20 Throwback Baby Names Inspired By The Archie Comics

It seems like it’s been forever since you have checked what’s going on with the gang! In December 2016, Archie and the gang celebrated their 75th anniversary! A publication that old is sure to have names that are considered unique now a day. I think it’s time we brought some of those names back.

If anyone out there thinks that Archie and the gang is old news, we have some information for you! In January, 2017 Netflix started airing a show called Riverdale. While very different from the comics, it brings Archie and the gang to life for all of us! Trust me, it’s a must watch, some of the changes are quite dramatic. If anyone has caught it, all I can say is Ms. Grundy? You have to see it to believe it!

From Archie, to Moose and Brigitte, some of the names on this list are still quite common, while others are way overdue for a comeback. Come down nostalgia lane and revisit Riverdale with me as we go through 20 names that are inspired by the comic we all love, including some friends Sabrina and Josie. (Bonus name not on the list: Jughead, he’ll be the only one in his class with that name, I bet.)

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20 Dilton Doiley

No need to check your spell check, it is Dilton not Dalton. Dilton Doiley is one of the main characters from the Archie comics. He is your typical smart guy! He gets frequent A’s in all of his classes (except gym class), and is favoured among his teachers. Before you dub this name as a nerdy teachers pet, just wait. Dilton was very good friends with fellow gang member Moose Mason. Showing that opposites really do attract. Dilton is a very shy character who is a great asset to the gang, with the power of his smarts, he helps the gang solve many problems. If you are worried about your child having a name that some may dub as nerdy, hey, nerds are so in right now!

Dilton can be a great name choice as it is not one you hear often, and it can be used for both a little guy or gal. How cute is Dil as a nickname!

19 Terry “Pop” Tate

Who can forget Terry “pop” Tate, the owner of the Chok’lit Shoppe. This was the neighbourhood ice cream parlor where Archie and his gang frequented. Pop was a constant listening ear to Archie and the gang whenever there was a problem to be solved. Pop, for which he was mostly known may not be your cup of tea in name choices, but Terry has shown to be quite popular for both boy and girls. The character was inspired by Greek immigrant owners of soda fountains in Haverhill, Massachusetts which where very popular among teens in the 1930’s.

If you are a football fan, you may also remember another famous Terry: Terry Bradshaw. Former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Or, if country music is more your scene there is also the well known female country singer: Terri Clark. Even with different spelling, there is a lot of fun to be had with this name!

The name Terry is a unisex name, derived from Terence or Teresa. It means Ruler of the People.

18 Hermione Lodge

Hermione Lodge is portrayed very differently in the Comic Series (right) and the Netflix show Riverdale (left) but it’s hard to argue that she doesn’t look absolutely fabulous in both. Hermione Lodge is lead-it-girl Veronica Lodge’s mother. Hermione was known as a wealthy home-wife who got involved in numerous charity work and a member of many social groups. She didn’t have a large part in the comics, which is vastly different from Riverdale (no spoilers). The name Hermione existed way before the world of Harry Potter, and it would be a refreshing change to hear a different “who are you named after”.

If you follow Greek mythology, Hermione was the name for the daughter of Helen of Troy and her husband Menelaus. There were many actresses named Hermione, and if you look into people who share that name, it may not be such a bad choice for your little one!

The name Hermione originates from France, Greece and Spain. It means travel and earthy.

17 Mary Andrews

Mary Andrews was the dear mother of our favourite lead guy, Archie Andrews. Mary was the all-american suburban mother who worked for a real estate agency. Mary was quite tolerant of young Archie and his shenanigans and often the one who maintained order in the house. (Archie’s dad, Fred, was not as tolerant). The popularity of the name Mary may have died down in the modern world, but I think it’s due for a comeback.

There are many well known people named Mary and you won’t have to look hard to find them. Queen Mary, Mary Tyler Moore and even Mary J. Blige all bear this never-gets-old name. Think of all the nursery room décor ideas as well with many nursery rhythms featuring a Miss. Mary. Mary had a little lamb, anyone?

Mary is of Hebrew origin and means bitter. Another (much nicer) meaning of the name Mary is much wished for child.

