20 Tweets From Moms That Are Just Too Honest

Moms have a reputation for lighting up social media with their wit, expertise, manicured selves, and perfectly clean houses. Well, not all of those, and not all of the time. Most moms put on a good show for the social media sphere most of the time, but there are times when the sarcasm pushes through. There are also times when real life gets too real, and moms have no choice but to reach out on social media for support and reassurance.

Besides, social media is about connecting us- and what better way for moms to do that than to tweet about their woes? Brightening other parents’ days, sharing informational anecdotes, and just giving us a laugh once in a while are these moms’ specialties.

They’re also great at being honest and raw with their followers, a quality we appreciate when some moms are aiming for Pinterest perfection rather than honesty.

20 Bedtime Challenge Accepted


Having kids takes plenty of inner strength, but we didn’t think we’d be applying that brawn to the bedtime routine. How hard can it be to wrangle kids into bed who were drifting off on the couch just moments ago? Way harder than we ever thought. Especially if someone accidentally gave the kids sugar, or let them watch TV, or really just acknowledged their existence. For some reason they’re fine with entertaining themselves until a parent announces that it’s bedtime.


This mom gets it, and we’re guessing she hasn’t quite broken yet since she still has time to tweet between dragging the kids to bed. Then again, a lot of kids go a few rounds with mom before they’re down for the count, so she might need another glass of wine to wait them out.

19 Heart Wrenching Decision Haunts Young Mom


Usually when a mom posts “rest in peace” following a pregnancy, people assume she had a miscarriage or stillbirth. But what about the moms who choose abortion? Jamie Mckay, a teen mom from MTV’s show 16 and Pregnant, tweeted about the passing of her baby to followers. Following an outpouring of love and support, she admitted that the baby wasn’t a miscarriage, but that she had chosen to have an abortion.


The mom and her boyfriend, Ryan, have a young daughter together, and Jamie noted that Ryan let her make the decision she felt was right. But afterward, her series of tweets explains that she felt pressured into her decision because of fear of being found out by family and friends. As a teen mom, she feared judgment from society and so terminated the pregnancy. Now this decision will haunt her forever, she claims.

18 One Gallon Of Coffee Please


This is so true it almost hurts. What is it about having children that makes us perpetually exhausted, even when they start sleeping through the night? At baby number one it was an occasional fancy and sugar-laced coffee from Starbucks. Now it’s an entire pot of coffee before we can even get our eyes open long enough to see the mess the kids are making at two minutes after six.


It doesn’t even matter what time of day it is, if someone offers coffee, most moms are all over it, no sugar or cream needed. Then again, if we can escape for the day and get to Target, we’ll take that fru-fru coffee with extra sugar, and gladly. But only if the kids stay home with dad, or we’ll end up wearing it anyway.

17 In Flight Baby Swap


Crying babies on planes cause a huge divide between travelers of all stripes, with one side defending the babe in arms and the other defending the rest of our eardrums. So it’s understandable that this mom wants to switch seats to avoid the screaming, but then again, it is her kid, so… Someone’s gotta handle that. Luckily, it won’t be us, since we know better than to take our kids on airplanes.


You see, it only takes one flight with a toddler, a bag of snacks, a car seat, and miscellaneous tablets and phones and games to learn that it’s not worth any trip or vacation to fight your grumpy toddler into cooperating for even the shortest of flights. With an infant it’s even harder because rather than intentionally ignoring you, they just don’t understand what you want from them.

16 Reduced to Disney


Parenthood is so many amazing things, but on the surface, it’s moms singing Disney lyrics while bystanders cringe or point and laugh. This is true whether your kids are infants or tweens, because if they’re watching the show, you definitely have the theme song memorized. It’s a universal mom signal that tells other moms how old your kids are and how rarely you watch adult programs.


But really- how many of us belt out Disney songs without shame? Plenty, I’m sure, so maybe it’s not as pitiful as it seems, the fact that our children’s interest are our entire lives. Then again, when we go that deep, it does sting a little. That’s it, I’m off to binge watch HGTV and drink wine until I can’t mumble my way through Let it Go one more time.

15 Tiny Drunkards Everywhere


It’s uncanny how similar my children are to my formerly wild and drunk self. Emotions are intensified, stomachs are unsettled, and it’s hard to get them to do what you want or even what makes the most sense. Little kids under a certain age are mostly irrational, just like the drunk and belligerent 21-year-old you used to be. Getting dressed or undressed is a chore, except when you have to go somewhere, then getting undressed happens in the blink of an eye without explanation.


Parents who don’t drink might not get this, but maybe their kids’ behavior will drive them to drink, and then they’ll understand where we’re coming from. Luckily, our kids will outgrow their sober-drunkenness, so we’ve just got to hang in there a few more years, or maybe a decade or so.

