20 Things We Never Knew About Jinger Duggar's Firstborn (Until Now)

By now, the Duggars require no introduction having dominated our airwaves for quite some time. Their show, "19 kids and counting" received both criticism and acclaim in equal measure with most people slamming Michelle and Jim Bob for their parental tactics which were viewed by most as rather extreme. The Duggars who believe in purity and submissiveness of their women and who are quite religious and dedicated to their faith almost buckled under the weight of negative opinion but have luckily remained to stand and dedicated to their faith and beliefs. In a true display of blood being thicker, as a family, they are still tight and they do not hesitate to defend one of their own however badly he may have acted.

We may not borrow all of Michelle’s parenting tips but when it comes to relationships and marriage and in a world where relations are taken as nonchalantly as anything else, the woman has managed to beat the odds and in a family of over 19 kids, most have “toed the line” of religion where marriage comes first, physical relations second and children last.

Jinger, one of the Duggar sisters is the more liberal of the women and she will be seen sporting pants and shorts now that she is married something the Duggar women cannot dare. Well, until they are married that is. Unlike her other sisters, Jinger took her sweet time before she could conceive and this fueled some speculation that she could be using some birth control. Whether or not that is true, the new princess has filled these parents with joy.

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20 Jinger Chose A Non-J Baby Name

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Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have a long-standing tradition where they give their babies first names that start with the letter J. Jana, Jinger, Jessa, Jeremy, the list goes on. In a family that seems to follow in their parent's footsteps, the kids have broken from this tradition and have given their children names that are largely none J.

Jinger chose the name Felicity for her daughter which according to Nameberry means, "Good fortune, happy." This is not the reason why she chose the name though, according to Romper Jinger said the name "just felt right." She continued to say that she and Jeremy "loved the name Felicity from the moment we thought of it several months ago."

19 Jinger Was Nervous About The Labor

Every new mom is scared of birth. Maybe it is the stories we all hear about the horrors of birth or the mental pictures we have of the birth in comparison with the baby’s head. Jinger, despite being around lots of births being the 6th born in a family of 19 as well as an aunt to a few nieces and nephews was not spared by the fear.

She told The Hollywood Gossip, "I get scared thinking about birth and labor." Her husband won’t be any help either saying "I don't know much about birth." He came through though and she like every other woman before her forgot the horrors of birth ones her princess was born.

18 They Got Pregnant A Year After The Wedding

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Michelle Duggar has been advocating for no family planning methods which explains her big family. Most of her daughters who follow her faith have also been vocal about wanting a big family. Jinger may or may not have the same desires but she is the only one of her sisters to go a whole year after marriage without a bun in the oven.

While most people kept pushing the baby issue, some fans were firmly behind her and one of them according to Hollywood Gossip applauded their decision saying, “They are young and in love and it is only fair they enjoy each other without kids for as long as they see fit!”

17 The Due Date Was Announcement Accidentally

Celebrities love to keep us in suspense and Jinger and Jeremy wanted to keep playing a guessing game with their fans. In their pregnancy announcement, Jinger and Jeremy placed the "we're expecting!" poster in front of Jingers baby bump further fueling the fire of suspense on their fans as no one could guess the baby’s due date with the bump covered.

Despite their efforts to keep the date secret, Jeremy accidentally let it slip to his congregation through a newsletter that the baby would be arriving in July and the media jumped on the announcement and made it public. So much for suspense.

16 Felicity Vuolo's Birth Place

The Duggar women have a strong attachment not only to their family but also to their home state. They have a tendency to nest and procreate in their hometown seeing as they are the who’s who of the Arkansas state.

Jinger has been breaking some rules and customs quite often now that she is married and it appears that she broke another rule in her pregnancy with Felicity. She became the first Duggar woman in her generation to go outside the state of Arkansas for the birth of her child. This little change is because she is married to Jeremy Vuolo who resides in Texas making her a Texan by marriage.

