20 Traits The Baby Is Most Likely To Inherit From Dad

If it seems like babies are always taking after their dear old dads, well, there might be a reason behind that! It seems that baby is likely to inherit many traits from his or her daddy. Sure, some traits come from mom, but certain traits appear much more likely to have dad as a major influence.

When we look at a sweet newborn baby, we dream what the baby will be like. And one thing many people love to do is try to determine who baby truly looks like! Lots of times, baby will take after dad. From his eyes to his smile to his temperament, it might all have a lot to do with what his father looks like. Babies seems to inherit many of the traits of their fathers.

It is not limited to only physical traits, either. Smarts and personality of babies as they grow may fall more in line with what their daddy is like. Who knew dad was such a major influence in so many traits?! Well, he surely is. So, read on and see just what traits may come from dad more than they come from mom.

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20 Dimples

Oh those sweet little dimples! Is there nothing cuter than dimples on a little baby?! Not really! If a baby has super cute dimples, look towards his dear old dad, does he have dimples, too? Chances are, baby got those sweet traits from his father. Dimples seem to be a trait that is often inherited from dad.

No matter who dimples come from, there is no denying that they are just a piece of extra cutie pie goodness on any adorable little baby. If mom has dimples, and baby does, too, that could be genetic, or just a coincidence. It does appear this is a dad inherited trait.

19 Eye Color

When it comes to genes, they can be both dominant and recessive. Certain genes, such as brown eyes, are dominant, whereas blue eyes, for example, are recessive. Chances are, baby will have the eye color of the more dominant gene. If dad has brown eyes, baby will likely have brown eyes, as well.

Except, there are always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes, those recessive genes from daddy sneak in. So, if mama has brown eyes, and daddy has blue eyes, there is a definite chance that your little one can have adorable baby blue eyes! And it’s all because of dad.

18 A Daring Spirit

It is not just those physical traits that baby will inherit from his or her dear old dad. It can also be traits that make up the kind of person your little one will be and end up acting like as an adult, even! It seems crazy, but it is true. And dad has a big role when it comes to the behavior of his baby.

Risk seeking behaviors seem to be inherited from dad’s side of the family. If the father is adventurous and is always looking for that next thrill, well, he may end up with a mini me to join him along the ride!

17 Intelligence

Is the father of your baby one smart cookie? Then chances are, your little one will be a smartie pants, as well! And, if the other side of the coin is up, and maybe dad is not too smart, well, your baby might have to work a little bit harder in school to keep up.

It does seem that intelligence is a trait that babies primarily receive from their dad. We are not saying us super smart mamas do not play a role, studies just seem to indicate that the daddy plays a bigger role in determining the overall intelligence of our little ones.

16 Hair Texture

We all envision what our little ones will look like, and one thing we often wonder about is what kind of hair our baby will get. Will she have mom’s curly locks or will he have dad’s super straight hair? It may seem a gamble, but it actually is not. The whole dominant versus recessive genes definitely come into play when it comes to hair texture, but not always.

As we have learned, dads play a big role in baby’s traits, with one of them being hair texture. It may not even show up at first, we all know baby might be bald! But, eventually, your baby can grow up to have his dad’s hair texture.

15 Sleeping Style

Sleeps like a baby is a saying that is far from accurate- ask any mom! While we hope our little ones sleep like a baby, meaning calmly and soundly, it is not always the case. No matter how much sleep training we might try to do with our babies, genes might be the culprit to how well, or how not so well, our babies sleep at night.

The father is the one to praise- or to blame- when it comes to have baby is sleeping. These traits tend to come from dad. So, will baby fall asleep the instant her head hits the pillow, or will she toss and turn all night??

14 Handedness

There definitely seems to be a real correlation between the dominant hand the father uses and the hand his child uses primarily. We call this trait handedness, and most of us are one or the other, with a few exceptions to those who are ambidextrous! Typically, babies will eventually favor their right or left hand, and this often shows up towards the ages of three, four, and beyond.

It is often difficult to know which hand baby will prefer when they are still babies! But, we can look to dad to see which hand is his dominant one, because chances are, baby will follow suit.

13 Dental Issues

When it comes to our teeth, and especially the problems we might have, it is all hereditary. We can thank dear old dad for giving out the dental issues. The traits of having bad teeth and problems with teeth and gums is inherited from dad.

If baby’s dad has bad teeth, chances are that baby will grow up to have to visit the dentist more often than she might want to! From teeth structure to cavities, and all the dental issues in between, it all comes straight from the mouth of the dad. Prepare now for any future dental bills!

12 Sense Of Humor

Is the dad of your baby one who is serious or does he have a great sense of humor? Believe it or not, sense of humor is a trait that appears to be inherited from dad. That is right, not all inherited traits are physical.

Having a sense of humor, or lack thereof, is a personality trait, and one that babies tend to inherit from their dad, no matter how hard you might try to make them be the opposite! If dad is a funny guy, those little ones will probably inherit that funny bone, too. Get ready to laugh.

