20 Times Getting Dressed Was Too Hard For These Pregnant Celebs

Anyone who’s been pregnant can tell you a thing or two about dressing a baby bump — and most of the time, it’s not that easy. No expecting mom wants to drop a mini fortune on a maternity wardrobe that’ll only fit her for a few months (not when having babies is so expensive!).

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But even more, most moms-to-be don’t feel like getting all dolled up, in general, especially in the third trimester. Pregnancy is that special time in a woman’s life where her ankles are suddenly three times bigger and she feels like a beached whale. While doing her makeup and choosing a cute outfit can sometimes make her feel better about her temporary state, other times it seems like too much of a hassle. And celebrities are no exception! Given how often they need to get glammed up for the red carpet, it actually makes sense why pregnant celebrities would want to dress their bumps up even less. Sometimes sweatpants are a saving grace.

Keep reading to see twenty examples of pregnant stars who just couldn’t be bothered to put on anything more than sweats and a T-shirt. Considering us normal folks spend most of our days in leggings (pregnant or not!), who are we to judge?

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20 Kim Kardashian: How Did Kanye Let Her Wear PJs?

via radar online

We’re used to seeing Kim Kardashian all done up in gowns and six-inch heels. So, when she showed up to the baby shower of her second child, son Saint, in this outfit, many fans were less than impressed. The mom was photographed carrying her eldest daughter, North, into the venue. Kim rocked a blue and white striped pyjama set. The star was so heavily pregnant that the PJ shirt barely fit over her growing bump. We get that Kim was having a sleepover-themed for the party, but we’ve preferred the more glamorous looks she’s worn to her baby showers since.

19 Jessica Simpson: She's About Ready To Burst

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Jessica Simpson has been very honest with fans about how unenjoyable all three of her pregnancies were. Not only did the star endure extreme swelling during her third trimesters, but naysayers were less than kind about the celebrity’s changing appearance. No one can blame Jessica for wanting to rock sweatpants on a causal day given all that was going on in her life, like in this photo. The star was expecting her second child, son Maxwell, in 2013with her husband Eric Johnson, whom she married in 2014. The couple are also parents to two daughters: Maxwell Drew, who was born in 2012, and Birdie May, born earlier this year.

18 Jessica Biel: She Likely Woke Up Like This

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Actress Jessica Biel is a mom-of-one to her son, Silas, whom she shares with her husband Justin Timberlake (the famous couple have been married since 2012). When she was pregnant in 2015, the celebrity almost completely avoided the red carpet. She clearly didn’t love dressing up when she was expecting, especially not when it came to casual days. In this photo, Jessica was spotted running errands in a bright pair of sweatpants. Her t-shirt had a large hole in the front, while her cardigan looked washed out. The actress looked like she just wanted to get as home as soon as possible. And if the paparazzi were obsessed with your pregnancy, you’d probably feel the same way.

17 Mila Kunis: The Dogs Don't Care What She Wears

via yahoo news

That ‘70s Show co-stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made fans’ dreams come true when they got together and welcomed two kids. Their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, was born in 2014, while their son, Dimitri was born in 2016. Off the red carpet, Mila has been known to have a super-relaxed style and she definitely didn’t stray from it during her pregnancies. On this day, the star was photographed walking her dogs in an ultra-casual look. Her graphic shirt featured a few stains, while her sweatpants were clearly well loved. She probably thought getting dressed up didn’t matter since she was just hanging with her dogs. But when you’re a celebrity with the paparazzi on your tail, there’s no such thing as a private moment.

16 Snooki: The Shore Wants Its Look Back

Star Mag

Throughout all of her pregnancies, Snooki has loved sharing adorable mirror selfies with her fans online. Sometimes she’s all dolled up after making a public appearance, and other times she’s more dressed down- just like this one. The celebrity looked so casual in her pink sweatpants and graphic t-shirt combo that it honestly looks like she could’ve slept in this. Her messy bun and dark filter definitely aren’t’ helping this look, either. But considering Snooki is a mom to two young kids (and it’s about to become three in a few months!), we can’t blame her for just wanting to stay in sweats.

15 Anne Hathaway: Traded Stilettos For Sneakers

via pinterest

Fans love Anne Hathaway’s sophisticated sense of style. She always looks pulled-together and glamorous on the red carpet. So, her low-key pregnancy style took some fans by surprise. Anne and her husband, Adam Shulman, welcomed their son Jonathan in 2016. If it weren’t for the swarm of paparazzi following the actress during her pregnancy, we wouldn’t have been able to recognize her. Anne looked super causal in this matching get-up, and not in a cute way. Her grey beanie and colorful sneakers clashed with the red in her tracksuit, leaving her looking even more disheveled.

