20 Things We Never Knew About Candace Cameron Bure's Kids

Candace Cameron Bure and her husband, retired professional ice hockey player Valeri Bure, have a marriage that has lasted more than two decades, and together they have raised three children, a daughter, Natasha, and sons Lev and Maksim.

Family is Cameron Bure’s first priority. She is a strict mother with an approach to parenting where she doesn’t want to be her children’s friend, but rather raise them to be resilient, kind, and well-mannered individuals. And now that her kids are growing up, it seems their hard work has paid off — Candace has admitted she couldn’t have raised her children without Valeri being such a wonderful, hands-on father.

Cameron Bure grew up on television thanks to her role in the popular TV series Full House (a role she later reprised thanks to the spin-off, Fuller House), and although fans know a lot about who she is as an actress and a mom, less is known about the three children she has raised. For starters, her daughter has expressed an interest in the entertainment industry and she has already proven herself as a multitalented star, but her brothers' interests take after their father's profession. And that’s just scratching the surface of what there is to know about Natasha, Lev, and Maksim.

20 They Can Speak Multiple Languages (Thanks To Their Dad’s Heritage)

Candace Cameron Bure’s husband is former ice hockey right winger, Valeri Bure, who was born in Russia, and moved state-side when he was 17. The story of how he learned to speak his wife’s native tongue is the cutest because according to Us Weekly, he did this by watching Full House (you know, the show Candace Cameron is famous for).

Keeping Bure’s heritage in mind, there was always a good chance that his children would be bilingual, and that he has brought them up to understand his language and have the ability converse with him using it. And Natasha proved this is true when she wrote in two languages in a social media post honoring her dad for his birthday.

19 Candace And Her Daughter, Natasha, Are Besties (And By The Looks Of Them, They Could Also Be Twins)

When Candace Cameron Bure and her husband Valeri Bure met, it was "love at first sight” she told Access Hollywood Live (via Us Weekly). The couple went on to marry, and have three children, a daughter, Natasha, and sons Lev and Maksim.

Not only does Natasha look a lot like her mom — in an interview with Justine Magazine, the interviewer noted how Candace and Natasha look as though they can be sisters — but they also have a very close bond. “I’ve always been very close to my parents,” Natasha said in the interview, later admitting that she and her mom have a very open relationship, allowing her to honestly communicate with her about all aspects of her life.

18 Natasha May Be Following In Her Mom’s Famous Footsteps

Natasha Bure is also considering a profession in show business, and this is a decision that her mom supports. Candace Cameron Bure told JustMommies that Natasha had “expressed interest” in acting, and had already appeared in several commercials while they were living in Los Angeles.

“I didn't hesitate to say, ‘Sure, you can absolutely try it,’ because I had a great experience,” Cameron Bure admitted. But despite showing her support and helping her daughter pursue what she wants to do, both Cameron Bure and her husband were cautious about which jobs their daughter auditions for because they want it to fall in line with their values.

17 Lev and Maksim, On The Other Hand, Take After Their Dad, At Least When It Comes To Their Interests

Natasha Bure may be interested in becoming a star (and who knows, she may be on a show as popular as her mom’s at some point in the future) but Candace Cameron Bure admitted to JustMommies that her sons are not interested in acting. Instead, their interests involve playing ice hockey, like their dad, Valeri Bure — although this was not a decision their parents were initially thrilled about.

“We actually tried to discourage them from playing hockey for many, many years,” Candace Cameron said, but her youngest son’s persistence eventually made them give in. Once he started playing, his older brother also expressed an interest in the sport, and now, they both play.

16 Candace Doesn’t Parent To Make Her Kids Happy, But To Make Them Good People

Via Candace Cameron Bure Instagram/Daily Mail

Over the years, Candace Cameron Bure has spoken about being a parent, and she has shared photos of her family on her social media. She is proud to be a mom, and told LA Parent that motherhood is her “biggest priority.” She also discussed how she is pretty strict and sets firm boundaries for her children — for example, she has to meet their friend’s parents before they can go over to their house — and she wants her children to grow up to be good people.

“My goal as a parent is not to make my kids happy, but to guide them to be respectful, curious, responsible, resilient, kind, giving and thoughtful adults,” she said.

15 They Volunteer At Homeless Shelters During The Holidays

Candace Cameron Bure’s children are growing up with a mom who is a well-known and loved celebrity, but she and her husband are raising them to be responsible individuals who care about others. This is one of the reasons why they volunteer at homeless shelters during the holidays, a topic she touched on in an interview with LA Parent.

