for her Things That Matter clothing and lifestyle brand. But rather than focusing on the new clothing pieces, fans couldn’t help but zoom in on the star’s belly. Many wrote in the comments that they could definitely see a baby bump.

However, the pregnancy rumors have since been debunked. Sources close to Maci have come forward saying the reality star is definitely not pregnant again (must’ve been a food baby!). “[She's] laughing off the pregnancy rumors. She is not pregnant and finds it interesting how much everyone cares about any changes in her body,” one insider told Hollywood Life.

19 But Fans Have Been Asking For Half A Year

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Almost every photo Maci uploads of herself nowadays seems to get baby bump questions. For instance, last October, the reality star posted a Halloween-themed photo of her family dressed as the gang from Scooby Doo. Fans instantly said something looked off with Maci’s stomach. Could it just be a bad angle or a food baby?

Fans were asking the same question come November when Taylor posted a series of videos that stirred speculation. The celeb was showing the family’s house decked out for Christmas, and Maci could barely be spotted in the background. Again, fans thought her stomach looked a bit rounder than usual. Alas, a pregnancy announcement never came.

18 They Really Want To Adopt

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Maci and her husband Taylor surprised Teen Mom fans when they announced in an episode last year that they wanted to adopt. While they said they were in no rush to expand their family, they did want to start the paperwork sooner rather than later since the process can be so long and tedious.

“We are definitely still wanting to adopt. We don’t really have, like, a timeframe or, like, an exact answer,” Maci told US Weekly last September when asked if the plan was still a go-ahead. “I feel like when we know to start the process, we will start it, but for now we’re happy with where we’re at.”

17 But She’s Not Against More Biological Children

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Maci has said multiple times that if she’s going to expand her family, she’d like to do it through adoption. This has led many fans to assume that getting pregnant again is out of the question for the mother-of-three. However, don’t rule it out just yet.

“After some of the challenges they have had, it would be a delightful surprise to be carrying again,” a source told Hollywood Life, referring to Maci’s past losses. “But because of [Maci’s] challenges and history, she would wait until she was far along before making any announcements.”

Whether through adoption or the old fashioned way, we bet we’ll only hear about Maci’s plans to expand her family on Teen Mom.

16 She Might Have Trouble Getting Pregnant

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Considering she already has three kids (two of which were admittedly unplanned), it wouldn’t appear like Maci would have any trouble getting pregnant again. However, the celebrity revealed last year on an episode of Teen Mom that she has PCOS.

“Maci suffers from, polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, which is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age,” a source explained to Hollywood Life. The condition can prevent women from releasing eggs regularly, making conception more difficult.

Maci has said this was the reason she and her husband weren’t using protection when they got pregnant with Maverick so soon after welcoming Jayde.

15 Her Youngest Son Has Had Health Problems

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One reason why Maci and Taylor may be taking things slowly when it comes to expanding their family is that they need to focus a lot of their attention on their youngest son, Maverick. Since birth, the toddler has had health problems, which Maci opened up about in her most recent book.

“Maverick, my third, had more issues with sleeping and was diagnosed with silent reflux,” she wrote in her memoir I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof. “It can easily be misinterpreted as fussiness because there are no visible symptoms other than inconsolable crying.” She went on to reveal how much of a struggle it was to get her son to take the proper medication.

14 And So Has Her Daughter

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Unfortunately, Maci’s only daughter Jayde has also had her fair share of health issues.

Fans watched last season as Maci and her husband stressed over the fact that the 3-year-old needed surgery and would have to be put under anesthesia. Luckily, it was a semi-common surgery in order to correct the tyke’s breathing problems. Maci revealed in an episode that Bentley had needed the same surgery, too, albeit when he was older.

“Jayde, you’re going to the doctor tomorrow,” Maci told her daughter in the clip. “Why?” the toddler asked, to which Maci responded, “Because they’re gonna give you some grape juice.”

