20 Times The Duggars Got Called Out

The Duggars get perks for being famous, including cold, hard cash and fame, but there is a downside. The downside is the shade that they get from people who don't like them. They also get shade from fans when fans feel let down by some of their decisions. Basically, they can't win. This family is a family that people love to judge.

Duggar family members have plunged themselves into the spotlight and now need to live with the consequences. There must be times when they wish that people were easier on them.

Everyone has an opinion about the Duggars, whether it's good or bad. And with that being said, here is some juicy information about 20 times the Duggars were called out. Actually, they've been called out a million times, but these 20 instances really stand out. Read about each incident and then form an opinion. Are the critics on track or are they way too hard on the Duggars?

Duggar family values don't sit so well with everyone. They seem really out of date to some people. Others love the fact that this family's values are old school. Whether people love or dislike the Duggars, they enjoy reading about them, because the Duggars aren't an average family.

20 Their Unhealthy Cooking Has Gotten Some Shade


Cooking for a huge brood can't be easy. Younger Duggars do pitch in to help, but it's still a huge job. It's sort of like running a smaller restaurant. There are many people waiting to eat and a lot of food needs to be purchased, prepped, cooked and served every day.

Some people consider Duggar family dishes to be really unhealthy. They think that the family serves up unhealthy food because it's cheaper to access and easier to make. According to Spoonuniversity.com, one example is the Duggar favorite, Tator Tot Casserole. It's sort of on a par with one of Honey Boo's Boo's fave family recipes, "Sketti."

19 Jill Called Out An Infant


Jill called a baby a "chunker." She may not have meant anything bad by it, but she did use that word, according to Goodhousekeeping.com. Some people found the word offensive. They felt that she was commenting negatively on the baby's appearance.

Jill helped to deliver the baby and her midwife duties also earned her some shade. While Jill has a Certified Professional Midwife certificate, she doesn't have a degree in nursing, so critics feel like she shouldn't be helping women to deliver their babies. She may need the money, though. Jim Bob and Michelle have an estimated net worth of $3.5 million, but we don't know if and how they share it with the children.

18 Jessa's Messy House Makes Fans See Red


Is Jessa Duggar a sloppy housekeeper? A lot of people think so, according to Hollywoodgossip.com. She has brought this criticism on herself by posting pics of her messy home, including one shot of her with some filled diapers in the background. Kind of gross, no? Oh well, she thinks it's just real life and that there is nothing wrong with it. She's used to the whole oversharing thing because of being on reality TV.

She also posted a video of her son being potty-trained. A lot of people didn't like that, either. She's someone who is all too comfortable talking about poo and other messes. Some fans are cool with it, others find it bone chilling.

17 Jim Bob Described Television As 'Demonic'


The Duggars might have a much harder life without TV because being on television has given them access to a lot of money, not to mention plenty of perks. Sure, they get criticized all of the time, but they may even enjoy the feeling of martyrdom that this brings. They are fighting for what they believe in, after all.

Despite benefiting from television, Jim Bob Duggar has described TV as being "demonic." According to Romper.com, the Dugger home isn't a place where cable TV is available. The TV is just for playing appropriate DVDs that suit Jim Bob and Michelle's beliefs.

16 Duggar Wives Aren't Allowed To Make Any Demands


If you're female, do you think you have what it takes to be a Duggar wife? Does the concept of being a Duggar wife seems safe and comforting, or like something out of The Handmaid's Tale?

Some women might welcome the sense of old-fashioned security that being a Duggar wife brings. Others might shake at the idea of becoming a submissive Duggar wife.

Duggar wives can't make demands. Men are the heads of households. What men say goes. According to Sandrarose.com, Duggar wives must always understand that husbands are the leaders. They must follow. This is the key to a happy marriage, supposedly.

15 Jill Put A Tortilla On Her Son's Head


I personally think that this is kind of cute. The baby needed sun protection and there was apparently no sun hat around, so Jill got creative and used an available tortilla as an impromptu sunbonnet.

Sure, we can all judge if we want to. We could say, "Jill should have brought a hat for the baby along..." or whatever. Nothing is easier than judging, but what mom hasn't made some mistake?

