20 Things Women Don’t Realize Make The First Outing With Baby Harder

There's a lot of discussion surrounding a newborn's first outing. Many people claim that there's the right time to do this and waiting until this time is necessary. After all, there are a lot of things out in the world that can be hard on newborn children. Also, a child tends to need some time to develop at home before they can fully confront the real world. In this article, we'll touch upon whether or not it's actually truthful that a child should wait until a specific time as well as if it's even helpful to think this way.

Being helpful is the goal of this list, as many moms tend to worry about things they don't need to be concerned about when they take their child out for the first time. Additionally, there are things that need to be crossed off in the mind of every parent before they take their child out into the world. If we can help make life a little easier on new parents, that is exactly what we are going to strive to do. After all, some things don't need to be as challenging as they first appear to be. Without further ado, here are 20 things women don't realize make the first outing with the baby harder.

20 Jumping Far In The Deep-End With The Baby And Even Maybe A Dog

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Jumping in the deep end isn't helpful when taking a newborn out for the first time. This means that you want to pick really simple tasks for your first outing and not take on more than you can handle. This includes physically, such as picking up a bunch of groceries or even taking your dog for a walk simultaneously. If you have to balance a playful dog with a newborn baby, it can get to be a lot pretty swiftly. If you keep things simple and then slowly start to add on more tasks, you will be able to adapt to this new change in your life. Chances are, you will be on high alert with a newborn. So, try to make things as easy on yourself as possible. At least, at first.

19 Thinking There's A Picture Perfect Date To Do It... Or Anything For That Matter

So, now onto the million dollar question; is there a right time to take a baby out for the first time? Chances are, you've heard that you shouldn't take a kid out for the first few weeks of their life. This is pretty old-school parenting and isn't entirely accurate. The truth is, most experts think that there isn't a right or wrong time to do this. In many cases, a bit of fresh air can be really good for a newborn. This is particularly true if they've been kept in a poorly ventilated room. However, there are a number of things that new parents should be thinking about when it comes to taking their child out for the first time. Many of these things are included on this list. But thinking that you should wait until a specific date will actually make the whole task far harder than it needs to be.

18 Not Timing Those Outings Really Strategically

As we've just mentioned, there isn't a magical date that says it's appropriate for a newborn to be taken outside of the first time. But there definitely are specific times that are better than others. But these specific times have the most to do with avoiding big crowds who could be carrying things that aren't good for the baby to come across. Additionally, things like traffic, busy grocery store and restaurant times, and stormy weather can make the whole process far more challenging than it needs to be. So when you are planning to take your baby out for the very first time, using some strategic thinking will be super helpful in making the whole event far more smooth than it would otherwise be.

17 Having The Wrong Baby Carrier Will Cause Havok

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It's really common for parents to use an assortment of baby carrying devices to ferry their little one out into the real world. Even if they are just going down the street to the coffee shop, a baby carrier can make their lives so much easier. Not to mention, it's one of the safest ways of taking a baby out. But choosing the wrong one can lead to an assortment of problems. Aside from their safety, a fidgety baby carrier can make things far more irritating and challenging for a mom. If they have to constantly fix and adjust the carrier, it can make things far more complicated than they need to be. This is why it's really important that the right baby carrier is purchased and that moms know how to use it. This means getting to know the purpose of each and every strap.

16 Ignoring Those Who Actually Offer Their Help

Moms, accept help when it's given to you. it's easily one of the most important ways of avoiding unnecessary challenges when taking the baby out for the very first time. A partner, family member, or friend who actually wants to help you will make life so much easier. You will be able to access some of the bags you will take with you as the person accompanying you can make sure the baby is safe and sound. Additionally, reaching things, carrying things, and dealing with an assortment of baby-related issues can be dealt with far more easily when in the company of a helpful individual. Genuine help doesn't come as often as it should, so denying it when it does would be a big no-no.

15 Not Taking Care Of YOUR Very Basic Needs

Not taking care of your babies typical and specific need while taking them out for the first time is definitely going to make things a tad harder than they need to be. This is pretty obvious. What's less obvious is the importance of taking care of YOUR very basic needs. This includes staying hydrated. A baby needs their mother to be on high-alert when they are taking them out for the first time. Being dehydrated only makes it tougher to accomplish that goal. Being well rested and well-fed is also equally as important for taking care of a baby out in the real world. As per the airplane instructions, you must be able to put your oxygen mask on before helping someone else out with theirs.

