20 Things We Never Knew About The Way Kris Jenner 'Momages' (Until Now)

Kanye West just did a Sunday Service at Coachella. His Easter weekend performance brought out several Kardashians, including his wife Kim, his sisters-in-law, Khloé and Kendall, and his mother-in-law, Kris, according to USAtoday.com.

Kris Jenner almost always makes the scene when it comes to big media events that influence popular culture. She is the head of a reality TV family that needs to stay relevant in order to remain powerful.

Kim's connection to Kanye has caused bad press now and then, but has also helped the Kardashian family to stay in the spotlight... not that this family needs much help with that. Kris brokers the deals for her kids and supports them in their endeavors. She earns money when her kids succeed. It's a win-win!

Kris Jenner is a momager and she has her own ways of "momaging." She learned how to be a momager as she went along. She's made some mistakes along the way, but, overall, is staggeringly successful. She's got the Midas Touch and she knows how to seize every single opportunity and turn it into pure gold.

Kris is an interesting woman, to say the least. Anyone who is curious about her should read every single entry on this list. The list is packed with fascinating facts about Kris' momager tactics.

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20 Kris Always Gets 10 Percent (And Maybe More)


Kris is making a fortune from her momager ways. This isn't news to anyone, but the amount that she's making is definitely significant. It may be a lot bigger than most people think. Right now, the estimated net worth of Kris Jenner, who earns at least 10 percent from deals and contracts related to her children, is a whopping $90 million, based on information from Celebritynetworth.com.

Someday, Kris may join the billionaire's club, just like her daughter Kylie has. Under Kris' genial manner, there is a mind like a steel trap. She maximizes every single opportunity and then reaps the financial rewards.

19 Hiding Kylie's Pregnancy Stressed Kris Out


Sometimes, Kris has to "stay mum" when it comes to her kids. When it came to Kylie's pregnancy, no one in the Kardashian clan was permitted to spill the beans. Interestingly, Kris may have been the driving force behind keeping the pregnancy as private as possible, even though hiding something that major is always stressful. People.com reported that Kris needed time to adjust to Kylie's pregnancy news and had concerns about how it would impact Kylie Cosmetics.

When Kylie became pregnant, she was just 20 years old. Sources revealed that there were worries that Kylie was too young for motherhood. Suffice it to say that Kylie has proved them wrong. She is a caring, responsible mom. Perhaps she has Kris Jenner to thank for that.

18 Kris Keeps Trying To Trademark The Word 'Momager'


Kris tried to trademark the word, "momager" in 2015, but her request was ultimately denied. In 2018, according to Wonderwall.com, she started trying to trademark "momager" again. Kris is a determined person. She wants that trademark!

During 2017, Kris did manage to make a deal which made it possible for her to trademark the word. Unfortunately, there were two big restrictions. The trademarked word couldn't be utilized for Internet programming or for reality television. Kris' 2018 claim may change that.

The word momager was prominently displayed on items from the Kris x Kylie collection. There was a "Momager Lip Collection."

17 Caitlyn Says Kris Stole The Idea for 'KUWTK' From Her


When long-term couples go through breakups, we see new sides of them. They show different aspects of their personalities. Sometimes, they grow in positive ways. Sometimes, there is bad behavior which comes as a bit of a surprise. They say that you never really know someone that you're married to until you end your marriage to that person. Everyone has layers.

Caitlyn has certainly had a lot to say about her marriage to Kris, which wasn't said until they were no longer romantically involved. Caitlyn indicated that the idea for KUWTK was hers, rather than being Kris Jenner's idea. Caitlyn said that Kris stole the idea for the show, according to Nickiswift.com.

16 Kris 'Momages' All Six Kids


Kris pushes herself pretty hard when it comes to momaging. She's momaging every one of her kids. Kris has a lot of plates spinning. Each of her grown-up offspring want her attention. She has to make choices in terms of who gets her time each day.

On KUWTK, Kim would sometimes get frustrated when her momager mother made mistakes. Kris was often stretched a bit too thin. However, it's obvious that this is one way that Kris wants to live. She wants action, excitement, and profits. According to Etonline.com, she created Kim Kardashian and she's done the same for her other kids.

15 Kris Used To Be A Stewardess — Now She's A Tycoon


Did you know that Kris Jenner used to be a stewardess? She worked for a USA Airline, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website. Kris also dabbled in modeling. In some of her test shots, which were meant to help her get started as a fashion model, she strongly resembles Kourtney. The mouth and eyes look almost exactly the same. She also resembles Kendall quite a bit.

