20 Toys 'R' Us Recalls

Well-known brands tend to be the most popular over new stores or small businesses because families feel they can trust them. Reducing the risk of being scammed or given a product that is unsafe or unsuitable, most people have a go-to brand. This is especially true when it comes to baby and child products, as no parent wants to get something unsafe for their child, and so they decide to take that extra precaution and go with a brand that is universally considered as 'child-friendly' and safe. However, now and again even these popular seemingly safe brands can get it wrong and some products get recalled.

Toys R Us was one of these well-known brands that thousands, if not millions of people turned to for the best baby products- specifically toys. In this article, however, the products listed are not the top sellers or most popular items but instead those that were recalled after being deemed as unsafe or unhygienic. From toys to clothing, these items were returned as quick as a flash as soon as the recalled sign went up, showing that even the go-to brands can make big mistakes — let's hope they learn from them.

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20 Bruin Wriggle Balls

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The safety hazard was identified after several cases of the ball's rubber knobs were breaking off. No seriously bad situations had been reported, but in many cases parents were finding the rubber knobs in their infant's mouth meaning it was now seen as a hazard. The back of the 'Bruin Wriggle Balls' also detached which was deemed as unsafe. These being the reasons that over 30,000 Wiggle balls were recalled by Toys R Us (and Babies R Us).

19 Dr. Browns Lovey Pacifiers And Teethers

via DrBrownsBaby.com

In March 2018, Toys R Us announced the recall of all 'Dr Browns Lovey Pacifiers and Teethers' due to them being ruled as a hazard. The snap can detach from the pacifiers ribbon meaning an infant or toddler could potentially encounter a problem. The items came in a variety of different styles including a giraffe, zebra, frog, bunny, reindeer etc and were proving to be very popular.

And 595,000 of these products were sold in the US alone, with an additional 10,500 in Canada. Every one was recalled until the problem was resolved and buyers would receive a replacement that was deemed safe.

18 Ex Radio Flyer Wagon

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5,000 units of this product were sold before Toys R Us announced the item as to be recalled in March 2018. The 'Ex Radio Flyer Wagon' was declared as an injury hazard due to poor wiring resulting in the wagon independently starting its motor.

This was not an item that could be replaced or fixed and so Toys R Us gave all buyers a full refund for the product. A battery-operated wagon that drives itself when and where it wants to is definitely not going to be popular with parents, so thankfully this mistake was spotted.

17 Philip Avent Ear Thermometer

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The ever trusted Phillip Avent products made a mistake with their ear thermometer and Toys R Us were quick to pick up on this and recall the item. The 'Phillip Avent Ear Thermometer' was recalled because there were several cases reported of the reading it was giving being inaccurate; and with a child's temperature being one of the first signs something could be seriously wrong this was not a mistake that could be looked over. This product was simply not safe.

16 Skip Hop Tuo Convertable High Chair

via project nursery

"The front legs on the highchair can detach from the seat, posing fall and injury hazards to children" was the official reason for recalling the 'Skip Hop Tuo Convertable High Chair' according to the Toys R Us website.

When this product was recalled in January 2018 there had been 7,900 sold in the US (a further 2000 in Canada) and once all were recalled, customers were given either a refund or a replacement. This being one of the more serious cases of items being recalled as it had been reported that there were some clear problems caused by the high chair.

15 Dream Of Me Mattress

via:MamaDoo Kids

Many parents worry about their child's safety when sleeping and so will search far and wide for the best sleeping products available; imagine how worrisome it would be to hear an item bought may put an infant at risk during their slumber.

The 'Dream On Me' mattress was re-called by Toys R Us in December 2017 because it posed a fire hazard. Although this product was recalled, the problem was quickly solved, as a mattress cover (which consumers were given free of charge) was all that was needed to bring this product up to flammability standards.

14 Totally Me Clay Studio


"Mold can be present in the clay, posing a risk of respiratory or other infections in individuals with compromised immune systems, damaged lungs or an allergy to mold", was declared by Toys R Us as to why this product was to be recalled.

In November 2017 the 'Totally Me Clay Studio' was re-called after around 6000 units were sold. This product was never repaired and all customers received a full refund. Mold is not something that can be tolerated as it poses such a health risk, so after 3 reports of mold were made, there was no choice but to recall the item.

13 Carters Baby B'Gosh Snap Front Hooded Jacket

via todays parent

The 'Carters Baby B'Gosh Snap Front Hooded Jacket' was only being sold for one month before Toys R Us was forced to recall it. This cute piece of child clothing was deemed unsafe and recalled due to it being a hazard, as the snaps could pull off.

It was recalled in September 2017 and all customers were given a full refund. Both the pink and grey jacket posed the same risk to infants and therefore both were recalled simultaneously, never to be repaired or restocked.

12 Fisher Price Soothing Motion Seat

In October 2017 the 'Fisher Price Soothing Motion Seat' was recalled by Toys R Us due to reports that the motor that powered the seat was overheating, creating a potential fire hazard.

The product was never fixed or re-instated into stores but all customers were given a full refund. About 63,000 units were bought in the US (a further 2000 in Canada), 36 counts of overheating were reported, one of which actually caused the issue of concern. Luckily no one was injured, but to avoid further problems and potentially worse consequences, the product was cancelled.

