20 Trendy Food Restrictions That Affect The Baby

At some point, everyone has fallen into the trap that is the foodie trend. Whether it was for social media-worthy purposes -- don't worry, there's no judgment here -- or just out of sheer curiosity.

While plenty of these trends are perfectly healthy, if a bit strange, some of them can have mildly adverse effects if mom is pregnant. She doesn't need anyone to tell her that being pregnant changes everything and, if food trends are what she's into, then she might want to save some of them for after she gives birth. While they don't all pose a problem to pregnancy, they do affect mom's system in some significant ways that can interfere with medications, her immune system, or her overall health.

Just to be on the safe side, the trends listed below are some of the most popular out there for the 2018 year. Inevitably, we'll see more trends begin to surface as the year comes to a close. But after all of these whacky concoctions, we really can't imagine what's next. Either way, as long as moms-to-be stay far, far away from the raw food trend (um, ew?) and the rest of these unusual foodie ideas, they should be good to go. Featured image courtesy of Brooke and Brandy.

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20 Going Vegan Is Great But Carries Risks


Before I dive into this point, let me first declare that there is nothing wrong with being a vegan, in fact, I applaud it. People choose to eliminate meat and dairy products from their regular diet for a variety of reasons, all of which are personal and need not be justified. However, consider this choice carefully while you're pregnant.

While veganism has become "trendy", it's also a surefire way to end up with a potential deficiency while you're pregnant.

Since both you and your baby need specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients (namely, all of them), it's easy to take a pass on meat and lose out on things such as iron and protein. Just make sure to add these to your diet in some plant-based form before making the drastic diet change.

19 Charcoal In Everything Is Just Asking For Bad News

We saw the same issue happening with detoxifying teas, as they rendered some birth controls nearly completely ineffective due to their cleansing qualities. While it's great to know that these work, it's also something the be very, very wary of. We'd recommend that if you're on oral birth control, just skip charcoal products and foods altogether.

We'd advise this for women who are pregnant as well since charcoal has the potential to strip away any nutrients you might have gotten from a meal you recently ate.

Yes, it's a natural detoxifier, but it's a potent one at that. Once in a while, it's okay, but overall? We're sure the charcoal ice cream trend will still be around in nine months.

18 This Is Probably Common Sense, But no one should ever eat Chicken Sashimi

Raw chicken sashimi - traditional japanese food

It's gross, it's inedible, it's unsafe for literally everyone on earth, especially women who are pregnant. We're not even sure how it made its way over to North America but here it is, showing up on everyone's social media sites.

Not only does raw chicken contain an extraordinarily high amount of salmonella, but it can also contain any number of bacteria that have been hanging around on that chicken between the moment it was ousted to the second it landed on the shelf of your local grocery store.

It's probably common sense to everyone reading this that raw chicken should be avoided but just in case... Don't do it. We're begging you.

17 Tea Is popular But All Those Herbs Have Varying Properties

To speak back to the point of detoxifying teas, you might not realize that the delicious tea you just drank is about to be responsible for cleansing your body -- As well as many nutrients that your baby desperately needs while developing in the womb. Additionally, the vitamins and herbal supplements you should avoid during pregnancy are as follows: Vitamins A and E, black cohosh, Dong Quai, goldenseal, Yohimbe, and many others including red clover, mugwort, and tansy. You might be reading this and thinking that you've never heard of these things in your life, but you'd be surprised at what's in herbal teas nowadays!

16 Be Wary Of The Communal Dining Trend

Lesson one: Washing your hands is important, no matter what type of medical condition you're in. Fact of life: Many people don't bother to do this. As disgusting as that is, some people just don't believe that germs exist and don't bother to wash their hands after doing normal, mundane tasks (I don't think we need to go into what these are).

This can make something like communal dining more of a communal germ-swap, and we don't mean the good kind that helps your digestive tract.

This is definitely something to be avoided as a precaution, at least until you give birth.

15 Eating Raw Dairy Has Its Benefits For Everyone Who's Not Pregnant

There's a common debate about raw dairy products while pregnant and it's not one that we're looking to settle. It's our job to share the facts and what we do know, which is that many doctors will recommend that you stay away from any types of raw milk and cheese while you're pregnant.

