20 Times The 'Teen Mom' Cast Forgot The Cameras Were Around

It’s been over a decade since MTV first introduced fans to Teen Mom and its subsequent spinoff, Teen Mom 2, and the drama just keeps on coming. We’ve had countless seasons filled with jaw-dropping moments, most of which were featured for the camera. From baby daddy issues and child support lawsuits to unexpected pregnancies, each of the shows under the Teen Mom franchise always gives the audience enough drama to keep them coming back for more.

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Given how long the TM shows have been on the air (and how many of them there now are!), we bet fans have forgotten some of the most awkward scenes that have made the show what it is. From cast members getting raw and honest about what’s going on in their lives to personal struggles being played out on camera, it’s crazy what these once-regular teenage moms have had to deal with. Granted, the cast members are no longer teens and are now adults, many with more than one child. But adulthood has only packed on the drama for these reality stars, and we’re just glad the cameras were there to capture such iconic moments.

Keep reading to discover twenty times the cast member definitely forgot the cameras were rolling- or, at the very least, these are moments they wish us fans would forget about!

20 When Briana Tried To Go Up Against Kailyn At The Reunion

via MTV

It was only last August that Briana DeJesus made Teen Mom history when she tried to start stuff with Kailyn Lowry on-stage at the reunion special. The co-stars had bad feelings between them ever since Briana began dating Kailyn’s ex-husband Javi, though the two had already called it quits at the time of the reunion.

However, the women had shared too many choice words about each other via social media and also had a heated exchange backstage ahead of the reunion. So, when Briana was introduced to the stage, she went directly toward Kail and started yelling. Bri’s sister Brittany also got in on the kerfuffle.

In the end, security had to break all the ladies apart, and now reports say no one will be able to film the reunion together due to safety concerns.

19 When Leah Accidentally Peed Her Pants

via OK Magazine

Back when Leah Messer was pregnant with her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, she had an embarrassing moment on camera that we bet she wishes fans would just forget about.

Her then-boyfriend Corey had pulled his truck over to the side of the road. Leah frantically got out of the vehicle, and when her baby daddy asked what was going on, it was clear she needed to find a bathroom ASAP.

Unfortunately, Leah felt too embarrassed by the whole situation and accidentally peed her pants. Given that she was pregnant with twins, no one can blame her - it can be a normal side-effect of pregnancy. Too bad the cameras captured the whole thing!

18 When Jenelle Had Road Rage

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Jenelle Evans has done a lot of questionable things on camera, but no one can forget the time from last season when Jenelle got into a road rage incident. The mom-of-three was driving with her eldest son Jace in the front seat when another driver cut her off.

Jenelle became so angry that she ended up following the other driver off the highway and to his home. Cameras placed in her car were able to catch audio of Jenelle threatening the other driver. It was later revealed she also drove over the driver’s mailbox.

The next scene showed police questioning Jenelle about the incident and Jace calling his grandma to tell her how worried he’d been.

17 When Farrah Got Porta-Potties For The Camera Crew

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Farrah Abraham has become notorious for her Diva-ish behavior, much of which was documented on Teen Mom during her time on the show. Fans were routinely appalled by how rude Farrah could be to the camera crew.

One scene, in particular, is still stuck in everyone’s minds. Farrah decided she didn’t want to have the camera crew in her house more than they needed to be, so she went out and bought porta-potties. Yes, she made the crew go outside to use the bathroom rather than just letting them inside her house (which was a mansion, by the way).

Needless to say, fans are still surprised by just how entitled Farrah could be.

16 When Amber Got Physical With Gary In Front Of Their Baby

via NY Daily News

Amber Portwood has come a long way from the earlier seasons of Teen Mom. Nowadays, she’s busy co-parenting her daughter Leah as well as raising her new baby boy, James, with her boyfriend. However, things were a lot more chaotic in Amber’s life back when she was still dating Leah’s father, Gary.

During one difficult scene, Amber was shown getting physical with Gary. She acted out of line in front of their daughter. Since everything was captured on camera, authorities were able to use the footage to prosecute Amber. She ended up opting to spend time behind bars because of the incident.

15 When Louis Didn’t Care His Daughter Was In The Hospital

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Briana has had a hard time getting her second baby daddy, Louis, involved in their daughter’s life since she was born. For a time, Louis had been living in a different state for work, which made their communication almost non-existent.

During one episode, Briana had to take their daughter Stella to the hospital due to an infection. Cameras showed Briana sending a text to Louis to let him know the alarming news. However, despite Stella being in the hospital for several days, the next scene showed Briana saying that Louis never even texted her back. We guess he didn’t realize it was all being documented for the camera.