When discussing the family’s holiday traditions, Cameron Bure admitted that they like to celebrate with beautiful decorations, carols, and cookies, but that the core of Christmas is about giving and sharing. “For the last five years, my family and I have been volunteering at a local homeless shelter on Christmas morning,” she said.

14 Candace Is Proud Of The Parenting Strategies She Made Because Her Kids Turned Out So Well

Natasha Bure has admitted that her parents were strict with her, telling Justine Magazine, they are “more strict than a lot of my friend’s parents.” She also told the publication that her parents are super down-to-earth and that they make their children do chores.

Deciding how to raise a child is not easy, and Candace Cameron Bure admitted to Today there was “so much feedback” when she became a mom. "People were in my ears about what was right and what was wrong,” she added. But now that her children are getting older, and she sees how they've turned out, she is pleased with the parenting strategies and decisions she made.

"I will say that now my children are teenagers, I can look at my kids and see that my parenting style worked great for my children," she said.

13 The Bure Children Have A Very Consistent Schedule (And Their Mom Is Always Home For Dinner)

Via Candace Cameron Bure Instagram/New York Daily News

Candace Cameron Bure is a hard-working woman, but she has managed to find a balance between her job, and being a mother. In her chat with JustMommies, she was asked about what her children's’ routines were like when she was home, compared to when she is working, to which she replied that their “routine is very consistent,” especially during the school year.

It is so consistent because their mama always makes sure that they are able to eat dinner together as a family. “The one thing that doesn't change is I am home by six o'clock or seven o'clock for dinner,” she said. Plus, she’s the parent who is there to help out with homework.

12 Natasha Appeared On ‘The Voice’ (And She Was Picked By Adam Levine)

Natasha Bure is already proving herself to be a multi-talented star, and she tried her luck on The Voice in 2016. Although she didn’t make it far in the competition, she did get the attention of the judges, and Adam Levine picked her to be on his team, Good Housekeeping reports.

Natasha has spoken about the experience in a very positive way, telling Fox411, "The experience was pretty incredible, I mean I never thought I would do a show like The Voice.” She also admitted that she had an open mind about auditioning, but was so happy to be able to work with Levine.

11 Lev Lights Up His Mom’s Life (And Everyone Else’s Life, Too)

Valeri Bure and Candace Cameron Bure appear to be loving and dedicated parents, and Cameron Bure has admitted that being a mom is her first priority. She has so much love for her offspring, but on Feb. 20, 2019, it was her turn to celebrate her middle son, Lev, on his 19th birthday, and she did this by sharing some of the sweetest words about the person that he is.

Taking to social media, Cameron Bure posted a series of photos of her son, and addressed him in her caption, writing: Lev Bure, “you light up my life as you do you everyone else around you.”

10 Natasha Has An Impressive Social Media Following (Despite Technology Being Limited When She Was A Child)

Natasha Bure has gained a large number of followers, with well over 400,000 people following her. Her social media is a place where fans can see photos of her daily life, including time spent with family, her style, her interests, and at times, a few cute throwbacks to when she was a child.

Her social media presence is an impressive achievement for anyone but it's made even more interesting by the fact that her access to technology was limited when she was younger. According to Modern Wellness Guide, Cameron Bure set controls on their devices when her children were younger, and as they got older, she and Valeri decided to give them rules to follow when it came to the use of technology.

9 Natasha Was Such An Adorable And Expressive Child — And She Loves Throwbacks

Natasha Bure enjoys occasionally sharing photos of her childhood on social media, often with her striking a pose or having an expression that she has referred to as her “everyday mood.”

Most actors and actresses are expressive people, and if Natasha’s throwback photos are anything to go by, then it seems that she was a very expressive child, filled with personality. She was also into acting when she was a child, telling Fox411, "I'm definitely into acting. I did acting when I was little — commercials here and there... I took a break for a bit to figure out what I wanted to do..."

8 Spending Time In The Great Outdoors Is One Of Their Favorite Things To Do

The Bure family are a very close bunch. They spend holidays together, they celebrate birthdays, and they genuinely seem to enjoy each other’s company. They are also quite an athletic bunch, after all, Valeri Bure is a retired professional athlete, and Cameron Bure has admitted she’s big into fitness, so, sometimes they work out together by going on hikes.