15 A Big Family

Felicity Vuolo joins a big family that is meant to grow even bigger. Jim Bob Duggar hopes that his family will hit the 100 mark and with the rate the Duggar clan is procreating, his dream may just come true. Felicity will therefore never be short of cousins, aunts and uncles and even though her father’s part of the tree does not have that many branches, her mother’s clan will sure keep her entertained. Jinger and Jeremy do not seem eager to raise a big family but even if they do not, Christmas is set to be an interesting and crowded affair in this little girls life.

14 The Delivery Was Healthy

Felicity came with luck as far as her delivery was concerned. The Duggar girls who are so vocal about their desire to have lots of kids of their own and who get pregnant quite fast and quite easily have not had the best of luck when it comes to popping their babies. Jill, the first of the Duggar sisters had a three-day labor a precedence which Jingers midwife made every effort to prevent. According to in Touch, the Midwife said, “Based on the family history, some of the sisters have had a little bit of a harder time with bigger babies,"

13 Felicity Was Born In A Hospital

This may appear to be a non-issue but when it comes to the Duggars, this is a big deal. The Duggar women are big on home births and it is only complications that see them deliver in a hospital. Three of the Duggar sisters have delivered at home and for a while there, we were also convinced she would do it at home but as in Touch reports, Jinger said, "Some of my sisters have been through a bit of a tough time with labor and delivery so I have decided to just go ahead and switch to the hospital. I think that kind of puts me at ease knowing, 'Okay, if I need anything, it’s here.' And I think it’ll help me be more relaxed in the long run."

12 She Was Overdue

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The Duggar sisters seem to have a lot of similarities, from tough pregnancies to overdue babies and Jinger was no exception. Felicity took her sweet time in vacating her premises and she seemed to be in no hurry even after Jinger tried several home labor inducing methods.

Even though she had purposed to have her baby in the hospital all along, she had hoped to visit the hospital when she was already in labor but Felicity seemed to have other ideas and was in no hurry to arrive. This forced her mother to go to the hospital for assistance to help induce labor.

11 And Had Plenty Of Visitors

Everyone loves a new baby and even if the baby is in the farthest corner of the world, the family will always be there to smell that newborn scent that is so irresistible. The Duggars are all about family and babies are their favorite people. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that mama Duggar and her daughters would rush all the way to Arkansas to see the new addition to their lineage.

Jessa and Michelle Duggar were there to help the new mother take care of Felicity so that she could have time to rest and recover, there truly is nothing like family.

10 Home With Dad

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New mothers get all the sympathy after a baby is born. We rarely remember what the dad has to go through nor do we remember to ask how he is coping with a newborn in the house.

Jeremy chose to remind us just what it is like with his new princess in a very hilarious Instagram post which read, "To sleep, my dear friend, and faithful companion. So long, it was a good run. Fondly, Jeremy,” followed by: "Dear coffee, it's just you and me now. Don't let me down. Gratefully, Jeremy." To which his fans sent their support saying, “It gets easier after the first few weeks. Hang in there,"

9 Daddy’s Look-Alike

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Most women are always complaining about their baby’s tendency to favor their fathers even after nine months occupying mommy’s body as well as the hours of labor. Jinger seems to have no issues with this unfairness that nature has bestowed on women . she is over the moon over her daughter's eyes which she can't seem to get enough of and the fact that Felicity is her father’s look alike.

According to Romper, Jinger gushed, "You should see [Felicity] and [Jeremy's] baby pictures side-by-side, the two are pretty much twins!” This girl will turn out to be daddy’s little girl and their pictures already prove just how in love they are.

8 Sweet Digs

Felicity is the newest darling for the Duggar women and she seems to be getting all the perks that come with this status. The women ensured that the little girl has the sweetest digs to come home to. The baby nursery which has funky and new age look was decorated as a labor of love by her adoring aunts, Jana and Jessa. According to Us Weekly, Jinger elaborated on her choice of the beautiful baby nursery saying, “They ran a few ideas by me and we all decided on a Southwest theme,” explains Jinger. “It seemed fitting given that we live in warm, sunny Laredo, Texas!”

