20 Things Younger Moms Still Think Are Safe

Young moms—the queens of oversharing—can sometimes be irresponsible, selfish, vain, narcissistic, lazy, and so on and on... We’ve heard it all!

The truth, however, is that younger moms rock. Full of energy and ideas, younger moms embrace parenthood as a new identity. Interestingly enough, many young moms turn to old-fashioned values and choose to become stay-at-home moms.

That said, younger moms are different than older moms; they are tech-savvy, adventurous, and free-spirited. Millennial moms, in particular, have put their stamp on parenting trends; they are better informed than previous generations and put experiences, feelings, and parenting on a pedestal. With technology playing a crucial role in their lives, younger moms spend lots of time online, blogging, shopping, and freelancing. In fact, in the US alone, there are more than 4.3 million mommy bloggers.

Nevertheless, in the vast labyrinths of online forums and parenting apps, some young moms get lost in parenting advice, baby yoga videos, weird parenting trends, and celeb drama, which makes them self-conscious about parenting.

As a result, there are some things younger moms still think are safe. From creating mini-democracies to raising vegan "theybies," let’s have a look at 20 blunders younger moms still make.

20 Why Are We Not Eating?


Whether it’s a bowl of nuts or a nicely grilled sirloin steak, the importance of healthy eating habits is imminent. Just like aromatic flowers, children need lots of nutrients and water to grow and flourish.

However, young parents often served frozen dinners. According to dailymail.co.uk, only 16% of younger moms cook for their children. While we, as moms, know that squeezing cooking in our busy schedules is almost impossible, experts claim that takeaways and processed foods are high in sugar, salt, and saturated ingredients. Alarmingly, data shows that one in four parents is skipping meals because they can’t afford to buy food.

Young or old, though, all moms have big hearts full of love.

19 Dodging Medical Advice


Young moms are confident, unconventional, and trendy. That’s why many moms dodge seeking medical advice in favor of some questionable alternative practices. According to theguardian.com, stats show that 50% of new parents are shown misleading information about antibiotics and vaccines on social media. In addition, as celeb parents influence parenting styles, many young moms often follow influencers instead of medical advice.

While nothing is only black and white, doctors advise parents to obtain objective scientific information in order to protect their bundle of joy.

After all, children all over the world deserve equal health services, safe surroundings, and lots of love.

18 Your Phone Can Wait


Obsessed with beeps and likes, modern people can’t live without their smartphones. Let’s be honest! How many of us check their phones first thing in the morning, and how many on their little one? While tech advances have the potential to speed up scientific progress and engineering, personal devices have been linked to compulsive behavior. According to thedoctorweighsin.com, young moms spend up to eight hours a day scrolling through social media feeds.

This contemporary phenomenon can affect children and their emotional behavior later in life. Psychologists claim that children of parents who spend more time online feel isolated and anxious.

Your child is your best follower, mama!

17 Disregarding Baby Schedules


Younger moms are reshaping the meaning of parenthood. They travel, study, and upload photos 24/7. The pressure for Millennial moms, however, is real as there are new parenting trends to abide by. Companies also target young moms with a wide range of useless products. (Sorry to break it to you but poop alarms are simply ridiculous!)

In the midst of their busy schedules, many young moms disregard the fact that children need structured routines. Millennial moms create a more relaxed and laid-back environment for their children. Nevertheless, according to mindbodygreen.com, developmental psychologists reveal that kids need strict rules which can help them navigate through life.

Daily routines are not so boring, mama!

16 Setting Bad Examples


Parenthood comes with lots of responsibilities and worries. Being a role model who sets a good example is essential. While teaching kids to eat their greens is still valid, young moms face new challenges. For instance, limiting a child’s screen time is one of the contemporary struggles moms need to overcome (often fueled by their own heavy tech use).

Moms should indulge in healthy choices and self-love. We are not talking about doing yoga at 4am, mama, but about using gentle words and self-care, which can help you set a positive example.

Let’s not forget that kids are like little sponges; they simply mirror every step you take.