Raw dairy products have not be pasteurized which means that they do hang onto bacteria; this bacteria is normally great for your gut health but can be potentially problematic if your immune system is down like it is while you're pregnant.

This doesn't mean that you'll definitely find yourself under the weather if you do happen to eat a piece of raw cheese, it's just something to be aware of.

14 Edible Flowers Look Gorgeous, But Are They Safe?

Similar to the idea behind herbs, edible flowers have made their way onto the Instagram-worthy food trend bandwagon. While I appreciate a gorgeous floral arrangement as much as the next person, there are some edible florals to stay away from if you're pregnant. This has made the list more for the sake of cooking at home; it can be very tempting to run into your local florist and pick up flowers that you've previously researched on the web and have ensured are non-toxic.

While they're beautiful on a sparkling white plate, there's no way that you can be certain these flowers haven't been treated beforehand or where they've come from.

When eating out, you can be fairly certain that the kitchen staff has gone through a reputable supplier. If you're trying to do this at home, there's just no way to know, so it's best to skip it while you have a bun in the oven.

13 Sushi Might Seem Fine But What You Can't See Can Cause trouble

One word: Parasite. This is a risk many take by eating raw sushi or sashimi and that's their own choice, however, it's not a choice that pregnant women should make. Raw fish, when cooked properly, is generally fine to ingest as long as you have no immune-suppressant illness or are pregnant. If your immune system is operating and full power and the fish has been prepared and handled in the correct way, by being flash-frozen and handled with gloves here in the U.S., then your fears shouldn't be at an all-time high. If you're pregnant, however, your immune system is already compromised and you're at an unfair disadvantage when it comes to fighting to destroy unwanted foreign bodies.

12 Artificial Sweeteners Aren't The Best Option For Your Coffee

It's been an argument for some time now that artificial sweeteners are simply not good for your overall health. The bottom line is that nothing artificial can truly be good for you and, realistically, their intended purpose was to be suitable for those who can't ingest large amounts of sugar. If you don't have that problem (i.e., see diabetes), you should be taking in your sugar in moderation, as with anything else. We could maybe understand if diabetes runs in your family and using artificial sweeteners now and then as a precaution but, overall, they're something to stay away from while you're pregnant just to be on the safe side.

11 Tofu Is Healthy In serious Moderation

The thing to watch out here for is the soy that is used in tofu and tofu products, such as tempeh. The key gameplayer in soy is phytic acid, which is relatively harmless for those who aren't pregnant, but if you are, this acid can prevent the absorption of iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. It goes without saying that all four of these minerals are incredibly important in terms of pregnancy and what your baby needs to develop in a healthy way. Soybean-based products can be eaten, but exercise moderation when deciding when to get take-out or eat at your favorite Thai restaurant.

10 All The Frappuccinos... And All The Sugar

Just like everything else, sugar is good for you in moderation. In large amounts, it can cause you to hit an unnatural level of hyperactivity, and then just crash from exhaustion. By doing this repeatedly over time, eventually, your body could begin to fall out of its normal function and loosen the grip on its production of insulin. While you're pregnant, treat your body as though it's extra sensitive to everything. Not only is your body absorbing everything that you put into it since you have another life growing inside of you, but it's also operating at a higher speed. While that triple-mocha-unicorn frap might be calling your name, it could also be calling on the pounds that will hang around long after you give birth if your body is confused enough to store it rather than expelling it.

9 Food With A Bit of Green-Infusion Is Fun As Long As You're Not Pregnant

Oof, the THC trend is picking up with a vengeance and slowly taking over the country. While there's normally nothing wrong with partaking in the recreational hobby, everything affects your body differently while you're pregnant. The method most cooks and chefs use to extract THC is to let it seep into an oil or butter via the herb, and then that's what is used as an additive to the dish. By using this method, you can't guarantee that you have any idea how much THC you're getting or how your body will react to it. Not to mention, your baby should never, in any way, shape, or form, be exposed to that kind of cannabinoid. Another thing that's common sense, no matter how safe or mild those edibles may seem.