11 Heart Problems

Now to a more serious note when it comes to traits that baby is most likely to inherit from dad. According to awarenessact.com, one in five men carry a gene that puts them at risk of coronary heart problems by upwards of fifty percent. 

This gene is passed down through the father. If dad carries this gene, his babies will likely inherit the gene. Heart problems do tend to be inherited, and more often than not, it appears it is dad to blame for any future heart issues.

10 Nose Shape

Oh where or where does that cute little button nose come from?! Take a good look at dad, because the chances are quite high that the nose shape your little one will have one day will likely resemble dear old dad’s nose, no matter how big or small or whatever shape it may be.

Most babies are born with those cutie pie button noses (don’t you just love them?!), but we all know noses can change as baby grows up. It seems that nose shape is a trait that comes straight from dad’s side of the family. Baby is likely to inherit the same nose as her dad’s.

9 Height


You can probably guess that height is often determined by genetics. Tall people make tall babies, just as short people make short babies! Sure, there are always exceptions to the rule, but, generally, the height your baby will be one day, once they are done growing is largely hereditary. Not only is it all in the genes, but it might be mostly dad’s genes!

The height of your baby from birth to childhood and into adulthood may follow suit more alongside the father’s height than mom’s. Therefore, take a good look at dad and size up his height to envision your baby’s height one day!

8 Size


Just as height is largely genetic, so is how big a baby is, at least for the most part. We know that there are many outside influences that can contribute to the size that a baby and child will be, and are, but genes play a pretty big role, too.

It does seems that this gene might come from dad’s side of the family. Lifestyle choices are big in this arena as well, which dad can also be a influencer in. Looks like size may be all encompasses, with dad playing a big part.

7 Smile

That beautiful smile on your baby? Well, it might be dad’s smile, too! The shape of a smile does have genetic components, and it appears dad is playing a big role with this one. Do a side by side comparison of your sweet little one smiling alongside his dear old dad. You might just see some twin action!

That does not mean that baby cannot have your smile, too, mom. You may get lucky and see a glimpse of each parent in the gorgeous smile of your adorably giggling baby. No matter where the smile comes from, it will still be greatly enjoyed!

6 Furrowed Brow

Take a good look at the father of your baby. Does he seem to have quite the furrowed brow? He just might. And if he has that trait, there is a high likelihood he is going to pass it down to his sweet baby boy or girl.

Now, don’t worry, your baby is not going to be born furrowing her brow- we hope not anyway! But it may be a trait they grow up to have, and it could be dad to blame for that furrowed brow trait! It does seem to be a gene dad contributes to his baby.

5 Lips

Those beautiful baby lips. Something familiar about them? Take a peek at dad, he may have the same lips, or did when he was a baby, too. Babies tend to get their lips, the shape and texture and feel, all from their dad. Perhaps mom’s genes are in there somewhere too, but more often than not, lips are all dad’s.

So pucker up and get ready to see baby having these cute lips that may come straight from his daddy. We all love baby lips, they are so precious and perfect, wouldn’t you say?! Get ready to pucker up!

4 Personality

Do you like the personality of the father of your baby? We sure hope so! For more reasons than one too, but mostly, because baby could very well inherit the personality of his dear old dad. It does appear that personality traits often come straight from the father.

Sure, mom plays a role too, let’s not discount her, but it is mostly dad that has a huge gene influence. They do like to say, like father like son (or daughter, perhaps, too!). Your kids may take after their dad when it comes to personality style throughout their entire lives.

3 Fingerprints

Fingerprints are genetic. Makes sense, right? However, they are not just genetic, they are mostly dad’s genes! Everyone has a different fingerprint pattern. Your little one will have their very own set of fingerprints that will not match their mom or their dad. But, the pattern could be quite similar to one parent, and again, it is dear old dad.

While the fingerprint patterns in no way will be identical, they will be strikingly similar between baby and father. Kind of a fun fact right there, wouldn’t you say? Who knew fingerprints could be so different, yet so similar. To dad that is!

2 Cleft Chin

That adorable cleft chin, you know what we are talking about! Cleft chins are largely genetic. If dad has a cleft chin, baby may very well inherit this cute trait. It is a cute trait for babies that grows into quite the handsome and quite the sophisticated trait for an adult.

So, take a good look at dad’s chin, because that may very well be the chin that your little one grows up to have! And if you are hoping your little one gets that cool trait of a cleft chin, you may have dad’s luck- and genes- on your side.

1 Gender

Gender is random, isn’t it? Not quite, according to some studies. According to awarenessact.com, “mom passes down solely X chromosomes, while dad can pass down either an X or a Y. These chromosomes determined the gender of the baby, with XX resulting in a little girl and XY a little boy. As the mother’s chromosomes are fixed, it is the father who determines the baby’s gender.”

This makes sense when it is explained in this fashion, don’t you think? Looks like moms, sorry, you may wish for a boy or for a little girl, but it is clearly dad’s gene’s decision ultimately!

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