14 Yes, Not Having Endless Diapers Will Make Things REALLY Challenging

Stock on those diapers, moms. Seriously, having a ton of them on your person when you take your baby out for the first time will be very helpful. Not having all the necessary diapers with you only makes things far more challenging than they need to be. Chances are, your baby will need to go while you're out, even if you time your outings according to your child's movements. It's just Murphy's Law that they will have to go at the most inconvenient of times. Therefore, you will need to have something for them to change into. And one extra diaper just isn't enough. You always want to have as many as you can it into your bag in case you lose one or something happens to them. Plus you want to have a bunch of clean ones to avoid any of the smells that other citizens don't want to be experiencing.

13 Aside From Diapers - If That Baby Bag Isn't Full, Issues Will Arise

The big baby-bag that you carry with you on your first outing with a child should be filled with an assortment of goodies designed to make this experience far easier on you. Diapers, as we said easier, are a given. But there are a number of other things that you should be carrying. These items will help with an assortment of issues that may arise. Some are self-explanatory, others have to do with the purpose of each item. Among these items, you should have an extra pair of baby socks with you, in case the ones the baby is wearing get soiled or aren't warm enough. Lotions, wipes, a sweater, blanket, and baby bottles full of milk are also smart things to have with you. All of which will definitely make things less challenging.

12 If A Mom Isn't The Master Of The Car Seat, It's A Big No-No

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Not mastering the intricacies of a car seat will surely make things harder on that first outing if you're transporting the baby via a vehicle. The truth is, it takes most parents a long time to fully understand and act upon proper car-seat safety. A 2016 study of nearly 300 families, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, found 91% of parents made truly notable mistakes while installing their car seats or putting their newborns into them. If you are unsure of how to properly adjust a car seat or how to strap your child in safely, you can enlist a passenger safety technician. They can be found through the National Child Passenger Safety Certification site. Doing your research on how to use a car seat with a newborn will also make your trip out far more successful.

11 Thinking Like A Fashion Consultant

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Many moms want a Pinterest baby. They want them to be aesthetically pleasing, exceptionally cute, and totally fashion-forward. This thinking is not only a tad silly but also makes it far harder when taking your kid out for the very first time. Comfort is far more important to a baby than cuteness. Seriously, if you underdress or overdress your baby for fashion reasons, you will be doing them a massive disservice. They need to be the right temperature or else they will be very uncomfortable and, in turn, make you really uncomfortable. Clothing that is easy to put on and take off is also a smart bet as you never know when you'll need to adjust.

10 Expecting Everything Will Go Precisely As Planned Is Foolish

Mothers who spend too much time trying to make their first outing perfect and wonderfully safe for their child are going to be in for an uncomfortable and inconvenient truth; that nothing ever goes as planned. You want to be as prepared as you possibly can be for pretty much any scenario, including, and especially, a change in the weather, as well as diaper changes. But you can't expect that being prepared will allow you to avoid inconvenience and any random roadblocks that may come your way. Allowing your mind to be prepared for things that you just cannot prepare for will allow you to worry far less about the whole experience and thus make things far easier.

9 Playing Any Other Position Than Defense

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A really great piece of advice when taking a child out for the first time is a sports analogy; you want to be playing defense as opposed to the goalie or a forward. Any other position will make things far more difficult on you and the baby when you go out for the first time. Being defensive will allow you to avoid a number of potential problems that may occur. A good example of this is the number of random strangers who may want to come up and interact with your cute baby. It's totally acceptable to ask them not to touch your baby as you never know what they have on their hands. Avoiding busy places such as the mall or big stores can also be helpful. Defend your baby from germs, other people, and animals at all costs. That is your job.

8 Making Breastfeeding A Priority While On The Go

Making breastfeeding a priority when you go out is only going to make things more difficult. Don't get us wrong, there's nothing bad about feeding your baby in public. it's one of the most natural things that you can do. But doing this while you're in an environment that you can't control during the first time you take your baby out isn't a smart idea unless you absolutely have to do it. So many things could go in a bad direction and it will also just cause you to be on an even higher alert than you need to be. You want to try and time your feedings properly. Meaning that your baby is well fed before you leave the house. This will help you avoid any crying fits they may have thanks to having a grumbling stomach.

