20 Things Women Might Forget To Consider When Buying Clothes For The Newborn

Buying clothes for a newborn is one of the most exciting things that pregnant women get to do when they first find out that they are expecting. Walking through the baby aisle in a store suddenly feels different because there is now a sense of belonging. Picking out those cute little adorable outfits will easily become a favorite pass-time. However, there are a lot of mistakes that expecting parents might make when it comes to buying clothes for their newborn.

It’s no surprise that having a baby is not cheap. Those bills start adding up fast and it can be easy to go overboard in the clothes department simply because you are overly excited about all the cute outfits your baby will wear.

By doing your due research before you get lost in the baby section of a store, you might be able to save yourself a lot of time and money. During pregnancy, our emotions are running high and we often don’t think logically or rationally about things. Because of this, there are actually a lot of things that women forget to consider when it comes to buying clothes for their newborn, and here are 20 of them.

20 Designer Clothes Are A Waste Of Money

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While it may sound super cool to dress your newborn in the most expensive, brand name baby clothes, the reality of it is just not that simple.

Babies are very messy and unpredictable. The last thing you want is for a poop explosion or spit up to get all over a super expensive outfit that you just put them in. When it comes to newborns, a lot of the clothes you put them in will get ruined in the beginning.

This is just the realistic truth of having a baby. So, why would you waste your money on designer brands? According to She Knows, designers are targeting younger audiences, but paying hundreds of dollars for an outfit that will get dirty or soon be outgrown is just not smart.

19 Your Baby Will Grow Fast

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Babies grow incredibly fast and it’s no surprise that this means they will soon outgrow many of their outfits. According to BabyCenter, your newborn baby could go through many different sizes of clothing in a relatively short amount of time. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is something that new moms should be aware of.

You don’t want five dressers full of super tiny newborn clothes that your baby was only able to wear for a week. The fact that your baby is a growing machine should be in your head while you are shopping for baby clothes so you don’t keep buying sizes that you already have enough of.

18 They Might Be Bigger Than Most Newborns

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Another important thing to remember is that you don’t know what size your baby will be until after they are born. So, you could have a ton of little infant outfits that are too small for your baby from the beginning.

Some babies are born weighing only 6 pounds, while others are born closer to 10 pounds. This makes a big difference when it comes to clothing that will fit these different size babies.

This is why BabyCenter warns expecting parents of buying a lot of outfits that are only for newborns. Parents actually don’t need a lot of “newborn” size clothing because you don’t know what size your newborn will be.

17 Consider Comfort

comfy baby clothes

Everyone likes being comfortable and this is especially true for newborn babies. I know there are so many spectacular looking outfits in stores today, but when it comes to your newborn, moms should really think about comfort.

Look for soft materials and simple little outfits. Your baby’s main priority is going to be eating, sleeping, and pooping. They don’t care about making a fashion statement when they are fresh out of the womb.

According to Live About, babies are happier when they are more comfortable. And, this makes for a happier and more peaceful house as well. Your baby will also sleep better in comfy clothes.

16 Newborns Sleep A Lot

newborns sleep a lot

Speaking of sleeping, newborns sleep a lot! I know it might not seem that way for some moms who are running on no sleep, but according to BabyCentre.co.uk, newborns sleep over 16 hours in a day. That is a lot of time spent tucked away with no one really knowing what they are wearing.

This is why newborn outfits really are insignificant in these early stages. No one is really going to see their outfits, and all the baby cares about is feeling comfortable so they can keep sleeping. And, if the baby sleeps well, so do the parents.

15 Get Pajamas Over Outfits

baby pajamas sleeping cute

Like we’ve been discussing, babies spend most of their early days sleeping. Because of this, it makes more sense for moms-to-be to shop for really comfortable pajamas and clothes for their baby to sleep in.

It’s a very common mistake to buy a ton of cute outfits and extravagant clothes for your baby and only buy one or two cute pajama outfits. It’s just the way our brain naturally thinks.