15 Allowing Too Much Freedom


Kids are like brave explorers; they are in awe with our beautiful world. Whether it’s a raindrop or a plastic bag, young children simply love exploring their surroundings. Play and mess are crucial to helping children grow and develop. In fact, younger moms know a lot about child psychology and often allow unstructured time.

At the same time, the practice of not establishing clear boundaries can impact a child’s personality. According to mindbodygreen.com, parents should help children understand they can’t always get what they want. Knowing there are rules and limits will disrupt narcissism.

While insiders claim that beautiful Angelina doesn’t enforce bedtime, we should agree that boundaries are not always a bad thing.

14 Purchasing Baby Products And Matching Outfits

Kitchen Decor

Baby products are adorable but not all baby products are useful. While companies target Millennial moms and bombard them with annoying ads, cluttering the house with weird baby products—such as wipe warmers and baby knee pads—is simply a bad financial decision.

In addition, young moms are obsessed with matching clothes. Although pictures of mommy-and-me fashion are adorable, the history of matching outfits clashes with contemporary and feminist views. According to theatlantic.com, twinning was originally created by stay-at-home moms with enough leisure time to sew. Funnily enough, writer Kimberley Chrisman-Campbell says that "those often creepy-cute clothing clones tend to leave at least one party looking age-acceptable"

13 Forgetting To Baby Proof The House


Obsessed with baby accessories and social media posts, many young moms often overlook to baby proof the house. From accessible batteries and chargers to pet food and plants, younger moms may forget there are numerous small bits and undersides that can be harmful to their little one.

Alarmingly, according to childproofers.com, stats show that more than two million children are injured in the home... although parents spend more than one billion dollars on safety products.

In addition, many young moms dodge the importance of car seat safety. Well, here's the most important safety tip we have: Do not leave your baby in the car, mama!

12 Holding The Baby All The Time


Young moms are supermoms, they can be seen running errands, organizing baby parties, enjoying a cold beer, and posting selfies online—sometimes all at the same time—with their baby attached to their hip.

Although kids need emotional support to grow, people believe that young moms who carry their mini-me all the time are actually spoiling them. Nevertheless, we should mention that experts claim this is a myth. To set an example, according to webmd.com, doctors have found that holding a preemie has numerous benefits.

In the end, though, age is just a number! Young or old, all moms are heroines with hearts full of love.

11 Mama Matters, Too!


Parenthood has its toll. From sleeplessness nights to emotional problems, many parents lose their true selves in piles of nappies, used bottles, and smelly laundry. Although Millennial moms are often described as selfish and childish, the truth is that many moms focus on their little one a bit too much. According to mindbodygreen.com, some families have mini-democracies where the child is in charge of their parents.

The old saying "I’m not your friend, I’m your parent" is no longer valid, and moms tend to follow a new motto, "I’m not your friend, I’m your servant," overlooking the importance of some me-time.

You also matter, mama!

10 How Would you Define Childhood


While women have been competing in beauty contests for years, child beauty pageants are a new and alarming phenomenon. We all remember Honey Boo Boo and the high expectations adults had, right? Some young moms do not hesitate to groom their baby’s eyebrows to obey old-fashioned standards of beauty.

At the same time, many young parents embrace neutral-gender parenting. While gender equality and equal access to education are fundamental, many moms misinterpret the core principles of gender-neutral parenting and allow children to transition before kindergarten. According to cbsnews.com, such decisions raise numerous ethical concerns as young children still have underdeveloped prefrontal lobes, which are responsible for complex thinking and decision-making.

9 How Many Pictures Are Too Many Pictures?


When it comes to technology, there’s no doubt that social media has revolutionized our world. Online platforms unite people and help parents find support networks. Younger moms, however, take social media use to a whole new level and get devoured by the sharp teeth of "oversharenting." According to thedoctorweighsin.com, 79% of parents agree that modern moms overshare their lives. Take beautiful Kim Kardashian, for example, and her unhealthy love for selfies.

In fact, figures show that babies appear on social media within an hour after birth.

While we all agree that babies are adorable, parents need to consider their child’s safety and privacy.

8 Following Questionable Trends


Although parenting is not a game, many young moms feel like they’re in a competition with other parents. Consequently, many moms and dads express interest in alternative forms of parenting, eccentric names, and questionable trends... just to prove they are better parents.

