20 Times We Questioned Mayim Bialik's Parenting Methods

Just like quantum mechanics, parenting can be confusing. There's no formula for parenting success! Simply equations of insecurity, large amounts of emotion, and theories based on random advice, all mixed with unidentified stains on the walls and radio-frequency waves of fatigue.

With a degree in neuroscience, one might say that Mayim Bialik is parenting with a bang. From extended breastfeeding (up to four years!) to attachment parenting methods, however, The Big Bang Theory star has made us question her parenting style.

Although Mayim is a talented actress with prestigious qualifications in neuroscience, her personal life may seem like a neuron heading in the wrong direction. Her religious beliefs and parenting decisions have influenced her private life and her relationship with ex-husband Michael Stone. According to heightline.com, Michael Stone couldn’t accept Mayim’s style of parenting and the couple finalized their divorce in 2013.

Although their orbits collided, Mayim and Michael Stone share two kids: Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone, born in 2005, and Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone, born in 2008. Surprisingly, some people believe that Mayim’s views might affect Miles and Frederick’s psychological well-being.

From disregarding schedules to diaperless potty training, here are 20 things that make many parents question Mayim Bialik’s mom skills and her child-centered philosophy; things that prove that the Big Bang theory is simpler than parenting.

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20 Parenting The Natural Way


When it comes to parenting, talented Mayim Bialik is like a distant star in a parallel universe; The Big Bang Theory star is way alternative and controversial. Mayim is not only a talented actress with a degree in neuroscience but a passionate advocate for attachment parenting, vegan cooking, and extended breastfeeding.

Moreover, Mayim Bialik sees parenting as a way to maintain ecological balance. As she wrote in one of her books, "A green style of parenting seeks to create a generation of children who love and respect people and the earth because they have been loved and respected by their parents."

19 Are Women Programmed To Bond With Their Baby Straight After Birth?


By promoting home and medication-free birth, Mayim is also promoting birth bonding. The talented actress believes that mothers are programmed to bond with their little loved ones. She claims that mothers and babies are supposed to be together straight after birth, which can strengthen their relationship later in life.

Yet, there are many circumstances, such as medical interventions, premature birth, and legal issues, that should be considered. What’s more, many moms and dads find it hard to bond with their little one straight after birth. According to whattoexpect.com, the process of bonding is different for everyone and bonding is a gradual process.

18 The Importance Of Attachment Parenting


While birth is miraculous, being a parent can be a real challenge and moms often get lost in online advice and weird trends. Attachment parenting is one of the popular parenting trends that promote continuous closeness and positive discipline. Mayim Bialik supports attachment parenting practices and believes that parents should treat their children with respect and gratitude.

There’s no doubt that a loving environment is vital to child development. Yet, psychologists claim that parents should set limits to help children navigate through life and strong emotions. According to psychologytoday.com, setting limits in regards to bedtime, feeding, and school is an important aspect of parenting. In the end, parenting success is all relative.

17 Is Extended Breastfeeding The Best Way?


Breastfeeding is a controversial topic worldwide. While some women can’t or don’t want to breastfeed, others try to breastfeed as long as possible. Mayim Bialik believes that breastfeeding is natural and beneficial. In fact, she breastfed her second child until he was four years old. Mayim even shared a message to her son: "I may not have milk to give you, but I have a heart forever etched with your name, your face, your eyes, your impossibly stunning tapered lashes that hold the tears only you can cry."

There’s no doubt that breastfeeding is emotional and beneficial... But what’s next? Breastfeeding children through puberty?

16 What About Dad?


Many people still speculate that Mayim Bialik’s beliefs had a negative impact on her marriage, claiming that ex-husband Michael Stone couldn’t cope with Mayim's demands and attachment parenting practices. In fact, Mayim admits that she couldn’t transfer responsibility to Michael in regards with night feedings. She told greenchildmagazine.com, "We recently stopped nursing Fred at night, and it didn’t sit right with me to say, 'I don’t want to deal with his crying for me at night,' and make my husband do it."

We all know, however, that night-time feeds can help Dad bond with the baby. It’s all about teamwork, right?

15 Feeding Schedules Don't Matter


With a degree in neuroscience, Mayim Bialik is one of the most qualified people in Hollywood. Yet, Bialik’s parenting decisions make us question her mom skills. Mayim supports not only extended breastfeeding but feeding on demand.