We don’t need that many pajamas, so why would a baby? Well, babies can have diaper explosions while they sleep, or spit up on themselves. Like BabyCentre explained, when they are spending over 16 hours a day sleeping, they are going to need a lot more pajamas than outfits.

14 Don’t Buy Clothes Until After Your Shower

opening baby shower gifts

According to BabyCenter, clothes are the number one gift that people attending baby showers give. Often times, guests ignore the parents’ registry and simply opt for the cute outfits instead because it’s more fun for them to buy.

However, when you already bought all the clothes that your baby needs, it can create a real hassle for you. Some moms-to-be end up taking all the clothes they received at the shower back and then still don’t have the items they need for their baby.

Because of this, it is usually advised for parents to hold off on buying a lot of baby clothes until after their baby shower. That way they can keep most of the outfits they receive.

13 Buy In Small Amounts

buy in small amounts baby clothes

Like we mentioned earlier, babies grow very fast. They may only wear a certain outfit or certain sizes for a week or two. Because of this, it is smart for parents to only buy in small amounts.

If they notice that their baby is staying the same size for a while, they can always run to the store and buy some more of those sizes, but it’s better than buying a ton of clothes that your baby will outgrow almost immediately. Some parents don’t even use all the outfits they had in a certain size because their babies grew too fast which is why BabyCenter suggests buying baby clothes and sizes in small amounts.

12 When In Doubt, Buy Larger Sizes

buy larger size baby clothes

Another trick that moms-to-be should remember is that if you are ever in doubt about what sizes to get or if you have enough of a certain type of outfit, always buy larger sizes. This is a safe rule to follow because you know your baby will grow into them.

If you buy smaller sizes, you run the risk of your baby growing too fast and not even having time to wear them. BabyCenter even suggests that parents use the bigger sizes that they buy because they can always roll up pant legs or tuck in shirts that are too long, but if the clothes are too small they are just wasted.

11 The Ease Of Putting It On/Off

dressing undressing baby difficulty

While some of those baby outfits can be super adorable on a manikin at the store, in reality, you don’t want baby outfits that are super hard or complicated to put on and take off. Your main priority as a mom is going to be keeping your baby happy. If they are struggling to get arms and legs in or out of certain outfits, they are going to get fussy.

And, when you are an overtired new mom, a fussy baby struggling in an outfit and fighting a diaper change is not what you want. According to PopSugar, less time on the changing table is always better. Clothing that is designed for functionality is the best way to accomplish this.

10 Will The Diaper Changes Be Simple In It?

changing diaper difficulty

Diaper changes are one of those things that every parent knows they can’t avoid. According to New Kids Center, newborn babies should have about 10 soiled diapers every single day.

That means the parents will have to take off their baby’s clothes or outfit and put it back on at least 10 times every day. Because of this, it is super important to shop for baby clothes that will allow for easy access to the diaper region. Anything that will make your life easier during these changes should be a priority when it comes to shopping for baby clothes. After all, why would you want to drag out or complicate these diaper changes?

9 Stretchy Elastic Pants Over Jeans

newborn baby in jeans

Jeans are not always the comfiest material to wear. They are often thick, not stretchy, and more coarse than other fabrics. While jeans may be perfectly fine for older kids and adults, when it comes to newborn babies, it will make everything so much easier if you opt for the stretchy elastic pants that look like jeans.

This way you can avoid buttons that may contain skin allergens, and it will be easier to pull them on and off your baby. According to BabyCenter, jeans can be tricky and are not advised for newborns. You can always use them as your baby gets older, but in the early stages, they tend to cause more problems.

8 Buy All The Snap-Crotch Baby Bodysuits

snap crotch newborn baby onesie

Snap-crotch baby bodysuits should be your best friend and this is the one item that you should definitely stock up on. They are great for easy and simple diaper changes because they open from the bottom. But, they also make for the perfect undershirt when you do want to dress your baby in some pants or even a jacket.