14 Someone Feed Mom


Goldilocks got lucky when she got to taste baby bear’s porridge, mom hasn’t had a hot meal since baby bear was born. And the fact that papa bear’s was piping hot speaks volumes to how well stay at home moms treat their husbands and kids, but how much they neglect themselves. What mom, whether she has one kid or five, has eaten a single hot meal in the last thirty days? Very few, we assume, since no one we know has got their game down to the point that they can eat with the rest of the family.


Stay at home moms especially seem to slave away hours in the kitchen, and even after all that, the kids barely want to eat what they have to offer. Maybe we should turn the tables on them and just sit down and have our own meal while it’s still warm.

13 Celebrity Mental Health Matters Too


Hayden Panettiere was brutally honest about postpartum depression on Twitter, and moms everywhere rejoiced because finally someone was addressing this mental health challenge and dissolving the stigma. Your average everyday mom doesn’t get the kudos Hayden got as a celebrity mom, so it’s nice to know that she has problems just like everyone else. It’s unfortunate that she experienced postpartum depression, but it’s so common that we’re not really surprised.


Too many moms get stuck in their depression and think that there’s something wrong with them or that their babies are better off without them, so we’re glad Hayden and other celebrities have spoken out on the subject and made other women feel less self-conscious about getting the help they need for themselves and their families. Besides, when mama’s happy, the whole family wins!

12 Messes, Messes Everywhere


Even if your Magic 8 ball has never spontaneously combusted, as a mom, you’ve no doubt dealt with endless messes since your child exited the womb. The mess seems to multiply with each passing day, additional child, and fewer hours of sleep for mom. Cleaning is an endless task when you’re a mom, and when you’re a stay at home mom, you feel like you don’t even sit down all day.


If you were a neat freak before you had kids, or you’re still pregnant and imagining floors clean enough to eat off of and babies cooing in stark white onesies, here’s your wakeup call. Babies are messy, toddlers are homewreckers, tweens are slobs, and teens could care less that their laundry has begun to creep toward the hamper on its own.

11 Diapers For Mom And Baby


If your first response to this tweet from Chrissy Teigen is to laugh, we get it. Now that we’re past the stage of having to wear diapers along with our newborn, it’s kind of funny to think that we were in that state. But seriously, wearing diapers after giving birth is not something any woman is truly prepared for. Yeah, becoming a mother changes us, but we didn’t realize it would steal our dignity right out of the gate.


Luckily, Chrissy’s always pretty upbeat about parenting, even in the tough moments, so we appreciate that she shared this tweet with humor. Besides, it’s a short time in a mom’s life when she’s got to waddle around in a diaper, and by the time baby smiles for the first time, we forget all about our bulky undergarments and start planning our next pregnancy.

10 Summer Break for Who?


Summer break might be a time for kids to rejoice, but for moms everywhere- especially working moms- it’s impending doom. More messes, more meals, more tantrums, and more pulling our hair out daily as our kids do the opposite of what we’ve asked, destroy the house, and seem oblivious to the fact that some moms like to pee alone.


Instead of basking in the warmth of the summer sun and sipping lemonade while reading a book, mom is chasing kids down to slather on sunscreen, rescuing the tablet from certain death by pool or sprinkler, and restocking the fridge at an alarming rate. A stress free summer is impossible for most mortal moms, but we’re sure a select few goddesses manage to have their lemonade and actually drink it too.

9 Mom Lies Are The Best Lies


The best part of parenting is coming up with white lies that further our agendas without permanently scarring our kids. We’re not talking the devastation of finding out Santa’s a fake, we mean the lying that involves us enjoying sweet treats while the kids gnaw on some broccoli. In this case, this mom stole all our hearts with her defending her breakfast pie by calling it casserole, a food her kid obviously detests.


What’s great about this is it perfectly defines the parenting struggle that is food. Every mom struggles with mealtime, whether the kids won’t eat their food, want to play in it, or request a special order from chef mom. We’re sure there are kids out there that like casseroles and vegetables, but they’re obviously not ours, so we appreciate this mom’s humor.

8 Mommy Brain is No Joke


By the time our husbands arrive home at the end of the day, we stay at home moms are starved for meaningful adult interactions, and not just the awkward advances of our fellow playgroup moms that we’re so desperately trying to befriend. But when faced with the husband, we forget everything we’d been storing up all day to say.


But seriously, the kids rush in and then we can’t get a word in edgewise. As if the children didn’t talk enough with us, all day, with their questions and comments and screaming. But hey, we’ve had this short attention span problem since pregnancy brain, and now that the kids are old enough to interrupt conversations, we might as well stop trying to talk in the first place. At least until they become angsty teens and stop talking to us altogether.

7 Body Positivity Fail


It’s no secret that most moms struggle with their post-baby bods. It’s not easy finding stretch marks where your skin used to be flawless, or trying to work off your baby pooch when baby is nearing preschool age. Between weight fluctuations, breastfeeding, and well, gravity, it’s hard to accept that our formerly perky bosoms are now somewhat… flat.


