20 Totally Unique Baby Names That End In The Letter "S"

Choosing a name for the baby is one of the biggest tasks that need to be done during the pregnancy. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to naming their babies. There are some couples that only plan to name their kids a name that is culturally acceptable to them, which may mean they would not end up using the name they really wanted. Others aren't too concerned about that and opt for whatever name that sway their preferences the most.

Even before knowing whether the little baby is going to be a girl or a boy, options begin to form for either outcome. Perhaps you may have already had your heart set on a name before you even started to think about becoming a mom. I know that was the case with me, and I followed through.

One type of name that is becoming in style again is names that end in S. There are plenty of names that end in N, and many feminine (and some masculine names if they are Biblical) that end in A around. But the S names are becoming increasingly popular. These names have a Latin or Greek feel to them, even if their origins are different. So, let's take this opportunity to check out 20 fantastic names that end in S, for boys, and for girls.

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20 Atticus

Via: Natalie Champa Jennings

Whenever you think of the name Atticus, you may be reminded of Atticus Finch in the novel To Kill A Mocking Bird. I remember reading that in high school. However, it is a great name for boys. According to Nameberry, Atticus is either Greek or Latin for "anything or anyone from Attica".

That could end up conjuring up different images though. The name really originates from the historical area that is around the city of Athens in Greece. However, some parents may be hesitant to use this name for a son because it is also the name of that prison in New York. Even though the uprising at that prison happened almost 50 years ago, it's not an incident that was forgettable either.

19 Cassius

Via: Babycenter.com

One really cool name for boys that parents may be fond of is Cassius. According to Nameberry, it means "hallow" and is of Latin origin. It also currently ranks at #585 for boy names. Cassius is a Shakespearean name that has been coming back into fashion, slowly.

The name is pronounced differently by different areas of the world. North Americans tend to pronounce the name as cash-us, and in England, and in other areas of Europe it is pronounced as cass-ee-us. I also think it is a matter of personal preference when it comes to pronouncing the name. Some American parents who named their son Cassius may say it the same way as the British.

18 Demetrius

Via: 24baby.nl

One classy name that many parents are fond of for boys is Demetrius, which is Greek for "the follower of Demeter". Demeter was the Greek goddess of the harvest, as well as the goddess of life, death, and sacred law.

According to Nameberry, Demetrius currently ranks at #733 for the popularity of names for boys. However, based on some discussions on the boards on that site, the Russian version Dimitri is more popular. Though, according to the same source, that is not exactly true since Dimitri ranks at #909.

It is not a common name among other cultures than Greek, which is understandable. However, it is definitely a cool name.

17 Elias


A unisex name that is gaining popularity is Elias. According to Baby Name Wizard, Elias is Greek from the Hebrew name Eliyahu which means "Jehovah is God". That is a variant of Elijah. Even though Elias is a boy name, and ranks at #78 for the most popular names for boys according to Nameberry, this name is starting to become used for girls.

The name started to become used for in the 18th century among English Puritans. The popularity of the name increased after the inventor of the sewing machine, Elias Howe became famous. Walt Disney's middle name was also Elias and is the middle name of Robert Downey Jr's son Exton.

16 Julius

Via: Stylishboard.com

Whenever you think of the name Julius. you may be thinking about Julius Caesar. And, according to Nameberry, Julius is Latin for "youthful" and ranks at #336 for the popularity of names used for boys. Even though the popularity of Julius still lags behind its variant, Julian, it is starting to gain its popularity again.

Julius was a very common Christian name during the Roman times, as Pope Julius I is an example of that being the case. The name was rarely used in English speaking countries until the 19th century. It is possible the name started becoming heard again after Orange Julius came into the picture. Though, I am just guessing! I love those smoothies from there.

15 Otis


If you think of the name Otis, you may not be able to help but think of the Disney movie The Adventures of Milo and Otis. According to Nameberry, Otis is German for wealthy and it currently ranks at #746 on the names for boys popularity chart.

