20 Things We Never Knew About Frances Cobain's Short-Lived Marriage

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Heart-Shaped Box" are just a handful of the songs that an entire generation used to identify with. These are the tunes that helped create the Rock and Roll Grunge era, and the man who penned the songs, and led droves of angsty teenagers in their quest for self-discovery was Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain.

Cobain left this earth long before his due time. At only 27, the rocker was found gone from the planet, leaving two irreplaceable legacies to his adoring fans: his music and his only child.

His daughter with fellow grunge gal Courtney Love, Frances Bean, was not even two years old when her father left millions in mourning. She never knew her dad on a personal level and was only ever able to connect with his spirit via stories that would be told about him for years to come. Frances grew up surrounded by the chaos and noise that were her mother's trademark styles. At 17 years old Frances gained her independence and earned emancipation from her mother. In the eyes of the law, she was an adult, and thus able to make her own decisions.

One of the first major decisions that Frances made during this time was to fall in love and ultimately marry the first person who showed her a wealth of love and stability. After several years together, only a few of them in matrimony, Frances and her now ex-husband parted ways and divorced. Here are 20 things we are just now learning about Frances Bean Cobain's short-lived union with Isaiah Silva.

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20 Her Husband Was Granted The Infamous 1959 D-18E Martin Guitar Post Divorce

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When Frances and Isaiah became engaged, she wanted to give him something special, something that showed her eternal love and devotion for her man. What better gift for a rock and roll husband than one of the most prized instruments in all of rock history?

Frances gifted her late father's 1959 Martin D-I8E guitar to her then-fiance, the one that he played during his infamous 1993 MTV Unplugged performance. The instrument is worth millions of dollars and so much more than that emotionally.

Unfortunately, the piece of musical history looks to be forever lost to the Cobain family because Silva won it in the divorce settlement.

19 Silva Filed A Suit Against Frances' Mother

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Isaiah Silva recently filed a civil lawsuit against her former mother-in-law Courtney Love, her business manager Sam Lutfi, 13 Reasons Why actor Ross Butler, and several others. He claimed the group broke into his home, assaulted him, stole his prized guitar, and attempted to put him in the back of their vehicle and drive him away. A friend staying with Silva managed to thwart their plans, block their car in, and call the police to the scene of the strange event. In the end, no one was charged and the group claimed it was all a prank gone very wrong, but now Silva is very much changing his tune.

18 Silva Helped Frances Get Sober

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Frances's parents were never the picture of health and sobriety. They were the opposite, always struggling with staying clean and keeping on the straight and narrow. For a time Frances looked as if she too was falling down the rabbit hole of addiction, but the heiress to grunge managed to clean herself up and is living a life of sobriety these days.

Frances recently celebrated two years of sobriety, meaning that she managed to kick her habits to the curb during her years with Silva. (Their divorce was also finalized in 2018.) As 26, Frances is only a year younger than her father was when he passed on. Keep up the good work Frank and Beans.

17 She Didn't Tell Her Mother She Got Married

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To say that things between Frances Cobain and her mother, Courtney Love, have always been unstable would be a massive understatement. These two have had woes since little Bean's birth. Some years they would go without contact, and other years proved to be times of progress and repair. The mother-daughter duo was supposedly in a pretty decent space when Frances decided to wed her longtime fiance, and with their relationship firmly on solid ground, you might think Courtney would earn a front row seat to the nuptials. Not so! She didn't even get an invite to the wedding of her only daughter.

16 Super Small Wedding


Not only was mom Courtney Love left off of the master wedding guest list, but a whole lot of other people got bypassed as well. Isaiah and Frances just had 13-15 guests at their wedding ceremony. While her mom was never even keyed into the fact that her only child had become a Mrs. without her knowledge, their big days do parallel each other.

Courtney and Frances's late father Kurt Cobain wed one another in front of only eight special guests back at their 1992 Hawaiian wedding, one of whom was the famous rocker, bandmate and close friend, Dave Grohl.

