20 Times New Mom Cardi B Was In The News This Year

Cardi B is living the American Dream. She's got the hip-hop fame, the money, a beautiful new baby girl and a famous husband. She's also a woman who's had her fair share of media coverage that got people talking. Whether she's feuding with Nicki Minaj, getting arrested, or handing out winter coats to the needy, she's a rapper who's in the news constantly.

Anyone who wants to get the inside scoop on what Cardi B's been up to in 2018 will enjoy this list. It's loaded with facts about her life. So far, 2018 has been an action-packed and life-changing year for Cardi B. It's a year that she's never going to forget.

Born on the 11th of October, 1992, Cardi B is now 26 years old. She was born Belcalis Almanzar. She's from The Bronx. She pulled herself up out of poverty. Now, she has the bling, the sports cars and the designer clothes.

To make some money before she got famous, she worked as a dancer. Then, she moved onto fame as a social media star, which led to reality TV appearances. Her stint on reality TV led to a lucrative record contract. Now, she's the only female rapper in nineteen years to have a solo song hit number one on the charts.

20 She Gave Away Coats To The Needy in NYC

Cardi B gave out a bunch of warm winter coats to the needy in her native NYC...but she made the crowd wait for four hours in chilly weather before showing up. Cardi hit Brooklyn, NYC to dole out the cozy outerwear and tons of people showed up to see the "Bodak Yellow" performer. She did this good deed in late October.

While people had to wait to see her, they were really happy when she showed up. It was very thoughtful of her to hand out coats in the community. She took selfies and handed out the coats at the Marlboro Houses. She arrived late because a photo shoot scheduled for before the event took longer than expected.

19 She Got Into A Huge Beef With Nicki Minaj

Things got crazy when Cardi B spotted her nemesis, Nicki Minaj, at a party held during New York Fashion Week 2018. Videos show that Cardi B lunged in Nicki's direction before tossing a shoe at Minaj. Security personnel rushed in to stop the violence.

Cardi was photographed leaving the event with a huge goose egg on one side of her forehead. Cardi posted on social media to share her reasons for throwing a shoe at her hip-hop rival. She said that Nicki's been putting her down and causing her trouble for a long time. Cardi didn't seem to feel any remorse after the altercation. The beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj is really intense.

18 She Got Arrested

Cardi B had to turn herself in at a New York City police station this year, because of misdemeanor assault and reckless endangerment charges. She got into trouble at an adult club in Flushing, NY, on the 29th of August. While she was in the club, she apparently threw hookahs, bottles and chairs. Everything went down around three o'clock in the morning. A couple of bartenders were believed to have been assaulted by the famous rapper. Cardi B has an estimated net worth of eight million bucks, so she has ample cash for hotshot lawyers. Her legal team will help her to deal with these charges.

17 She’s Rumored To Be Returning To TV In a Reboot of "The Nanny"

Cardi B has been on TV in the past. She began appearing on VH1's reality TV series, Love & Hip Hop: New York during season six. Now, she's rumored to be talking to producers about appearing in a reboot of "The Nanny". If you loved the original show, which starred Fran Drescher, you'll be pleased to know that Drescher's been chatting with Cardi B. She wants the famous rapper to play her daughter in the reboot.

Cardi B is a fan of Drescher's and she's mentioned Drescher on social media, which is why Fran got the idea to bring Cardi aboard for the new TV series.

16 She Got Real About Her Post-labor Issues


Cardi B had to deal with a lot of emotional highs and lows after giving birth. She found the mood swings rough, because she expected to bounce back from childbirth in a week or so. She's been open about her postpartum issues, which is great. When she was honest about what she was going through, she helped other women who were in the same boat.

Cardi planned to get right back to work after having a baby, but found it too hard to do so. She had to scale back some plans and give herself more time to recover. Spending more time at home with baby Kulture was the right decision for her.

15 She Wore Wild Maternity Outfits

Cardi B has always been confident. It's part of the reason why she is where she is in life. She's had no trouble gathering fans because she's got tons of charisma. When she was expecting, she didn't choose low-key maternity wear. She went for bright color and fun shapes and accessorized with wild jewelry. She kept her own style, even when her baby bump was sizable. She also relied on wigs to add impact to her ensembles.