11 Diono Convertible And Booster Car Seats

via albee baby

Not all products were recalled, as it depended on how they were used, but any booster seats that were forward facing and being attached with the cars own seat belts were to be recalled. This recalling was due to the position of the seat belt with the booster seat/car seat forward facing caused a risk of serious problems while in use. There are many different models of these car seats, and a total of seven different types were recalled.

These products had been being made since 2013 but it was not until 2017 after numerous safety tests that the 'Diono Convertible and Booster Car Seats' were finally recalled.

10 Playtex Plates And Bowls

via parentlifenetwork

"The clear plastic layer over the graphics can peel or bubble from the surface of the plates and bowls, posing a ... hazard to young children", was the reason Toys R Us gave for recalling the 'Playtex Plates and Bowls.'

It was recalled in October 2017 and all customers were given a full refund. A large amount of 3.6 million were sold in the US (a further 1.9 million in Canada) and so it was crucial that this product be recalled, as now it was in the homes of so many children.

9 Skip Hop Moonlight And Melodies Soothers

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In September 2017, Toys R Us recalled the 'Skip Hop Moonlight and Melody Soothers'. The reason for this recall was stated as an 'electric ... hazard', this being down to the USB adaptor breaking on several of the items.

Toys R Us resolved the problem by recalling them rather than repairing the products so that they no longer posed a risk. Around 13,000 units were sold in the US before the repairs were done and unfortunately one incident did end in a user of the product having a problem; thank goodness this was resolved.

8 Trolls: It's Hug Time! Children's Story Book And Bracelet


"The metal band can wear through the fabric covering of the slap bracelet, posing a ... hazard," this being the unpleasant reason Toys R Us recalled this item.

The 'Trolls: It's Hug Time Story Book and Bracelet' was recalled in September 2017 after around 79,000 had already been sold in the US alone. The $13 book and bracelet set received several complaints after it had been causing many issues due to metal wearing through fabric. As well as resolving the problem and replacing the bracelet, customers also got an extra book free of charge.

7 Dr. Browns Baby Bottle Dish Soap And Bottle Brush

via DrBrowns

With infants and children tending to have a lower immune system this is a massive risk. About 23,000 units were sold in the US before the item was recalled and eventually a solution was found.

6 Lamaze Munching Max Toy

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"Parts inside the toy can break creating a sharp point that can penetrate the surface of the toy, posing a laceration hazard" was the reason that this product was recalled in July 2017 after it had been reported that it had caused a problem for a user.

Toys R Us sold 9,300 units of this item in the US before it was recalled. The item was then replaced for each customer when the problem was resolved. This product was also previously sold at Babies R Us and Amazon before being recalled. The cost of this product was $16.

5 Burt's Bees Butterfly Garden Coveralls And Hat Set

via ebay

Getting a little one clothes is one of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for baby's arrival, the clothes are just so cute. However, imagine finding out a cute outfit could cause harm to the baby.

In June 2017 this exact situation occurred when the 'Burt's Bees Butterfly Garden Coveralls And Hat Set' was recalled by Toys R Us. It was recalled after it was deemed a  hazard due to parts becoming detached. All customers received a full refund from Toys R Us when this item was recalled.

4 South Shore 5 Drawer Set

via cymax

In June 2017 the 'South Shore 5 Drawer Set' was recalled by Toys R Us due to it posing a risk when not anchored to the wall. Customers were given a full refund and following on from then, this the item was repaired, fixing the potential hazard.

The drawer set came in 3 colours and about 68, 300 units were sold in the US in 2017. In this case no accidents or injuries were reported but items had been returned due to people worrying about the drawer falling this being how the hazard was identified.

3 Britax Infant Car Seat Chest Clip

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"Britax has determined that the center tab on the chest clip can break presenting a ... hazard to an infant in the car seat. There have been no ... injuries", this is what is stated on the Toys R Us website when explaining why this product was recalled.

The consumers of the 'Britax Infant Car Seat Clip' were advised to either return the item and they would receive a full refund or contact the seller and they would receive a remedy kit free of charge - this remedy kit fixed the problem and the car seat clip was then no longer considered a hazard.

2 Hylands Homeopathic Teething Tablets

via healthnutnews

Teething is a tough time for both baby and parent so anything that relieves pain therefore revealing stress, is a go to item. However, when a teething product is deemed unsafe then it is time to chuck it out.

The 'Hylands Homeopathic Teething Tablets' were recalled from many retailers including Toys R Us after analysis of the product found the product "to contain inconsistent amounts of belladonna alkaloids that may differ from the calculated amount on the products’ labels. FDA believes that belladonna represents a serious health hazard to children and that the effects of belladonna are unpredictable."

1 Oball Rattle

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Toys R Us sold 680,000 'Oball Rattles' to consumers in the US in 2017 before it was recalled. The reason for the toy being recalled was said to be that the "clear plastic disc on the outside of the ball can break, releasing small beads, posing a ... hazard to young children."

This item came in a multitude of colours (green, yellow, orange, pink and blue) with the small balls in the interior also being colourful. These toys were proving to be fairly popular before the recall, all customers received a full refund.

Sources: ToysRUsinc.com, CNBC.com

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