15 More Relationship Parallels

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Frances's father was, of course, one of music's most iconic musicians, but her ex-husband is also a rocker in his own right. Both daddy Kurt and ex-husband Isaiah led their bands with their voices. Kurt was the front man for Nirvana and Isaiah leads his rock band The Rambles. We wonder if this musical likeness is part of the reason that a young Frances felt so drawn to Isaiah. It's safe to assume that like many younger musicians out there, Kurt served as a muse for Silva as he developed his sound and style. Show us one strumming frontman who didn't look to Kurt for some musical inspiration.

14 And Her Ex Could Have Been Her Father's Twin

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The facial scruff, the piercing blue eyes, the long and stringy locks, and the Manson-esque looks, there is no denying that the late, great Rock God that was Kurt Cobain and his daughter's ex-husband Isaiah Silva could very well have been twin brothers. Frances would not have remembered her dad's blonde, grungy looks though. She was not even two years old when Kurt passed on. Of course, by now she has seen countless photos and footage of her dad though, and it would be nearly impossible to deny that she married someone who looks exactly like her late father, minus the hair color.

13 Some Say Frances's Hubby Was Infatuated With Kurt Cobain

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It's abundantly clear that Isaiah Silva looked up to rock royalty Kurt Cobain. His entire musical style and personal look seem to mimic what Kurt did when he was alive. It's one thing to have an idol, but was Silva's homage to his ex-wife's late father more than a nod?

Some think Silva had an intense infatuation with Kurt. The insider to the information claims that Frances and Courtney both believe that Silva is a "dangerous sycophant that refuses to end his campaign of terror towards the Cobain family and their friends.” This is all because of his frightening obsession” with Grunge music's deity.

12 The Wedding Had A Simple Theme

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When it comes to wedding decor, it doesn't get any simpler than daisies in mason jars, right? That was the overall theme for Isaiah and Frances's wedding. While the celebration was no ostentatious event, and barely anyone was in attendance when the young couple said, "I Do," they didn't just up and wed at the drop of a hat like many assumed.

According to several reports, Frances planned the details of her nuptials for over a year, so a lot of thought went into those jars and daisies. Sometimes small and simple works far better than overdone and gaudy.

11 They Dated For Longer Than They Were Wed

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The relationship and the eventual marriage of Frances and Isaiah was not a typical whirlwind, spontaneous event that we are used to seeing from the young, rich and famous. They were boyfriend and girlfriend a lot longer than they were husband and wife.

Isaiah and Frances dated for five years before getting hitched but were only husband and wife for less than two years before going through a rough divorce. The couple got engaged after only a year and then spent four more years in limbo before finally making things official. Sadly, being so young and inexperienced in life got the best of the couple, and they ultimately went their separate ways.

10 Her Divorce Helped Her And Her Mother Heal

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As Frances's marriage hit the skids, another essential relationship started to pick up momentum. After Courtney Love's only child filed for divorce from her husband, citing irreconcilable differences after 21 months of marriage, the mother and daughter grew closer than they had been in years.

While Courtney was not there for her daughter plenty of times during Frances's younger years, she seems to be there and ready to support her nowadays. Sometimes there is a silver lining to sad situations, and this seems to be one of those instances. Hopefully, Kurt's two beautiful ladies can continue to work on their relationship in the coming years.

9 She Married For Stability

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When THIS strikes you as secure and stable, that's when you know that you came from some serious upheaval. It's more than fair to say Frances Cobain spent a lot of years missing stability from her parents. She lost her father before she was two and her mother could never keep a grip on providing a reliable environment for her child. Frances says she committed to her former husband so early on because they had met immediately following her emancipation from her mother. Silva gave her "a sense of stability, normalcy…" The idea of marriage, in general, made Frances feel like she was doing something very right because it was the opposite of what her parents did.

8 And Partly Because Of How Long Their Engagement Had Been

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So, part of the reason Frances rushed on down to the altar was because she was trying to give herself a sense of security, She intentionally aimed at oppositely living her life as her parents had done. We get that. When you have messy parents, you often try and do things in a different way than they did.