Jill provided a little shade with the tortilla, and then received plenty of shade online, according to Inquisitr.com.

There might be things about the Duggar family that confound me, but the tortilla thing doesn't really upset me. How do you feel about it?

14 Jinger Got In Trouble For Wearing Pants


Is Jinger breaking away from Duggar rules? There are some Duggar kids who seem more willing to break the Duggar mold and do their own thing than others. Jinger is one of those Duggar kids. While certain fans were very pleased when she decided to wear pants, others who prefer Duggar females to wear longer skirts were not happy.

According to Goodhousekeeping.com, some fans were "stunned" when Jinger paraded around in a pair of pants. Jinger shugs off shade from detractors. She has said she is setting her own standards. Before marriage, she tended to stick to the "Duggar woman uniform" of modest top and skirt. Now, she is branching out.

13 Michelle Delegates Too Many Parenting Tasks To Jana


Does Jana get stuck with more than her fair share of hard work? Does Michelle put too many tasks on her daughter that she, as the matriarch of the Duggar family, should be taking care of herself? A lot of people think so and feel very sorry for Jana. Jana has been called "sister mom" and "Cinderella Duggar," according to Inquisitr.com. She seems to get the lion's share of housework and babysitting duties and some people think that this just isn't fair.

Hopefully, Jana feels comfortable enough to assert herself if she needs to. With this family dynamic, there is always the chance that she might not feel comfortable expressing herself.

12 Josh's Double Life Hurt The Family's Reputation


Are the Duggars just a bunch of hypocrites, who publicly embrace spiritual beliefs that they don't really practice? People who think that they are hypocrites often point to Josh Duggar. They use his double life as an example of Duggar hypocrisy.

Josh has admitted to doing some stuff that really hurt his family. He brought a lot of criticism down on the Duggars, all surrounding his romantic life.

He is married and his actions were not in keeping with his wedding vows. There was big fallout from his behavior. In 2015, TLC even canceled 19 Kids And Counting, according to En.wikipedia.org. The network pulled the plug specifically because of Josh.

11 Little Kids Were Doing Grown-Up Chores


It's not just Jana Duggar who does plenty of housework. Younger Duggars do, too. Everyone has their own opinion about kids doing chores. Some people are in line with the Duggars. These types of people think it's fine for young kids to do housework. In fact, they think it's great. Others feel sad inside when they see little Duggar kids pushing around Swiffers or doing other household tasks.

Parents can set their own rules and set the tone for their kids. The Duggars spread out the chores among their children. According to Intouchweekly.com, the kids seem to do more housework and cooking than Jim Bob and Michelle ever do.

10 Some People Don't Approve Of The Homeschooling Thing


Critics of the Duggars feel that their practice of home-schooling their children is really about controlling what they learn and how they think.

Hollywoodgossip.com reports that Jana Duggar, who already does so much for the family, is now leading the homeschooling process. It used to be Michelle who was overseeing it. Jana has ten kids to home-school (the others have flown the nest) and homeschooling is designed to teach the kids the "right" family values.

People who think that the Duggar family is a sort of cult feel that the kids aren't getting the chance to think freely because their educations are a form of brain-washing. What do you think?

9 Jana's Old Maid Status Raises Questions


Duggar women don't move out of the household until they are wed. Jana is still at home and she is currently 29 years old. She was born on the 12th of January, 1990, according to En.wikipedia.org.

Some people call her out for being unmarried. There are tons of theories about why she hasn't made it to the altar. Some people think she is dating a female friend, Laura DeMasie. Others think her crushing workload in the Duggar home makes it impossible for her to form a bond that might lead to marriage.

Calling someone an old maid is kind of silly nowadays, don't you think? But Jana has been called that.

8 Duggar 'Swimsacks' Inspire Mockery


Swimming in shorts and a shirt, which is basically what a Duggar swimsack is, sounds very uncomfortable. Clothes are a hindrance while swimming. They create so much extra drag. They make it harder to move through the water. However, clothes, such as swimsacks, do preserve precious modesty. This is why Duggar women wear them, even though their swimsacks are sometimes the subject of derision from critics.

