20 Unexpected Baby Girl Names That Are Super Cute

What to name their baby girl? That’s one of the biggest dilemmas parents are facing today. Picking the right name for their little belle is no simple task… there are millions of lists to look at, things to keep in mind, and the afterthought of what friends and family will think.

Most people want a name that is cute and meaningful, and it’s easier said than done to strike that balance. Should you go old school? Keep it traditional? Pick a name connected to your family? Browse movies and books for inspiration? Take a hint from Hollywood? The choices are endless.

To make your life easier, here is a list of the CUTEST, most unexpected girl names you could pick. They are surprising but not shocking to the ears, so there will be lots of admiring “oohs” and “aahs” and none of the disapproval of picking something too generic and popular. Read on to find out the 20 Unexpected Baby Girl Names That Are SUPER Cute.

20 Bonnie

Origin: Scottish

Bonnie is a gorgeous choice for a baby girl because the name literally means “beautiful and cheerful” in Scottish. It comes from the French word “bonne” and is truly the perfect name for any lovely little lady.

Girls with the name Bonnie are said to be warmhearted, loving and outgoing. They enjoy nature and art and are known to go with the flow, never seeking confrontation. Bonnie is a great friend to have in your corner and she always puts family and friends first.

Bonnie currently ranks 684 on the baby name list. That is up 258 places from last year. If you love the name Bonnie, you might also love Amelia, Violet, Willow, Harper, Penelope and Grace.

19 Callie

Origin: Greek

There is something so carefree and adorable about the name Callie, wouldn’t you agree? This amazing name means “most beautiful” in Greek and is quickly becoming a top name contender. Callie brings to mind a golden haired girl without a care in the world… what’s not to love.

Little ones with the name Callie are said to be free-spirited, driven, and adventurous. They are always pushing boundaries and bringing out the best in people and their environment. Naturally intuitive, they make great counselors and confidants.

As far as rank, this beauty is currently ranked 179, down 6 places from last year. It’s quite possible Callie could take over the world soon. If you love this name, you might also favor Chloe, Avery, Emma, Riley, Lily and Addison.

18 Mairin

Origin: Irish

If you want a unique, cute and feminine name for your princess, Mairin is an absolutely perfect choice. You are not likely to ever meet another girl with this name, either. I had never even heard the name before now, but it sounds so familiar and obviously lovely. Mairin means “beloved” and “star of the sea” in Gaelic and has everything a girl’s name could want.

People with this name are said to be stoic, strong, and delightful. They are people-pleasers by nature and always seem to know how to make others feel better. You won’t see a lot of melancholy with this one; she has a very sunny disposition usually.

This name currently ranks WAY down at 11,189, down 3,758 places from last year. If you choose this name, there are the nicknames Mare or Air that could be used. Cute, right?

17 Nicolette

Origin: French

This has always been one of my favorite names because it is so unique and charming. Nicolette means “victory of the people” in French, and it’s a form of the name Nicole. The name brings to mind a dark-haired beauty with a smile that will win anyone over.

Girls with the name Nicolette are said to be social butterflies who love animals and the outdoors. They know how to act in any situation and are very aware of how to succeed in life. You can always trust Nicolette to speak her mind and fight for what’s right.

This name currently ranks all the way down at 1,901, down 170 places from 2016. It is a rare and beautiful gem, indeed. If you love this moniker, you might also love Genevieve, Charlotte, Isabella, Noelle, Ava and Victoria.

16 Livia

Origin: Latin

Everywhere you look, Olivia is dominating the name game. That makes this shortened version a sweet and unique choice if you love its sister-name. Livia has the meaning of “Olive tree”, and it’s a great alternative to the popular name. The name is cute and short and stands out thanks to the abrupt “L” sound and cutesy “ia” ending. It’s a fine choice for any little girl.

Girls with the name Livia are thought to be extremely hardworking, loyal and brave. They overcome obstacles with grace and are always loved by those around them. They enjoy serving others and have a great sense of humor.

Livia currently ranks 610 this year, up 4 spots from 2016. If you love the name Livia, you might also like Olivia, Liv, Layla, Libby, and Lydia.

15 Ivy

Origin: Greek

It simply does not get more adorable or lovable than the name Ivy. I have loved this name ever since I first heard it in the Drew Barrymore movie, Poision Ivy. Drew played a bleach-blonde wild child with a spunky personality and it just left a lasting memory. The name Ivy is Greek for the ivy plant, and brings to mind a beautiful and determined plant that is always reaching for new heights.

Girls with this name are said to be tenacious, dedicated and friendly. They are creative types with great capacity for love. Ivy thrives in the rain or the sun, and is not easily held back from achieving her dreams.