Otis was hardly used, especially for two decades from 1995 to 2014, according to the same source. However, thanks to Tobey Maguire, the name started to come back somewhat since 2009- very slowly that is. It is in the top 1000 names that are used for boys. Therefore, the popularity is most definitely rising for Otis again.

14 Phineas

Via: Momjunction.com

Phineas is a name for boys that is not heard very often, but it is most definitely a classy name. According to Nameberry, Phineas is of Hebrew origin and means oracle. In fact, the name had been forgotten about for a while until Julia Roberts named one of her sons that name- which was spelled as Phinnaeus, and his nickname is Finn.

The name is starting to come back as well because of that Disney animated show, Phineas and Ferb. So, if you like the idea of a classy and unique name being used for a son sometime in the future, Phineas is a name to consider.

13 Silas


The first time I ever had heard the name Silas was when Michael Easton on the soap, General Hospital played a character who was a doctor with the name of Silas Clay. I thought it was interesting. And, according to Nameberry, Silas is of Latin origin which means "the woods" or "the forest".

Silas ranks at #120 on the chart for the most popular names used for boys. Silas is a Christian name, as it originated in the New Testament, and St. Silas was a leading member in one of the earliest Christian communities around. Silas is most definitely different and an interesting name.

12 Tavis

Via: Pregnancyandbaby.com

I remember when I was in college, there was a woman in my class who had a child that was named Tavis. I thought she said Travis, but she corrected me and said his name was Tavis. That is a name I have never heard of before until that time.

According to Nameberry, because Tavis is not even seen on the charts, the name is still very unusual. However, it is a variation of Tavish which is Scottish for Thomas. The only time the name Tavis has been known otherwise is through that TV and radio personality, Tavis Smiley. Other than that, the name would remain quite obscure, but it has its appeal.

11 Tobias


The name Tobias is becoming more of a common name for boys nowadays. According to Nameberry, Tobias is the Greek form of Tobiah, which is Hebrew for "God is good". According to the same source, Tobias currently ranks at #273 in regards to popularity in names that are used for boys. And, it is more common than it's Hebrew form, Tobiah.

The name is likely becoming more popular again because of the Harry Potter character, as well as it is the name of a character on The West Wing. The most common nickname for Tobias is Toby, which is used for both boys and girls. Ironically, the actor Tobey Maguire's first name is Tobias and named his son Otis Tobias.

10 Thaddeus


One name that you really don't hear often is Thaddeus. According to Nameberry, the name may be an Aramaic version of Theodore, which is Greek for "the gift of God". However, what is hilarious about that is according to the same source, right now Thaddeus ranks at #666 for the popularity of names for boys.

Even though that number will change, it is funny how it falls on that number based on the meaning it supposedly has. The name has been used in Police Academy, Spongebob Squarepants, Harry Potter and Get Smart. Mia Farrow also has a son named Thaddeus. It's a name that is most definitely interesting and has its own appeal.

9 Ulysses

Via: Pinterest

Ulysses is likely a boy's name that you have not heard, but it is pretty cool. According to Nameberry, Ulysses is a Latin version of the Greek name Odysseus which means "wrathful".

Even though the meaning behind the name is not positive, it is incredibly unique and has a nice ring to it. There is no information in regards to where it ranks for the list of names for boys.

However, former SNLer Anna Gasteyer named her son Ulysses. Even though it is unknown how popular this name really is- and it is a known fact that it is still quite rare since there is no ranking information, perhaps there are other little guys that have that name because of following Gasteyer's lead.

8 Alanis

Via: klaudiaphotography.com

Whenever you think of the name Alanis, chances are the first thing that pops into your head is the name of the Canadian singer, Alanis Morissette. According to Nameberry, Alanis is the feminine version of Alan. That name is of Irish origin meaning "cheerful and handsome".