Usually, the material is soft and feels good on their skin as well, but it is also pretty thin so it’s good for layering. According to What To Expect, these snap-crotch baby bodysuits are even better than onesies for most parents who have tried both.

7 Check Safety Standards Of The Garments

baby clothes toxins

According to LiveStrong, parents can help to keep their babies safe by buying clothing that meets federal regulations and that is created here in the United States. When products fail to meet regulations, clothing recalls occur.

Before you buy your newborn a ton of clothes, make sure to do your research and know what is safe for your child to wear and what is not. Sleepwear flammability is a major concern for a lot of children’s clothing. Look for clothing that is flame resistant and simply stay educated about the safety standards of the clothes you are putting on your newborn.

6 Are There Choking Hazards On The Clothes?

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Livestrong also explains that another important safety aspect for parents to consider is what choking hazards may be on your baby’s clothing. If there are buttons or long strings, it only takes a second for your baby to put them in their mouth and start choking.

While parents should always be monitoring their baby and making sure they aren’t putting anything in their mouth that they shouldn’t, buying clothes that reduce this risk altogether is the smartest and safest route to go.

It truly only takes a second for a button to pop off a t-shirt or a string to get caught around your baby. And, with all the stresses that parenting brings, choosing your baby’s clothing in a smart way can reduce a little bit of it.

5 Look For The Sales & Deals

good deals on baby clothes

Shopping at major retailers may sound fun and exciting. I know I have always dreamed of walking through the aisles of Target and picking out those overpriced baby products. However, having and preparing for a baby is expensive, and when the bills start adding up your best option may be to find the sales and deals. There are a lot of amazing baby clothes that are on sale or sold in bundles.

There are also thrift stores and places where you can find donated clothes that are super cute and affordable. While buying new clothes can seem exciting, there is a good chance that you will receive a lot of new clothes at your baby shower. So, if you are just looking for the simple clothing necessities, try to cut the coupons and save a few dollars where you can.

4 Save Your Budget For Older Clothes

older baby clothes

While newborn clothing items might be the only thing on your mind when you are pregnant, the truth of the matter is, not very many people are going to see your baby right after they are born. Often times, moms stay inside for the first month or so and simply get adjusted to motherhood.

A good rule of thumb is to save your money on newborn outfits and buy the extravagant ones when your baby is a little bit older. By three or four months, you will most likely feel more comfortable taking your baby out in public and that’s when you can truly invest in those adorable outfits.

3 Don’t Forget The Socks & Booties

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With all this talk of baby clothes and outfits, it can be easy to forget about your baby’s itty bitty feet. The feet is where we can lose or retain a lot of our heat. So buying socks and booties for your baby is actually really important and something that should not be forgotten about at all! According to Momtastic, most parents tend to use socks while their newborns are little and still inside. Once they choose to bring their babies outside and into the world they usually transition to booties because those keep their baby’s feet a little bit warmer.

2 Avoid Zippers

avoid zippers baby clothes

Zippers may seem easy and convenient when it comes to clothing. All you have to do is slide your hand up and the outfit is on. However, when it comes to babies, zippers are usually not a good idea and something moms should try to avoid. When your baby is fussing and moving, it can be easy for a mom in a rush to accidentally catch some skin in the zipper when she’s putting her baby’s clothes on. According to Popsugar, zippers on baby clothes are often designed for speed and functionality, but that has been known to cause problems. So if you can, try to avoid the zippers on newborn clothes.

1 Don't Buy Too Many Layers

avoid too many layers baby

Often times, parents are so worried about their baby being cold that they over bundle them with layers and layers of clothing and jackets. This is not a good idea at all because you do not want your baby getting overheated. According to Healthychildren.org, a good rule of thumb is to count the number of layers you are wearing and dress your baby in the same number of layers, then add a blanket.

This should keep your baby warm enough, but not too hot. If babies overheat they can become dehydrated, groggy, and too sleepy to the point where they aren’t eating enough. So, when it comes to shopping, think about the season and plan on buying layered clothing the same way you would for yourself.

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