20 Times Dads Tried To Parent Solo While Mom Was Out

Parenting is a beautiful thing. Ideally, parenting should be handled by both parents if they’re available. When a couple comes together and decides to have children, there’s a sense of shared responsibility for and above those they have between the two of them. Among the many shared roles included are things like making sure the baby is well fed, has had a bath and is all clean, dressed in fresh clothes, soothing baby to sleep, and all the other sweet things they graciously do to babies and kids as they grow up. For kids, as long as mom and dad are available, they are happy to spend time with them, as this is how they get to know each other better and learn lots of things as well.

While parents would love to always be around their children at the same time, there are times when either one is around, like say mom would be in at a particular moment. Another moment, dad may be around while mom is out. Either way, a baby is always supervised by an adult one way or another. However, there have been a few notable differences when either parent is with the baby. As the images will depict, these hilarious dads have been left with the kids while the mom has stepped out or was away. Each parent has a unique way of handling the situation.

Here are 20 dads who tried to parent solo with their adorable kids, while mom was out.

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20 This Should Prevent Any Unnecessary Accidents

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When babies start crawling or have the ability to move around the home, you can get exhausted just by chasing after them, wherever they decide to venture off to. According to Sheknows.com, even if you direct their movement, if they are not satisfied with that location or direction, they will turn around and go right back to where they were headed in the first place. This also comes with more loads of laundry to do wash because, as they move, their clothes get stained, pick up dirt or get coated in the dog's hair.

Although let's face it, moms are used to this. Mothers know all too well the importance of letting the baby exercise his muscles and limbs by crawling or trying to take the first few steps and, eventually, walking properly. Those with toddlers who can walk and are stable have an even harder task trying to keep the kids away from wall sockets and open drawers in the kitchen. Sometimes this may mean moms will have to completely rearrange the house to make it child-friendly and reduce the risk of any accidents.

This dad, however, found a 'clever' way around getting exhausted and reducing any chances of accidents for his little one. He decided to tether the baby to his seat, which probably meant he didn't need to keep checking where the baby crawled off to, and he could manage it without sweating much.

19 Bath Time Is Everything

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While not every baby loves water, bath time is perhaps one of the most fun times for babies that do enjoy it. They’re free from diapers, clothing, and they get to splash in the water, pop and blow bubbles, submerge the rubber duckie and watch it float back up. I mean, I'm even craving a bath at the sound of that right now.

According to tesco-baby.com, bath time is a magical experience for the child and his parent to build a stronger bond between the two of them. Most importantly, bath time is the perfect time to buy some water resistant children books and read it over and over again. The water is warm and calm, he is contained, and they can play and splash as they listen to stories from dad or mom.

But what adds to this great fun is the bubbles. Yes, bubbles. When the water is the starting to fill up the plastic tub, try adding a couple drops of baby liquid soap and watch as the bubbles rise. Kids are fascinated by the bubbles, and the love of bubble baths will remain with them for the rest of their lives (hello bubble baths and candles!)

This dad added a creative twist to bath time, using the bubbles to create a new look for his child - I don't think mommy was aware, at least not until she saw this photo. But when daddy takes over, bath time is fun, and sometimes longer. Moms are used to giving a nice scrub from head to toe because there's a schedule to be followed, so every activity is timed. These are the kinds of dads who get moms fired from some duties like bath time. I mean look at how happy this baby is.

18 This Dad's Not Born With A Sense Of Style

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Fashion is important, whether that applies to adults, teens or kids. As they say, your image is everything. This doesn't mean everyone was born with a sense of style or the ability to coordinate different colors, prints, or fabrics and items of clothing together to create a fantastic outfit. However, this can be learned if someone is really keen on stepping out of the house every day looking dapper.

Moms are good at this because they are naturally inclined to the pretty and cute things in life, and fashion is among the top on the list if not the first. So you'll find them at thrift stores or baby shops trying to get the nicest outfits for their little girl or boy because they want their child to look great too. Shout out Beyonce and Blue Ivy! These fashionistas have to coordinate their style when they are going together.

For dads, however, as long as his child is dressed appropriately for the weather, it doesn't really matter if the kid is wearing floral prints with stripes, or if blue and purple go with green sneakers. Clothing is just what it is - clothing. Many times, if mom hasn't picked out what the kids will wear, she'll come back home to a colorful Brady bunch. But, then again, it's the thought counts, right?