Feeding schedules, however, are vital for child development. Routines give kids a sense of security and control. According to newwaysnutrition.com, schedules are important, particularly for toddlers, to help children establish healthy eating habits and obtain the nutrients they need to grow. Routines also help children cope with emotions without indulging in cravings and snacks. Let's not forget that feeding schedules can help parents organize the sweet chaos of parenting.

14 Go Green


With an abundance of quinoa and soy meat recipes online, it's hard (and almost sinful) to admit we love meat and dairy products. Many moms and dads embrace a wide range of clashing parenting trends and Mayim Bialik is no exception. The Big Bang Theory star is a passionate vegan who’s not afraid to debunk vegan myths.

Nevertheless, many parents feed their kids vegan foods only in an attempt to follow questionable online trends. According to dailymail.co.uk, restrictive diets are detrimental, especially for infants and toddlers. To set an example, doctors find dairy-free diets for children dangerous, as they may impact a child's cognitive and physical development.

13 Carrying The Baby 24/7


Babywearing is an important part of attachment parenting. In fact, Mayim Bialik loves carrying her kids 24/7, claiming that babywearing keeps children happy and relaxed. Some experts believe that babywearing is a beneficial method that can enhance positive attachment and help children calm down.  Carrying the baby all the time can also boost communication skills and positive attachment.

However, babywearing has some negative effects on child development. Pediatricians reveal that carrying the baby 24/7 can limit their exploration skills and motor development. In addition, according to vittana.org, babywearing creates a falls sense of dependence which also limits learning and creativity.

12 Preventing Crying By Saying Yes All The Time


We all know that babies cry a lot. We also know that toddler tantrums are hard to handle. Mayim Bialik, however, has found an interesting approach to preventing crying: she simply agrees with her kids and says "Yes" all the time. We should note that preventing crying is an important rule in attachment parenting and Mayim believes that kids should never be left crying or screaming.

While being a responsive parent fosters positive attachment, babies should learn to self-soothe and deal with strong emotions. According to cnn.com, cry it out techniques can foster independence and self-control later in life. When it comes to sleeping, cry it out methods can actually improve maternal well-being.

11 What About Sleep Training?


From sleep routines to feeding schedules, children simply need some stability and a sense of control. Nevertheless, Mayim Bialik is an advocate for attachment parenting and believes that sleep training can’t boost kids self-regulatory skills. She claims that babywearing and breastfeeding on demand are the main things babies need.

In addition, Mayim admits she supports co-sleeping practices. She told today.com, "There is nothing inherently weird or wrong about sleeping with your children. It feels good to cuddle, doesn’t it? Babies and kids think so, too. It’s NORMAL." While bed-sharing is rare in the US, Dr. Mayim Bialik says co-sleeping is completely fine.

10 Who Cares About Rules?


Attachment parenting, as explained earlier, is a popular trend. Actress Mayim Bialik is one of the famous moms who support attachment parenting practices. According to vittana.org, attachment parenting helps kids establish a positive emotional relationship with their parents and can even boost a child’s cognitive skills and intelligence. Maybe Miles Roosevelt Bialik Stone and Frederick Heschel Bialik Stone will also pursue a doctoral degree!

On the other hand, experts reveal that attachment parenting can lead to numerous disciplinary issues. To set an example, some older kids may take advantage of their parents’ attention and justify their behavior with the need to stay connected.

9 Say No To Manners


Teaching kids manners has never been easier! Just follow Dr. Mayim Bialik’s advice… and dodge the importance of "Thanks," "Please" or "I’m sorry." The Big Bang Theory star claims that kids need natural appreciations instead of words forced down their throats.

Mayim Bialik told healthland.today.com that her little boys Miles Roosevelt and Frederick Heschel are simply spontaneously authentic: "We talk about lowering other people’s expectations of when they will say it. Grandparents, for example, often expect pleases and thank yous. We had to have conversations with them that we believe in teaching natural expressions of appreciation." Natural or simply disrespectful?

8 What Is Diaperless Potty Training?


Mayim Bialik believes in elimination communication, known also as natural infant hygiene, which a term used to describe an infant’s ability to use the potty. Talented Mayim Bialik says that all children are born ready to use the potty but it’s Mom who needs some training to reinforce and encourage her little one. In fact, Mayim claims that her older son could stop peeing in his cloth diaper by 12 months of age... suggesting that any stay-at-home mom should be committed to establishing constant physical contact and communication with her baby.