16 Polly Cooper

Polly is Betty’s older sister, and while she played a small role in the comics, she makes this list, because she plays a much bigger role in the Netflix show, Riverdale. Now, you’ll have to watch the show to find out what I’m talking about, but Polly is so much more than a reporter living in San Francisco. Polly remains a lesser popular name with it being listed at number 5,210 in 2017.

Polly is due for a large comeback, to follow other well known Polly’s of the world. When I hear the name Polly, I can almost picture a little girl in pigtails and a dress running around playing in the grass. The name Polly is NOT just for Parrots anymore!

The background of the name Polly actually derives from the name Molly, which derived from the name Mary. This means that the meanings and origin are the same for the name Mary.

15 Brigitte Reilly

Brigitte was a character that came into the Archie world in the late 90’s and was a close friend of Betty and Veronica. Brigitte was the first character in the Archie Comics to not have an hourglass figure, but was always portrayed as an attractive woman. The character of Brigitte, while not a main character, was featured quite often and was always known as friendly and peaceful.

One of the fun things about this name is that there is so many variations of spelling. Mom and dad can have a lot of fun in deciding how to make the name unique to them. Brigitte was most popular in the 50’s and 60’s and the popularity has since died down. Which would make this beautiful name retro! Who doesn’t like a retro name. It’s a name that makes people stop and say, ‘wow, you just don’t hear names like that anymore’. Who doesn’t like that?

The name Brigitte is from Scottish-Gaelic ancestry and means the exalted one.

14 Abbey Finn

Abbey Finn had a very minor role, and is listed as just a simple townsperson from Riverdale. Abbey was not the biggest fan of Archie and was very protective of her pet schnauzer. The reason Abbey Finn made the list, was as simple as her name. Abbey is an adorable name, could be short for Abigail, which has always been a timeless name. In 2015, Abigail was the 7th most popular name, so if you are looking for a name that not a lot of girls share, this one might not be for you. Abbey’s origin is Hebrew and it means my father rejoices.

The last name of Finn has also recently become a popular first name for boys, short formed for Finley or Finnigan. The name Finn is an Irish name, which means fair. In 2015, Finley was number 326 in popularity, but I suspect it has grown more popular in the last two years.

13 Ethel Muggs

I would love to see the name Ethel make a big comeback. Ethel Muggs was a tall, somewhat dorky teenager at Riverdale high school. Ethel was a constant admirer of Jughead, the feelings were never returned. Despite the quirks, Ethel maintained a very active social life.

Ethel is an extremely old name, in fact it hasn’t seen a spot on a top 100 list since 1939. At this time, the world knew Ethel Barrymore, who was know as the belle of broadway. Ethel has seen a short spike in popularity, being ranked at 742 in 2017. If there are any I Love Lucy fans, they will remember Ethel Mertz. If Ethel isn’t your cup of tea, the longer forms of the name Ethel are Ethelberta, Ethelreda and Ethelinda. Ethel may not be looking to bad now.

Ethel is from Hebrew origin and means righteous and noble.

12 Josie McCoy

Riverdale -- Image Number: RVD01_FO_JOSIE_0001.jpg -- Pictured: Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy -- Photo: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

Josie McCoy is one of the most popular characters, albeit not from the main Archie Gang. Josie belonged with the group Josie and the Pussycats. Josie and her pussycats where the only Archie gang to get her own movie (maybe not a very good one, but a movie none the less). Josie’s look is drastically different when compared to the comic (left) and the t.v show Riverdale (right). In the comics, Josie was the sweet, redheaded leader of the band who was the constant stable among her friends. A true leader! I don’t think I am alone in saying that Josie is an adorable name.

The name Josie is a short form for the name Josephine. Some other popular nicknames for Josephine are; Jo, Feeny and Fifi. I think I would stick with Josie. The popularity of the name Josie was ranked at 251 in 2015.

The name Josie is from Hebrew origin, and means God will add.

