20 Underrated Newborn Products That Are So Worth The Money

It’s very tempting when people have a baby to buy the latest gadgets and the frilliest clothes. These purchases make pregnancy so much more exciting because it seems that the baby is already in a man and woman's life and they want to feel like they are providing the best for their little bundle of joy.

There are so many adverts and articles that will persuade us that certain items will change parenting for good! We feel that we will be shamed into being bad parents if we don’t have the gleaming new item that the manufacturer is luring us to buy. Sometimes, less is more. Simple, tried and tested items are still around for a reason. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s been around since we were babies, it is no good.

Listen to moms. They will tell you what you really need. They might not be the sparkliest or the snazziest of purchases, but they will be useful. Once you’ve had the baby, you might realize that the singing and dancing changing table you bought that also changes a nappy, was not quite worth the high price. It may become apparent that the basics are so much more valuable, if they come in a fancy package, or not.

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20 Colic Relief Liquid

A baby that suffers from the painful trapped wind that causes colic can be in pain and very distressed. It is frustrating and upsetting for a mother to experience this distress in their baby.

Over the counter, colic relief liquid is administered prior to a feed and helps the baby release trapped wind. They can also be added to milk to break down the air bubbles in the baby’s tummy. The drops are safe and there are no reported side effects to them, according to the NHS. Of course, the problems may persist because they were caused by another reason, so it is best to get a medical opinion if symptoms persist after a week.

19 Lie Back Baby Chair

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Mothers need to put their babies down occasionally to answer the door or the phone or go to the restroom. It is helpful to have somewhere safe and comfortable to put the baby. A flat chair that supports the baby’s back but is comfortable, is a great option.

It is invaluable to have a few minutes to do some chores around the house while the baby is safely occupied. Strap the baby into a chair that has a toy or two attached. Some chairs also rock for sleep, comforting, relaxation and hopefully an inducement to sleep. The best value chairs also raise so they can be used as the baby grows and ultimately provide a toddler seat.

18 Muslin Squares

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These simple squares of cloth are invaluable to any new mother. Many on Made for Mums recommend them. The uses are infinite. First and foremost, they mop up all manner of baby messes. From dribbling milk, to spit up, to mucus, they do it all. They are hardy creatures and wash beautifully. They can be a great breastfeeding aid. Pop one over your baby’s head and you have instant discretion from prying eyes. It may be that your baby likes the muslin squares so much, that they become a favorite comfort blanket that smells of a mummy.

They can be quick to the soil, so buy lots, buy a variety of colors, buy whatever type you like, but buy lots.

17 Hooded Baby Towel

Baby’s bath time can be a fun experience. However, getting the baby out of the bath and keeping them warm, then drying them can be more challenging.

Having a hooded towel that wraps perfectly around the baby is an ideal way of drying the baby and keeping them feeling secure and warm at the same time. Some come with pretty, bright patterns on them for some visual stimulation and the organic cotton type help you feel you’re doing your bit for the environment. Of course, a conventional towel will dry baby just as well, but the softness and convenience of a specially designed baby towel feel so much more special.

16 Two-Sided Pump

Many mothers favor breastfeeding for their babies. One of the disadvantages of breastfeeding is that the mother is the sole provider of food for the baby. In order to get a little independence, expressing milk is vital.

Finding the best pump is a tricky decision. Factors to take into account include access to a plug to provide power to the pump or battery charger. How loud is the pump? Can the suction be altered? Does it fit your breast comfortably? A double-sided breast pump does the job in half the time and while pumping is not elegant this way, the job gets done in half the time.

15 Snap-On High Chair

When a baby is weaned and put on solid food, it can be a messy business. The first concern of any high chair is safety and comfort. After that, a major consideration is how easy it is to clean according to Reviews.com.

While the baby might have a fixed high chair at home, when eating out or at a friend’s house, a snap on high chair is a convenient option to make feeding easier. The seat snaps onto a table safely and easily and is made of easy-clean plastic. It can be stored in a changing bag so it is easy to carry.

14 Steam Sterilizer

Having bottles clean and ready to use is a major concern for new mothers. Parents are sleep deprived and overwhelmed by the number of tasks they have to complete. Ensuring that bottles are ready can be left until the last minute with one of these.

13 Saline Spray

Babies can get blocked up noses and find it difficult to get rid of excess dust, pollen or germs. They can’t blow their noses and breathing can be impaired if their noses get too blocked, so keeping them clear and empty is important. Nasal drops are simply saline solution that doesn’t harm the baby, so they can be applied with safety.

The drops dilute mucus, as well as help with any swelling. This can really ease irritation for the baby. If the blockage is preventing the baby from sleeping, it will give peace of mind and much-needed rest for mother and baby.

12 2-Way Baby Monitors

No parent likes to leave a baby crying in their bed and it is very hard to ignore this even when practising controlled crying. Having a baby monitor in the nursery means cries or murmurs can be heard immediately and alert the parent to the baby’s distress. The monitor can be carried by the parent as they move around the house, so they can hear the baby from wherever they are.

Some models feature two-way communication so the parent can talk to the baby and reassure them. Others provide soothing light or music and environmentally friendly models are only activated by sound thus reducing electricity usage.

11 Swaddling Sleeping Bag

New babies love to feel safe and secure and swaddling is one way of achieving this. The process of wrapping them in a blanket tightly can be a bit fiddly, so a perfect solution to this dilemma is to buy a swaddling sleeping bag. These cozy, fleecy bags comprise a full body cover for the baby with a zip front.

