20 Things We Finally Know About Newly Pregnant Carrie Underwood (So Far)

She is the blond bombshell of country music and the winner of several Grammys. If one is not impressed yet, let me continue. She is also a mother and wife and is expecting her second child. Carrie is not an open book and although she boasts of various achievements and her music blazes in every household, she holds some mysteries that fans are always digging to find out. Google her name and there are several fan clubs under her sleeve with everyone trying to outdo each other with all the juicy stories relating to her life.

Carrie Underwood scaled the ladder of success when she first appeared and won American Idol. It’s over a decade since she won American Idol and Carrie still continues to surprise her fans. Carrie and NHL player Mike Fisher got married in 2010 in what they say is a Christian centered life. The two have a son and after eight years of marriage, Carrie and her husband are now expecting their second child. Carrie has been vocal about her music, her life, her marriage, as well as the child she is expecting and out of that, here are 20 things we know about Carrie Underwood's second pregnancy.

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20 She Is Not Pregnant With Twins

People love to follow celebrities and their lives are big business because most of us love to escape into their lives. Tabloids are aware of this fact and they try to outdo each other by being the first to break any news relating to a celebrity. In the process, most of them have been known to break false news packaged as real.

According to Gossip Cop, an article appeared on In Touch Weekly that implied that Carrie was having twins. “There were some dark times for Carrie and Mike, and at one point friends feared they were close to splitting. But they survived, and now they’re expecting twins!” This fallacy has been debunked.

19 It Might Be A Girl

It’s been 10 years since Carrie Underwood rose to fame as an “American Idol” champion. Since then she has won seven Grammy awards and topped the country music charts. But, she tells TODAY, there’s one personal goal she hasn’t achieved: She’s a huge “Walking Dead” fan and she wants to play a zombie!

Women love baby girls and when we are pregnant, that is what many of us pray for. It could be because we want to shape them into what we wish we could have been or maybe it is our desire to relive our lives vicariously through them. Or perhaps we just want someone to dress up in those adorable girly outfits and fix her hair, but whatever the reason, a baby girl is a mother's greatest treasure.

Carrie, who has a son already has always had a great desire to give a sister to her son, and it seems Mother Nature may have favored her because there are strong speculations she is expecting a little princess to complete her home.

18 Her Husband Will Be The Birth Coach

Mike was Carrie's birth coach during the birth of her son and she even emotionally said that if he did not attend the birth or was late, she would go it alone. She was lucky and Mike was there to welcome his son and keep his promise to be there for his birth.

This time around, Mike is still going to be the birth coach and being his little princess, we are sure he does not want to let his wife carry out her threats and he will be on time. This time the journey will be a lot easier since they have already gone through the journey before.

17 The Fall That Saved Her Marriage

BRENTWOOD, TN - OCTOBER 24: Singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood (L) and NHL Player Mike Fisher (R) attend Nashville Shines for Haiti benefiting Sean Penn's J/P Haitian relief organization featuring Tim McGraw hosted and underwritten by Johnathon Arndt and Newman Arndt at the Arndt Estate on October 24, 2017 in Brentwood, Tennessee. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for J/P Haitian Relief Organization)

Certain events have a way of bringing people closer and it would appear that Carrie’s fall was the shock her marriage needed to renew it. Before the fall, there were widespread rumors that Carrie and her husband Mike were headed for a divorce, rumors that the two vehemently denied.

After her fall, Carrie was all praises for her husband, raving about how attentive and caring he was during those hard times. It would appear that the fall was a Godsend as their bond seemed to have intensified and they came closer as a result of the fall.

16 She Is Due Between February And April

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whwUlzuLfs4 Carrie Underwood Stops By Bobby Bones Show For First Interview Since Return

We are not sure when her due date is but Carrie has hinted about it to her fans when she made her pregnancy announcement surrounded by floating balloons. According to Cosmopolitan, she said, "You might be asking, 'Carrie, why is your tour starting in May?' This has just been a dream come true with the album, and baby news and all that stuff. We're just so excited and happy that you guys can share this with us. Love you guys! We will see you on the road in 2019!"

