20 Tips For Maternity Fashion For Every Mom-To-Be

Anyone who’s been pregnant will say that dressing a growing baby bump is no easy task! While pregnant, moms-to-be are constantly getting used to their variety of changes and growing bump, and this requires them become familiar with dressing the new shape. Many moms may not know what shapes and cuts are most flattering on a pregnant figure, and it can be tiring and time consuming to try and find out.

In addition, investing in maternity clothing can be expensive, especially considering the other costs moms have with a baby on the way. It’s stressful having no clothes that fit properly, and even more stressful when mom's budget doesn’t have the room for updating her wardrobe. Plus, considering that mom will only be pregnant for upwards of nine months, she doesn’t want to spend a fortune on clothing she may not even be able to wear for long.

With all this in mind, dressing a baby bump doesn’t have to be a difficult task! We’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks for styling the bump that will leave moms feeling fashionable and fresh and won’t break the budget. Just remember- the most important thing is that mom feels good, regardless of what she's wearing! So long as mom feels gorgeous, she’ll also look gorgeous, too!

20 Don’t Spend A Fortune On A New Wardrobe


Especially if this is your first pregnancy, it can seem tempting to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe since nothing is fitting properly

But, considering that you’re only pregnant for 9 months and need maternity clothes for only half of the time, that can be an expensive option.We recommend investing in a few basic maternity pieces that you’ll be able to transition between many outfits. Then change the looks up by adding pieces from your normal wardrobe, like loose cardigans or scarves.

This way, you won’t spend a fortune on new clothes that you can only wear for a few months!

19 Stretchy Dresses Are A Must-Have

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If you don’t have a collection of stretchy dresses on hand while pregnant, then you’re doing something wrong! A snug, cotton dress will be one of the most flattering things you put on while pregnant and also one of the comfiest.

It’s figure hugging so it will show off your growing baby bump without drowning you in fabric. But, because it’s stretchy and breathable, you’ll be more than comfortable. It’ll be like wearing your favourite pair of leggings except you’ll look ten times more put together.

Trust us, this is one piece of clothing you’ll be wearing long after the baby arrives… and you don’t even have to look in the maternity section to find these easy-to-wear dresses!

18 Learn To Make Leggings Stylish

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Anyone who says that leggings don’t count as pants clearly didn’t know how to style them! Considering that leggings are like stylish sweatpants, you’ll be spending a lot of time in them during your pregnancy.

In order to remain chic and not get bored of wearing black leggings over and over, you need to know how to style them. Search sites like Pinterest to get inspiration for how others have dressed-up leggings. Add a leather jacket to instantly make it more fashion-forward, or a graphic t-shirt and a flannel to make it casual-cool.

The best thing is you can use your newfound style tips to continue rocking leggings after the baby gets here- there’s a reason leggings are considered a mom’s uniform!

17 Put Your Bump On Full Display in Fitted Clothing

It can be intimidating showing off your growing baby bump in fitted clothing, especially if you’re struggling to get used to your changing body.

But trust us when we say that tighter clothing is often more flattering on expectant mothers! Though its comfortable, oversized clothing can easily overpower you and make you look heavier than you are. Clingier clothing, on the other hand, tends to appear like it fits better and often looks more put-together.

We’re not saying to wear a size too small, just make sure you’re not hiding your bump rather than flattering it.

16 Get Creative With Your Man’s Wardrobe

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There’s one place you probably haven’t thought to look for maternity clothing- your boyfriend or husband’s closet! Though it’s probably the last place you’d think to find something stylish, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Men’s clothing is often already loose, so it will likely be oversized on you, pregnant or not. Steal one of his flannels or a button-down to throw over leggings and a t-shirt. Style his favourite hoodie with leggings and converse for a casual look, or wear one of his t-shirts as a shirt or dress.

Even if you just rock his clothing at home, boy clothing is always comfier and looser, so we still highly recommend this hack!

15 Choose Sweatpants That Are Chic Yet Comfy

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Especially when you get into your third trimester, you can anticipate that you’ll be wearing a lot of sweatpants. Hey, comfort comes first when you’re preggers!

