20 Things We Never Knew About Cardi B As A Mom (Until Now)

Cardi B took the rap world by storm, but no one was prepared for her "big reveal": the impending arrival of her baby girl. The previously unknown star went from zero to one hundred faster than any other celeb, and then she turned up preggers!

Even her most dedicated fans weren't sure what would happen with Cardi's music or her life overall with the arrival of her child. From her seemingly unsteady relationship with Offset (they had a bit of a whirlwind romance) to the vast differences in the actual hood versus motherhood, Cardi had a lot to navigate. Plus, there was judgment from all sides as people weren't sure how she would handle the transition from hit-making and twerking to caring for a baby.

But these days, Cardi's showing all her critics how wrong they were. From continuing to turn out hits and even performing shows shortly after giving birth, Cardi's been on her A-game as far as both being a mom and being a working woman.

And even though Offset has always been in her corner, despite their somewhat troubled marriage, Cardi's done a whole lot on her own. From overcoming her fears of missing out on music post-baby to navigating family life and what that looks like for her and her baby's daddy, here are 20 things fans never knew about Cardi as a mom — until now.

20 Labor And Delivery Wasn't Easy For Her


Cardi has been all smiles about motherhood, but that doesn't mean she's not real about it, too. She admitted in a handful of postpartum interviews that labor and delivery was harder than she expected. She also said that recovery took longer than she thought it would — and that everything 'downstairs' was in a state of disrepair.

Of course, some images of Cardi mid-push have also arisen online, where you can tell by the look on her face that she's having the same realization every other mother has had: this birth thing ain't easy! No private hospital wing and painless delivery for this mama: she had a real experience like the rest of us.

19 Cardi Had Some Misconceptions About Motherhood


Although she admitted that her labor and delivery experience was intense, Cardi also acknowledged that becoming a mom was harder than she thought. She told W Magazine that originally, she had planned on embarking on her tour with Bruno Mars right after Kulture was born — six weeks after, to be exact.

But after welcoming her baby girl and bonding with her, Cardi realized she was trying to move too fast. She recognized that going on tour wasn't feasible at the time, and so dropped out, choosing to focus on her little girl instead. She hasn't dropped music by any means, but Cardi highlighted that there's plenty of time for touring later.

Also, check out what we think Cardi B needs for her daughter!

18 She Didn't Choose The Name 'Kulture'


Everyone gives Cardi credit for choosing her daughter's unique name — especially since there are photos circulating of her with Kris Jenner, queen of the 'K' names! But it wasn't actually Cardi's doing, this fascinating and one-of-a-kind 'K' name. Although Offset's eldest son isn't a 'K' (Jordan), his other two kids are, and Cardi has said that Offset chose Kulture's name on his own.

Clearly, Offset, whose name is actually Kiari Kendrell Cephus, is naming his children in honor of... well, himself... and he even went so far as to give Kulture his first name as a middle name (Kiari). Obviously, Cardi had little say in the family naming trend!

17 Recovery Was Way Worse Than She Expected


By now, it's not news anymore, but Cardi dropped out of her scheduled tour with Bruno Mars right after Kulture was born. In interviews, Cardi has explained that she thought six weeks would be enough time to physically recover and prepare mentally for leaving her little girl for a tour.

But after having Kulture, Cardi said it was difficult to even squat down at all, let alone perform the moves she needed to put on a great show. There was talk of some modifications downstairs, which every mom can relate to, but it seems old-fashioned hard work (and some recovery time) got Cardi back onstage in the end.

16 Cardi Gets Help From Her Fam


Since both Cardi and Offset are performers, it makes sense that they're sort of global travelers. But just because Cardi is making big bucks doesn't mean she stays in hotels and has a staff to cater to her and her baby. Nope, she just has Abuelo!

In an interview with W Magazine, Cardi actually sat for the interview in her grandparents' apartment, with her grandmother caring for baby Kulture in the next room. Even though she's rolling in the dough these days, Cardi as a mom is a pretty lowkey lady, relying on her Abuelo to make her salads and having her Abuela hold the baby while she's got business to tend to.

15 'Baby Shark' Is Totes On Repeat


Her edgy style and pure attitude might suggest otherwise, but Cardi is definitely not too cool for Baby Shark. In fact, during an interview, Cardi even gave up her own Smartphone so her baby could watch "Baby Shark" with grandma. And at the time, Kulture was mere months old; imagine the lengths Cardi will go to to ensure her girl is happy as a toddler, preschooler, and beyond!