13 She Lost A Pregnancy

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Maci surprised viewers when she revealed that she had lost a pregnancy during an episode of last season’s Teen Mom. The scene showed Maci and her husband out to dinner. The two quickly began discussing the possibility of another child.

“We are not having another baby. You really want another child?” Maci asked her hubby. He added, “I love kids. I wouldn’t be mad about it.” Maci replied, “If you seriously want to have another baby, then I’ll do it. But I still want to adopt, too. And if that’s really what you want naturally, I want to do it now.”

We guess that means the couple is definitely open to more kiddos!

12 They Named The Baby Dandelion

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Despite their loss, Maci has said she decides to remember it as fondly as she can. That’s why she gave the baby she lost a name - Dandelion. How gorgeous is that?

“I had a [loss]. Her name’s Dandy, Dandelion,” Maci told an MTV producer during the scene where she revealed her loss. When her husband arrived back at their table, he said he didn’t want to discuss their loss.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Taylor said, to which Maci replied, “I think it’s important for people that are watching that we talk about it.” Maci later used her experience on-screen to help her costar Catelynn Lowell, who also lost a pregnancy.

11 She Has A Restraining Order Against Her First Baby Daddy


Ryan Edwards - aka Maci’s first baby daddy - has had a turbulent last few years. Despite getting married and welcoming a second son, he’s had various run-ins with the law and is still struggling (thus why he’s currently in the clinker).

Unfortunately, after he expressed some choice words about Maci and her husband online and via texts, the McKinneys were able to secure a restraining order against Ryan. The order covered Maci, Taylor, and their two children together, though Maci and Ryan’s son Bentley was not included (that way he could still visit his father while at his grandparents).

Maci has said on Teen Mom that she’s waiting until Ryan’s condition improves before canceling the restraining order.

10 They’ve Been Honest With Bentley About His Dad

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Another reason Maci and Taylor may be waiting to expand their family is because of the drama with Bentley’s father, Ryan. As documented on Teen Mom, Ryan has gotten into all sorts of legal troubles in recent years. He’s currently serving time behind bars until April, but even before that, his visitations with his son had been limited.

Nevertheless, Maci says she remains honest with Bentley about his father’s struggles, something fans have been divided over. “It’s really just a matter of keeping the line of communication open and also making sure that we aren’t telling too much or giving too much of our feelings or opinions,” she has said of her decision.

9 Four Kids Is Their Perfect Number

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Given how much they’ve talked about adopting and getting pregnant again, it sounds like Maci and Taylor want a whole army of kids. However, according to sources, the parents are likely to stop after having baby no. 4. Too bad - they make such cute kids!

“Maci and Taylor have always said that they think four children is the perfect size family for them — not too big, not too small, just right,” a source told Hollywood Life. “They have the two boys and a girl already, so you’d think they’d be hoping for another daughter, to even things out. But, they don’t care either way, because, as Maci learned the hard way, things can’t always be perfect in this world.”

8 Most Of Her Pregnancies Have Been Unexpected

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Considering she stars on a show called Teen Mom, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that Maci’s first pregnancy was unplanned. But it turns out none of her pregnancies were exactly planned.

When she got pregnant with daughter Jayde, she admitted that they weren’t actively trying - Maci and Taylor weren’t even married at that point. But Maci also said that her next pregnancy was a complete surprise. She never imagined having two babies so close in age (Maverick was born two days after Jayde’s first birthday)!

“We never planned on my getting pregnant again so soon after [Jayde] was born,” the celeb wrote in one of her memoirs, People reports. “Maverick was totally unexpected. When I found out I was pregnant, Jayde was still a baby.”

7 They Recently Moved Into Their Dream Home

via Teen Mom Madness

Fans have seen the McKinney’s go through a ton of houses on Teen Mom. But it looks like Maci and her brood recently found their forever home. Back in August, The Ashley’s Reality Round-up reported that the family had put their home on the market for a little under $400,000.