17 Hold Up, I Just Have To Take This Call

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The moment you become a parent, you realize there's a long list of possible situations you will encounter that wasn't covered during parenting classes. When most of these scenarios arrive, you find yourself quickly adapting as they arise. Sometimes you get creative and innovative in ways that surprise you. When you're out of the house, however, you're more alert to your child's safety. There are many things out in the large world that is beyond your control, and that you're unable to manage in terms of how fast or how often they occur.

One of these places is the park. James Siegal, CEO of Kaboom, says in rwjf.org that parks create an opportunity for the kids to have fun and interact in an environment away from the hassles of their daily lives. This dad preferred an outing with his kid while he was watching him when mom was out. So they were out and about and probably came to this spot where the child just wanted to feed the birds. This is actually a fun thing to do with your kids, they love it - especially how the birds come down and pick up the grain then continue hovering around until more grains are dropped on the ground. So while the little boy was kept busy feeding the birds, dad got an urgent call, perhaps the office or business, and it couldn't wait, so he picked it up and the conversation became so intense, dad just had to pop a squat.

16 Honey, I Shrank The Baby’s Clothes

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According to firstpost.com, a research from the University of British Columbia (UBC) states that "A father who performs a greater share of 'traditionally female' household chores such as cooking and cleaning, his daughter is more likely to pursue to aspire to more gender-neutral careers, such as a doctor or an astronaut, or even a professional hockey player than a stereotypical female career such as nursing, teaching or staying at home with the kids."

Modern parenthood has brought a major shift in gender roles, in terms of how dads spend time with their kids at home, and what fathers while they are home. Another study from UBC revealed that millennial fathers said they're the primary laundry-doer in the home, while a Wall Street Journal report and a survey found that 60 percent of men between 35-54 do their laundry themselves. That is just 7 percent lower than their 18-34-year-old counterparts.

This trend is encouraging because, as it turns out, dads who put energy into the home life bring real and unexpected benefits, such as what was found from the UBC research. What's more, when dad does the sorting and categorizing of the laundry with the kids, it helps them develop skills that boost language development and early math learning like counting clothing items and measuring detergent in little cups.

However, not all dads follow the laundry instructions to a T, like this guy, who shrunk the baby's blouse - the thought counts though. Although, we're pretty sure this top was made for Barbie or a mouse.

15 A Child's Appetite Never Ends

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There are several reasons why babies and kids cry. The top three reasons are either hunger, pain, or they need a diaper change. In worse cases, the baby is unwell and the only way he or she knows how to express it is by crying, or keeping quiet and going into a lethargic state but that's another topic for a different day, my dear readers.

However, for a child who is hungry, crying can be continuous. Most of the time, the child will hang around the parent a lot, as if to signal that he or she needs something in the tummy. When dads get wind of the child's prompting, and it signals hunger, their first thought isn't mashed potatoes with green peas and chicken soup. Heck no, it's the snack that is closest and easiest to prepare, that both (not just the child) can eat together and feel full and satisfied.

Not all dads can whip up a meal instantly and it will be balanced enough to feed the kids or his family in general. So if there are some fresh buns and a pack of soup, he'll take whatever he can eat too, and enjoy together with the child, as long as he's fed and the crying stops. Problem solved.

14 They Said Shopping Would Be Easy

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When parents are out shopping with the kids, whether it's with mom or dad, there's a tendency to focus more on what's on the shopping list over who you went with. You just want to make sure you got everything in the trolley before heading to the cash to pay. This is probably why trolleys were fitted with a slot where kids can be placed to sit and stare at the goodies they leave before the register. While the parent rides the trolley from one aisle to another, kids will be able to easily grab things and make the final total much higher than the budget expected. Granted, this is the best way to kill two birds with one stone - to make sure the child is within reach and hope he won't pick stuff off the supermarket shelves and still get everything you need into the trolley.

When it comes to men, however, shopping and men don't always mix. But, there are some dads who just want to spend quality time with the kids. They make their rounds in supermarkets and other stores looking for products with the best or unique bargains. There are men who did this with their own dads when they were little and they can attest to how much it helped them now that they're all grown. Let's not forget, with experience comes knowledge, and men who shop for bargains definitely know how to look for one.  This dad is one of those who figured that instead of carrying the baby in his arms while looking for stuff, why not move everything in one basket? It works for him, I guess.