Often there are little gaps on the shoulder, so the baby can sleep with its arms up. Swaddling prevents the baby from rolling over to their tummies and keep the baby in its safest position, on its back.

10 Formula Dispenser

If you choose to feed your baby with formula milk, you will be confronted with the dispensing and mixing issues. Spooning the right amount of powder into the correct volume of water while dealing with lack of sleep and a crying baby can cause frustration and confusion. Then the milk needs to be heated to just the right temperature.

A formula dispenser gives you exactly the right amount of powder you need for each bottle. Electronic models also add the water and mix the milk for you! It may seem like an extravagance, but for multi-tasking mothers, it can be a godsend.

9 Co-Sleeper Baby Cot

Co-Sleepers | Cots, Crib And Babies in Mesmerizing Co Sleeper Baby Crib Your Residence Design - fanartgallery.com

One of the major dilemmas that new parents face is their baby’s sleep pattern. Mothers will do almost anything to get the baby to sleep through the night. When the baby does wake, mothers want to be on hand to deal with the baby quickly.

Whilst co-sleeping in bed with the parents has its challenges, a co-sleeping cot is a brilliant idea. The small cot has an opening on the bedside for easy access. Some models come on top of a travel cot that can be used for sleepovers if you have a night away, or with a rocker on the bottom to soothe baby back to sleep.

8 Organic Diaper Cream

When a baby develops a diaper rash, it is painful and causes discomfort. Moms need to find a barrier cream that will clear up any rashes and prevent them from developing in the future. As a baby’s skin is so sensitive, an organic cream is a great option. A rich cream that is applied easily and is soothing on the skin is perfect. Some organic creams are suitable for other minor rashes like eczema, so it is a useful addition to the baby bag.

A cream that is suitable for people who suffer from allergies is ideal and will work better than a traditional diaper cream that might have allergens in it.

7 Changing Bag/Mat

A baby changing bag becomes as invaluable as a woman’s handbag. It can be the vital component to soothe a baby. Mothers keep diapers, wipes, medicine, bottles, food, teethers, muslins, and any number of vital items.

There are so many changing bags on the market, so choose carefully. Useful features include an inbuilt changing mat and plenty of pockets for bottles. In addition, a few zips on the outside for a phone, purse, and keys means that there is no need for extra luggage. Ensure the bag fits snugly on the baby’s stroller or in the shopping compartment below. The bag will become a new best friend.

6 Diaper Bin That Combats Smell

via: spiritedpuddlejumper.com

There are hundreds of diapers with a newborn. They are not the most pleasant of items when dirty, and it’s not ideal to put them in a conventional bin. Smells build up and leave the room a bit stinky. TheSafeBabyHub reviews many genius diaper bins on the market that wrap the diaper, seal it and keep it odor free in the bin.

They take a roll of scented diaper bags that pop out of the top to be dispensed one by one. When the bin is full, simply empty the large bag of soiled diapers into a conventional bin and the job is done.

5 Isofix Car Seat

It sounds obvious, but everyone needs a newborn car seat. Hospitals check that the baby will be taken home in a car seat if you are leaving by car. Choosing the right model can be hazardous. There are multiple models on sale, but it must be a rear-facing car seat that fits securely into your car.

Make sure you have details of the make and model of your car when you purchase the seat. An Isofix base ensures that the seat will be safely secured in the car and many seats come with Isofix fittings, which involve a simple click to fit the seat.

4 Super-Size Packs Of Diapers

So, you won’t know your baby’s weight until it’s born, so diapers can be difficult to buy in bulk pre-birth. Once you have the baby, buy in bulk. New-born babies go through a lot of diapers! If the local supermarket has a deal, buy double the quantity. It saves time and panic if there are plenty of diapers in the house. Sometimes it is hard to get out of the house and a plentiful supply can prevent unwanted trips out.

Find a brand that suits the baby’s size and shape and buy enough to last for a week or more. The wastage will be minimal as the quantity a baby goes through can be quite astounding.

3 Baby Gym

A baby may cry because it’s hungry, dirty, tired or lonely. It can also cry when it is bored. If there is a chance to look at bright colors and see twinkly bells or reach for appealing shapes, boredom can be curtailed.

A baby gym is essential. They should have a cushioned mat that forms an activity center, and according to the Independent, they are usually made of cloth and plastic. Babies develop at their own pace but need to have the opportunity to improve skills of reach, touch and curiosity. A baby gym can also be a handy way to give baby ‘tummy time’ while supervised and to develop the skills of rolling and strengthening muscles.

2 Fleece Baby Wrap

Snuggling a baby in a blanket is a great way to keep them warm and feeling cosseted and safe. The soft fleecy fabric of a fleecy hooded wrap is ideal for snuggling baby into a soothing sleep.

Some come in cute star shapes or with adorable features like ears on the hood, but primarily they are a comforting way to keep your baby snug and warm. The hood keeps a chill or a draft off baby while they sleep and keeps them warm and snuggly while they rest. While it is important not to overheat a baby, the wrap allows air to flow to the baby’s body, as opposed to fully covering the baby with layers of blankets.

1 Baby Carrier

Newborn babies love to have body contact. They feel reassured by hearing a heartbeat, from body warmth and from the gentle touch of a parent. A baby carrier gives parents the chance to keep that body contact on the move. They are useful for walks outside, for shopping trips and also for pottering around the home if the baby won’t settle. Some mothers do household chores with the baby in the carrier if they will not settle alone.

There are various types of carriers, some tie over one shoulder, some wrap around the body, and others clip and fasten at the front. Whichever model, it will be an invaluable purchase.

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