But rocking sweatpants doesn’t mean that you have to look dishevelled or unkempt. Nowadays, there are tons of sweatpants that are actually cute and stylish to wear. Opt for a pair of slim-fitting joggers or comfy leggings in a fun pattern to make your sweatpants look like a fashion statement rather than a lazy hack.

The best part is that you can totally rock your fashionable sweatpants after the baby gets here, too!

14 Invest In A Comfy Pair Of Maternity Jeans


If there’s one piece of maternity clothing you should invest in, it should be a good pair of jeans!

Jeans are the one thing you won’t be able to wear regularly, given that they often have little to no stretch. Purchasing a pair of maternity jeans with an elastic waist that will grow with your bump will ensure you always have a pair of jeans to wear, regardless of what trimester you’re in. You’ll be thankful when you feel like you have nothing to wear, but can still throw on jeans and a t-shirt.

We recommend getting maternity jeans in a style and wash that you know you can wear with most things in your closet for practicality’s sake!

13 Belt A Dress To Accentuate Your Waist

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With a growing baby bump, most of your dressed are probably beginning to fit your differently. Even dresses you buy from a maternity store might not fit your body how you’d like.

To give a bit more definition to your waist while rocking a frock, considering putting a belt above your baby bump. This will give you more of an hourglass shape without feeling uncomfortable or too tight. Plus, this can give you a new way to wear a dress that you otherwise may not until after the baby.

This hack can also be done with loose shirts if you want to add a bit more definition to your waist, too!

12 Rock Oversized Clothing As Maternity Wear

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You don’t need to go to a store to get chic maternity wear when you can actually just look in your closet!

One great tip to save on shopping for new maternity clothing is to rock oversized pieces you wear regularly. Anything from oversized hoodies to cardigans to sweatpants to flannels will likely still fit you while pregnant, or at least for the first few months. Even loose or stretchy t-shirts and dresses can likely work with a growing baby bump.

We bet there are tons of things in your wardrobe currently that you can rock while pregnant- all it takes is a little imagination and creativity!

11 Stick To Comfortable Footwear


You might be tempted to wear your favourite pair of heels during your pregnancy, but trust us when we say that’s something you want to avoid.

Pregnancy can easily make your feet swell, which can make them a size or two bigger than normal. Needless to say, you shoes won’t fit the same way. Plus, being on your feet for an extended period of time can make you more tired, and increases the chances of swelling and further discomfort.

Sticking with comfortable shoes during your pregnancy is a must-have. Anything with arch support is a good option. And, if you want to wear something a bit fancier, stick to something with a low heel, wedges, or simply flats. Comfort is key!

10 Don’t Buy A New Jacket - Wear Regular Coats Open

If you’re pregnant during the colder months, then you might think it’s necessary to buy a new winter coat to fit both you and your bump.

However, buying a new winter coat that you’ll only wear for a few months is an expensive investment not every family can make. That’s why we suggest wearing your old winter coats- just in a different way!

If you can no longer zip or button up your jacket because of your bump, then simply leave it open. Add a long, thick scarf to make sure you’ll be just as warm as if your jacket was closed. Not only will this look fashionable, but it will be as efficient and warm as zipping the coat up. Plus, you won’t have to buy a maternity jacket, which is a win for your budget!

9 Rock A Wrap Dress To A Formal Event

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Styling a baby bump for a formal event can be tough, especially if you feel like nothing is looking quite right on you! That’s why we recommend having a basic wrap dress on hand for times like this.

Wrap dresses are famous for looking good on everyone, regardless of body shape or size. This style of dress effortlessly creates an hourglass shape, and smooths over all lumps and bumps. Plus, they’re usually made of breathable, stretchy fabric, which is an essential requirement for any expecting mother.

We guarantee you’ll look and feel great in a wrap dress. So, when in doubt, go this direction with your fancy outfit!

8 Opt For Wedges Over Heels For Comfort’s Sake

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Like we’ve said before, choosing comfortable shoes during your pregnancy is crucial, or else you’re going to have some big regrets!