One of the most popular trends, for instance, is vegan parenting. While vegan parenting is taking over the Internet, as stated by theguardian.com, restrictive feeding schedules impose numerous risks for young children. Simply because kids need a diverse lifestyle to grow. Sadly, some forms of parenting can result in severe undernourishment.

Yet, we have to agree that soy milk is delicious.

7 Faking Parenthood


Life is beautiful! Just scroll through your social media feed. People eating fancy sushi, young couples traveling the world, families having fun at Disneyland. Women with Gucci bags. Life is really amazing – at least on social media. The truth is that many young parents are obsessed with social media and reveal only the pink side of motherhood. This creates additional pressure for moms who can’t have caviar every day.

According to huffpost.com, social media’s depiction of motherhood is wrong. Who would post a picture of their screaming toddler eating mud from the floor?

We all want to be perfect, right?!

6 It's Okay To Ask For Help (You're Gonna Need It)


Mothers are required to be devoted angelic creatures who would go days without a shower only to make their baby happy. Strangers are quick to point a finger at working moms or mothers who leave their families due to emotional issues.

Thus, many younger moms worry society will judge them if they ask for help. According to theguardian.com, younger mothers who ask for help open themselves to disapproval. Not asking for help can lead to exhaustion, mental problems, and social pressure.

And there’ll always be someone wise (preferably without kids) to say "Why did you have them in the first place?"

5 Paying The Price Of Parenthood


From sleepless nights to rocketing expenses, paying the price of parenthood can be tough. In fact, many young people rely on their parents financially. According to eu.usatoday.com, financial experts believe that Millennial moms and dads are less likely to achieve their financial goals, buy a house, or save for retirement.

In fact, 40% of Millennials say they still receive financial help from their parents. While many blame young parents for being lazy, the truth is that the US cost of living has gone through the roof.

That said, young moms should teach their little kids the importance of financial independence and hard work.

4 Is My Baby On The Right Feeding Schedule?


Feeding schedules are among the biggest concerns moms of different ages have. While our society scrutinizes breastfeeding moms (but we are okay with showing cleavage), charities claim that exclusive breastfeeding is the best. The World Health Organization states that "Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond."

Younger moms often feel the pressure to breastfeed and ignore the fact that formula is still nutritious and convenient.

What’s more, breastfeeding is a personal choice. In France, for instance, young mothers rarely choose to breastfeed because they value their personal freedom.



From pickles with spread chocolate to ice cream with beans, pregnant women all over the world will agree that pregnancy cravings are the strongest forces of nature. According to fitpregnancy.com, pregnant women experience cravings due to the polypeptide Neuropeptide Y, which is an appetite stimulant.

While an occasional burger and a cup of coffee won’t do any harm, eating for two is not always recommended. Indulging in cravings increases the risk of diseases and negative outcomes. Fast food, for instance, is high in calories, sugar, and salt, which can impact the fetus. In addition, fast food has been linked to various behavioral problems in children.

2 Stop. Using. Dr. Google


There’s no doubt that young moms are tech-savvy creatures. Many Millennial moms, for instance, are mommy bloggers or influencers. The Internet has become a colorful source of emotional support and steady income, so many parents think they can find anything they need online. Including medical advice.

According to macleans.ca, young parents are obsessed with apps that can track how quickly their child is growing... and even question health professionals. Googling symptoms and treatments, however, can lead to potential risks.

As psychotherapist Katie Hurley says, "We’ve been conditioned to question ourselves - to constantly look for information to make sure we’re doing it right. Because of that, parents are in a state of learned helplessness."

1 Losing Track Of Time


Parenting is challenging, especially for teen moms. Not everyone is like Farrah Abraham to find fame and glamour. According to livestrong.com, three in 10 women become pregnant before the age of 20. Half of these moms do not graduate from high school, 75% of unmarried teen moms go on welfare, and eight in 10 fathers do not stay with their family. Unfortunately, lack of support affects teen moms and many lose track of time, struggling with their new roles as parents.

Teen pregnancy impacts families worldwide. Children born to teen parents are more likely to drop out of school or experience behavioral problems.

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