20 Types Of Babies Based On Mom And Dad's Zodiacs

When it comes to anticipating what personality their new arrival may have, parents may look to the stars!

When it comes to anticipating what personality their new arrival may have, parents may look to the stars! We all have not only one zodiac sign, but several that relate to how the stars aligned when we were born. Astrologists will refer to a sun sign (the standard zodiac you know), a moon sign (the sign relating to what position the moon was in) and a rising sign (the sign that correlates to the time of birth) when a baby is born in determining the astrological characteristics of a person and how they relate to the world around them. But did you know some astrologers believe that children can inherit characteristics from mom and dad too?

If you give it some thought, it makes sense. Our DNA is made up of half mom and half dad. Not only would babies genetically inherit certain characteristics but when they grow up around mom and dad, they would be exposed to their behavior on a regular basis and would naturally learn to mimic their actions. Babies learn almost everything from their parents, including how to behave and act. If two parents are ruled by their zodiac signs and acting accordingly, why wouldn’t children adopt some of these traits as well?

It may sound like a bit of a stretch, but if for no other reason, looking at the different types of babies based on their parents combined zodiac signs is a rather amusing! There are 12 zodiac signs and they each have their individual strengths and weaknesses – put them together in pairs and the fun never stops. Here are 20 types of babies based on mom and dad’s combined zodiac. Take a peak and see if you and your partner are one of these interesting pairs – and learn about the type of baby you will have according to the stars!

20Outgoing: Leo And Libra

Libra and Leo signs both carry characteristics that involve being outgoing – maybe even too outgoing at times. Leo’s love being the life of the party and Libra’s are very talkative. If your child inherits these traits, you will have one loud and sociable baby on your hands. Leos are also known for their energy and playfulness, and they love to play dress up and make-believe. They would be happiest in theater or other performing arts. Libras' are also artistic but in a more tactile way. They love to decorate and “improve” how things look – so don’t be surprised if your little one draws on the wall with crayon (that’s right, keep washable non-toxic drawing utensils on hand). Children pick up on mom and dad’s behavior so, if mom and dad are true to the Leo and Libra characteristics your little one is very likely to follow suit.

19Fussy Eater: Virgo And Gemini

With wise and decisive personality traits, it is no wonder Virgo and Gemini parents may end up with fussy eaters on their hands. Geminis are known for their intelligent nature. They are very much in their heads – well most of the time. Virgos are also intelligent but are more decisive in nature. They know what they want, which means they also know what they don’t want. The Virgo sign also rules over the body’s digestive system, so put those two signs together and you get one fussy eater!

Considering food is probably the one thing that infants come in contact with the most on a daily basis, it is no wonder that this decisiveness extends to this category. Geminis are the twins sign and can change their tune on a dime, so don’t be surprised if you baby goes through food phases! One month he may love carrots but the next month he could love sweet potato, and carrots are out! If you and your partner share these two signs, don’t be surprised if your baby wins the picky eater award.

18Moody: Cancer And Virgo

If mom and dad have Cancer and Virgo signs than be prepared for an expressive household. Cancer is a sign that tends to rule over feelings and sentiments. This sign’s crab imagery makes it a water sign, lending to emotional expression. Virgos are a very sensitive sign as well, meaning that that they internalize everything. If you and your significant other share this sign combination, be prepared to have a baby who is very moody and emotional.

But feeling deeply isn’t all bad. Studies have shown that people who don’t suppress their emotions are in fact very strong because they aren’t afraid to face them. Both signs need to know that they are loved and babies with these traits may latch on to parents more than other babies. Regular affection can help ease their minds and a consistent schedule may help with their separation anxiety.

17Restless: Libra And Gemini

If your baby inherits traits from these two signs, she is sure to be a mover and shaker! Both Gemini and Libras are not only intelligent and outgoing, but they are often full of energy and always on the move. This means that babies who inherit traits from these two signs will be very tactile in nature. They will be crawling or walking early, forcing you to be two steps ahead of them with the baby-proofing system.

These restless babies will also have their hands in everything, wanting to touch and feel it all as much as possible. Because both signs are very social, a child who inherits these traits will love to play sports, especially partner sports like tennis or team sports like baseball or soccer. The best way to nourish a restless kid is to keep them as active as possible with a wide variety of activities they enjoy.

16Play By The Rules: Virgo And Libra

If you and your significant other share a Virgo and Libra pair, your baby may inherit combined traits for a strong desire follow and uphold rules. The Libra sign is represented by the scales, which is a metaphor for justice. They believe in fairness, sharing and playing by the rules, when it comes to all matters of life. Virgos are similar in this way with respect to rule-following. It bothers them if things are out of sorts, so don’t be surprised if you little one has difficulty handling kids who are more mischievous in nature.

Babies with these traits may be “tattletales” at a young age until their sense of justice evens out as their kind-hearted nature blossoms. Patience with these children is a key to good development because children with the characteristics often grow into strong minded and independent adults.