14 Blac Chyna: This Outfit Is No Dream

Just Jared

Whether she’s pregnant or not, Blac Chyna always manages to make headlines for her bold sense of style. The celebrity loves tight-fitting clothes and bright patterns, although you wouldn’t be able to tell with this bland outfit. During the early months of her pregnancy with daughter Dream, whom she shares with her ex-fiancée Rob Kardashian, the reality star stepped out in this oversized look. The large sweatpants and billowy t-shirt did little to highlight Chyna’s growing bump. Instead, it made her look dishevelled and oh-so-not glamorous. Chyna also shares an older son, King Cairo, with her ex-boyfriend Tyga.

13 Amy Schumer: Morning Sickness Will Do This To You

via instagram

Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer are expecting their first child after tying the knot last year. However, the experience has been less than magical for the comedian, as she’s been dealing with a serious case of morning sickness. She’s been hospitalized multiple times throughout her pregnancy because of the condition and also had to cancel various tour dates. In this photo posted to social media, the mom-to-be was hooked up to ana IVF while lounging at home in a comfy sweatshirt. When you’re sick and pregnant, then there’s absolutely no reason to get dressed beyond a set of PJs!

12 Kourtney Kardashian: The Slides With The (Tacky) Fur

via us weekly

Khloe Kardashian is almost always able to make an outfit look fashion-forward. This is the gal who rocks black leggings almost every day and still looks glamorous. But when she was expecting her first child, daughter True, last year, there were a couple of moments where the celebrity was looking less than posh. On this occasion, Khloe was almost unrecognizable in a completely black outfit. The oversized crew neck hid her curvy physique, while her sweats looked washed out. Her furry slides just looked ridiculous when pair with the bland outfit. She would’ve been better off in a pair of black leggings with a t-shirt and leather jacket.

11 Kelly Clarkson: She Needs To Breakaway From This Outfit

via fame10

Nowadays, Idol alum Kelly Clarkson is a mom of two. Her daughter River Rose was born in 2014, while her son Remington Alexander was born in 2016. Her husband, Brandon Blackstock, who she’s been married to since 2013, also has two children from his previous marriage. However, during both of her pregnancies, fans were less than impressed with the songstress’s outfits. On this day, Kelly looked like she threw on the nearest pair of yoga pants and a white t-shirt and went out the door. Granted, when you’re in your third trimester, there are bigger things on your mind than how your casual outfit looks.

10 Hilary Duff: Lizzie McGuire Would Be Disappointed

Daily Mail

Fans of Lizzie McGuire know how fashion-obsessed the titular character was. So, we doubt she’d be impressed with the outfit choices Hilary Duff made during both of her pregnancies. Hilary welcomed her son, Luca, in 2012, while her daughter, Banks Violet, was born last year. Whenever the celebrity was spotted out and about while expecting, she was often rocking a pair of comfy sweatpants. In this photo, the star wore a particularly baggy pair of sweats plus a grey hoodie as she loaded groceries into her vehicle. She kept her signature blonde locks in a top knot, but dressed the look up with a pair of big hoops.

9 Jessica Alba: Her Shirt Is Worn-In And She's Worn Out

via pinterest

Jessica Alba is still one of Hollywood’s biggest style icons. So, it may come as a surprise, but there were several times the star looked like she’d put little effort into her outfit while pregnant. The celebrity shares three children- daughters Honor and Haven and son Hayes- with her husband Cash Warren. Last year, while pregnant with her son, she was photographed in this monochromatic look. Jessica’s dark sweatshirt looked well-worn, while her sweatpants looked like they were almost falling down. If she hadn’t already announced her third pregnancy on social media then fans never could’ve guessed she was expecting in this outfit.

8 Chrissy Teigen: These Are Definitely Her Pajamas

via people

We honestly thought Chrissy Teigen could do no wrong when it comes to fashion. And for the most part, she really can’t. But when the celebrity was expecting her son, Miles, she stepped out in this bold outfit that still has fans scratching their heads. While we appreciate that the star was trying to make a statement in the bright floral pattern, the two-piece look was honestly just overwhelming. The satin material and button-down top made it look like Chrissy was wearing her pajamas rather than a stylish two-piece. The dark overcoat did nothing to highlight the star’s frame amidst the sea of fabric.