This name currently ranks 112, up 11 places from last year. If you love Ivy, you might also like Willa, Stella, Zoe, Aimee, and Charley.

14 Tiana

Origin: Latin

Tiana is a name reserved only for the most beautiful and happy little girls. I once knew a Tiana, and let me tell you… she was absolutely fabulous! This name means “follower of Christ” in Latin and just sounds so lovely to say. It’s short and sweet but still so elegant and exotic.

People with the name Tiana are said to be down-to-earth, family-centered, and sociable. They love entertaining guests, cooking, and taking care of others. Expect a sensual and artistic soul if you’re talking about Tiana, because they definitely are lovers of the finer things in life.

Tiana currently ranks 510 and it has elevated 69 places since 2016. It’s shocking this name is not top 100. People who like this name also may like Talia, Aria, Mia, Sophia and Ariana.

13 Monroe

Origin: Scottish

I can’t think of a more fabulous name than one connected to the late, great Marilyn. Monroe is a Scottish name that has now taken on a Southern feel, and it means “from the mouth of the Roe river” in Gaelic. This is a name you definitely won’t find your little one sharing with other classmates, and it’s sure to make a strong and beautiful impression.

This name is gender-neutral and the people that proudly carry it are said to be very action-oriented, powerful, and perhaps a bit quixotic. Monroe is sure to be a leader or life of the party, and there will always be excitement and fairy dust surrounding this one.

Monroe currently ranks 859, down 151 places from 2016. People who love the name may also love Harlow, Emerson, Everly, Piper and Reagan.

12 Lola

Origin: Spanish

“Whatever Lola wants…. LOLA… Lola gets!” That is absolutely true. This attention-grabber means “strong woman” in Spanish, and it is a name that is both adorable and commanding. It’s a mystery why you don’t meet more girls with this name, because it’s really got everything a girl could want… mystique, intrigue, and a cuteness factor of 100.

Girls with the name Lola are said to be fiercely strong but also nurturing. They know when to be soft-spoken and when to put their foot down. You can find Lola teaching a large classroom, dancing professionally, or painting a mural for charity… she is very dynamic and multi-talented.

This name currently ranks 213, down 16 places from last year. People who like Lola might also favor Luna, Carla, Julia, Delphine and Ariella.

11 Flora

Origin: Italian

Here’s another illustrious beauty that would really suit many little girls. Flora is Italian for “blooming” and is both a delicate and profound name choice for a pretty little doll arriving this year. It comes from the name “Florence”, which is one of the most gorgeous and beloved cities on the planet.

Girls with the name Flora are said to be vivacious, charming and witty. They know how to work hard in the office and how to be one with nature. You can find Flora effortlessly leading a board meeting in bright red stilettos, and then gardening after work getting her hands dirty.

This name currently ranks 1,631, down 272 places from the previous year. If you love Flora, you might also love Cora, Clara, Iris, Nora and Rose.

10 Eden

Origin: Hebrew

Heavenly names are always a good choice if you’re going for the “aww” factor. Eden means “girl of Paradise” in Hebrew and truly has everything a cute and unique name-lover could ever want. When you picture Eden, don’t you just picture a girl with golden curls and the deepest blue eyes you’ve ever seen? I do.

Girls with this name are said to be introspective, philosophical and noble. They adore learning and surrounding themselves with wise and supportive people. Eden has no trouble studying and developing all the tools she needs to be a huge success in the world, monetarily or spiritually (or both!)

This name currently ranks 140, down 8 places from the previous year. If you love Eden, you may also adore Hannah, Trinity, Abigail, Eva and Evelyn.

9 Tiernan

Origin: Irish

I’ll be honest. At first, Tiernan seemed a bit sharp to be considered “cute” and “girly”. But then, she instantly grew on me. This rare gem is Irish and means “noble girl” and is one of the best-kept secrets on this list. The name is so fun to say and makes such a lasting impression; it’s fit for a girl who is beautiful beyond words but doesn’t let it get to her head.

This name is originally unisex. Tiernan is someone who always fights for what’s right and is very genuine. She’s a practical soul who cares little for frivolous things or materialism.

The name Tiernan currently ranks 17,655 as of 2015. This is an amazing choice for a one-in-a-quadrillion type of little girl. If you love this, you might also consider Rowan, Tiegan, Tierney, Delaney, Sloane, and Ainsley.

8 Frankie

Origin: French

Frankie is another adorable unisex baby name that means a great feminine name for a girl. It can be spelled Frankie or Franki and means “free one” in French. It comes from Francis or Francine, which are also beautiful baby names. I love this name because it sounds so Old Hollywood and glamorous, but also modern and bohemian.