14 When Ryan Shouldn’t Have Been Behind The Wheel

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Ryan Edwards is the first baby daddy of Maci Bookout, with whom he shares a 9-year-old son named Bentley. During the last few seasons of Teen Mom, Ryan has been visibly struggling on camera. And there’s one scene, in particular, no fans can forget.

Several seasons ago, Ryan and his wife-to-be Mackenzie were driving to their shotgun wedding. Although Ryan was behind the wheel, it soon became very clear that he was not in the right state of mind. The reality star started nodding off and was talking oddly, which made his bride begin questioning what was wrong with him.

Fans have since criticized Mackenzie for not demanding that he pull over as well as for Teen Mom for airing the footage. MTV producers said they didn’t know Ryan was driving impaired when it happened and only discovered it when they were editing the footage.

13 When Jenelle Almost Went To Jail Because Of Kesha

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In the earlier seasons of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans was always getting in trouble with the law over her bad behavior. In one infamous scene, the reality star met with her probation officer to discuss her options over possession charges.

She told him that she wouldn’t be able to attend her upcoming court date, to which he responded by informing her she’d be held in contempt. Why couldn’t she make her trial? Jenelle told him she’d already purchased tickets to see Kesha in concert, whom she described as her “idol” - she even got hair feathers for the occasion.

The probation officer was as stunned at Jenelle’s behavior as viewers were at home. In the end, Jenelle did show up for her court date instead of seeing Kesha. Let’s just hope the judge didn’t see this awkward footage!

12 When Leah Almost Dropped A Baby

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For a time, Teen Mom 2 explore Leah’s possible problem with medication. One scene showed her ex-husband Corey even asking her if she had a problem, which she strongly denied. However, certain scenes from the show seem to tell another story.

One scene, in particular, has many fans convinced that Leah did have a problem. The scene showed Leah talking with her sister, who’d brought her new baby over to visit. Leah’s speech was slurred and she seemed unusually tired. While holding her niece, the reality star began nodding off and almost dropped the baby before her sister intervened.

Though she did attend a rehabilitation facility for undisclosed reasons, Leah still maintains to this day that she never had a problem.

11 When Adam Wouldn’t Come Out Of His House

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Either Adam forgot the cameras were around or he really didn’t want to film!

Adam Lind is the notorious first baby daddy of Chelsea Houska, whom he shared daughter Aubree with. Unfortunately, the father has seemingly become more absent from his daughter’s life in recent seasons - and from Teen Mom 2, as well. No one can forget the last time Adam filmed for the camera and just refused to come out of his house.

A few seasons ago, an episode showed TM2 producers asking Adam at Aubree’s softball game if they can film him the following day, to which he agrees. But when the filming crew showed up to his house the next morning, Adam refused to answer the door and his phone. Eventually, the camera caught him driving his car out of his garage in an effort to escape the filming crew. And that was the last we saw of Adam.

10 When Javi Admitted To Being A Player

via Us Weekly

Javi Marroquin - aka the ex-husband and second baby daddy of Kailyn Lowry - has been a serial dater since his divorce. The drama was high when he began dating his ex’s co-star Briana DeJesus. And although the two were talking about marriage at one point, Briana ended things after Javi refused to support her having a procedure.

However, things got awkward on-camera when Javi ended up flying down to Miami to be with Briana after her procedure, despite already bailing on her. The two had a discussion about their relationship where Briana said things were difficult because they lived in two different states. Javi basically made it clear he was moving on. Yikes!

That was definitely the wrong response, as Briana proceeded to tell him the conversation was now over. As it turns out, Javi has since moved in and had a baby with the woman he was referencing in the scene.

9 When Briana Got Sweet Revenge

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When Briana DeJesus was pregnant with her second daughter, Stella, things went sour fast with her baby daddy. The reality star and her other daughter, Nova, had been planning on moving in with Louis after the baby arrived. But plans quickly changed when Briana learned that Louis hadn't considered their relationship exclusive.

However, the awkward on-camera moment came when Briana told her sister how she got revenge on her ex. Pregnant Briana revealed she brought 300 crickets over to Louis’ house while he was at work and set them free. Many fans took to social media to say that, while the story was hilarious, it was pretty immature and not something you should be bragging about on camera.

8 When Farrah Shoved A Producer

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Farrah has proved many times on Teen Mom that she could hurl insults like no other. But there was one time where Farrah actually got physical with the camera crew while telling them off. And surprisingly, this wasn’t even the reason she was let go from the show.