According to Thehollywoodgossip.com, Jessa found it difficult to find a modest bathing suit and decided to go for the swimsack shorts and t-shirt combo instead. At least she got to enjoy the water, right?

7 Fans Comment On Josiah's Rebellious Ways


Does this Duggar offspring want to push the boundaries? According to Thehollywoodgossip.com, the answer is yes. In 2018, Josiah was looking forward to marriage, because he could make his own rules after he was wed to Lauren.

He is still very young, as he is just 22. It's understandable that being the head of his own household would be appealing. It remains to be seen just how rebellious he is going to get. To date, he's gotten shade for multiple courtships, which are generally a Duggar no-no, and for driving too fast. I'm sure he is used to the criticism by now.

6 Fans Want Jinger To Break Free Of The Family's Cult-like Rules


Jinger is someone that Duggar fans care about. Critics of the Duggar lifestyle hope that Jinger's breakaway from the Duggar way of life will be more profound than pulling on a pair of pants, although wearing pants is a profound statement in a sense.

Fans think she has the grit to break away when other Duggar offspring, such as Jana, may be too timid to live their own way (if they even want to). Critics think she's on the wrong path. According to Thehollywoodgossip.com, Jinger has posted lyrics to secular songs. This is another example of how she is making new rules.

5 Ben Seewald's Sappy Love Letters To Jessa Were Laughed At


Ben got vulnerable and romantic while writing love letters to Jessa. He may not have realized that his love letters would be posted online. Jessa shared the letters online, according to Thehollywoodgossip.com, and you can probably get what happened next; some people made fun of them.

It might have been better for her to shield her man by keeping those tender love letters private, but Jessa needs to give her fans new information, just like other celebs do. Fans are always wanting to learn more about the lives of celebs. Ben's awkward prose was painful to read, but sweet all the same.

4 Joy-Anna May Have Had A Bun In The Oven Before Marriage


Duggar fans and critics are always looking at this family and the timelines for Duggar marriages. Some fans and critics feel that the timeline of Joy-Anna's relationship made a premarital pregnancy a strong possibility, according to Thehollywoodgossip.com.

A doctor checked out photos of Joy-Anna while she was expecting and then talked to Radaronline.com about the pics, and he felt that she appeared further along in her pregnancy than she said she was. This fueled the whole timeline of their relationship. Anyway, she is married now. Thankfully, she will be spared that kind of timeline scrutiny in the future. She'll face other kinds of scrutiny as long as she keeps posting online, but she knows that.

3 Duggar Blanket Training Infuriates Critics


Helpless babies rely on their caregivers for everything. This helplessness and innocence is the reason why Duggar critics strongly dislike the family's habit of "blanket training." I researched blanket training to see what's up with it and it does seem sketchy, according to Thehollywoodgossip.com.

With blanket training, a baby or child is put onto a blanket. The baby or child is then trained not to move off the blanket. The problem is that moving off the blanket results in a very old-school form of punishment.

Michelle started blanket training her brood when they were toddlers. The punishment was doled out with other acts not many moms agree with in 2019.

2 Jill And Derrick's Comments Made Waves


TLC network may have washed its hands of Derrick Dillard, who is Jill Duggar's hubby, due to his transphobic remarks, according to Cheatsheet.com. Jill may have been taken off Counting On (the spin-off of 19 Kids And Counting), too.

Derrick doesn't believe that gender is a spectrum, despite living in a world where so much information about the gender spectrum is out there. These days, people who make offensive statements about gender risk being ostracized. Networks need to be careful whom they hire and make adjustments when their cast members offend their viewers. Jill and Derrick stopped getting screen time, which means less money for them.

1 The Duggar Love Stare Freaks People Out


Do men really need melodramatic "love stares" from their wives in order to feel valued? I hope not. Michelle thinks that men do need the Duggar love stare. She uses that adoring gaze to show her hubby, and the world, that Jim Bob is number one. She teaches her female offspring to use the "love stare" liberally, whenever it is needed, which is almost always.

Does the love stare appear a bit theatrical and over-the-top? Sure. Well, I guess it depends on who you ask. Basically, the love stare is all about making a hubby feel like the leader of the household and the center of the universe.

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