We can imagine a whole lot of sickly sweet kid-pop music in Cardi's future, so she better get ready! Then again, Kulture has varied tastes already at less than a year old, stay tuned for more on that later.

14 She Relies On Others To Drive Her


Yes, Offset bought her a Lambo (or two? But who's counting?). But as of her last tell-all interview, Cardi doesn't drive. She doesn't have her license and even jokes on social media about who will get their license first: Cardi, or Spongebob Squarepants? We're kind of betting it will be Spongebob, because at this point, Cardi's too famous to just roll up into DMV!

However, Cardi has admitted that she relies on family of both hers and, at the time, Offset's, to ferry her around in their vehicles. Yes, because it would be awkward to crawl in the back of a Lambo with your infant in a car seat and ask your husband's uncle to drive you to the airport...

13 Cardi's Willing To Compromise For Kulture


One of the questions interviewers from W Magazine had for Cardi was about where she and Offset would raise their daughter. And although Kulture has, understandably, been at the center of questions about the pair's marriage and family life, Offset does have other kids he's close with... So we're not sure the three of them could just jet to wherever they want to live and call it a day.

Still, Cardi expressed reluctance about moving to Atlanta, where Offset is from and has a house because then his uncle would have to drive her around. But she did note that she was willing to compromise on where they'd raise their daughter, though we haven't heard of her purchasing a mansion anywhere yet!

12 She's Had A Positive Influence On Offset As A Dad

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Offset has more kids than just Kulture (we'll discuss that more below), and one of his baby's mamas has already noted that she's seen an improvement in Offset as a dad since Cardi's been around. According to TMZ, Shya L'amour, the mother of Offset's baby girl Kalea (pictured) said that over the last few years, Offset has grown as a father.

Shya and her daughter's father haven't always gotten along, and there was some drama when Offset got a tattoo of his kids' names... sans Kalea's. He also has a line in one of his songs about how he didn't know if Kalea was actually his, and that he doesn't really know her mom. Well, if he's improved since then, that sounds great for all of his kids...

11 Cardi Is Actually A Stepmom


Although Cardi has said that she was looking to permanently separate from Offset (but 'divorce takes a while' and things like that), she was and is, for now, a stepmom to his other children. Plenty of articles talk about Kulture as if she's Offset's only child, but he has a total of four.

His oldest, a son named Jordan, was born to Justine Watson in 2009. The next two children arrived within a few months of one another. Kalea was born in March of 2015 to Shya L'amour. Kody was born in March of 2015 (a couple of weeks before Kalea) to Oriel Jamie, and she and Offset apparently dated for about two years prior.

10 Cardi Totally Supports Breastfeeding


She hasn't exactly posted #brelfies or talked about her milk storage habits, but Cardi B definitely supports breastfeeding. While a lot of celeb moms are reluctant to talk about such "controversial" subjects, Cardi "breastfed" a baby in one of her music videos post-Kulture.

Critics said it wasn't a very tasteful representation of the nursing relationship between a mom and baby. People questioned whether Cardi was actually nursing, let alone holding a real baby (or even her own baby). But still, she did it, she was open about it, and that clearly shows her support for feeding babies no matter when or where they need to eat.

9 She Likes To Keep Her Girl's Life Private


With Cardi and Offset, everything about their relationship has been fairly public. From their first time out as a couple to their not-so-lowkey proposal (which happened onstage but after their actual wedding) to Offset trying to win Cardi back (again onstage) after he messed up, the couple seems quite comfortable in the limelight.

But with Kulture? Cardi keeps a lot of her mothering private. She often shares photos and videos that all but cut Kulture out of the picture altogether, having only shared one clear full-facial image of her baby girl to date. As Kulture grows, though, it seems this proud mama is letting a bit more slip — unlike the snap above where she brought a bundle of blankets to pose as Kulture on stage!

8 Cardi Spares No Expense For Her Baby


From the bling to the totally decked out travel system, Cardi is investing a lot of money into her baby! And while the above custom Baby Bardi stroller was apparently a gift, per Cardi's IG account, there's a whole lot more the new mama has purchased for her baby. From fashionable rides to designer duds, Kulture doesn't want for anything — and she's only nine months old!