11 Harvey Kinkle

Image result for harvey kinkle

Now, I grew up in the 90’s and Sabrina the Teenage Witch was one of my must see shows. I think all 90’s girls had a small crush on Harvey Kinkle. The kind, sweet love interest of Sabrina. Harvey Kinkle made his first appearance in the Archie world. In the comics, Harvey never finds out that Sabrina is a witch despite weird things happening around her. Aunt Hilda is also not really a fan (Shocking, I know). Harvey is another name that you just don’t hear a lot of, but when I do meet a little boy named Harvey, I can’t help but think of this sweet natured man!

The name Harvey remains popular in the UK and Australia, but we are still waiting for it to pick up in North America. If Harvey is not for you, but you want a similar name you can always try names such as Calvin, Arthur and Alfred. All names that are due for a comeback!

Harvey is Scottish-Gaelic and means battle worthy or soldier.

10 Sabrina Spellman

Image result for sabrina spellman archie

We couldn’t have Harvey on the list and not include his witchy girlfriend Sabrina. Sabrina is a friend of Archie and tries to lead a normal life even though she is a witch. Sabrina (and her cat Salem) were very popular in the Archie comics as well as the hit t.v show starring Melissa Joan-Hart. Sabrina is still a well used name that is loved by all.

The name Sabrina, spiked in people hearts after seeing Audrey Hepburn play the role of the same name. After the iconic film, the popularity of the name soared, and it has stayed pretty consistent over the years. Sabrina is the name of a Celtic Goddess, I mean who wouldn’t want to be named after a Goddess. Another form of the name Sabrina is Sebene, I think I will take the original.

Sabrina is Scottish-Gaelic and means legendary princess (the name meaning alone makes me want to use this for my next girl.

9 Geraldine Grundy

Image result for geraldine grundy

Oh, Mrs. Grundy! The English teacher we go back and forth between loving and hating. She often was portrayed as harsh at times and motherly at others. I won’t even post anything on here about the Mrs. Grundy on the Netflix show Riverdale, but you really got to check it out to believe it. Geraldine is one of those names that you don’t hear quite often, and I think it is time for a comeback.

The name Geraldine was at it’s peak between the year 1910 through the 40’s. It was invented in the time of Henry VIII by a poet who fell deep in love with a Lady Elizabeth Fiitzgerald and continued to refer to her as the Faire Geraldine. Anyone else here from the 90`s may remember the Spice Girls. Well, Geri, or ginger spice, well her first name is Geraldine.

Geraldine is the feminine form of the name Gerald, and it means rules by the spear.

8 Cheryl Blossom

Oh, Cheryl! Cheryl Blossom was well known for being the third love interest of Archie. Cheryl was very attractive and gained the attention of a lot of the boys in Riverdale. Cheryl had a twin brother, Jason. Cheryl even gained her own title series. The name Cheryl has not been very popular lately. It ranked in at 1, 357 in 2017 on the popularity charts. I think it’s time we changed that!

Need another Cheryl inspiration? There is always Cheryl Cole. Cole seemed to do just about everything. She was from the UK and did a bit of everything. She was an actress, author, model, singer and a television personality. Cheryl is a modern invention, and it derives from the French name Cherie (pronounced Shar-E). I think that is beautiful as well.

I also think a cute nickname for Cheryl is Cher! Need I say more?

The name Cheryl means darling and beloved. You may doubt this if you watch Riverdale.

7 Jason Blossom

Jason was the twin brother of Cheryl, whose personality was very similar. He was known as a prankster. Jason has always been, and will always remain a very popular names for boys. With many different variations in spelling; Jason, Jayson, Jaeson. Jason was such a popular name, that in the 1970’s it ranked in at number three on the list. It is currently ranked at number 86.

There are many modern day actors who share the name Jason. There is Jason Bateman, Jason Statham and our favourite How I Met Your Mother teddy bear, Jason Segel. Jason was a name in school much like Jennifer, we all knew one. It may not be the most popular name, but it is a name that has stayed pretty consistent over time, and I think this is a name that will stay that way.

Jason is from Greek origin and means healer.

6 Moose Mason

Now, before anyone leaves the page because they are so upset that I would actually suggest you call any child Moose, wait! I added Moose on the list for his last name MASON. Note: if you have a child named Moose, you go girl, or guy! Moose’s real name is Marmaduke, but is called Moose by all his pals at Riverdale. Moose was portrayed as somewhat of a big oaf throughout the comics. He was the athlete that was a bad student and was not afraid to get into fights (usually with Reggie). Mason has become a popular name for boys, but word has it it’s becoming popular for little gals as well.