People with this name are said to be highly intelligent, deep, and whimsical. They are lifelong learners who thrive on thrilling conversations and random adventures. They make very loyal friends and partners, and always put others first.

This name currently ranks 653, down 106 places from last year. People who love Frankie tend to also favor Harley, Olive, Poppy, Piper and Finley.

7 Ilana

Origin: Hebrew

Talk about a cute and exotic name that not a lot of people have. Ilana is Hebrew and means “tree”, and brings to mind a nature girl with a heart of gold. If you want your little sweetheart to be good-natured and have strong roots, this is the perfect name.

People with the name Ilana are said to be very warm, understanding, and gentle. They enjoy playing the role of peacemaker and are worldly and prophetic in nature.

You can find Ilana befriending visiting foreigers or decorating a house, she loves keeping busy in positive ways.

This name currently ranks 3,169, down 655 places from 2016. People who like the name also tend to like Eliana, Elana, Alana, Ayla, Isla and Eva.

6 Gia

Origin: Italian

When it comes to cute and short names that command attention, it does not get any better than Gia. What a gorgeous name, right? Meaning “God is gracious” in Italian, the name is both lovely and meaningful. If you’ve ever seen the Angelina Jolie movie of the same name, you’ll understand the mystique here.

People with this name are said to be daring, bold, and optimistic. They love taking risks and dominating in whatever they do. Gia is beautiful without trying… elegant and understated only brings out her best qualities.

This name currently ranks 334 this year, down 37 places from 2016. People who love Gia also may love Gianna, Mila, Grace, Aria, Brielle and Layla.

5 Sadie

Origin: Hebrew

Sadie is a lovely derivative of the Hebrew name “Sarah”, meaning “Princess.” Whether you choose to spell it with a Z or an S, it is lovely and pretty unique. This name is also short and sweet and has that super girly “ie” ending, which makes it that much more lovable and fun to say.

People with this name are said to be smiley, gregarious, and attentive. They make great teachers and advisors. This is a traditional type of person who never falls victim to fads or weird trends- she knows the value of keeping it simple and going with what is ‘tried and true.’

This name currently ranks 72, down 6 places from last year. With the “Z” spelling, it’s ranked 1,891. People who like this name tend to like Maya, Ava, Ella, Harper, and Stella.

4 Liana

Origin: Latin

Nothing says “cute” like a youthful name. Well, Liana is just that name. It means “youthful” in Latin and it’s completely unique and uncommon. I actually don’t think I’ve ever met a single Liana… have you?

People with this name are said to be spiritual, evocative, and levelheaded. They really enjoy being part of a team and making the world a better place. You can find them in advocacy roles or working tirelessly for a noble cause. They like working with their hands and dabbling in all kinds of hobbies and professions.

This name currently ranks 442, down 61 places from 2016. If you love Liana, check out Leilani, Leila, Lily, Lana, Eliana, and Mia.

3 Rae

Origin: English

Ah, the cuteness of a girly three-letter name that’s totally unexpected and lovely. That is what Rae has to offer. One of my dear friends has this as her middle name, and I’ve always thought it was too adorable. Meaning “doe” in English, how can you get cuter than a baby Bambi?

People with the name Rae are said to be innovative, dedicated, and social. They are taskmasters who love getting stuff done, even the stuff no one else wants to bother with. Rae can be the life of the party anywhere she goes, but she knows when to keep her head down and work when she needs to.

This name currently ranks 965. It is down 146 places from last year. If you love Rae, you might also love Raelyn, Mae, Rose, Jade, and Hazel.

2 Ruby

Origin: Latin

Short and sweet gets even cuter with the name Ruby. You’ve probably seen her on a lot of lists lately, because she is making a comeback in a big way. This colorful gem is timeless and yet, modern. This is a name for the most special little princess.

People with this name are said to be friendly, bookish and introverted. They love books and music and talking with friends. This is one of the most down-to-earth and sweet names you could pick to shape your little girl’s life.

This name currently ranks 90 this year, making it only one of two names on our list in the top 100. Ruby is down 16 spots from last year. Similar names include Scarlett, Lucy, Lily, Violet, and Rose. Are you noticing the flowery and colorful trend here?

1 Adeline

Origin: French

Finishing our list is another wonderful choice… Adeline. This pretty and cute name comes from the French name Adele and means “noble”. This name is fresh and unique but not shockingly so. It communicates femininity and beauty while still being youthful and fun.

People with this name are said to be focused, grounded and wise. They love helping their community and making friends wherever they go. They easily find abundance and prominence but are never flashy or bold.

This name currently ranks 67, up 2 places from the previous year. You can give her the cute nickname "Addie." People who love this name may also love Addison, Adelynn, Madeline, Adelaide and Amelia.

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