13 Suit Up, Son

via baomoi.

This pic reminds me of the baby memes that did their rounds online, where babies were dressed in oversized suits, specifically adult business clothes. This was started by mommy blogger Ilana Wiles, who set off the 'Baby Mugging' craze. Soon after, she started another trend on Instagram dubbed 'Baby Suiting', and in no time it went viral.

Baby suiting involves dressing or putting babies in adult business clothes, more like daddy's office wear, and then taking a photo of the same. Wiles, who runs and manages her Mommy Shorts blog, said she is always scouting for another fun photo trend for parents who are almost always online and are social media savvy - its gotta be both. Here's what she told the Daily News:

"Originally, I wanted to dress them up to look like the characters in Mad Men but women's clothing really didn't work. The suits were much funnier. Something about the big padded shoulders made them all look like that scene in Beetlejuice with the shrunken head.”

Her first baby suiting photo on Instagram got over 250 name ideas for hashtags, and she needed to combine various things including a good name, fun concept that is well executed, and a huge platform with the relevant audience for the photo trend take off. Apparently, it did - and this dad perhaps caught the trend and ran with it.

12 For A Moment There, Dad Lost The Baby

via truckerdowling on instagram

If, as a parent, you've had moments when you got so busy in around the house and thought the baby was around you, only to turn around for a few seconds and the next minute, a baby was nowhere next to you then you freaked out, relax, you're not alone. There are many parents who have gone through this experience. I mean you're not always following the baby everywhere he goes. There are times you let them wander off but you're very sure you know they can't go too far - or so you think.

Well, for dads, focusing on the baby and things of their own, it isn't easy. Sometimes they let the baby play around, while they work on their computers, but what they forget is they can get easily drawn into what they are doing and lose track of the baby. The next thing they know, their kid is nowhere to be found, stuck under the sofa, or just about to run out the door (because somehow they figured out how to open it), or something nasty was about to happen. Let's not forget when they don't even know which room the baby is in. Who's ever experienced a kid sleeping on the window sills? Word to the wise, dads needs to be extra careful when they're watching the children.

11 Off To The Movies

via buzztimes

If you happen to find yourself at home with the kids and you have no plans for the day, but you still don’t want to let the day go to waste, one of the best ways to have a great time with the kids is going to the cinemas. Kids love the big screen, especially when the movie is one they can follow and enjoy animations to be precise. Not only is it a great way to bond with them, and have fun while taking silly selfies and watching the latest movies, it’s a great pastime. Above all, children get ideas from their parents on stuff to do when they have free time. Movies also open the child's mind to creativity and possibly inspire them to want to be actors/actresses (if they've been born with the talent).

While waiting to get into the cinema hall, this dad decided to take some photos with his daughter, and the result is just what you'd expect from a dad. He must've asked her to pose for this one, and the girl doesn't look as scared as she does enthuse about the whole set up. You can imagine if it was a mommy, she'd probably not even be anywhere close to Daniel Craig's gun. But, if this was a Disney movie, I'm sure mommy would also be posing in the picture.

10 She Said To Carry An Extra Bag For The Baby

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Sometimes kids just like to have fun when they’re with dad, and dad knows this all too well. Which is why, when mommy says carry an extra bag, he does the unthinkable. Men don't like carrying bags around. In fact, the most a guy walks around with, that can be classified as luggage, is his wallet, phone, and a set of keys. For the tech-savvy guy, a smartphone is almost everything he needs because it serves many purposes: his bank, contact book, diary, organizer, wallet, and his entire life. Perhaps the only other time a man would leave the house with a bag is when he's traveling, and that's only if it's for a day or two. He may have a duffel bag thrown in the backseat of the car for when he goes to the gym. Anything more is considered a hassle.

So when mommy suggests that he should carry the baby bag if he intends to leave the house, it can sometimes be confused for carrying everything in there - including the child - and kids find it exciting anyway. That's exactly what this dad did when he couldn't carry the bags all at once. He picked one bag that fits everything, including his adorable kid. We just hope mommy didn't spot them somewhere while they were out (or sees this article!)

