20 Things We Never Knew About Catelynn Lowell's Firstborn (Until Now)

Kids are the center of a parent's universe, and this goes for Catelynn Lowell for sure. Since the start of her time on 16 & Pregnant—which eventually turned into Teen Mom—her entire life has been based on the care and well-being of herself and each of her children. Being a parent means feeling needed and wanted even if there isn’t someone else there to co-parent with them.

Fortunately for Catelynn, she has had her soulmate, Tyler, by her side since day one in her journey of becoming pregnant at a young age, helping her to care for her children in the different ways that the Lowell-Baltierra family does. Since the beginning of her time on MTV, there have been four different pregnancies, and each one of them has given this couple a run for their money. Although some of these experiences are saddening, each and every one teaches a lesson that never would have been learned without the situation in the first place.

These kinds of moments make people stronger, and in the long run, that is just what has happened for Catelynn and Tyler. Their babies are the most critical aspects in their lives regardless of if they are in the parents’ lives or not—every life is important and every relationship is unique.

20 Pregnant At 16


Catelynn and now-husband Tyler fell pregnant at the young age of sixteen. The two were scared and had no idea what they were going to do with a baby, considering the situations they were currently in. Catelynn was living with an unstable mother while a single mom was raising Tyler and his sister. Nobody had the means to raise a new baby—especially two 16-year-olds. Even though the couple had already been together for three years before becoming pregnant, they were still kids themselves. According to E! Online, the couple went back and forth about keeping their baby for a while before making the final decision.

19 Sharing Her Story With The World


16 & Pregnant was created with the hope of giving girls a real understanding of the reality of teen pregnancy. According to an interview with one of the creators of the two reality shows on CNN, the thought of this kind of show became a reality back when Jamie Lynn Spears fell pregnant. Lauren Dolgen looked up the statistics, which happened to be that 750,000 teens each year were becoming pregnant. The rest was history, and pregnant teenager Catelynn Lowell was one of the teens to become a part of the show. MTV wanted to help these teenagers, and the show was their way to drop teen pregnancy rates.

18 Adoption—A Very Adult Decision


As many fans know, Catelynn and Tyler did not have the best childhoods between absentee dads and an unpredictable mom for Cate, according to E! Online. They wanted to give their little girl anything she could ever want, and they knew at such a young age that they could not. A new baby takes a lot of work—diapers, toys, clothes, food, etc.—and for young teens without jobs or parental support, it might be pretty difficult taking care of a newborn. Tyler admitted that he wanted his little girl to have everything they couldn't give her, and this is why they put her up for adoption.

17 Grandma And Grandpa Don't Agree


Catelynn & Tyler were the first teens in all of those on the show to choose the adoption route for their little girl, and their parents were not so happy about this. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Butch revealed how upset he was about the kids’ choice to give Carly up. Catelynn falling pregnant was his second chance at being around for a baby, and it was devastating not being able to do anything about giving that baby away. Butch also talks about how he felt seeing his granddaughter at the wedding; he wanted nothing more than to meet her and he did.

16 Who Are Brandon And Teresa?


The couple who are only referred to as Brandon & Teresa are the lucky ones who were chosen to become the parents of Catelynn and Tyler's first daughter, Carly. Fans first met the parents when the 16-year-olds picked them, and we saw the young couple pass off their first daughter to them on the curb after giving birth just a few days earlier. According to InTouch Weekly, Brandon and Teresa were just the type of people they wanted to raise their baby. The young parents wanted to see their girl have everything their parents could never give them, and that’s what they found in Brandon and Teresa.

15 The First Meeting With Carly


A year after giving birth to a little girl named Carly, biological parents Catelynn and Tyler finally got to meet her. She was just one year old, and the couple was able to meet up and have lunch with the family of three at a park near their home in the Carolinas. Because this was their first visit, the couple was timid until they were given the opportunity to hold and play with little Carly. Soon enough, they were all enjoying the faces she made while the adults ate lunch. According to InTouch Weekly, Cate & Ty had no idea what was to come of their visits with Carly. As far as they knew, they would see her every year, which allowed their first meeting to be stress-free.

14 How Often Cate And Tyler See Her Now


For the last few years, Catelynn and Tyler have had a hard time arranging meet-ups with the daughter they put up for adoption. When they chose to give her up for adoption, they picked the open option to see how Carly grew up over the years. Adoption was the best for them not because they didn’t want her but because they were too young, which is why an open adoption worked so well. The problem is that they have not been able to see her for a few years until just recently. They are supposed to see her every year, but who knows how long that will continue, according to In Touch Weekly.

13 Carly Appeared At Their Wedding


A few years after giving birth to their first child, Catelynn and Tyler finally tied the knot. Fans were super excited about this because they were the longest relationship in the bunch and it was exciting to see them make it official finally. Tyler and Catelynn had secretly wanted to have Carly there so badly, so they were overjoyed to see her when she showed up with her parents. Not only did she show up to celebrate, she got to share a special dance with her biological dad as well, according to MTV. The couple could not believe how lucky they were to share their big day with their first-born child.

12 Radio Silence For Carly And The Media


For some time now, there has been a lot of drama between Catelynn, Tyler and the parents they picked to adopt their daughter. The adoptive parents would often become upset with Cate and Tyler when anything was shared about their daughter in the media, like a picture or anything about her current life. Tyler became angry about this because he wanted nothing more than show off his little girl. According to Us Weekly, the problem is if they choose to go against the wishes of Brandon and Teresa, they may not be able to see Carly any longer, and that is the last thing they want.