7 Not Being A Really Big Nerd With A First-Aid Kit On Hand

Being a really big nerd and carrying around a first-aid kit that's suitable for a newborn is a really intelligent idea when trying to make your first outing with them go as swimmingly as humanly possible. You never know what can happen you go out. A number of things could come up that will cause you to need the contents of a typical first-aid kit. Hopefully, none of the items inside will be necessary, but if they are they can be extremely helpful to both you and your baby. These kits can be stored in your purse or in your car for easy access. They should include things such as a thermometer, gauze, antibacterial cream, antihistamine, and saline drops.

6 Only Having One Means Of Transportation

Say your first big outing with your child is taking your child out to the corner store to pick up some supplies for the house. This seems like a very simple task, right? Well, it can prove to be far more difficult if your baby's stroller won't fit down the aisles of the store. This is precisely why it's important to have more than one way of carrying your child around while out for the first time, or anytime for that matter. This could mean that you have a stroller or a small baby carrier but also have a car seat that turns into a carrier. Many moms will leave a carrier in their child's stroller just in case they need it. This is a brilliant idea and will help you navigate a number of different scenarios.

5 Choosing Fancy Places That Aren't Right For Kids

Your baby isn't suitable for every environment, whether you like that truth or not. You may want to take them to a fancy cafe or restaurant when meeting up with your friends, but this could add a number of difficulties to your day, especially if it's on your first outing. A fancy resultant or cafe means that there are a number of expensive things that a baby could mess-up by accident. Additionally, the clientele of these places aren't too thrilled with the prospect of a crying baby. Environments such as these ones aren't great for a mom who is totally on-guard. This doesn't mean that you can only go to McDonald's or Chuckie Cheese, it just means that you have to choose your locations more carefully to avoid any unnecessary complications to your first outing. Once you know how to properly control the moods of your baby, you can start going to fancier places.

4 Believing That Baby Toys Will Just Keep You Down

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Some moms believe that carrying a bunch of their baby's toys will just make their bags or strollers heavier and more inconvenient. But the truth is, not having a couple of your newborn's favorite toys while on an outing with them can make things more challenging. A toy is a great way to comfort a child while they are in an environment that is totally different to them. They may feel really out of place and need that reminder of home when they are out. Additionally, toys act as great tools of distraction should you have a handsy baby on your hands. So make sure you pick two or three of their smaller and most beloved toys to have with you. You never know when you may need them.

3 Undervaluing Prior Advice From A Doctor Or Other Expert

Undervaluing information that doctors and other experts have given you about your child's first outing will only make things more challenging. Although these medical experts aren't always correct, most of the time they are totally on point. If they think you need to wait a little bit before taking a kid outside than you should be listening to them. Additionally, if they think that waiting too long will make things harder for you, they are probably correct. If these experts give you more specific advice about the how, what, and where of it all, taking what they say seriously will only help you. Don't forget, these doctors have your child's best interest at heart.

2 Skipping Vaccines May Be Fine To Start With But Not By The End Of The Outing

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We live in a time where some individuals claim that vaccines aren't safe for children and should be avoided. Anyone who knows a thing about science and medicine thinks that these opinions are totally unfounded and quite harmful to children as well as society as a whole, meaning that it's a necessity that you get your child vaccinated. That doesn't mean that you don't need to do your research as not every vaccine is right for your child. But listening to the opinions of your child's doctor is a must. Even parents who plan on getting their child vaccinated but delay them may be causing unintended hardships on their child during their first outing. If a child isn't properly vaccinated that can be susceptible to things that are traveling around others in the real world.

1 Forgetting That All-Important Hat And Sunscreen

One of the biggest concerns that doctors have when it comes to babies leaving the house for the first time has to do with the sun. They want to remind mothers that forgetting to give your child the right hat or item that will protect them from the sun will make this experience far more challenging than it needs to be. A child will start feeling really uncomfortable if they are in too much direct sunlight. Therefore, you will be scrambling to find shade and other means of protection. Simply having the right hat, cover for your stroller, or umbrella will make life so much easier. Just avoid draping a blanket over their stroller or putting on sunscreen before they are allowed to have any on their sensitive skin.

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