15Short Tempered: Leo And Scorpio

For all the positive traits Leos and Scorpios have, they also have some pretty negative ones as well, including being short tempered. If you and your significant other have this zodiac pair, then you may need to prepare yourselves to temper tantrums. Leos and Scorpios are fiercely loyal and place a lot of faith in people’s actions, expecting them to be on the noble side. But if you cross a Leo or Scorpio, be prepared to feel their wrath, and this is true with babies as well.

If your baby doesn’t get something she expects from you, she may just lose her cool. Parents whose babies inherit these traits may just need to stay consistent with their youngsters. They will need to keep their word and be careful to play by the rules, when it comes to parenting their little one.

14Competitive: Scorpio And Aries

Parents who have a Scorpio and Aries pair are bound to produce a highly competitive little one. Both Scorpios and Aries will hit milestones early, and if your little one takes after you and your partner, they will be no exception. These babies will also be competitive with kids and other siblings, always striving to do their best in every situation. This is definitely a good trait to have, but they may take it a little too far.

Competitiveness is something wonderful but so is knowing when to let go of a situation. Your little one may need some guidance in that department, so games don’t end in screaming matches. There is such thing as being a poor loser and your competitive child will need to learn that there will always be someone out there who, while playing a game, will be better than they are (at least some of the time).

13Difficult Sleeper: Libra And Sagittarius

Like their Libra and Gemini friends, babies who are Libra and Sagittarius are on the active side. These babies may not sleep well at first (yes, more than the average baby). They may require a lot of scheduled activity throughout the day in order for them to keep a consistent napping schedule and learn to sleep throughout the night. In other words, these babies like to be worn out before they can sleep.

Both Libra and Sagittarius are known for their love of travel, and this is no different if your babies take after you and your partner with these traits. These two signs love to explore and live for adventure, something that is sparked within children at a young age. Be prepared to have a litter wanderer on your hands if he or she inherits traits from these two signs.

12Ambitious: Capricorn And Virgo

While being competitive is a force to reckon with, so is being ambitious. If you and your spouse are Virgo and Capricorn pairs, your child may be the next Steve Jobs. Capricorns and Virgos both share ambition as a sign trait, and your little one may just inherit this quality from you and your partner. Ambitious babies are perfectionists and will stop at nothing to get things right. The good thing about this is that discipline may come easier than most kids, as ambitious children seek mom and dad’s approval, and failing to achieve it is very disappointing to them.

These kids would do very well in competitive environments of any kind. Don’t be surprised if you little on ends up on the debate team or thrives in the world of competitive sports – this is their element and they are happy competing with others.

11Smart: Aquarius And Scorpio

If mom and dad share the Aquarius and Scorpio signs, there’s a good chance their little one may be the next Albert Einstein. That’s right; babies who inherit traits from Aquarius and Scorpio may just be smarty pants'. Not only will they be little geniuses but they may also hold eccentric characteristics and march to the beat of their own drum.

Because these children tend to be forward thinkers, they make friends easily and hate when people are treated unfairly. They have excellent memories and will be able to remember every event at school, no matter how big or small. These kids would thrive in an environment that fosters their intelligence and their understanding of the human experience, such as a charity or community service organization.

10Big Imaginations: Pisces And Gemini

If you and your partner share a Pisces and Gemini pair, you may end up with a child with a wild imagination. Gemini’s are known for the intellect and imagination is a huge part of that. With a fiercely independent personality, your baby could inherit their desire to create their world around them by playing make-believe or dress up.

Pisces carry a similar characters as they are known to be old souls and aren’t afraid to dream something big into reality. Their ability to create and capture the beauty in the world is the reason why they typically hold careers in visual arts or photography. A lot of people believe that being a gifted artist is something that you can inherit genetically. If you or your partner excels at the arts in some way, you may end up with a little Picasso on your hands.

9Energetic: Leo And Aries

For a Leo and Aries pair, look out! Your baby may just inherit some traits that will have him or her bouncing off the walls! Both of these zodiac signs are known for their outgoingness, meaning energy and magnetism comes easily for them. Children who inherit these personality traits often love to perform one way or another. Picture big dance numbers with sequins and your child begging you to let them audition for The Voice.

All this energy may be a wonderful thing at first, but if it is not harnessed in the right way, then it could also mean chaos for mom and dad. Leo and Aries are both fire signs and just like your child may inherit your charismatic personality, they could also inherit your short temper. Keep your energetic little one involved in lots of activities to help them put all that energy to good use.

8Sensitive: Pisces And Cancer

If mom and dad share a Pisces and Cancer zodiac pair there’s a chance they may have a sensitive little one on their hands. Cancer and Pisces are both considered to be water signs, which govern our emotions. If you or your partner (or both of you) tend to be on the sensitive side, this may rub off on your little one. Babies are already pretty intuitive. They can sense when something is wrong or when their environment feels different. Take this ability and magnify it ten-fold and this may be what your little one is experiencing.