Kris is five-foot-six, so she was a little on the short side to make it in modeling. She now gets to live vicariously through her daughter, Kendall, who is five-foot-ten. Kendall is living the supermodel dream.

14 Kris Worried That Caitlyn's Memoir Would Hurt Their Brand


This showbiz matriarch needs to keep the family brand thriving. When Caitlyn Jenner released a tell-all bio, Kris wasn't too happy about how she was portrayed, according to Intouchweekly.com. Caitlyn's bio spanned the decades and included plenty of juicy information about Caitlyn's Olympic achievements. It also included controversial facts about Kris and Caitlyn's marriage.

Kris dazzled Caitlyn with her capacity to apply lip liner flawlessly without a mirror, but some negative opinions of Kris also surfaced in the book, including the fact that Kris would control all of the family cash and control everything about their lives. This bio by Caitlyn caused a rift in the family that hasn't healed completely.

13 She Signed Off on Kylie's Makeover


Kylie has owned up to changing her looks, although she may not tell everyone everything about what she has done to get the image that she wants. The thing is, parents need to sign off these makeovers for minors.

Would you sign off on this for a teenage child?

A report published at the Inquisitr.com website indicated that Kylie changed her appearance in 2015 when she was a teen, and that Kris signed the papers for it. A source did reveal that Kris and Caitlyn (then known as Bruce) tried to convince Kylie to wait, but she was unwilling to.

12 Caitlyn Says That Kris Hoards Money


Kris is into flaunting her wealth. She parades around in loud Versace outfits that cost a fortune and practically scream, "new money." Flaunting an enviable lifestyle is definitely a Kardashian thing. Fans want to see how one percenters live. Critics want to tear the Kardashian family down. All publicity is generally good publicity. Whether commentary is positive or negative, the Kardashians win by staying in the public eye.

Inquisitr.com reported that Caitlyn felt that Kris had been hoarding money for years during their marriage. Kris and Caitlyn went their separate ways in 2014. Then, Caitlyn wrote a book. The hoarding money accusation was one more jab that Caitlyn delivered to her ex, Kris Jenner.

11 Her Grandchildren Call Her Lovey


It's not surprising that Kris wants a more glamorous tag than "grandma." She prefers to be called "Lovey" by next-gen Kardashians, based on information from the Dailymail.co.uk website. She dotes on her grandchildren and may just become a "Gramager" to them someday.

Kris became "Lovey" for the first time in 2009, when daughter Kourtney had a son named Mason. More grandchildren soon followed. Rob, Kylie, Kim, and Khloé have all had kids. Kendall is not yet a mother, however.

In late January of 2019, Kris was preparing for grandchild number 10. That baby will be born by surrogate and the baby's anticipated due date is May. The baby will be Kim and Kanye's fourth child.

10 She's Giving Kylie The Most Attention Right Now


Does Kris play favorites, depending on which kids are enjoying the most success at any given moment? This has been implied by some of her own celebrity offspring. Kim used to be considered the favorite. Kim was the most famous initially... and Kris was right by her side, using her steely intelligence (which her daughter, who is now studying law, clearly shares) to help Kim get the best deals.

Now that Kylie has attained billionaire status, thanks to her hugely-successful makeup brand, Kris has grown closer to Kylie, according to Bravotv.com. This perceived favoritism may simply be a reflection of needing to spend more time with the offspring whose businesses are thriving. It's a momager thing.

9 She Pushed Kim To Do A Racy Photo Shoot


Kris has a very relaxed attitude towards racy pics of her grown-up children. Kris has gotten flak for putting money and fame ahead of instilling the right values in her children. Some people find it weird how Kris pushes her offspring to do projects that include showing off a lot of flesh.

Anyway, Kris pushed Kim to do a racy photo shoot. Kim says that she regrets doing the whole racy pictorial, according to Jezebel.com. Suffice it to say that Kris is a wily enough momager to know what sells and gets attention. She pushed Kim to do the shoot (for a magazine with the iconic bunny logo) because it would be good for the brand.

8 Kris Helped Do A Deal For Kim's 'Leaked' Video


You are probably already familiar with the infamous "leaked video" that featured Kim Kardashian and Ray J. The reality of the situation is that a tape like this can't really be leaked without serious legal consequences. There are contracts that need to be signed by all parties shown in the tape before it can be shown or sold online. Those contracts were signed.