Whether she was draped in Versace or dressed up as Disney villainess, Cruella De Ville for a performance, she kept it playful. She also donned sky-high Louboutin high heels regularly.

14 She Performed At Coachella While Pregnant

Cardi B pushes herself pretty hard in term of her career and she did a lot of work while she was pregnant. She performed at Coachella when she was expecting. She twerked during the performance and generally gave fans the experience that they wanted. Having a baby on board didn't stop her from blowing away the festival crowd.

Her performance was epic and included appearances by plenty of special guests, such as Chance the Rapper, 21 Savage and G-Eazy. She told the crowd she was having trouble catching her breath, but still did tons of high-energy moves. Fans couldn't believe how she slayed, despite a great big baby bump.

13 She Shared A Pic From Her Secret Wedding To Offset

Cardi B wore a white tracksuit with silver accents to her wedding. She wore no makeup. She married Offset and it took awhile before photos of the event surfaced online. Cardi was the one who posted the "white tracksuit" photo. She said that she and Offset decided to wed on the spur of the moment. The wedding happened in their bedroom. Cardi B's cousin was the sole witness. Offset also donned athleisure as he made a lifetime commitment to his lady. Cardi kept her wedding pictures private for a while, but decided to share just one pic. The Internet went wild.

12 She's Parenting Without A Nanny

Nicki Minaj has expressed interest in becoming a Mom lately. Does she sincerely have baby fever, or is she ramping up to compete with Cardi B, who is a new mom? Cardi B is parenting without the help of a nanny. She's doing it herself, and juggling career demands, being a newlywed and so much more. She's a strong woman. She isn't perfect, but she's real. She may turn to nannies later on. For now, she wants to be the number one person in her daughter's life. She's also looking at her finances, figuring out how to build her fortune so her daughter will always have the best of everything.

11 She Gushed About Her Baby Girl, Kulture

Hopefully, being a new Mom will eventually stop Cardi B from getting angry at nightclubs and getting aggressive with rap rivals. Motherhood does change women. Cardi B is still very young. She's going to change a lot as her daughter gets older. Cardi B says that people around her thought that her pregnancy would hurt her career. She made the choice to keep working on her career throughout pregnancy, because she didn't want to lose momentum. She says that her love for her daughter, Kulture, has made her feel a lot more vulnerable. She clearly adores her baby girl. She wants to build a stable future for her.

10 She Performed At The Global Citizen Festival In NYC

Cardi B was radiant in red as she performed at the NYC Global Citizen Festival. This performance was her first after having a baby. She brought out the hits, including "Bodak Yellow" and "Drip". She put on a great show and her performance happened before a fence barrier fell and scared members of the crowd. When people heard the noise as the barrier fell, they assumed that shots were being fired. Many people panicked. Chris Martin of Coldplay let the crowd know that they were actually safe. Unfortunately, the collapse of the fence barrier cast a pall over the festival.

9 She Gave Birth In July

Baby Kulture was born in July. Cardi B has said that childbirth "broke" a certain private body part - I'm sure you know which one she means. Lots of moms can relate. Cardi B had to deal with stitches in intimate areas and lots of other postpartum discomfort. Giving birth isn't easy and there is pain after labor, as well as during labor. Anyway, Cardi B is healed now and she has her gorgeous baby daughter, who seems to look quite a bit like her famous mom already. Cardi B is devoted to her daughter. Offset is her daughter's Dad.

8 Hubby Offset Gave Her a Lamborghini


In July, Cardi B and Offset picked up Lambos. His was poison green and hers was electric blue. Offset wasn't satisfied. He wanted to give his lady another Lambo, and devised a crazy prank before surprising her with a costly Lamborghini SUV, just ahead of her birthday in October of this year. The prank started when she got a phone call. She was told that her man had fainted. She was instructed to get to Atlanta immediately. She began to experience anxiety and posted about it online. She went to their home in Atlanta and saw the SUV, which was adorned with a huge red bow. She eventually calmed down.