9 Let's Practice For The Recital

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Little kids love playtime, and when they find someone to play with, they want that moment to last for as long as they are able to carry on with it. Or as long as their energy lasts, whichever comes first. When mommy is around, playtime is based on her schedule for the baby unless of course, she has a nanny or household to manage the chores, while she gives her attention to the baby. Otherwise, playtime is limited to a half an hour or an hour at most, which is still good enough.

However, when it comes to daddy, he makes time for playtime because multitasking isn't quite his thing. So when daddy makes time for play, he goes all out. This is why moms come home to kids with painted faces, dads wearing pink tutus dancing to nursery rhymes and looking like little ballerinas with his daughter. Fathers are also the reason why the boys get new funky haircuts and drawn on abs. Dads just have a way of bringing themselves down to the child's level, compared to moms, who can do that too, but there's so much more on her plate, and playing the part can be a huge task unless she has planned for it. So when daddy looks like Sofia The First or the baby looks like the lead character in Star Wars, don't be surprised.

8 There's A New Way To Co-Sleep

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Not everyone is gifted with the ability to soothe a baby to sleep. And that goes for both moms and dads. There are many ways people try to do lull their child to sleep, such as some give the baby lots of warm milk in hopes that the kid will start dozing off and eventually fall asleep. Others try to tire their baby out with one activity after another, such that they'll be too exhausted and just want to sleep. And there are others who will use classical music or dress the child in warm clothing so he can feel comforted. While these - and many other techniques of soothing the baby to sleep very, sometimes the child outsmarts the adults and pulls a hat trick - he or she just refuses to sleep.

In this case, you try and fit into their world, and see which plan works for them. For this dad, he figured his plan would be getting into the baby cot and demonstrating to the baby how to sleep or pretend to be asleep for that matter. To his amazement, the child just sat in the cot and did nothing. It’s like the baby is trying to say "I just can't go to sleep right now." And, sometimes, they're being very honest, even when you think that rubbing of the eyes meant the baby wanted to sleep. Maybe not.

7 Who's Teething Here?

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Teething can be a challenge for both moms and dads, especially with their first baby. No one prepares you for the first signs of teething when you're a new couple and you just had your first child. The process usually starts as early as 2 months for early teethers, but even so, the first tooth doesn't necessarily appear immediately. It could show at about 6 months of age, but all kids are different. Most babies cut their first tooth at about 6 months of age though, with the one percent before 4 months. According to Babycenter.com, the most common signs include mild irritability and lack of appetite. While others will begin drooling a lot, crying, trouble sleeping, restless, and the most obvious is the child trying to bite, chew and suck on everything.

This is probably what the baby was trying to communicate, and dad must have been oblivious to the signs. Since he had nothing to give her to chew, he sacrificed his hand and the baby chewed on it. We hope this was a learning experience for him when mommy says to carry a few toys, or something baby can play with or chew on.

6 When Mom Said Feedings Would Be Shared, She Wasn't Kidding

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There's something about kids that we may never understand, and that is when they are sleepy. Researchgate.net says they tend to cry instead of just placing their heads on the pillow, closing their eyes and falling asleep. While this process may seem easy for adults, it's not as easy for babies because sometimes they want to be soothed to sleep (especially if mommy did that a lot while they were little babies.) It is much easier for moms to get a baby to sleep because they'll either give them some milk or hold them in their warm, soft hands. But for dads, it's not as easy.

First of all, daddy doesn't have the same scent as a mommy, so a baby knows all too well when she's not the one caring for him. Then, there are daddy's arms, which are strong and muscular, not firm and soft. Finally, his voice is deeper. But this shouldn't be what makes the child not go to sleep. However, clever dads have improvised ways to make the baby sleep in their arms, and if baby doesn't want to be put to bed, dad's pot belly is cozy enough to rest on. Here's a dad who even improvised a way of tricking the baby into believing he was breastfeeding, and the kid slept.

5 Mom Said To Keep The Kids In Bed

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Men and women are different, not just physically but in many other ways. This includes how they think, communicate, and behave. One of the most common challenges, when it comes to a man and woman relating, is communication. If a mother is using too many words to say something to her partner, and he's trying to use each word too literal, but he can't, he decides to let it go and ends up doing things not exactly the way she had intended him to. This is why ladies should be very specific, not vague when talking to their partners because most times if you don't say exactly what you want to be done, he will find his creative ways of doing it. Men thrive on doing a good job and satisfying their partners.