In the year 2015, the name Mason was listed as the third most popular name for little boys. Mason has also been a popular pick for celebrities like a Kardashian, Melissa Joan-Hart and Kelsey Grammar.

The name Mason is Anglo-Saxon and means stone worker.

5 Reggie Mantle

Reggie was always the character from Archie that I liked least. Reggie was Archie’s main rival and was always after Veronica. Reggie was known as being extremely vain and conceited and was always after other guys’ gals! I know I am not painting this name in the best light, but Reggie is a short form for the name Reginald, which was quite common many years ago. I think it’s due for a comeback. Reginald is one of those strong, confident names that can never go out of style.

Did you know that Reginald is the birth name of Sir. Elton John? Me neither. Two other famous Reggies are Reggie Jackson and Reggie Bush, two athletes who bear the name. Reginald has been on the name popularity list since 1880, and remains on there at 875 as of 2015.

Reginald means ruler with counsel, or advisor to the king. (See a strong name).

4 Veronica Lodge

Oh, Veronica! One of the two main gals of Archie! Veronica is the daughter of a millionaire and she sure does know it. Veronica was often thought of as quite spoiled and vain, but a very good, dear friend to those around her. Veronica is often after Archie’s heart. Veronica was also called Ron or Ronnie by her close friends. Veronica can be seen as a sassy name, but who doesn’t need a little sass in their life.

From 1972 – 1991, Veronica remained in the top 100 list as most popular baby girl names. As of 2015, it sat at 368. Another well known Veronica is Veronica Roth, the author of the Divergent series. For those plant lovers, Veronica is the name of a small herb with small blue flowers on it.

The origin of the name Veronica is Basque and it means victory bringer, truth and purity.

3 Cooper

I kind of cheated here, and brought up a last name to use as a first name! Cooper is the last name of Archie’s BFF Betty. Cooper has been used for little boys, but that may be changing as it is becoming more frequent along little girls too.

We all know Cooper as the cute little sports cars, that we all want to own. The use of Cooper as a first name has been rising and rising, especially in Australia. As of 2015, it has been ranked at number 77 in popularity. The well loved, CNN host Anderson Cooper is just one person who has this last name. Another well known (and loved) Cooper is Bradley Cooper. Who doesn’t need a little Bradley Cooper in their life?

If music is more your scene, there is the famous rocker Alice Cooper. If sports are your thing, then Cecil Cooper is another one. It’s not a stretch to say that Cooper is a very popular last name, but I think its time it steps into the limelight as a first name.

The name Cooper means Barrel maker.

2 Betty

Betty! Oh Betty! The popular girl next door and Archie’s best friend. And, who we all thought Archie would end up with in the end (Comic spoiler: he marries Veronica!) Betty was very kind hearted and good at many things. Betty was always ready to drop everything and help a friend in need, and I can’t think of a better person to be name after.

Betty is a name that was very popular during World War 2, and remains to be a name many people say is very “old”. Well, since when is old a bad thing? We like aged wine and cheese, why not aged names. The name Betty is so old that it is due for a comeback, and I can’t wait to see a bunch of little baby Betty’s running around.

Some famous Betty’s are Bette Midler, and our all time favourite golden girl Betty White.

The name Betty is from Hebrew and means consecrated to God. Betty is a common nickname for the name Elizabeth.

1 Archie Andrews

I couldn’t end this list with anyone other than Archie! Archie is not a name you hear very often, but it would be great to start seeing it again. Archie is just your average teenage boy, playing sports and dating girls. He tends to be a bit accident prone and as well meaning as he is, his plans usually go awry. Just a side note, if you are curious as to what Archie looks like on the show Riverdale, google it! You will not be disappointed.

Archie, is a short form of Archibald. It has made a huge comeback in the UK, and is currently ranked in the top 20. If you can’t think of another Archie than the one from Riverdale, there is Archie Bunker! Funny couple, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have named their new little one Archie as well.

Archie is a Scottish Boy’s name and means true and bold.

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