From that and by our estimation, she is expecting her baby sometime between February and April.

15 Carrie Always Wanted A Big Family

The family of three was quite surprised to find out that she was pregnant. It’s something they were not trying for and even though it had always been Carrie's dream to have a big family, she thought that boat had sailed when she hit the dark side of the third floor.

For someone who thought that she was beyond her pregnancy years, Underwood and family are extremely happy about learning she is pregnant. She has said that she hoped to have a big family, but that opportunity appears to have passed. However, she told Cosmopolitan in an interview that she and husband have talked about the possibility of adopting when their children are older.

14 What Do We Know About Isaiah?

Even before she rose to fame, Carrie was a staunch Christian and years after she became a household name, her faith is still as strong. After five years of marriage, the two lovebirds were blessed with a son and true to her Christian roots and strong Christian faith, they named him Isaiah.

According to Behind the Name, his name refers to the author of the book of Isaiah in the Bible and one of the four prominent prophets of the bible. Isaiah was from Jerusalem in the 8th Century before Christ. Isaiah, who is now three years old is reportedly looking forward to having a sister and Carrie seems to be a great mom who will bring them up according to Christian faith.

13 Her Pregnancy Cravings Include Dark Chocolate

Most mothers have pregnancy cravings and its probably one of the things that most mothers look forward to. The excuse to eat what they want and to have people go out of their way to ensure your mac and cheese is in the house at 2AM without fail. Nothing beats being pampered and taken care of.

According to Life and Style magazine, Carrie’s friends seem to think she is expecting twins based on her pregnancy cravings. “She’s eating far more than she ever did last time she was pregnant and craving foods like dark chocolate and Subway veggie sandwiches.”

12 She Only Drinks Three Things

Pregnancy comes with strange cravings and Carrie cannot be any different. The good thing about Carrie is that she does not have that many vices. She eats pretty much anything but seems to prefer vegan a lot more than most people do.

When it comes to drinks, she only takes three drinks. Water, coffee, and red wine. All she has to ditch is her desire for the black stuff and the red and she will have a healthy pregnancy. Wine and coffee can have some negative effects on the unborn child, but there are recommendations that a mother can take drink small amounts.

11 A Self-Proclaimed Neat Freak

Most women get rather tired when they are pregnant, but when it comes to Carrie, being a very active woman means that she will have a better pregnancy than most of us see. The beauty of her pregnancy is that the baby will find a very neat home when he/she arrives. According to The Talko, Carrie confessed to the quirk saying, "I can't function during the day if I know my bed is not made. It will be all I think about throughout the day until it's actually made. My refrigerator is extremely organized. Everything is showing the labels and is arranged in perfect rows."

10 She Worked Out With Baby #1

Carrie has always been very active and exercising for her is second nature. When she had her son Isaiah, she was always seen on social media exercising with her son. When she was asked about it she said, "Before I became a mom, working out was something I did at the gym, and only at the gym. The exercise was a chore, not a part of my life. After I had my baby, workouts were done with a baby strapped to my chest, right there in my living room. Now that my 2-year-old son is too big to wear (and I’m too tired to go to the gym) getting exercise is even more challenging.” It is not farfetched to assume that the same will happen with her second child.

9 She Had Pregnancy Meltdowns

Pregnant women tend to cry for no reason and even though our men tend may think this is a cry for attention, the truth is, all the hormones swirling around in a woman’s body contribute to the flood of tears. Carrie went through all the emotions with her first pregnancy, some that were comical but sad.

According to Taste of Country, Carrie said, "It was the day I was like 'I no longer can wear my clothes anymore.' As if that was not enough, she and her husband went to browse in a car dealership and the tears came flooding. She said, "I was like, I just started thinking about my car, sitting over in the used car section. There’s gonna be a stranger driving my car and I don’t know how I feel about that.” We hope she is having a better time with her second.

8 35 Years Young

How time flies! The fresh-faced country girl who appeared on American Idol in what seems like yesterday is now a mom and wife and, wait for it, she is 35-years old! This one shocked us seeing as when she first appeared on Idol, we were older than her and her age now just serves as a reminder of how old we are by comparison.

