18 Things We're Still Learning About Jessica Simpson's Firstborn

Seriously. Did anyone ever think that pop star and mogul Jessica Simpson was ever going to give birth to a wallflower?

Nope. That was not going to happen.

Jessica is now awaiting the arrival of her third child with her hubby Eric Johnson, but it is Jess's firstborn daughter that is really starting to show her personality and take the world by storm. Little Maxwell is one fun little girl. We are loving the snippets of personality that we are getting now that Max is old enough to rock a style all her own and share her feelings about the world with us.

This kiddo is about as delightful and colorful as they get. No doubt a whole lot of that bubbling spirit comes from her mother. We can't wait to watch Maxwell grow up and seize the world around her. Will she follow in her mother's business savvy, singing footsteps or choose a life path all her own. Whatever it is that this little girl decides to do, one thing is for sure: she is going to slay it no doubt.

Here are 20 things that are slowing coming to light about little Maxwell Drew Simpson.

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18 She has a favorite makeup item

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Maxwell loves makeup, lots of little girls her age do! Considering she looks up to her mother, beauty mogul Jessica Simpson, it's no great surprise that Max has taken to lipsticks and high heels. At six years old Maxwell already has a favorite makeup item. Her mother says that while she and Eric allow Max to play around and express herself through makeup application, they don't usually let her put on mascara. That stuff can get pretty messy, especially with kids. Of course, because it is on the no-no list, it is automatically one of Max's favorite go-to items.

17 She asks a LOT of questions

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Of course, Maxwell was going to grow up to be inquisitive, just look at her mama. Jessica did once pose this famous question to the world: Is Chicken of the Sea chicken, or is it tuna? Forever the curious child, Max and her brother Ace are now asking some pretty hilarious questions about their newest sibling that is baking in mom's belly. Jess and Eric can't help but giggle at some of the inquiries that come out of their kiddos' mouths, but they also try and diplomatically answer the inquiries they have without completely traumatizing them with the facts.

16 Maxwell is bold and brave

via abcnews.go.com

Jessica posted this picture of little Max on one of her social media channels and captioned it, "fearless." Yup, running through the chilled temps of winter oceans fully clothed is something a fearless kid would engage in. Maxwell is all about the present and the fun, and we love her spirit. You can almost feel it exploding out of this picture. Be free little one. Run, get wet, let your hair down and live your best life. We should all take a page from this kid's book.

15 Her name has a family connection

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When Eric and Jess discovered that they would be having a baby girl, they put a lot of love and thought behind their girl's moniker. The result got mixed reviews from fans, but their families had nothing but love for the baby's name. Maxwell is daddy' Eric's middle name and Drew is the maiden name of Max's grandma, Jessica's mother, Tina. It seemed essential to the couple that their first born child has a name that represented both sides of the genetic pool. We love the result. The name seems to suit the little firecracker perfectly.

14 Max has a knack for modeling

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When it comes to future endeavors and opportunities in life, the world is Maxwell's oyster. She is of course only six, thus has plenty of time to decide what she wants to be when she grows up, but her mom thinks that she might have a future in modeling. Heaven knows that she is cute enough for the job. Maxwell is all about the runway right now, so much so that Jessica has to leave her home during fashion events because she worries Max might take over the show!

13 She had an epic sixth birthday party

While most six-year-olds who we know are celebrating another trip around the sun at the nearest bowling alley with their schoolmates, Maxwell rang in the year of six to a banging The Greatest Showman party. The whole family got into character, with Maxwell taking center stage as the trapeze artist, Anne Wheeler. Mama Jess even paid for actors to come and portray other characters in the movie. If this whole business mogul thing doesn't shake out for Jessica, she should genuinely look into event planning as a career. She seems to have a knack for it.

12  Maxwell can't wait to be a big sister again

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It's safe to say that the entire Johnson family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their newest baby girl. While everyone is pretty pumped for kiddo number three, little Max is especially thrilled for another sibling. Maxwell is helping mom plan out the nursery and eager to show the newest fashionista all the best outfits and makeup out there. Sources say that big sister Max is continually talking about the new baby. She will tell anyone who will listen about the bundle of joy. Jess is winding down in her pregnancy, so the family won't have to wait for much longer.

11 Maxwell was Jess's first bundle of joy

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Jess always wanted a family to love on, and before meeting Eric, she endured some very high profile flops in the love department. For a minute there it probably felt as if she would never find true love and become a mother. Eric, of course, made that dream come true when their first baby, Maxwell came into the world. Max was a pretty big baby by all accounts. She was nearly ten pounds at birth. Will baby number three rank up there with Max's delivery numbers? We kind of hope for poor Jess's sake no.

10 She loves to match mommy

via hellomagazine.com

The mommy and daughter team rocked these Dolce and Gabbana dresses to a spring function and all of our hearts exploded at the sight of them. Jess and her mini-me really are the best of friends, with similar tastes it seems. It's so sweet that Maxwell looks up to her fashionista mama and wants to be dressing exactly like her. To be fair, if our mothers dressed like Jessica Simpson, we would want to copy her looks too. We wonder if D&G makes this print in newborn size? Soon there will be another little lady to play dress up with the gals.