If you’re absolutely set on wearing a shoe with a bit of height, then we suggest opting for wedges over heels. Wedges often provide more support and are more comfortable than a traditional stiletto. This will prevent you from dealing with swollen or sore feet as the night goes on, which is important considering that pregnancy is likely already making you feel uncomfortable.

If you are going to wear heels, then at the very least bring a change of shoes you can throw on when your feet inevitable have had enough!

7 Don’t Choose Clothing That’s Too Oversized


While choosing baggy clothing seems intuitive when you’re expecting, it can actually do more harm than good.

Rather than concealing your growing baby bump, oversized clothing can easily swallow you up and make you appear heavier than you are. It also makes it more likely someone will mistake your baby bump for extra weight, which can make for an awkward situation. Plus, the more fabric the hotter you’ll

While we’re not saying to avoid baggy clothing altogether, be conscious about whether it’s making you look like a tent or flowing over your bump like you want it to.

6 Keep Fabrics Lightweight and Breathable


For most women, pregnancy can feel uncomfortable and tiring at times (or, most of the time, should we say!). It’s easy to become over-heated and sweaty, even when the temperature isn’t burning outside.

That’s why it’s crucial to stick to lightweight, breathable fabrics to make sure you and baby don’t become too hot. Don’t choose clothing that feels restrictive, tough to get on or off, or sticky on your skin. Rather, your clothing choices should feel light and airy with tons of room to move.

We suggest anything from lightweight cardigans to maxi skirts to cotton dresses to palazzo pants!

5 Accessorize To Change-Up Your Maternity Outfits

Even if you’re not spending a fortune on a new maternity wardrobe, there are other ways to make sure you’re not getting bored of your outfits!

Changing up accessories is a great way to breathe new life into an outfit. Just take a look at what you have in your closet. Switch out the cardigan you were wearing with one look for a flannel to instantly change the vibe of the outfit. Mix-up your scarves, jewellery, and footwear to come up with a completely different outfit.

Making small changes to a look can make a huge difference in the end. All it takes is a bit of creativity!

4 Wear Stretchy T-Shirts You Can Grow Into

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If you do plan on buying maternity clothing, opt for pieces that can grow with you as your bump gets bigger!

Stretchy t-shirts and tank tops are a great option. Stock up on a few at an inexpensive store like Old Navy or Forever21. There’s no need to grab some specifically from the maternity section since you’ll be opting for a stretchy material that will likely fit your bump come the third trimester.

Since they’re just basic tees, you can pair them with tons of things you already own and create dozens of outfits just from one shirt.

3 Shop Sale Items To Stay On Budget

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With a baby on the way, you already have a ton of expenses to cover without needing to worry about investing in a new wardrobe. One great way to purchase maternity clothes without spending a lot is to shop on sale!

Scout of the sale sections of maternity stores in-person to see if you can get any great deals on last season’s collections. Don’t be afraid to purchase off-season outfits if you know you’ll need them in a few months. Sign up for emails to get notifications when your favourite store is having a sale or other promotions.

Beyond shopping the sale section, checking out consignment and thrift stores or even Facebook markets is another great way to get cheap maternity clothes. And, since you’ll be wearing them for only a few months, who cares if they’re second hand!

2 Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns and Colour


Some fashion experts claim that bold patterns and colours can make you look heavier than you are, so pregnant women should stay away from them at all costs. We disagree!

While there are some prints that may not be flattering on everyone, the cut of the clothing piece is more important than the pattern when it comes to being figure-enhancing. If you’re worried about looking too over-the-top, try prints in a darker colour palette or incorporate them in your accessories for a less-eye-catching pop of fun.

But, above all, make sure you’re confident in whatever you’re wearing. So long as you feel good, then you’ll definitely look good.

1 Make Sure You Feel Comfortable and Confident


Regardless of what fashion rules say, the most important thing when dressing yourself and your bump is making sure you feel good!

People can tell when you don’t feel confident or comfortable in an outfit. So your number one priority when getting dressed should be to make sure it leaves you feeling beautiful and empowered. It’s especially say during pregnancy to feel frumpy or not by yourself, so it’s extra important to make sure you’re wearing something that makes you feel like the Goddess you are.

So long as you love your look, that’s all that matters. Anything anyone else has to say is just irrelevant!

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