If you missed the above bling (Kulture's custom bracelet), just take a gander at Cardi's IG feed for a hint at what she showers her daughter in. And Offset's lifestyle says a lot about Kulture's upbringing, too—her dad is the king of gold chains.

7 She Knew Kulture Might Mean The End Of Her Music...

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Before having Kulture, Cardi shot to fame faster than anyone anticipated. She was at the top of her game right when she got pregnant, and she admitted to W Magazine that she asked Offset if she was crazy for thinking she could still rap and be a mom.

He reassured her that she could do it, and he also pledged to be by her side either way. Even then, Cardi said, they had a tight bond, one which only grew stronger after they married. But with or without Offset, Cardi knew having a baby could throw her off her rap pedestal, and she took the dive into motherhood anyway.

6 Cardi's Only Worked Harder Since Her Baby Arrived

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When Cardi got pregnant, she definitely hadn't planned it, and she didn't know what to do next. So her solution? Throwing herself into her music. Offset has been quoted as saying that Cardi has worked harder than anyone he knows, and she was in the studio all throughout her pregnancy to perfect her latest album.

Rather than take it easy during her pregnancy, Cardi did everything she could to ensure her professional path wouldn't take a hit due to her becoming a mom. She continued pumping out hits (including her collabs with Bruno Mars) after Kulture arrived, with risque music videos to accompany them, and keeps on working just as hard as she did pre-baby.

5 She Lets Kulture Listen To Her Music

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While we mentioned Kulture's apparent love (and Cardi's acceptance) of "Baby Shark," there is some other music that the tot enjoys listening to. Cardi explained that Kulture enjoys listening to her mom and dad's music, although we're not sure they're exactly the right material for an infant.

Clearly, however, Kulture's upbringing will be completely out of the ordinary in many ways, so we can't expect that Cardi will keep bumping "Baby Shark" and other similar music her entire life. Besides, rap got her the life she's already living — and one day she'll need to understand it, too. So what if she's starting before she can talk — good music is good music!

4 Cardi's Setting An Example Of Forgiveness For Kulture


Although Cardi could have reacted to Offset's "mistake" in any number of highly public and super crazy ways, she opted to lay low instead. Rather than make any snap judgments or do anything dramatic, Cardi kept quiet about what Offset admitted to and just let things roll past her.

She has since made some comments about Offset, including the one regarding how long it takes to get divorced, but she has continued to keep Offset in their daughter's life. Maybe she truly understands the importance of both parents in a child's life, or maybe she's hoping to avoid what Offset's other babies' mamas have dealt with, but Cardi's taking the high road here and setting an example for Kulture.

3 She Doesn't Mind Kulture Being In The Public Eye For Offset's Work


Cardi might not share many images of Kulture's face (she worried about her followers on IG criticizing her baby's looks), but she seems okay with having her little K in the spotlight if it benefits her daddy's work. Kulture—along with her three older siblings—was on the cover of Offset's last album, Father of Four.

Clearly, being a dad is an important part of Offset's life and even his rap game, so including his kids was kind of a no-brainer — especially given the album title. But we're sort of surprised that Cardi went along with it. Then again, it's part of the compromise she's been partaking in, and we can appreciate that part of her as a mom.

2 Cardi's Afraid Of Normal Mom Stuff

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She might be an all-powerful rap goddess with millions to spare, but Cardi's still just a mom, and one who's afraid to cut her baby's nails. She shared on IG that it's her least favorite task and that taking nail clippers to Kulture's tiny fingers and toes freaks her out more than anything else about motherhood.

But Cardi, haven't you heard you can hire a nanny for that un-fun stuff that comes with motherhood? Although, as of yet, we haven't heard that Cardi's hired a nanny—she just relies on her family, like the rest of us do.

1 She Brags About Her Baby's Milestones


Cardi might not share Kulture's face often (okay, like never!), but she sure does like to brag on her little girl's milestones. Kulture apparently said "mama" at seven months old, and Cardi was immediately all over IG sharing video of the event.

To Cardi, it likely seems like it's all passed in the blink of an eye, just like it does for the rest of us moms. And even though she's living a life in the spotlight, Cardi has said she's just as vulnerable and emotional as the rest of us when it comes to her baby: "When Kulture was born, I felt like I was a kid again; everything was making me cry, and I needed a lot of love."

We feel you, Cardi, we feel you!

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