9 Maxwell was supposed to be an only child for a bit longer

via moms.com

After Jess and Eric discovered that they were expecting little Max, they made plans to have their daughter, let life slow down a bit and start planning a wedding. After checking a few of those boxes, they would certainly consider adding more babies to the mix. Life doesn't always follow our well laid out plans however and little Ace came along a whole lot sooner than the pair had initially intended. He and Maxwell are only a year and a half apart. The couple did get married back in 2014 in a beautiful California wedding where their two kids were a significant component of the celebration.

8 Maxwell and her brother got matching puppies for Christmas

via ultrashihtzu.com

We guess Max and her brother Ace were on Santa's nice list this past year. They were so good in fact that they woke up Christmas morning to two new puppies! The kiddos were all smiles are they posed for the camera holding their tiny Shih Tzu pups. Most kids get Barbie dolls or legos from Santa. Not Jess Simpson's darlings though. This mom is known for going over the top when it comes to parties, outfits, and gifts, so of course, she would have tiny puppies awaiting under the Christmas tree for the children. Puppies and babies in 2019 that is going to be a busy year for the family.

7 Maxwell was pretty shaken up over the California fires

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It's understandable that the raging California fires that were recently experienced by West Coasters shook up some of Hollywood's children. Cali is their home, their haven, the place where they place with their toys and run around their palatial backyards. Maxwell Johnson and her family had to undergo an evacuation when the fires started to creep towards their home. It was worrisome, to be sure, and when she returned home, she made sure to hug every single stuffed animal that she had left behind. Thankfully, the Johnston homestead got spared by the fires.

6 She is the boss at home

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This firstborn girl certainly makes sure her younger sibling Ace knows who is boss around the homestead. Jess revealed in an interview that Maxi makes sure her little sibling knows who is in charge. We wonder how long it will take for Maxwell to get her newest sibling to fall in line under her oldest sibling rule. Our guess is it won't be long before baby number three is taking orders from Max and trying to dress up and act just like her big sister. Get ready for the Jessica and Ashley Simpson reboot once the new baby comes along! Sisters really are the best.

5 Maxwell is very similar to her famous Auntie

via dailymail.co.uk

According to Jess, Max is almost identical to her famous aunt, Ashley Simpson. Jess says that basically, the two are the same person, with a bit of an age difference. Mama Jess said that she is forever mixing the two of them up, calling Max Ash, and yelling for Ash when she means to yell for Max. It has to be so much fun for mother Jessica to watch her beloved firstborn daughter and her only sister bond. When it comes to having a cool Aunt, Maxwell certainly hit the jackpot. Ashley is all about being free-spirited and fun-loving. We can see how these two gravitate towards one another.

4 Maxwell once met a real princess

via kgor.iheart.com

Back in 2017 Jessica Simpson and Maxwell Drew attended the 2017 Princess Grace Awards in Los Angeles and it was there that Maxwell came face to face with a real princess. Little Max was given the honor of presenting Princess Charlene with a bouquet. Watching the interaction at the event was almost too much for Jessica. She could barely hide her emotions. On that day all of Maxwell's princess dreams came true. What a special day for this special mother-daughter team. Max looks right at home standing next to a real-life princess in that red dress.

3 Jessica thinks Max is really looking like her daddy

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Jessica Simpson thinks that her daughter and her son looks exactly like their father, Eric Johnson. We certainly see the resemblance between the retired pro-footballer, but we have to say, Maxwell looks a whole lot like her mother as well. For starters, that pouty lip that we so often see Maxwell sporting is all her mother's. Her ability to strike a pose at a moment's notice and work the camera also comes from her famous mother. At best, Max is a [retty solid mix of both of her parents best qualities. We can't wait to see how much the new baby girl looks like Jessica and Max.

2 Max loves to horseback ride

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Jessica was raised in Texas, so it's only natural that her little girl has a bit of cowgirl in her. Maxwell has been learning to ride horses for a few years now and loves it. While Maxi Drew took right to her Texan roots, Jessica doesn't ever get atop a horse. Most people think that she enjoys horseback riding because of where she was born and raised, but the truth is the opposite of that. Horseback riding is one activity that Maxwell and her mother will not be partaking in together. Max is going to have to yeehaw all by herself.

1 She is tech-savvy

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Jessica and Eric's little girl is just like all of our kids; she can outsmart her parents when it comes to technology Jessica revealed in one recent interview that when it comes to computers and phones, her daughter is brighter and quicker than she is. We hear you, Jessica. It takes us months to learn the ins and outs of our new devices, but this next generation can work apps and swipe around like its nobody's business. If the future modeling thing doesn't pan out, maybe an Apple internship could work out for Maxwell. Beauty and brains and a fun loving personality, this kid has it all.

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