According to the same source, the singer was named after her father, Alan. It is unknown how popular the name Alanis is since there is no information on where it ranks in the popularity list of names used for girls. However, since s names are coming back, this may be the preferred choice over the original feminine name for Alan, which is Alana.

7 Artemis

If you love mythology and you love names that are derived from it, then Artemis is an option for you. It is considered to be a unisex name, but it is mostly used for girls. According to Baby Name Wizard, Artemis was a Greek Moon goddess. She was the goddess of wilderness, virginity, childbirth, the hunt, wild animals and young girls.

In fact, this goddess had many devoted female followers who were referred to as the Hunters of Artemis. And, according to Baby Center, Artemis ranks at #1,493 for popular names for girls. There has been a rise in popularity over the years, but since it is not in the top 1000, it's still a rare name.

6 Genesis

Another great name that ends in S is Genesis. This is a unisex name, and it is also biblical. According to Oh Baby Names, Genesis is a Greek name that means "creation" or "originality". In fact, Genesis is the first book of the Bible which was believed to have been written by Moses.

According to the same source, the name that has been used for girls did not show up on the charts until 1988, and it rose to the top 100 for names for girls 20 years later, in 2008. The name has also been used for boys, but not nearly as often. That is also the name of that 80's band, and it's a great idea for a name because it literally means creation.

5 Hollis


If you want to know of a classy name that ends with s for a girl, you may want to consider Hollis if you are having a daughter, or you plan to have kids in the nearer future- just in case you were to have a daughter. According to Baby Name Wizard, Hollis is derived from the Old English word holegn, which means "holly tree".

Therefore, if you think Holly is overused and like the variation Hollis better, then that is a great option. Besides, the nickname for Hollis would become Holly anyway, quite likely that is. Middle names that go well with this name are Nicole, Danielle, or Michelle.

4 Lotus

Via: Adorables Children's Boutique

If you like flower names like Lily or Rose, then Lotus should be a consideration as well. It is a classy name for girls that ends with S, and it is just very pretty. According to Nameberry, Lotus is of Greek origin, which literally means "lotus flower". The ranking of the popularity of this name is unknown so it must be quite rare.

However, it has been used several times. For instance, the comedian Richard Pryor's daughter, Rain, named her daughter Lotus Marie. Also, in the novel, The Good Earth that was written by Pearl S. Buck in 1931 had a character in the book called Lotus Flower.

3 Maris

When I was in high school, I had a classmate named Maris, and that was the first time I have ever heard that name. However, it is unusual and quite nice. According to Nameberry, it is of Latin origin from the term "of the sea". In fact, the name comes from the phrase Stella Maris. It has never been in the top 1000 list of names for girls, so it is quite rare indeed.

If you watched Fraser, you may have heard the name used on the show as it was the name of his ex-sister-in-law. The variations Marissa and Marisa are a lot more common than Maris.

2 Venus

Via: Pinterest

Have you ever thought about naming your daughter after a Roman goddess? If you have, you may want to think about the name Venus for a moment. Yes, it is a name of a planet, which was again named after that goddess of love and beauty, according to Nameberry.

Additionally, there is some strength and power added to that thanks to that tennis champ, Venus Williams.

The story about Venus was that the goddess was associated with the Greek Aphrodite, and Venus was considered to be the maternal figure for the Romans. Artists throughout history have always added the subject regarding Venus into their work such as the sculpture of Venus of Willendorf, Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, as well as the ancient Venus de Milo.

1 Wallis

If you are of Welsh or Irish descent, and you like names that end in s, then one way to honor your roots is to think about using a name like Wallis for a girl- or a boy. It is a unisex name but it is more commonly used for girls.

According to Nameberry, Wallis is a variation of Wallace, and it literally means Welsh. It was used for boys many years ago until Anthony Edwards named his daughter that, and others were following that path by using it as a feminine name. Some middle names that sound good with Wallis are Marie, Renee, or Brianne.

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