7 The Social Media Princess

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Celebrities have a thing about their baby’s picture and most of them would rather not put it out there. Trying to find North West’s baby picture is an uphill task because her pictures were kept under wraps for quite a while. Jinger has gone the other way when it comes to her baby girls photos turning her into a small socialite. The numbers of Felicity photos on Instagram are crazy and it seems like she will be dominating the internet for quite a while at least until the baby excitement fades for these new parents who can’t seem to get enough of their new bundle of joy.

6 The 18-Hour Labour

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Labour is unpredictable and can either be easy or mildly tolerable but in some cases, it can be extremely painful and true to its definition, real labor. The Duggar women have prolonged labors for some reason and unlike their sister-in-law who has no problem popping baby after baby seemingly without breaking a sweat, when it comes to the Duggar sisters, labor takes a long time and it is never easy.

Jinger stayed true to her heritage and she underwent 18 hours of labor which was followed by about thirty minutes of active pushing before baby Felicity was ready to meet her anxious parents.

5 Her Birth May Air On TLC

Jessa had the TLC cameras film the birth of her child and so it was expected that Jinger would do the same. According to Romper, the family has not denied or confirmed whether or not Felicity's entry into this world was filmed. Jingers fans will have to wait until next seasons episode of “Counting on” to find out whether she had the birth of

Felicity shot on camera either by TLC or as a home video. Whatever it is, Felicity's entry into this world to Jinger has been a blessing. She gushed to Us Weekly, “God is gracious to entrust us with such a wonderful gift,”

4 She May Be The First Of Many

The Duggar sisters make no secret about following in their mothers' footsteps and flooding the world with mini-Duggars. This may be explained by the fact that girls love to follow in their mothers' footsteps wherever they may lead. Every girl considers her mother to be a hero, well, next to daddy but a girl will always want to emulate her mother and the Duggar girls are no different. Jinger, being the rebel of the family may be the first to break from the tradition of many children having started by delaying the conception of her first child. They have not come out categorically to say that many children are not an option instead of choosing to be diplomatic and leaving it all to God.

3 Details About The Birth

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Being a celebrity child comes with the disadvantage of never being able to hide your age no matter how old you get. There is always going to be someone who Google’s “Jane’s birth weight” or “Jane’s birthday” and as we all know, the internet does not forget and that birth date will always be on record for everyone to refer to. When it comes to Felicity, according to ENews, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo made a released a statement saying, “God is so kind! Jinger gave birth to Felicity Nicole Vuolo this morning at 4:37 am. Felicity weighs 8lbs. and 3oz. and is 19.5 inches long. Both mom and baby are healthy, doing great, and resting well. We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents!"

2 The Baby Shower

Pregnant women need all the support they can get and having friends and family who offer support makes the pregnancy journey a lot smoother. Jinger has both family and friends and her friends proved their loyalty by hosting her baby shower and the couple shared that they "were [...] by the kindness and thoughtful generosity of everyone." The baby shower proved to be the perfect opportunity for the couple to announce to the world that they were expecting a baby girl. They went on to add that they "could not be more excited and are eagerly anticipating meeting. We especially love thinking forward and realizing that she will have excellent role models in both of her grandmothers, who cannot wait to shower her with love."

1 A Strict Upbringing

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The Duggars have been brought under very strict rules that seem to have shaped their existence. Jinger seems to have discarded all these rules when she got married and it appears like she will be breaking a lot more. Jinger is now known to wear pants and has no qualms about listening to secular music.

This could be attributed to the fact that Jeremy comes from a different faith that is probably not as strict as the one Jinger grew up in. This mildly liberal look at the world could mean that Felicity may get a break from all the rules.

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