Before Carrie found out she was pregnant, she had celebrated her 35th birthday and even mused with regret that she would not have the big family she had always wanted because she felt she was a bit too old to achieve her dreams.

7 Staying Fit Is Everything

Carrie has a very elaborate workout that has paid off quite well with flawless legs and body, as well as silky skin that can only be achieved through persistent exercise. Her kind of toned body is hard to achieve.

Carrie has no intention of letting herself go, even in her pregnancy and has sworn not to stop working out just because she is expectant. So far, she doesn’t seem to have gained any extra weight apart from the baby bump and hers promises to be a bounce backstory we will be talking about many years from now.

6 She Has Been Married For 8 Years

In an industry where a two-year marriage is considered a long one, the two lovebirds have broken every expectation of the celebrity world with their marriage that is almost ten years old. Their marriage is based on the Christian faith and it could be that their dedication to each other is centered on Christ and the concept of for better or worse, which the two seem to be adhering to.

Even though their marriage has been through ups and downs with rumors of Mike’s cheating, the couple seems to be getting strong as the days go by. With this new addition eight years after their wedding, their home will be fuller.

5 She Will Be Back On The Road In May

This was disclosed in her adorable pregnancy announcement video where she gushes about her pregnancy and the joy the pregnancy news has brought to her family. Carrie has hinted that she will be starting maternity leave sometime in November and she tells her fans that she will see them in May of 2019.

All of Carrie Underwood's videos and shows are a crowd puller, probably because of her good girl vibe and southern charm that makes everything she touches that much more fun. Her fans wish her well in her pregnancy and like her, we too cannot wait to see her in May.

4 Isaiah’s Gender Was Revealed At The CMA Awards

via: musicstartshere.org

Being the public sweetheart, all of Carrie Underwood’s fans were rather anxious to find out the gender of the baby, which she seems to hint at over and over. In her pregnancy announcement, Carrie appeared to be drenched in pink lighting. She was filmed on a pink sofa with pink throw pillows and even donned pink-toned makeup, which her fans speculated was a sort of gender reveal. In the Tennessean, Carrie has denied the rumors, claiming she is not aware of what the sex of the baby is. With her son, she made the gender reveal at the CMA awards and she could be waiting for a more opportune time to do the same.

3 The Pregnancy Announcement

via: pinterest.com

Celebrities are known for their elaborate pregnancy announcements and they sometimes go over the top. This country crooner is known for her simplicity and true to her nature, she did not disappoint. Carrie uploaded a video on Twitter announcing her pregnancy saying, “Mike, Isaiah and I are absolutely over the moon and excited to be adding another fish to our pond.”

The video gave hints of the baby’s gender having been shot with doses of pink all over. However, the timing of her maternity leave and the start of the tour in May hint at the birth month of the child in the video. We are also excited for the couple and wish them well.

2 She Was Surprised By The News

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 04: Singer Carrie Underwood performs onstage at the Carnival Vista U.S. debut with Carrie Underwood and Godmother Miss USA to celebrate the Honor.Family.Fun Campaign and Operation Homefront at Carnival Vista, Manhattan Cruise Terminal on November 4, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Carnival Cruise Line)

Barely two weeks after Carrie was involved in her ghastly accident, she and Mike found out that she was expecting a baby. This seemed like God’s way of wiping away the pain she was feeling by giving her something lovely to look forward to. The pair were shocked by the news, but at the same time deeply excited to be blessed in this way.

Carrie had earlier said an interview that even though she had always wanted a big family, being 35 seemed to wipe away any possibility of that ever having. A declaration that elicited a lot of backlash with people viewing the age as nothing to stop someone who wants a child.

1 Bring On The Tears

Pregnancy brings with it a wealth of emotions, from exhilaration one minute to blues the next. Most mothers who are in their thirties start to get emotional, mainly wondering if they still have the energy to take care of an infant. Even though at 35, Carrie is not in any way advanced in age, she will go through all the emotions that pregnancy brings. She may have already started her emotional journey as according to ET Canada, she broke down in tears in her new video Cry Pretty, which seems to be a way of getting a release from the emotions brought down by her fall.

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