20 Times North, Mason and Penelope Wore Uncomfortable Outfits

The world seems to either hate them or love them. Either way, fans are engaged in their ever so luxurious, drama-filled, hilarious life. We all know the Kardashians are not shy and known for holding nothing back. When it comes to fashion and what is hot or not, they rule the carpet. Between Kim rocking body-con dresses and declaring snakeskin a thing, and Kourtney blowing up the internet with her Vogue fashion shoots, the Kardashians know how to dress. So, when the next generation was born, the paparazzi knew that these little cuties would not be spotted out of the house without a full designer outfit and an overpriced handbag.

The difference between the Kardashians and regular people is that when regular people allow their children to dress themselves before running to the grocery store, they usually reach for their nearest princess dress, cowgirl boots, and last year's Halloween mask. Then, moms slaps on a ball cap and pray that she won’t run into any neighbors that will judge her mommy behavior. In the Kardashian world, they just add in a little extra cash and their assistant or nanny will have their child dressed in the latest Gucci, Fendi, or Prada. How luxurious! 

Well, everyone knows runway clothes are not comfortable and these Kardashian kids have been the victim of outfits that are a little too “extra.” Just read on to see what we mean! 

20 When Life Hands You Lemons...


When life hands you lemons, match outfits with Granny! My goodness, this face is priceless. Look at little Penelope matching Grandma Kris! I don't think this outfit is necessarily uncomfortable, but I think Penelope's thought of matching granny is! Clearly, Kris is loving this duo outfit look, and what grandma wouldn't! I think after a long day at the park, these shoulder bows would be in the way, and that headband would be lost in the dust. Plus, what six years old can actually keep a white dress white all day? Regardless, the thought of twinning with Kris Jenner is adorable and uncomfortable all together!

19 Tea Party Bound


And Little Bo Peep lost her sheep and ..... Kidding, seriously! Once again Penelope is spotted looking trendy and is strutting the streets looking like an uncomfortable bed sham. She does look very darling, so we can't hate on that. Any flat chested adult knows that keeping a strapless dress up is nearly impossible. Try being Penelope and holding up five pounds of ruffles too. According to dailymail.com, this was an outfit for a Sunday stroll to the movies with mommy. Penelope is wearing a brand called Little Alexis and based on the website, it's way over my budget!

18 The Green Ballerina


First off, anyone who can wear pea green and look cute gets a star in my book. North is the cutest green ballerina I have ever seen. But that tutu just makes me itch looking at it. Trust me, I spend many college nights tying tulle together to create pom-poms and still have nightmares over the rashes I was left with. My guess is a designer tutu is way more comfortable than a $2.99 tulle from Walmart, but still, all that fluff has to make being a kid a little challenging.

17 Black Or White Swan?


There must have been a tutu trend I miss because we're back at it again. After doing a little research, the girls were leaving ballet class, so the outfit is fitting. I just don't recall showing up to class in custom made tutus and designer jackets when I was young. But hey, that's the lavish life of the rich and famous. Let's note, those mini top knot buns are way too cute, and North's little extra color coordinated jacket looks great. The jacket was actually a gift from head designer Olivier Rousteing. I guess mine got lost in the mail?

16 Rainbow Dash


Yes, I too see nothing wrong with this adorable outfit. Penelope is looking so cute in her red silk dress, floral shoes, and that popping scarf. As a little girl, that scarf is everything. Okay, so if you haven't found it yet, the white Fendi purse Penelope is carrying is a little over 2K. Yikes! I don't trust myself with white bags, let alone a young one! Plus, 2K?! What happened to the little sparkly Limited Too purses.

According to dailymail.com, they are headed to dinner. I would be cringing in my seat protecting that purse from spaghetti fingers and sticky fingers. In the words of Disney, "You can paint with all the colors of the wind..."

15 Sporty Spice

14 It's Grease Lightening!


Leather, on leather, on leather. It makes me just want to sweat and totally reminds me of Sandy from Grease! I would fall asleep too after listening to leather squeaking together all day. Not only does this outfit look hot, but definitely has no mobility. Trust me, little North needs to run and play, and a cat women suit is not the choice unless it's Halloween. I am a huge fan of a sporty leather jacket, and I am sure Kim and North look adorable matching in them. But at this age, a full leather tuxedo is not my cup of tea.

13 The Circus


Yes, I totally have those fuzzy flip-flops. Not necessarily the same brand, but definitely a look alike! They are so fun and hip. Get yourself a pair. I often don't understand celebrity fashion, because if I threw on a choker, floral dress, and a rainbow ferret scarf I would be the talk of the town. But somehow, they get away with it and pull it off. Maybe it's all about confidence. Anyways, this look isn't my choice for a Saturday afternoon, but it doesn't kill me. It is the fact that she knows how to text and walk at her age that makes me uncomfortable. I know, we all do it, but come on! What happened to play with dolls and kick the can!

12 Kanye's Leftovers


I am all about the boyfriend tee look, but this takes it to a whole new level! Maybe there is a reason I am not in the fashion industry, but last time I checked, a cut up tee was not trending. Somehow, the Kardashians are able to pull it off and slay the homeless man style look. The sad part about this uncomfortable baggy t-shirt dress is it probably cost more than $500. And, if Kanye sold this on his Yeezy site, people would actually buy it. Ugh, society! Again, there she goes rocking the fuzzy slides. Told ya they were in!

