20 Things We Never Knew About The 8 Gosselin Kids (Until Now)

The early 2000s brought everyone a lot of interesting things. That was certainly not a boring time to live through, that’s for sure.

There were some very memorable, and sometimes questionable, things going on in the world of pop culture after the 1990s had ended. According to The Huffington Post, some of the things that came along in the early 2000s were the film Life of Pi, the iPod, the classic film Donnie Darko, and the documentary Fast Food Nation.

However, those are not the only things the early 2000s are known for. During that time, reality shows became much more popular, and it seems that many people liked watching reality shows that were about families.

This is where the Gosselin family comes in. In 2007, audiences were introduced to Jon, Kate, Cara, Madelyn, Collin, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Aaden, and Joel Gosselin. They were all the lead stars of the reality television program Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Since then, a lot has changed for the family. For example, they do not all live together anymore, because Jon and Kate divorced not long after the premiere of their show. Here are some of the facts some people might not know about the Gosselin children.

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20 Collin Has Special Needs


Sometimes life can be pretty hard, and that is true whether or not you are a child or a fully grown adult. Furthermore, sometimes children deal with tough situations by acting out in various ways.

One of the Gosselin children, Collin, has been known to do that on occasion. While some people believe he behaved like that because of the pressures of growing up in a famous family and always being on camera, his mother is singing a different tune.

Kate has spoken about her son Collin numerous times. According to thehollywoodgossip.com, Kate claims that her son has special needs.

19 Madelyn Has Always Been Sassy

via:Nicki Swift

According to imdb.com, Madelyn was born on October 8, 2000. It seems that ever since then, she has been rather sassy.

Like the rest of us, Madelyn has grown and matured over the years. However, some people can still recall the fact that she has always been slightly bossier than her twin sister, or any of her other siblings.

When she was little, there were many times when she showed the world she was full of spunk, and that she has a very big personality. Her twin, Cara, appears to be much more laid back than Madelyn is. This just goes to show that not even twins are exactly alike.

18 Not Everyone Loves To Be On Camera


Living your life in front of cameras all of the time can be quite the challenger. However, it seems that some people love that challenge, while others find it to be more of an annoyance than anything else.

In Kate’s case, she does not seem to mind having her every move filmed. However, that is not the case for Collin. According to nickiswift.com, one person has said that her son has a very difficult time dealing with the world of television, and he does not like being filmed.

Many of us have dreamed about what it would be like to be rich and famous. However, it can have some very negative effects.

17 Kate And Collin Have Always Had Some Issues With Fame


Sometimes parenting can be tough. Additionally, Kate is not exactly known to be a calm, cool, and collected person. Furthermore, the style of parenting she has chosen to use with her children has raised a lot of eyebrows over the years.

In 2010, Kate wrote a book, which was called I Just Want You To Know: Letters To My Kids On Love, Faith, And Family. In the book, there are messages from Kate to each of her children, including Collin. In fact, according to usmagazine.com, she talked about the fact that Collin has always challenged her, even when he was as young as two-and-a-half years old.

16 The Kids Have Had Common Struggles With Their Parents


There are a lot of people in television shows and movies that are a bit over the top sometimes. After all, that is typically the kind of person viewers are interested in watching.

Well, Kate easily falls into that category. Furthermore, nearly every teenager has some minor issue with their parents at some point, and that is the case for Madelyn and Cara, who can sometimes become tired of their overdramatic mother’s actions.

According to dailymail.co.uk, the girls do not like it when their mom is very stressed. They also claim that she enjoys making a big scene out of otherwise minor things.

15 They Have Not Always Been On Speaking Terms With Jon

via:The Morning Call

There are many families that go through hard times, some of which involve the mother and father splitting up. Furthermore, when the couple has one or more children, they might live with mom, or they might live with their father.

Additionally, there are also some cases in which the children spend time around both of their parents despite the divorce. But when it comes to the Gosselin kids, some of them live with their mother and some have lived with their dad.

This has caused some issues between some of the children and Jon, according to cheatsheet.com. Jon was supposed to be able to have weekly dinners with his children, and they were also supposed to be able to have overnight stays at his home. However, Kate has altered those plans.

14 Some Of The Children Did Not Appreciate Jon’s Dating Streak


There is no doubt that things can be very hard for everyone when a couple splits up. Not only is it difficult for the couple involved, but also for the children that are in the middle of it.

One of the things that can be hard for children is seeing their parents date other people. In fact, Madelyn and Cara did not really like seeing the attitude their father had towards dating once he and Kate split up.

Jon has dated quite a few women since that happened. In fact, according to usmagazine.com, Jon and one of his girlfriends moved in together just one month after they started dating.

13 Collin Moved Away For A Bit


There is no doubt that there are a lot of things that can be very difficult for children to deal with. In Collin’s case, he was going through quite a bit.

His parents got a divorce and every moment of his life has been in the spotlight for a long time now. So, a few years ago, he was sent to live at a certain facility.

Furthermore, not everyone knew why he was sent there, and some people did not even know where it was at. However, that was probably a good thing, as it allowed him to have some privacy. According to intouchweekly.com, he is not really a big fan of the place.

12 Madelyn Was Not Surprised To Learn That Her Parents Were Splitting Up


Going through a divorce is a very difficult thing to do. That is true for everyone involved, including the couple’s children.

According to people.com, Jon and Kate got a divorce back in 2009. Furthermore, their children had different reactions to the unfortunate news.

Since the twins, Cara and Madelyn, are the oldest of their eight children, their mom and dad informed them of the news first. Madelyn actually was not surprised at all, but that was not the case for Cara, as she took it very hard.