Another one of the primary reasons she made a choice to get hitched was because she felt that was what she was supposed to do. Oh, what a familiar story this is. You meet a guy, spend years together, and feel like you have to take yet another step. Frances told RuPaul in an interview that at "the point where we got married it was less about wanting to get married and more about the fact that we’ve been engaged for so long, this is what we should do.”

7 She Was Emancipated From Her Mother When She Met Silva

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The relationship between Frances and her mother is a complicated one at best. Silva and Frances met and fell in love at a time where Cobain was experiencing complete autonomy from the people who had been raising her. Frances became emancipated from her mother when she was only 17 years old. Interestingly, her mother Courtney had also been liberated from her parents when she was also a teenager. It's easy to see how a teenage girl could quickly fall for the idea of love and marriage at a tender age. Frances admits that during this period, she was looking for the most normal thing that she could find.

6 And Claims Her Husband Mutated Once They Were Hitched

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Frances Cobain wouldn't be the first to claim that her husband drastically changed who he was once they walked down the aisle. She tells a familiar tale of a marriage gone to the dogs. During her rare interview that she gave to RuPaul who hosts What's The Tee, she explained that her husband mutated after they finally got married. It's a similar story that actress Kaley Cuoco told of her short-lived union to tennis profession, saying that once they married, her partner completely changed. Those two were also married for a short period before calling it quits.

5 She Stood To Lose Quite A Bit More Than A Guitar In Her Split

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The fact that Frances lost her father's famous guitar but got to keep her home and her fortune was a total stroke of good luck for the young rock and roll heiress. According to Celebritynetworth.com, Frances Cobain is worth an estimated 200 million dollars. We learned via the paperwork that her legal team submitted during the divorce proceedings that currently she has an estimated value of 11 million dollars, left to her by Nirvana estate.

It is thought that once she turns 30, there is a whole lot more money coming her way. It's probably a good thing Cobain and Silva didn't stay married for a few more years and then split after her 30th  birthday. She could have ended up owing him millions upon millions of pennies in spousal support.

4 But She Did End Up Owing In Spousal Support

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Unfortunately, Frances Cobain lost a priceless guitar that once belonged to her late father in her divorce from Isaiah Silva. Losing the instrument was a tough pill to swallow for Frances, her mother, and all devoted Nirvana fans, but Frances actually could have lost a whole lot more than she ended up losing.

Silva wanted his ex-wife to pay him $25,000 a month for spousal support. The judge decided that Kurt's daughter would only have to pay $12,000 a month in support, and that sum would have to get reported as taxable income. On top of this ruling, Silva was forced to vacate the couple's home, which went to Francis.

3 He Claims Francis Abandoned Him With Their Pets

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Silva didn't come out on top when it came to splitting up assets from the short-lived marriage. It's fair to say that when you take into account how much Frances is worth, and how much she had to pay, she indeed came out the clear winner. Silva didn't go down without a fight though. He claimed that Frances had made the pair live a lavish lifestyle, and in the end, he was left a struggling musician while she remained a millionaire. He pulled out the "poor me" card when he pleaded with the courts, claiming Frances abandoned him with an elderly Golden Retriever in poor health and three cats, all of which the couple once shared.

2 She Paid For His Daughter's Schooling

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Silva also tried to get the courts to force Frances to continue supporting his child. He claims that Frances set his seven-year-old daughter up in a pricey, private school, and that didn't come cheap. His ex-wife formerly covered the tuition for the educational establishment, but when the couple separated, he was stuck with the bills that kept on coming. Yeah, buddy, in the end, that kid is yours, so you go on ahead and find a way to foot that bill, or find a different school. No way should Frances have to carry her former stepdaughter's tuition for the next 11 years.

1 Habitual Hoarder?

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Silva claims that life with Frances was almost completely impossible because of Frances's tendency to compulsively shop and hoard her purchases. Friends of Silva's told Pagesix.com that the home that she and her ex once shared was packed tightly with boxes and boxes of items that Frances purchased online, but then never even bothered to open. Frances apparently was an equal opportunist when it came to her goods. Some of the items that were found piled high and never even used included music equipment, clothing, art supplies, shoes, and even large screen televisions.

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