20How Do I Hold This Tiny Thing?

Part of the reason for this irrational thought is just a plain old lack of experience. Dads are often faced with the reality that they haven't ever actually held a newborn baby.

According to Parents Magazine, many new dads are very concerned that they may "break the baby" if they do not hold them correctly. They may or may not say this out loud, but it is certainly one of the familiar choruses playing in their sleep deprived, over stressed, and anxiety

ridden heads.

As most new moms can attest, newborns are tiny works of art that resemble no other form of beauty on this planet. They are fragile and innocent. They smell amazing, and fill our hearts with a love we've never had in our lives.

The new dad just needs a little bit of confidence in order to jump over this first hurdle. It's okay, papas, you'll get the hang of it soon.

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