The family’s social media accounts have given a glimpse into some of the things they like to do together, and among these things is spending time in the great outdoors. The Bure's have a second in Napa Valley, and in an interview with Wine Spectator (via Country Living), Cameron Bure told them that the place they spend the most time in at this home is “out in the yard.”

7 They’ve Grown Up With A Very Hands-On Mom, And A Loving And Supportive Dad

Candace Cameron Bure feels that as a parent, it’s important to engage with your children and to really communicate about what is happening in their lives. She spoke about her parenting approach in an interview with People, saying, “It’s so important to engage with your kids constantly. I talk with them nonstop from really kind of intense and deep conversations to the fluffy stuff and the day-to-day.” She also shared that it was important for her kids to know that no matter what, she was always there for them.

Valeri Bure is also an “incredibly hands-on” dad, and Cameron Bure has praised her husband for helping her raise their children. She told Daily Mail, “I could not do it [raise the kids] myself and balance without my husband's help.”

6 They’re Never Too Old For A Trip To Disneyland

Disneyland is the place where many families go to have a fun-filled trip and to create memories that will hopefully last a lifetime, and Candace Cameron Bure and her family are no exception. But they have also proven that you are never too old for a trip to Disney, and when Natasha turned 20, she wanted to celebrate her birthday at Disney California Adventure Park, surrounded by her family.

Her mama took to social media to comment on the outing, writing, “Disneyland- it really is the happiest place on earth! Natasha wanted this for her 20th birthday, so we did.”

5 The Three Siblings Are All Super Close, And They Actually Enjoy Spending Time Together

“The memories we make with our family is everything,” Candace Cameron Bure told Today in 2017, and her comments reveal just how incredibly close her family is. Her children also get on, and they are best friends as well as siblings, something which Natasha Bure shared on social media when her brother, Lev, moved to the East Coast.

Natasha shared a throwback photo of herself and her brother, and wrote about how he is her “best friend, the yin to my yang…” She also went on to add that she was “Counting the days till we can crack the most comedy humanly possible again,” as in, the days until he returns and they can have fun together again.

4 Natasha Never Really Saw Her Mom’s Work As An Inspiration

Natasha Bure has expressed her interest in acting, and she is thankful to her mom for all the advice she has given her, telling Fox411, she really cherishes her words. "She has so much experience in the industry and has done very well for herself so I love her advice,” she explained.

But despite looking to her mom for advice, Natasha was not necessarily inspired by Candace Cameron Bure’s professional work. In another interview with Fox News, Natasha spoke about living in Florida, and how there was not a lot of film and production there, adding, "It's more of a place I guess for modeling, and there's a ton of musical theatre... so I never really saw my mom's [projects] as inspiration, but I think more now than ever, film and TV is something I'm a lot more interested in."

3 They Are All Big Animal Lovers And Have The Sweetest Pet Pooch

The Bure family have a dog who is also part of their household, a Rottweiler named Boris (or, as Candace Cameron Bure affectionately referred to him in her interview with Today, her “beast”).

“He’s just all cuddles with our family. He’s the best,” Cameron Bure said of their pet, and the photos that her children have posted of Boris on their social media accounts show that they feel the same way about their beloved pooch.

The family pet has also made their lives better, as Cameron Bure shared with Today: “Boris makes my life better because he just loves me. He loves me on my good days and on my bad days. He doesn’t care what I look like or even if I smell!”

2 Candace’s Family Are Such A Close Bunch That She’s Finding It Hard To Be An Empty Nester

Candace Cameron Bure has made no attempt to hide how much her family means to her, and she often speaks about them, and the bond they share, in interviews. She has shared everything from her parenting strategies to their schedule, but now that her children are getting older, she is experiencing something else: she’s going to be an empty nester, and she’s not thrilled about that.

"It's crazy to me that, within a year or two, we will not have children at home anymore," she said in 2018, according to Today. "And I feel like no one talks about that. It just makes me so sad to think about it." She continued, "I'm an empty-nester, but I say don't use that word because it makes it sound like you feel like your home is empty, but you're still there. It's still a full house."

1 They Have Deep, Interesting Conversations About Life

Many parents struggle with their children in their teenage years because they want their freedom, they are learning things for themselves, and they often feel as though they have all the answers. But Candace Cameron Bure actually enjoyed the teenage years with her brood because they were able to communicate so openly.

"I've loved the teenage years with my kids so much," she said, according to Today. "I really enjoy them, because I love listening to them as young adults and people, and to hear their thoughts and opinions and have in-depth conversations with them about worldly things.”

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