11 Dr. Evil


This Halloween costume deserves a prize. The fact that they got the family to join in on it makes it even better. Mason took on the role of Dr. Evil and mom bought him one cool costume. We all know Halloween wigs, face masks, and paint are never comfortable. Usually resulting in extreme itchiness and discomfort by the end of the evening, but playing your new role is a full-time job. I am sure Mason didn't reveal his true self, but that facemask looks super uncomfortable! Even if a makeup team came in to paint it on, I just squirm thinking about it. Uncomfortable or not, they slayed the role!

10 Feathers For Life!


Alright, North you win. I already know you will be a fashion icon before the age of 16 and probably more successful than your parents combined. The sass, swag, and innocent smile is too much for us! She rocks every itchy, scratchy, baggy outfit like it's her job. I would be swatting those features away, probably picking out leftover crumbs I dropped in them at lunch and obnoxiously acting like a bird in public. Oh, and good luck finding an authentic version of this dress in adult side. It may cost you a year of your college tuition and a finger.

9 Panic At The Disco!


I guess I don't know children's fashion because North also has this same outfit in orange. But, Kim stepped out in Pink neon, so all of a sudden, Neon was in. You would think she was Regina George from Mean Girls or something. Although this neon look doesn't make the list of "North West's Most Expensive Looks" I am sure those shades and that bad would cost an arm and a leg. Those ski google looking sunglasses in now way look comfortable to me but hey, at least you can get a pair of white Converse to match her!

8 Rockn' Robin!


North is following in Daddy's footsteps and taking on becoming a fashion designer. Kim and Kayne took a different approach to "summer camp" and sent North to Fashion Design Summer Camp. I don't think it consists of roasting marshmallows and singing songs around a fire, but it's fitting for this very "extra" celebrity family. Kim and sidekick, Kourtney, along with Penelope and Mason, attended the end of the camp fashion show. North rocked this very uncomfortable leather raincoat get up after the five-year-old watched her summer camp designs make their way to the runway. It doesn’t shock us that North may actually have her own line one day. She is more fashionable than us and how old?

7 Giddy Up, Cowgirl!


This outfit just screams a mess. At this age, I fear those tassels will be stuck in car doors, possible the escalator, and most definitely a target for someone to pull on. Not to mention the matching lace dress North is rocking to match mommy. We are all about the mommy-daughter matching outfits, but at that age, a lace slip doesn't fall under soft and cozy. Don't get me wrong, Kim looks stunning, and North looks precious. We're just stating that this fashionista attire doesn't look like something I would want to wear to a birthday party at her young age.

6 Summer Popsicle!

5 Cyclone


This face is hilarious. I love it! Look at Penelope trying to keep that huge knot above her eyes! You know it is not working out when you have to scrunch your face just to keep your headband on right. I would be in tears wearing that thing! I know, I know, putting the cute headbands on your baby to show they are a girl is what we all do, but that knot is half the size of her head! Kourtney must have a thing for headbands because Penelope is often stealing the spotlight with her unicorn headbands and white feathered and bedazzled ones.

4 I Love It!


This Halloween photo almost broke the internet like Kim K's photo did that one time. People found this costume either hilarious or extremely offensive. I am all for a little fun and games, and these costumes easily give you a chuckle. Plus, Penelope and North look like they are having a ball wearing them. The uncomfortable part of this costume is daddy's song lyrics that go along with them. Yikes. Vulgar, too much, and not what cute North should be representing. But I'll give it to the Kardashian's for playing the media, because I am sure their music video got a million more hits with curious viewers!

3 Sparkles And Cupcakes!


Sequins are like glitter. You leave breadcrumbs everywhere you sit and in every corner of the house! Well, folks, you are looking at the newest line of Yeezy for kids. What makes me uncomfortable is according to Stylecaster.com, North picked out these colors and this look. Um, what! Sequins with a shearling coat all in Yeezy yellow! This three-year-old is already cooler than me! Get out. Also, does this not reek of dollar bill signs and an empty bank account for moms around the world. Goodness, this family can do it all. If this line sells as Kanye’s shoe line does, this little girl will be in business!

2 21 Dalmatians


Before we discuss this photo, can we give Kim a round of applause for killing the LBD look? Fierce, beautiful, and a goddess. Now, as for North. You look dashing too, girl. I am thinking those clip on heavy earrings and shoulder pads in her dress were not the most comfortable. But beauty is pain, right. And I think North knows how the fashion biz goes and could suck it up for a good photo shoot. Now, dog lover or not, those are some big dogs there, which also makes me a little queasy, as they could probably pull Kim right on to her bum!

1 Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.


Here’s a riddle for you! What is black and yellow and more expensive than a beat-up junkyard car? You guessed it, Mason’s Versace new coat. According to dailymail.com, Grandma Kris Jenner dished out 3K to get Mason this birthday gift. I am thinking that is pocket change to this crew and definitely not what I asked for my 9th birthday. Anyways, the 3,000 jacket fits nicely over his Fendi shirt and designer joggers. Are your eyes popping out yet? Yes, his clothes may be more than my monthly mortgage payment and that makes me very uncomfortable, but to each their own. Let’s just hope that his expensive taste doesn’t take him down daddy’s path of bougie nightclubs and upscale parties!

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