7 Kourtney Kardashian: We Don't Want To Keep Up With This Look

via eonline

When she was just a few months along during her third pregnancy with son Reign, Kourtney tried to go incognito with this bland, grey look. Despite having three young children, Kourtney usually looks glamorous, even if she’s just picking her kids up from somewhere. But on this occasion, she really went the dressed-down route. Kourtney’s matching sweatpants and crew neck combo was too ill-fitting to be stylish, while the colour just washed her out. Her dark sneakers did nothing to up the style factor of this look. Let’s just say this isn’t the Kourtney that we’re used to seeing around Calabasas!

6 Amanda Seyfried: Uggs Aren't Making A Comeback

via pinterest

We’d be lying to you if we said Ugg’s were making a comeback. The super comfy shoes haven’t been fashionable since the early 2000s, and for good reason. But clearly, Amanda Seyfried didn’t get the memo. The actress shares one child, daughter Nina, with her husband Thomas Sadoski. There were only a few times the star was photographed while pregnant, as she laid low while expecting (her representative didn’t announce her pregnancy until she was almost halfway). But unfortunately, this outfit looked more frumpy than cozy. Amanda’s cardigan and sweats looked lived in, while her Ugg’s just took the whole look down a couple of notches.

5 Adele: Set Fire To This Outfit, Not The Rain

via people

Adele might sing that she wants to set fire to rain, but we think this outfit is the only thing she should be taking a lighter to. While pregnant with her son Angelo in 2012, the singer made headlines for her questionable outfit choices. This look was one of her most criticized. Adele’s way-too-large sweater completely swallowed her up, while her loose-fitting joggers made her look stocky and shortened. But the real head-scratching part of this outfit was the celebrity’s bizarre furry hat. It wasn’t even that cold outside when this picture was taken, so it’s unclear why she thought such a bold accessory was necessary.

4 Alicia Silverstone: This Look Leaves Us Clueless

via us weekly

Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone immediately became a ‘90s fashion icon thanks to her role in the cult classic movie. But since she kissed the role of Cher goodbye, it seems like she’s lost a bit of that impeccable fashion sense. At least when she was pregnant, that is. Alicia received a ton of criticism from the media for her poor maternity choice while pregnant with her son, Bear Blu, in 2011. Her bright t-shirt could barely fit over her growing baby bump and neither could her grey sweatpants. But the real reason this look is so bad is the fact that she’s actually wearing Crocs. What happened to a basic pair of flip-flops?

3 Ciara: Her Beauty Definitely Missed The Mark

via daily mail

Ciara’s most recent album might be titled Beauty Marks, but we’d say she definitely missed the mark when it came to this maternity look. The singer has two children. Her son, Future, was born in 2014, while her daughter, Sienna, was born in 2017. There were tons of moments where Ciara had incredible maternity style on the red carpet. But it was another story on her days off. In this look, Ciara rocked a way-too-tight t-shirt with a pair of baggy sweats while out with a friend. Although the flannel made the look a bit more stylish, overall this just isn’t the sort of glamorous look we’re used to seeing from Ciara.

2 Natalie Portman: Fans Can Barely Tell It's Her


Natalie Portman met her future husband Benjamin Millepied while working on Black Swan, and she was pregnant with their first child when she accepted the Oscar for her role in the movie. Since then, the celebrity has taken a step back from the spotlight to focus on her young family, which now includes a son and a daughter. Not only has her work relaxed, but so has Natalie’s style if this photo is any evidence. The actress looked like she was rocking an oversized sleep shirt while out for a walk with her family. Her large cardigan and baggy pants sure didn’t help to make this look stylish.

1 Janet Jackson: She Was Always All Covered Up

via us weekly

Janet Jackson’s 2017 pregnancy made headlines for several reasons. Not only was the celebrity 50-years old when she announced her good news, but fans couldn’t understand why the star had begun dressing so bizarrely. Janet, who’s been known for her risqué looks in the past, was frequently spotted in all-black, oversized outfits during her pregnancy, just like this one. It often left her looking frumpy and disheveled. Shortly after her son’s birth, the singer filed for divorce from her husband, Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana. Sources said the couple clashed over his conservative beliefs, so perhaps her hubby had an influence over her bland maternity choices.

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