During one episode, the mom-of-one went on a rant against the camera crew because they couldn’t accommodate her schedule. She told the cameras how she’s better than everyone else and didn’t need the show. But the most surprising moment came when she actually shoved a producer out of her way. Calm down, Farrah!

7 When Matt Failed His Polygraph Test

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Although fans try to forget the years that Amber was dating the infamous Matt Baier, it’s hard given all the shenanigans he pulled on the show. Perhaps one of the most difficult scenes to watch was when he failed a polygraph test, leaving Amber completely bummed.

The couple already had trust issues after Matt was dishonest about the number of children he had and had been spending Amber’s money loosely. While the two were in Vegas, a woman reached out to Amber, which led Matt to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence.

The scene, which was shot for the show, then concluded with Amber reading the results, which revealed Matt hadn’t been honest about all the questions. The two broke up shortly afterward.

6 When Adam Called His Daughter A “Mistake”

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Adam began showing his true character early on. No one can forget the insensitive text he sent to a then-pregnant Chelsea telling her just how much he didn’t want to have the baby.

A scene showed Chelsea reading the hurtful message to her father, who was just as appalled as viewers. “You worthless, stupid [person] in the world. You better believe it’s so over,” the incoherent text read, which was full of typos. “Tell me where and when to sign the papers over for that sad mistake.”

In an ironic turn of events, Adam has since signed over custody of his youngest daughter, Paislee. On the current season of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea and her husband have been debating whether they should do the same for Aubree.

5 Kailyn’s Insensitive Comment About Her Son’s Hair

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There have been more than a few times that a text conversation has gotten one of the Teen Mom stars in trouble. During the Teen Mom 2 finale in 2014, Kailyn made a comment about her eldest son Isaac’s hair that didn’t sit well with fans.

She and her son’s father Jo were discussing getting their son’s hair trimmed via text. When Jo suggested a certain style, Kailyn responded saying something completely insensitive about why she didn't want that style for her son. She added, “He’s too young for that. [...] I don’t like his hair cut like that. Please don’t do that.”

Kailyn later said that MTV’s editing was to blame for the bad moment, which we guess means she didn’t expect her text conversation to make it on camera.

4 When Gary Told Amber She’d Never See Their Daughter Again

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This sure didn’t pain Gary in a good light!

It’s always been clear that Gary and Amber had a toxic relationship while together, and the exes have been doing a lot better since parting ways years ago. But things weren’t always so rosy, especially when the pair first broke up.

During one episode, Gary was jealous over a new guy Amber hard started seeing. When he didn’t invite Amber to the birthday party he was throwing for their daughter Leah, the two got into a heated argument, which cameras captured. During the exchange, Gary went so far as to tell Amber she’d never see their daughter again and that CPS was on his side.

3 When Farrah Left Her Baby Alone On A Table

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Like most of the Teen Mom girls, Farrah had a difficult time adjusting to motherhood when she brought her daughter home from the hospital. But in one jarring scene, Farrah made a very serious mistake.

While cameras were rolling, the new mom was shown leaving baby Sophia on the dining room table while she went to grab something. Her grandfather, who’d been present, called out the safety concern.

“Farrah you’re going to have to watch her because when she gets a little bit older and starts growing, you can’t leave her alone like that,” he told his granddaughter.

2 When Leah And Corey Admitted Their Post-Divorce Fling

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Fans still can’t believe what happened at one of the Teen Mom 2 reunion specials a few years back. Leah and Corey were previously married, but at this time he was already married to someone else, his wife Miranda.

When the three were on stage together, tensions began getting heated. Dr. Drew began asking if there was something going on between them that the audience didn’t know about. “And where was he during your first few months of marriage?” Leah then asked Miranda.

Nowadays, neither Miranda nor her and Corey’s daughter film for the show anymore. However, things seem to be good co-parenting wise between Leah and Corey despite this bump in the road.

1 When Jenelle Tried Hiding Her Third Pregnancy

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When Jenelle and her now-husband David Eason found out she was pregnant with their daughter, Ensley, the couple did everything they could to keep the news on the down-low.

However, this wasn’t a thought-through plan, given that the cameras were following them around at the time. Jenelle’s baby belly was well developed by the time they started filming the new season. Several scenes showed David holding his wife’s stomach and the couple indirectly referencing the pregnancy.

The producers even confronted Jenelle on-camera about the news and asked her if it was true, to which she said it wasn’t. However, a few short weeks later Jenelle did announce via social media that she was already over four months along.

Sources: MTV, YouTube

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