Madelyn had a feeling that her parents were heading in that direction. However, Cara was extremely emotional when she found out about the split.

11 Kate Has A Strange Attitude When It Comes To Food


When Kate Gosselin’s name pops up into a conversation, the words that follow it are usually not very positive. There are quite a few reasons for that, and one of them is because of the way she treats others.

In fact, she has been known to be somewhat harsh when it comes to her children. According to intouchweekly.com, there are some who are claiming that a few of the Gosselin children have not always had fresh food in their school lunches. Apparently, there were times when Hannah had old strawberries, and one of the other children had a stale sandwich.

10 Two Of Them Are Twins


If anyone has ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin, they should just ask the Gosselin family. In fact, to be more specific, they should ask Cara and Madelyn, because they are actually twins.

Furthermore, all of the children were quite young when they started appearing on television. So it can be kind of hard to believe that the twin girls just recently turned 18 a few months ago.

According to eonline.com, both of their parents posted some thoughtful words on IG in order to wish them a happy birthday. The twins are the oldest of the eight Gosselin children.

9 Kate Wanted Her Children To Be As Famous As The Olsen Twins


There are a lot of things that pop into our minds when we think about Jon and Kate Gosselin. For example, many people tend to believe that Kate planned to become famous, and having children was part of that plan?

In fact, according to radaronline.com, Kate tried very hard to market Madelyn and Cara. Basically, since they are twins, she thought they were going to become as famous and rich as the Olsen twins.

Apparently, when the girls were born, Kate immediately went to work on getting them headshots and taking them to auditions. However, that did not work out the way she imagined it would.

8 Alexis And Collin Had To Leave Their School

via:OK! Magazine

When children are affected greatly by things that are going on in their personal lives, it is very likely that they will have some difficulties with certain things, and that includes school. That happens to a lot of children, and Collin and Alexis are no different.

A few years ago, the children were asked to leave the school that they had been attending. According to people.com, both of the children were showing signs that their parent’s recent divorce was affecting them.

Collin was throwing papers on the floor. Furthermore, Alexis did not seem to want to sit down, and the school did not feel that they could attend to the children's needs at that time.

7 The Twins Had A Not-So-Sweet 16


Children, teenagers, and some adults tend to enjoy birthdays a lot. Usually, one of the most fun birthdays a person can celebrate is their 16th birthday.

However, the Gosselin twins had anything but a sweet 16th birthday. To start things off, it appears that their father forgot what day their birthday was on. According to etonline.com, Jon wished them a happy birthday two days after the actual day took place. Kate, however, remembered it.

But it did not stop there. Apparently, Madelyn and her mother argued over the decorations that were used during the party, and Madelyn did not like many of Kate’s ideas. Yikes.

6 They Have Been Cared For By Many Nannies


There are a lot of mothers out there who are very strict, and that is pretty understandable. However, there is such a thing of being a little bit too strict, and that is where Kate comes in.

Furthermore, Kate is not just strict on her children. According to nickiswift.com, the Gosselin children’s mother has a lot of very strange rules that her nannies have to follow, which is probably the reason why she had been through approximately 40 of them by 2005.

Some of the nannies claim that even though they were taking care of eight children, they still were under strict instructions to make sure the house looked spotless. They were also not allowed to place purse on the floor.

5 Jon Has Hardly Seen Them

via:In Touch Weekly

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce can tell you that it is not a fun thing to deal with. But it is even harder when there are children involved.

Part of the reason that this is true is because some divorces can get pretty ugly, and usually, children get caught in the middle of it all. That is what happened when Jon and Kate when they called it quits.

According to msn.com, Kate made it very hard for Jon to see his own children when they split up. The children went from seeing both parents frequently to hardly ever being with their dad.

4 Madelyn And Cara Have Spoken Out Against Their Dad


There are many people who have rocky relationships with their family members at some point in their lives, and that seems to be the case for Jon, Madelyn, and Cara. Though things like that are not fun to go through, they are common.

When it comes to the Gosselin family, the twins and their father have not had a very close relationship for quite some time. Jon has talked about this, and the twins have spoken out against him. According to dailymail.co.uk, the girls have talked about the fact that they feel as though a relationship with their father would not be a very good idea. The twins simply do not have time for anything like that.

3 Leah’s Middle Name Is Hope


Picking a name for a child can be very hard, but there is certainly no shortage of great ones to pick from. There are a lot of wonderful first and middle names for new babies, and Hope is one of them.

That is where Leah Gosselin comes in. Her middle name is Hope. According to nameberry.com, this is a name that has an English background. Furthermore, it is actually very popular in both the US and England.

In the US, the name Hope has been extremely popular since the late 1800s, if not even longer than that. In England, Hope was the 167th most popular baby name in 2017.

2 Cara Really Enjoys School, But Madelyn Does Not


While it does seem, to everyone else, that twins are exactly alike, there can be some pretty big differences between them when it comes to their personalities. For example, when it comes to the Gosselin twins, one of the biggest differences is that Cara is a bit more on the calm, go with the flow side of things. But on the other hand, Madelyn is very feisty.

Another difference between the two of them was that Cara loved going to school when she was growing up, whereas Madelyn did not like it much. However, according to okmagazine.com, both of them did decide to attend college.

1 Six Of Them Share The Same Birthday


There are a lot of things that the Gosselin families have become famous for. However, according to verywellfamily.com, one of the first things people knew about them was the fact that six of them were born at the same time.

Having one baby at a time is hard enough, but it is hard to imagine what it feels like to give birth to six of them at once. However, that is exactly what Kate did. Although, she must have had an idea of what it would be like. After all, she had already given birth to the twins Cara and Madelyn before that.

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