7 Her Record, “Invasion Of Privacy” Debuted At #1

Cardi B's record, "Invasion of Privacy" blasted into the number one position on the Billboard two hundred chart. It was her debut album and it's hugely successful. She was setting records with this album. After the album was released, she became the 5th female rapper to hit the top spot at the Billboard 200. The other female rappers include her enemy, Nicki Minaj, along with Foxy Brown, Eve and Lauryn Hill. Maybe Cardi B's strong record sales are fueling her feud with Nicki. Nicki's been having more trouble selling records and concert tickets lately.  However, Nicki is a survivor and always has a new trick up her sleeve.

6 She Slammed Nicki Minaj’s Album Sales

Cardi B had been shaded by Nicki. Nicki Minaj has been shaded by Cardi B. This is a rivalry and rap beefs sell records. They drum up major publicity that would cost a fortune to buy. The rap world is filled with beefs, some of which are probably as inauthentic as many of the dinner party beefs on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Other beefs seem truly hateful. Cardi B and Nicki have the type of beef that does seem harsh and real.

In September of this year, Cardi posted the top ten records of the year to social media. Nicki's record was missing from the list. Cardi said that "numbers don't lie".

5 She Won Prestigious Awards

Cardi B had a great night at the 2018 BET Awards ceremony. She was the evening's biggest winner. The ceremony was held in Miami Beach, on the 16th of October. She was 26 when she grabbed four awards. One of them was Hustler of the Year. She said she was grateful and thankful. Nicki was also nominated for BET awards this year, and probably didn't enjoy watching her hip-hop enemy win so big. It's just more fuel for one of the most intense rap beefs in the world. Cardi B performed that night. She did her tracks, "Backin It Up" and "Get Up 10".

4 She Said Nicki Tried To Stop Her Bag

Nicki Minaj has a new line of merchandise, including backpacks, t-shirts and jackets, which are emblazoned with the words, "Nicki stopped my bag". This new merch is a direct attack on Cardi B, who has said that Nicki tried to stop her bags. Cardi was implying that Nicki is making an effort to get in the way of Cardi B's lucrative business deals. Cardi thinks that Nicki wants her to fail at making cash in the music business. She's also accused Nicki of threatening people who want to work with her. Nicki's mocking response, through her new line of merchandise, certainly isn't going to cool off this red-hot rap beef.

3 She Posted A Parody Video About New Parenthood


Cardi B isn't angry all of the time. Sometimes, she's having fun and laughing. She and her husband, Offset, posted a parody video about parenthood that made fans laugh, too. After their daughter, Kulture Kendrell Cephus, was born in the middle of July, they posted the video, which features a couple of actors playing the parts of Cardi B and Offset. Cardi B posted the video as a gift to her fans. She also thanked them for all of their love and support. Cardi B said that new motherhood was making it tough for her to post a lot of social media, but that she'd try to do it more often in the future.

2 She Pulled Out Of A Tour To Be With Her Daughter

Cardi B was supposed to tour with Bruno Mars and that tour would have earned her millions. She pulled out of the tour because being a new mom was harder than she thought. She had trouble healing as fast as she anticipated. She also wanted to be close to her baby daughter. There's a lot of pressure on Cardi B to keep recording, performing and touring. She puts pressure on herself, too. By pulling out of the tour, she stepped back and focused on her health and her baby. Bruno Mars was extremely gracious about her pulling out of the tour. He understood why she was doing it.

1 She Was Open About Postpartum Beauty Issues

Cardi was open about the pain of childbirth, the pain of recovering from childbirth and the mood swings that she experienced after having a baby. She's also been open about the negative impact that new motherhood is having on her looks. As any new mother knows. taking care of a baby leaves little time for grooming, manicures and makeup. Finding time to take a shower can be a real challenge on some days. Cardi said she was really pale after having the baby and complained that her hair was out of control. She's not one of those women who has to appear perfect to the world at all times. By now, she's really bounced back.

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