With the intensity of feelings governed by these two signs, it’s possible for a little baby to misinterpret them. They may be confused or flustered by their own emotions, thus making it difficult to participate in normal activities. If this is something your little one is experiencing, it is a good idea to set up standard rules and routines for the families to follow, so that your young child can feel safe and secure with proper boundaries.

7Anxious: Capricorn And Leo

For moms and dads with this Leo and Capricorn combination, there’s a possibility they may end up with a pretty anxious newborn. Both of these signs carry traits that foster parents with strong personalities. But if you are gifted with strength and ambition, you may in turn be plagued with anxiety – and your little one could inherit this characteristic.

Leo and Capricorns are both ambitious, but with that ambition, comes a fear of doing something wrong. These two signs are terrified of making a mistake or disappointing people. If your little one suffers from anxiety, it is a good idea to take note of this and to parent accordingly. Clearly define rules for you child and never come down on them harshly for making a mistake. Acknowledge the mistake but then move on to ways they can correct it. Anxious children will already feel bad enough about making the mistake in the first place and don’t need to be reminded of it over and over.

6Sweet Baby: Libra And Taurus

Libra and Taurus parents are a lucky bunch! The combination of these two signs could mean they are likely to have a sweet little angel. Libra is an air sign and Taurus is an earth sign, meaning that both of these signs carry a sense of peace and balance. Neither sign is fiery like a Leo or overly emotional like a Cancer, meaning Libra and Taurus pairs are fairly level headed.

Libras are known to be happy and good-natured and Taurus’ are known to be very relaxed an easy going. If your baby inherits these traits from you and your partner, he or she is sure to be a dream come true. Your baby will likely be an easy sleeper and will love being passed around to friends and family, smiling at everyone who holds him or her. These are just a few of the wonderful things you can enjoy about your little one. If you and your significant other share these two signs, you may just have won the happy-baby lottery.

5Life-Long Learner: Taurus And Virgo

If you and your significant other have Taurus and Virgo signs, you may just have a PhD graduate in the making. Children with parents who have this zodiac combination may inherit traits that make them life-long learners. A love of learning and early development with respect to education is one thing that these two signs have in common. If your child shares this trait and he or she is nurtured from an early age, they are bound to benefit in their adult life.

If your little one loves to learn and seems to have a mind capable of soaking everything up, try to find a school that nurtures this and possibly enroll them into preschool early. The world is constantly changing and there is a never ending train of information and experiences out there for your child to have. Supporting the learning process is the best thing you can do for inquisitive children.

4Happy Baby: Leo And Virgo

With Leo and Virgo parents, your little one is sure to be one cheery baby if he or she inherits traits for these two signs. Leo and Virgo signs have cheerfulness in common. If you and your significant other tend to be on the joyful side in most situations, there’s a strong possibility your new baby could inherit this positive trait.

Babies with this cheerful nature love attention and also prefer to be soothed. They could benefit from hearing soft and calming music while falling asleep or cheerful music in the background at a low volume throughout the day. Happy babies also respond will to bright colors and vibrant images that remind them of their own bubbly personalities. They would benefit having their room painted a happy but bright color, making them feel right at home in their surroundings.

3Social Baby: Capricorn And Gemini

If you and your partner share the Capricorn and Gemini zodiac combination you may just have a social butterfly on your hands! Capricorns and Geminis love being in social situations. They are often a hit at cocktail parties or night clubs, where they are able to interact with others and make new friends easily.

The same thing will be true for your little one if he or she inherits these characteristics. Social babies would thrive in situations where they are with other people. They would love to attend activities like mommy and me classes, where they could interact with other parents and babies. Young kids who are social in nature would also love birthday parties, not only wanting a big party of their own but also graciously attending the parties of their friends and classmates.

2Stubborn: Leo And Sagittarius

Look out if you and your significant other have Leo and Sagittarius signs, your little one may be a stubborn child, to say the least. Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs and both possess wonderful traits like energy and a zest for life. But these signs also have a short temper and a big stubborn streak – and if your baby takes after you he or she will be no exception.

If your little one suffers from stubbornness, there are a few techniques you could try to make your lives easier. Create very specific rules and boundaries and don’t give in if they get upset because they didn’t get their way –even if the act out in a stubborn manner. Your little one may be inclined to push the limits but saying “no” and helping them understand they can’t always get what they want will be a positive step towards helping improve their stubborn nature.

1Good Sleeper: Pisces And Libra

If mom and dad have Pisces and Libra signs, they may just be lucky enough to have the best combination for a good sleeping baby. Like the Libra and Taurus pair mentioned before, Pisces and Libra are also pair that brings out easy going and relaxed personality traits. If this sounds like you and our significant other, your baby may just follow suit and be a wonderful sleeper.

Babies who primarily have relaxed attitudes tend to make magnificent sleepers. They will go to sleep on command and won’t be afraid of missing a party. They could potentially sleep anywhere: in the car, in the middle of a loud and boisterous wedding and even at a stranger’s house. Calm and relaxed babies can ease into sleep with very minimal fuss or routine. Count yourselves lucky if this sounds like your little one because not all parents will have it this easy.

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