So this dad was probably asked to keep the kids in bed, and he did exactly that, except for him it didn't mean getting in the way of fun. He literally kept the kids on the mattress and got his quad bike, tied the mattress to it and drove around dragging his children behind him on the mattress. This is funny but potentially dangerous.

4 Some Games Simply Can Not Wait

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Let's face it, men love video games, even though most women hate it. They don't see how rising through the levels of a game helps a guy in life. While there's nothing wrong with playing video games, the issues come when you spend way too much time on them, and not enough getting your responsibilities done, besides your own life's ambitions. This, of course, is with the exception of gamers who are paid to develop or play games. Again, another topic for another day.

Most men get easily distracted by games that just don't add value and don't help him provide for his family, but it’s more of a thrill-seeking adventure for him. Games also have their effects on the relationship and the family. According to Themodernman.com, a wife's respect for her man is affected, she feels neglected as she doesn't share his feelings of excitement or achievement when finishing a level. It also doesn't build an attraction for her. For his kids, as you can see in the photo, it takes away the genuine 'quality time' dad planned to spend with them, because his focus is derailed, and he just cannot multitask, not when a game is on the Xbox console or PS4. Something's gotta give.

3 Putting The Baby To Sleep Is A Lot Of Work

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Wait, men can multitask? Finally, I have seen it with my own eyes! Every mom, especially stay-at-home moms who work from home, but also working moms, know how it feels when the baby is finally asleep - and it doesn't matter where they fall asleep. This is the perfect time to rush around the house and do everything before the little one so much as turns his head or starts crying to signal that he's awake. It's hard enough to get house chores done when the baby is awake because most of your attention is drawn to where he is or what he needs to do at that time. Let's not forget about the diaper changes, feeding, and playing - but moms can manage it all.

But now it's dad's turn. For dads though, as long as the baby is asleep, where he falls asleep isn't much of a big deal. It’s what needs to be done next that dads focus on. In fact, he could easily rock the baby to sleep while working, because sometimes the baby just doesn't want to be put down in his own cot to sleep. The feeling of being in his mom or dad's arms is enough to close his eyes and go straight to dreamland.

2 Bundle Up, She Said. It's Cold Outside, She Said.

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What do you do when you have to mow the lawn or plow the snow from the driveway and front porch? Now, what do you do when you have to watch the baby and do everything just listed? You do what this dad did - take the baby with you, and while you're at it, get a selfie to prove to mom that the baby was warm and safe before you both went out.

It’s hard enough having to get things done around the house when you're all alone, but when there's a child involved, there's no way you're going to get stuff done without involving the kid. Putting a child to sleep in order to get things done around the house, doesn't always work.

This dad is very clever though. He literally dressed both his kid and himself as warm as a baby kangaroo in his mother's pouch would be. And off they went to get the snow plowed they went! The cool thing about this is the child and daddy get to bond, but it's even more exciting for the baby to experience a new environment. There's no way mommy would take the baby out in the cold like this, I mean, the snow can wait, right? But that's what dads are there for.

1 When The Water Is As Big As You

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There's a tendency for people (not just parents) to think that once a kid can walk, talk, and hold things for himself, then he can probably handle stuff on his own. Well, that's not entirely true because, as Familyeducation.com reports, kids need the assistance of their parents at least up to about 10 years of age, at least by then, he or she is stable in terms of grasping things with the hands, and even doing a few things on his or her own. Moms may know this better than dads because they're with the children almost the whole day, every day, but for dads, there's a lot to learn about kids that they may not with their schedules. For this dad, he was traveling with his son on an airplane and clearly, he gave his son the freedom to quench his thirst by himself. And quenching he did, not until the water splashed all over his face, leaving daddy looking shocked and confused. This is why moms pack the baby's bag with tissues, towels and a change of clothes so that if anything happens and the child's clothing gets wet or dirty, daddy can change the clothes. Similarly, in this case, daddy could have just held the bottle for the child to moderate how much water he took in, or, he could have picked a towel and immediately wiped the child's face.

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