8 Unpopular Fish Options Are Becoming Popular, Stick With What's Traditional

There's a weird new trend out there that we can only guess has been brought into existence in order to allay the growing waste problem that we have in the world. While many fish that are caught are either used for scrap or just tossed away, some restaurants have taken it upon themselves to learn how to cook these lonely scavengers. Unfortunately, since they are so new on the seafood scene, there's not much known about their nutritional value or benefit as far as nutrients go. Mercury count is also a factor, therefore, it's better to stick to what you know; that new fish might sound alluring with its lemon-butter and caper sauce, but salmon is a safer bet.

7 Algae Is More Common Than You Think But Requires Moderation


You can find algae in things as common as toothpaste and even ice cream, which makes it fairly challenging to avoid. While we don't recommend swapping out toothpaste or quitting the Breyers, we do recommend being conscious of how much seaweed or nori you consume. While your typical nori and green seaweed are often safe to eat in larger amounts due to the beneficial properties of its omega-3, folate, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and K, it's brown seaweed that you should be a bit warier of. Brown seaweed can contain higher amounts of iodine, which means it should be restricted to only being eaten once per week. Additionally, all types of seaweed are salty by nature, which is another reason they should be eaten in moderation.

6 Unripe Papayas Are The Little Known Contraction-Inducer

Yikes, this one was even news to us. Thai restaurants are fairly well-known for their use of tropical fruits such as papaya, whether it's in sushi, used as a garnish, or added to a dessert. What you might not know is that unripe papaya contains a latex substance that has the potential to cause contractions. This naturally-occurring substance is comparable to both prostaglandin and oxytocin, which are both used in a medical setting to induce labor. It's best to ask if you don't know and avoid papaya altogether if you're really unsure.

5 We Know You Love Sunny-Side-Up Eggs, But...

We're right back to the raw foods argument. The simple explanation for this is that while you're pregnant, your immune system is suppressed. Your baby is growing and essentially sharing the same vitamins and nutrients as you, which means that he or she is taking away some of what you'd normally have to yourself. This is a great thing because it means they're developing normally and will grow into strong, healthy babies, but it also means that you're at a disadvantage for roughly nine months until your body builds up an immunity again. While runny yolks might have been your go-to on avocado toast (which is great for you, by the way), it's something you should take a pass on for the time being.

4 Sprouts Never Went Out Of Style, But You'd Be Surprised How Risky They Are

By nature, sprouts are a very delicate plant. It's because of this that many sprouts are not often washed before you purchase them for a meal at home. Obviously, this comes with potential hazards due to all of the things you can't see with the naked eye, such as bacteria and parasites. Additionally, the way sprouts are grown makes them vulnerable as they come up through the ground. They're open to a variety of bacteria that can seep in through the soil and while normally your body could take care of something like that, while you're pregnant, it's a different story.

3 Beware The Caffeine And "Natural" Energy Drinks

Caffeine isn't the greatest thing, to begin with, and it's even less of a good choice while you're pregnant. While there's nothing implicating caffeine as being responsible for any major pregnancy-altering effects, it can contribute to the worsening of anxiety and stress. It can also increase your heart rate, boost your blood pressure, and cause you to have heart palpitations if you drink it in excess. While you're pregnant, try limiting your caffeine intake to one small beverage a day and, when possible, drinking (simple) herbal teas are a great way to drop the habit.

2 Avoid The Fried Food Trends

Fried foods are not your friend. Yes, they're the greatest comfort for those PMS-filled days and a worthy confidant when it comes to breakups, but while you're pregnant, it's an unhealthy intake of saturated fats and grease. Pregnancy cravings can sometimes be out of control and we know that it's all you can do to keep yourself from working your way from one end of a carnival to the other, but take our word for it -- Your post-pregnancy body will be happy that you took a pass. Not only will you feel better, but you'll be much healthier and ready to start life as a new mama, without all of that fried food preventing your health from being at its best.

1 If You Can Make It From Scratch, Avoid Boxed Mixes For Breakfast

For a very similar reason as the fried food debate, boxed mixes for things such as pancakes, waffles, etc., contain what is commonly referred to as hydrogenated oils. These will quickly turn into trans fats when absorbed into the body and you can imagine how, over time, these could be pretty bad for you. While you're pregnant, the most meals you can make from scratch, the better. While pancakes might be your craving, there's nothing wrong with that if you have a little time to make them from scratch. You can even double or triple the dry ingredients for a batter in order to have a quick breakfast on the go.

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