Leave it to a six-year-old to notice mom’s lack of levity and declare that she’ll never have that problem. Sorry kid, we’d all order perky breasts if it was a possibility, but you get what you get in life. Especially after multiple kids and years of wearing the wrong bra between pregnancy, nursing, and preschool. It’s a stark reality many moms have trouble adjusting to, but in the end, our bodies grew life- so we’ll try to get over the sagginess.

6 Abortion Becomes A Trending Topic


The hashtag #shoutyourabortion sparked plenty of heated debate on Twitter, but women began sharing their personal experiences in defense of women’s rights. Putting themselves out there was probably terrifying, especially considering the pushback many women get for having abortions in the first place, but to advertise them in this way speaks volumes about the importance of women’s reproductive rights. Women took to Twitter to defend their right to choose abortion if it was right for them.


This woman notes that when she was 18, she was broke when she found out she was pregnant. She had an abortion because she was unable to care for her baby, but three years later, she was in a much better situation that included a supportive spouse and stable job. This is just one example of the abortion conversation happening online, but it’s a courageous one.

5 Teen Mom Couple Battles Depression


Depression affects many moms, like MTV’s Teen Mom Catelynn Baltierra (formerly Lowell). She and husband Tyler were public about their devastation following the adoption of their first daughter, which aired on Teen Mom. Now that they are parents to a second daughter who was not adopted out, the couple learned there’s more to parenting than simply being in the financial position to take care of a child.


Catelynn publicly tweeted about her postpartum depression and the ways she was seeking help. Then she shared a tweet that her husband wrote about a friend of theirs who committed suicide after saying how proud she was of Catelynn for getting help. How devastating not just to Stevie Ryan’s family, but to this young couple for trying to reach out, knowing how hard it is to deal with depression as both an individual and as a parent.

4 Mastitis Knocks Mom Out


Any mom who has breastfed and experienced mastitis understands this mom’s suffering. Mastitis is often the most excruciating part of breastfeeding, and it can come on so quickly you feel like you’re dying within hours. Like this mom explains, mastitis feels a whole lot like the flu, and can knock you out for days at a time unless you get help quickly.


While so many moms make breastfeeding seem easy and simple, this is one of the many side effects that turns moms off of nursing for good. It’s unfortunate but totally understandable since it’s so painful, plus if you end up taking antibiotics for the infection, it could negatively impact your milk supply. Many moms try to tough it out, but if you’re feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck, just take the meds!

3 Teen Mom’s Overdose All Over Twitter


One of the original Teen Moms, Valerie Fairman, died of a suspected drug overdose following a battle with addiction. The 23-year-old was mom to one, seven-year-old Nevaeh, who Daily Mail reported was in Valerie’s adopted mom’s care at the time of her death. Family began to speak out about the former reality star’s death, then MTV made an official announcement.


The other teen moms who knew Valerie from her stint on the show expressed their condolences via Twitter, obviously shocked at the news. As young moms, no one suspected that Valerie’s troubled life would end so soon. However, Valerie was known to be in trouble with the law prior to her death, and close family and friends knew she struggled with drugs. Sadly, Nevaeh will now have to grow up without her mom, a devastating development considering how much the teen mom went through to keep and raise her daughter.

2 Celebrity Handles Jokers’ Poor Taste


Celebrity Twitter user Halsey apparently suffered a miscarriage that she was rather open about, and noted that for years, people have been trolling her with photos of bloody fetuses. While there’s nothing new about some people’s insensitivity when it comes to difficult experiences like miscarriages, it’s shocking that Halsey received so much criticism and hate from Twitter users.

It’s sad that in today’s world, a woman who’s so fierce and individual in her craft has to defend herself against trolls who don’t respect the pain a woman goes through with a miscarriage. We’re not sure what joke Halsey tried to make on Twitter that required this retort, but we’re sure whatever it was, it wasn’t as bad as tweeting photos of deceased fetuses at a woman who suffered a loss.

1 Blogger Live-Tweets Miscarriage


Penelope Trunk’s tweet went viral after she posted that she was having a miscarriage (while at work, no less) and that it was actually a good thing. The mom of two was planning to have an abortion after finding out she was pregnant for the fifth time. Her previous two pregnancies ended in spontaneous miscarriages.


While some Twitter followers were horrified, Trunk maintains that she did not want this pregnancy, and the fact that it was a 3-week wait for an abortion at her local clinic reflects abysmally on the state of women’s reproductive care in the US. Her tweet sparked a debate about whether women are *gasp* allowed to be happy about miscarrying, even when they had planned to end the pregnancy anyway. In her defense, Trunk says she was sad with her last two miscarriages, but this pregnancy was unwanted and so felt different emotionally.

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