However, we know that the perfect age to begin using the potty is different for every kid...

7 Positive Discipline: The Core Of Parenting


Parenting is a mixed bag and many parents struggle to find a balance between love and discipline. Nevertheless, actress Mayim Bialik believes that kids need mainly love and encouragement. Fascinated by the core principles of attachment parenting, Mayim Bialik believes that discipline must be loving and gentle. No time-outs allowed!

Yet, psychologists reveal that mothers and fathers have to set limits and provide discipline. According to fredrogers.com, kids crave for boundaries - even when they act like they want to be in control - because rules help children find security. Lack of discipline may lead to behavioral issues and social anxiety.

6 Is Homeschooling Effective?


Originally practiced only in rural areas, now homeschooling is a trendy phenomenon. Interestingly enough, many US moms and dads choose to homeschool their kids. According to moms.com, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Gosselin, Katie Holmes, and John Travolta are some of the celebs who homeschooled their children. Mayim Bialik is one of the famous moms who chose to homeschool her little ones. The Big Bang Theory star revealed that she didn’t want her kids to be subjected to imposed standards or labels at school. In addition, Mayim says that homeschooling is a great opportunity to teach her kids moral and religious values.

Note that homeschooled kids may miss out on being around other kids – something which can help them develop social skills.

5 Home Birth Can Be Sweet


In an era where social media and alternative trends are reshaping societies worldwide, more and more parents are willing to embrace an eco-friendly approach to parenting and a medication-free birth. Interestingly enough, stats show that home births in the US have increased by 20% over the last few years. Mayim Bialik also chose to give birth at home, claiming that women shouldn’t be afraid of pain.

Yet, we all know that medical interventions can save lives. What's more, pregnant women have the right to create their own birth plan and there's nothing wrong with giving birth in a hospital. After all, all mothers bring magic into the world.

4 Children Don't Need Toys


Although Mayim holds a doctoral degree in neuroscience, she is devoted to her family values and religious traditions. As stated earlier, Mayim enjoys homeschooling as it gives her a chance to transfer traditional values to her boys. Interestingly enough, Mayim's former husband Mike (raised as a Mormon) had to convert to Judaism to marry her (no doubt Mayim loves her Jewish heritage).

What’s more, Mayim Bialik claims that kids do not need toys to play with; she also says that parents should supervise child play and stay with their little ones as close as possible. Yet, according to childdevelopmentinfo.com, toys are vital to ensuring a child’s cognitive and emotional development.

3 Kids Can't Watch Mom On TV


Although Mayim Bialik is a talented actress, her sons are not allowed to watch TV. Mayim claims that shows and films can affect a child’s self-esteem and enforce false values. The Big Bang Theory star told metro.co.uk, "My sons don’t watch The Big Bang Theory. They have been to a handful of tapings... A lot of the content is stuff that I’m not ready to get into them with yet, so when there’s an episode that I determine is clean and relatively safe, they have been able to come to run-throughs."

Yet, experts say that parents should stop feeling guilty about screen time. When moderated, TV exposure can promote social skills and learning.

2 Complicated Family Vacations


Being a solo parent is not easy. Mayim and her husband Mike divorced in 2013 after being married for ten years. Some people believe that it was Mayim’s parenting style that led to their divorce. However, the talented actress and her ex-husband Mike have found an unconventional way to raise their kids and prove that blended families can be loving.

According to people.com, Mayim spent Thanksgiving with her ex and his girlfriend; "Doing separate holidays seems excessive and sad. We are a family even though we are divorced. I want to witness them eating the foods we make them and it feels good to sit at a table with them and their father."

1 Conventional Medicine Vs. Alternative Practices


Mayim Bialik’s unconventional parenting has caused numerous online debates and kept her in the headlines across the US and the rest of the world. From extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping to homeschooling and diaperless potty training, Mayim is not afraid to promote attachment parenting.

What’s more, Mayim admits she favors homeopathy and other alternative methods. In fact, she refuses to give her kids antibiotics or other medicines. Even without a PhD, many parents know that antibiotics are effective in fighting bacterial infections and can even save lives. In addition, Mayim has shared some unconventional thoughts on vaccines. Given the measles outbreaks across the world, some of her decisions are more than controversial.

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