According to the Nationalenquirer.com, Kris was one who brokered the deal for the tape. The National Enquirer characterized Kris a "ruthless" momager who would do almost anything for cold, hard cash. The tabloid also said that a lawsuit between Kim and the company that released the video was fake.

7 She Used Khloé's Most Intense Insecurity To Boost Ratings


Kris has gotten criticism and some of it may be valid. Of course, everyone as famous as Kris Jenner is going to have detractors. Kris may have invited criticism by exploiting Khloe's most intense worries to jack up ratings for KUWTK.

Khloé doesn't really have a strong resemblance to her mother or sisters, or to her brother, Rob. Khloé has questioned her parentage. It's something that she's spent a long time thinking about.

According to Bgenetics.com, Kris was unfaithful during her marriage to Robert Kardashian Sr. So, Kris ordered a DNA test for her female offspring. The whole DNA drama was put out there for the world to see.

6 Rob Has Become Very Dependent On Kris


Has Rob Kardashian lived up to his potential? A lot of people would say "no" based on all of the drama that went down when Rob and Blac Chyna broke up. Rob is a college graduate who has a business degree. He used to do some modeling, too. These days, he is not making much money (that we know of). Kris even used her own cash to buy out his struggling sock company.

Rob has had to keep a lower profile due to legal tangles related to putting some very sketchy stuff about his ex, Blac Chyna, online. He has also struggled with personal fitness. According to Celebuzz.com, Kris has bailed Rob out more than once...

5 Kris Likes To Keep Her Children Under Tight Control


Kris once felt panicky because Khloé was considering moving out of California, to New York City. You may have seen that drama unfold while watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Khloe ultimately rethought things and decided to stay in Cali, but Kris admitted that she preferred to keep her children close. It's a control thing.

Kris Jenner is a Scorpio, like her daughter, Kendall, according to Astrotheme.com. Scorpios are known for needing a lot of control over the people in their lives. Scorpios love power. Kris has amassed a lot of power through her momager activities. She is hugely influential.

4 Kris Says Her Daughters Get Six Figures For Social Media Ads


Paid promotional posts on social media are everywhere these days. Some people may find them a bit of a turn-off. When very rich celebs start shilling for companies on a certain photo-sharing social network, they have to let people know that their posts are ads. You've probably seen the telltale #ad hashtag, right? Maybe you don't mind when celebs promote stuff? Everyone has their own opinion.

Anyway, Kris revealed that her offspring get six figures for their social media posts, according to Thejasminebrands.com. Kris says most people would take the cash if they had access to the same opportunities. Fair enough — she has a point.

3 Kris Pressured Caitlyn (Then Bruce) To Make More Money


Kris was always eager to amass major wealth. Caitlyn says that Kris made it clear that Caitlyn should be out there, earning as much cash as possible. Of course, Caitlyn had done very well for herself before marrying Kris. Caitlyn was known as Bruce Jenner and Bruce was a very famous Olympian.

After marrying Kris, and before Bruce's transition, Kris encouraged new money-making initiatives. Kris would manage her spouse. Bruce began to do more lucrative speaking engagements. When he transitioned, he became Caitlyn, who is now a she. Caitlyn began saying a lot of stuff about Kris Jenner. Kris says she "made Caitlyn richer," according to Hollywoodgossip.com.

2 Her 2013 Talk Show Was A Rare Failure


If Kris was a pro baseball player, she'd have an amazing batting average. She hits the target so often. She did have one notable failure. It was a talk show that never really took off. Interestingly, daughter Khloe also had a talk show that didn't go the distance.

Talk shows are a lot different than reality TV. They require different skills. According to the Hollywoodreporter.com website, one TV exec from the Fox network found Kris' talk show "uninteresting."

Oh well, you can't win them all. The show had a test run that lasted six weeks and that was the end of it.

1 Kris Doesn't Take 'No' For An Answer


Kris is relentless when she wants something. She doesn't believe in taking no for an answer, according to Cnbc.com. She wants her way and will work hard to get it. Based on what she's earned and how well she is known, her philosophy is paying off, although she sure has a lot of critics. Everyone isn't singing her praises.

Kris has decided that fame and money are key. She wants to keep her empire strong. She's come a long way from her stewardess days. She's totally in control of her life now. Kris is the boss. She is in charge.

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