The publication also said the couple had fallen in love with another mansion-like home close by (the home has since been showcased on Teen Mom). Maci and Taylor’s first home sat on 1.8 acres and included a pool and kids' area, so fans can only imagine how stunning their new home is.

Maybe they’ll have to have some more kids to fill up all that space…

6 Half Siblings Are Considered Full Siblings

via Hollywood Gossip

There are a lot of kids shared by the McKinney and Edward families. Maci and Ryan share son Bentley, and Maci has Jayde and Maverick with her husband, Taylor. Ryan has a stepson, Hudson, with his wife, Mackenzie, and they also have an infant son, Jagger.

Despite the tensions between the two families, they’ve always tried to come together on-camera so the kids can bond. Maci once said during the Teen Mom episode where Jagger’s birth was announced that half siblings are considered full siblings in their home.

She’s also affirmed many times that she’ll do her best to have a relationship with Ryan and Mac so that their boys can bond.

5 Maci’s Parents Are Actually Super Involved

via MTV

Teen Mom fans have noticed that Maci’s family has largely been absent from the show, leading many to assume her parents aren’t a big part of her life. Heck, we’ve even seen Taylor’s family even though they live out of state.

However, it turns out that both Maci and her kids have a close relationship with her parents. According to Fame10, the starlet’s parents have never been fans of being in front of the camera and simply want to be left out of filming.

But one quick look at Maci’s mom Sharon Bookout’s social media feeds and it’s clear how much times she spends with her daughter and grandbabies.

4 She Really Wants To Be On Dancing With The Stars

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Maci has had stints on other reality shows aside from Teen Mom, but there’s one in particular that she’s hoping to compete on one day… Dancing With the Stars! While there’s no word on if she’s seriously training for the gig, perhaps Maci is holding off expanding her family until she reaches this goal.

“I’ve never spoken to anyone about doing Dancing With The Stars. I would love to; I think it would be a great experience,” the celeb once said, Fame 10 reports. The publication says Maci once participated in a dancing competition for the Kidney Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, so she technically already has experience!

3 She’s Trying To Get Along With The New Wife

via people

Maci has always been on rocky terms with her ex Ryan’s new wife, Mackenzie… especially since Mac accused Maci of exploiting Ryan’s difficulties for fame. And while the ladies have said their fair share of words to each other, recent sources say they’re trying to put the past behind them. For the sake of the kids, at least.

“Maci and Mackenzie wanted to put their differences aside for the sake of their families, and especially for their children,” a source told Hollywood Life after Maci posted family pics including Mackenzie and her children. “With Ryan away, Mackenzie was beginning to feel alone and [afraid] at the thought of having to raise their son on her own if Ryan keeps getting into trouble with the law.”

2 She’s A Mom With A Degree

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There are too many naysayers online who question what Maci is going to do when her fame and fortune runs out (after all, reality shows don’t last forever). But many forget that Maci actually completed her education while she was still a solo mom.

Back before she married Taylor, Maci pulled long hours at Chattanooga State Community College. She eventually graduated in 2015 with a degree in Media Technology after switching her major multiple times. Maci used her education to launch her and her hubby’s TTM Lifestyle Company. Talk about a girl boss!

1 She Considers The Grandparents To Be Co-Parents

via US Weekly

Fans of Teen Mom will know that Ryan, the father of Maci’s eldest son, has never been the most involved parent. Luckily, his parents have been constant figures in Bentley’s life and often take him on the weekends.

After almost a decade of the same routine, Maci says she considers her almost-in-laws as co-parents - regardless of the trouble Ryan gets into.

“I don’t think that there will ever come a time when we’re unable to co-parent with Jen and Larry,” she said to Us Weekly last year. “Mainly because we don’t let our feelings get in the way of what’s important and the relationships that are necessary for Bentley to have.”

Sources: Hollywood LifeIn Touch, Us Weekly, Radar Online, People, Fame 10

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