11 Then Novalee Came Along


Nova happens to be the second daughter born to Catelynn and Tyler—the daughter that they planned and were able to take care of properly. She is the first daughter that the couple has been able to show off whenever and wherever they want, and this little girl seems to be very attached to her parents. According to In Touch Weekly, Nova often refers to her dad Tyler as the best dad in the world. Tyler revealed that he and Nova are incredibly close and he’s not sure if it’s because he gave Carly up for adoption, but Nova is his mini-me, according to him.

10 And So Did PPD


Postpartum Depression is a common disorder that many mothers develop after giving birth to their children. Catelynn is someone who has dealt with a lot of anxiety and depression; therefore, she was extra susceptible to ending up with PPD. Soon after Nova was born, Cate became extra depressed so much so that Nova was often in her crib or with Catelynn’s mother because she was just too depressed. According to In Touch Weekly, the mom of two finally got the help she needed, and she is doing her best to be a good mom these days. Hopefully, she will be PPD-free at the end of her current pregnancy.

9 Carly’s Relationship With Nova


One of the best parts of the meetings with Carly is the relationship she is slowly developing with her little sister Novalee. Just a few years after giving birth to Carly, Catelynn and Tyler put their lives together and became pregnant with their second little girl. Since giving birth to Novalee, she has accompanied her parents to each and every meet up with Carly, and the two are finally starting to understand that they are sisters and are becoming close. So much so that Carly often draws pictures for Nova, stating that she misses her little sister, as reported by People Magazine.

8 The Kids On TV


Novalee is probably on camera much more than any of the other Teen Mom kids. Catelynn and Tyler didn’t get the chance to show off their first little girl, which means now that Nova is in the picture she is going to be on TV just as much as her parents. According to Us Weekly, Nova recently starred on a hilarious Mission Impossible commercial with both of her parents. The little girl appears on every episode of Teen Mom and is seen interacting with all of her family members, including her big sister Carly from time to time. She is going to be used to the big screen for sure.

7 The Spitting Image Of Tyler


Fans of Teen Mom are used to seeing Nova all over TV, but the Baltierras spend a lot of time posting pictures of Instagram. A few weeks ago, Tyler posted a selfie video with a filter, but it was a video of him and his second little girl nonetheless. In the video, the two are laughing and giggling, but it is so crazy how much they look alike when they have the same filter on their faces. Not only does little Nova look the spitting image of Tyler but she is very much a daddy’s girl as well, according to the Instagram post.

6 Little Sis Nova Adores Her Parents


Every little girl is close to her parents for a little bit of time in their lives, and Novalee is no different. She has a massive family between Catelynn and Tyler and a lot of people who love her including the fans that watch her every week on Teen Mom. The little blond girl born in 2005 and since then she has been the light of her parent's lives. She is the glue that holds her parents together with her bright and shiny personality according to People Magazine. Just like any other little girl, she gives them a run for their money when tantrums set in, but she is very special to them being that she is the little girl that they were able to take care of

5 Baby Number Four—The Rainbow Baby


Rainbow baby is a term for a child that is born after the loss of a child—a miscarriage. After the birth of Novalee, Catelynn and Tyler announced that they were expecting, but soon after the couple sadly lost the baby. About a month ago, the couple announced that they were expecting again, and although they were not planning this pregnancy they are cherishing it. Bringing a baby into the world is such a joy-filled moment, especially after the pain of losing one. Catelynn and Tyler are super nervous that this won’t work well, but they are also excited and falling in love with their unborn baby already, according to People Magazine.

4 Mixed Emotions


For a couple who has gone through nothing but heartbreak and trauma, bringing a new baby into the world is complicated and scary. Catelynn has been very vocal about her fears that she will end up depressed or with post-traumatic stress disorder after having this new baby. The good thing, though, is that she has a lot more support than she has ever had before. After her few rehab stints, she has built up enough knowledge to help her through those tough days when she needs extra help. According to Us Magazine, she believes she has all of the coping skills that she needs.

3 It's A Girl!


Catelynn and Tyler were hoping for a baby boy because they have had two other girls—both of them are ready for a little boy. Although they would be happy about any gender as long as the baby was healthy, the couple did admit longed for a boy. The couple recently used their second little girl Nova to announce that they were going to be having yet another girl! Tyler posted a photo on Instagram of Nova holding up a poster detailing that her parents were going to have another baby just like her. The couple is excited to bring a new life into the world.

2 Baby Helping Mom Through A Tough Time


Being that Catelynn has been having the roughest time lately dealing with her anxiety and depression, this baby is bittersweet. It is scary because it could lead her to have the feelings she dealt with after giving birth to Nova. But at the same time, a baby is a beautiful blessing that makes going through a tough time easier—this is what Cate and Ty are hoping for. Catelynn hopes that she will be able to focus on taking care of Novalee and the new baby, which she hopes will leave her no room to be depressed or anxious. According to People Magazine, she has an abundance of support this time around.

1 Stronger Than Ever


Over the past nine years, the Lowell-Baltierra family has been through the wringer. They chose to give their first baby up for adoption at the ripe age of 16, were forced to become adults pretty much right after that, had another baby a few years later, have been dealing with depression and anxiety, dealt with a miscarriage and now are pregnant again. It is a mouth full to say and a whole lot of stress for only two people to go through. Regardless of everything, the couple expresses their love for each other as often as they can. They want their fans to know that they won’t let anything break them apart. They are forever strong and in love, according to E! Online.

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