20 Unexpected Things New Moms Never See Coming

It's really not uncommon for a mom to be concerned with breastfeeding above everything else. After all, there is just so much literature out there about the battles that go one between those who are pro-breastfeeding versus bottle feeding. Additionally, every mom knows that there are many benefits that come with breastfeeding (in any quantity) as well as the fact that they are conditioned to believe that it's the right way to go about it. Therefore, moms will gravitate toward reading as much as they can about the topic. They will also consult their doctors and spend a great deal of time thinking about it.

This list isn't saying that a mom shouldn't think about breastfeeding. In fact, it's totally something that any mom should think about, but they can't forget that there are other areas that need their attention. It's easy to let things slip the mind when something else is taking up the room. But these other things can be important to pay attention to and not to forget about. Sometimes, these things can be even more important than breastfeeding. This is precisely why we've created this list. So, without further ado, here is "While New Mom Was Concerned With Breastfeeding, 20 Things She Didn't See Coming."

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20 Babies Need To Be Burped

Via: SMA Nutrition

While breastfeeding is important, burping a baby is something that moms should pay attention to as well. This is because gas bubbles tend to get trapped inside a baby's stomach and it can cause them to feel very uncomfortable. This might even cause them to squirm around or even cry. And since they don't know how to burp themselves at this time, a parent really needs to do this for them. So moms not only need to pay attention to this but also learn how to burp a baby properly. This means that they need to place the baby over their shoulder or on their lap and begin to pat them gently on the back. Depending on your baby, different positions work better. This is something, like breastfeeding, that needs to be done every day.

19 A Baby's Sense Of Day And Night Is Weird

Via: Baby Centre

One mom online said, "I didn't realize that so many newborns get their days and nights mixed up in the first few days. The first two nights home from the hospital, our son barely slept at all. I remember saying to my mom that I knew new parents were tired, but I thought that was because the baby woke up to eat at night — not that the baby never went back to sleep!"

Of course, she is not the only mom to have to deal with this. This is because babies have a hard time grasping day and night, which is why parents need to do their best to help them learn. But when moms are totally thinking about breastfeeding, they can forget to.

18 Reasons For Crying Are Mysterious

Via: Healthline

Moms often forget that babies can and will cry about anything at any time. This is especially easy to forget when moms are totally in the breastfeeding mindset. Some of these cries can be pretty insignificant but others are about more important things. Therefore, when a baby is crying all of the time it's natural for a mom to think that all of their cries are important. This tends to get mothers all worried about everything. But if she learned how to decipher the crying, it wouldn't be such a big deal. She'd know when things are normal as opposed to when something is questionable or flat out wrong. There are ways to learn how, but it's hard to do when the mind is somewhere else. Here's a link that can help moms learn more about how to decipher their baby’s cries.

17 Building A Connection Can Take A While

Via: Parents magazine

A lot of moms believe that when their baby is born they will have this amazing and meaningful connection with them right off the bat. They tend to worry about things like breastfeeding instead. But the truth is, a lot of these connections have to develop over time. This can cause moms to worry that they've done something wrong while they've spent their time on other issues. But moms need to give themselves a break because not everything falls into place right away. Some babies need time to settle into themselves and the people around them. It's all a learning process, but moms need to be aware of it so they aren't taken back by it.

16 There's A Need For Vaccinations

Via: Picture Boss

Moms can be so taken with the importance of breastfeeding that they forget to pay attention to one of the most vital things in a babies life... vaccinations. Unfortunately, we're living in a time where this topic may anger to some readers. However, the facts are that certain vaccinations are an absolute necessity for babies as well as adults. Those who disagree with this have scientific fact to contend with. Sorry, folks, one needs to consult their physician on this topic as a lot of things can be avoided if a baby is vaccinated. Keeping up with the vaccinations is important so that a baby can remain healthy and not give other babies things that can easily be avoided. So, instead of reading all of that literature on breastfeeding versus formula use, perhaps take a look at what new vaccinations are out there and how needed they are.

15 Baby Clothes Need To Be Constantly Washed

Via: Heavenscent Gifts

Making sure you wash a baby's clothes doesn't mean that you need to be a hypochondriac. But washing newly bought clothes before putting them on your child is important. A child's skin is very sensitive as it's still adjusting to its new environment. Some baby clothes even come with chemicals that have been spread on them. Additionally, if these clothes have been stored before being sold, they could have collected mildew (not to mention rat droppings) that could irritate your child's skin. Hand-me-downs are in the same camp as new clothes. Who knows what has attached itself to them. But parents can often forget about this while they are scrambling with breastfeeding issues and everyday life.

14 Proper Sleeping Conditions Are Vital

Via: WebMD

Breastfeeding is vital for a child's growth and development, but it can't be put above their safety. SIDS is a very real problem before the age of one. It's something that can be totally prevented by having babies sleep in the correct positions. This means that they are on their backs and can't roll onto their sides or stomachs. Otherwise, bad things could happen. Having the right bedding is also important, as well as having no stuffed animals in the crib that they could roll into. So, moms, breastfeeding is great, but this one is way more important. Definitely pay a bit more attention to it when possible.

13 Babies' Noses Get Clogged

Via: Very well Family

It's easy for moms to forget that babies haven't figured out how to switch between breathing out of their noses and their mouths yet. After all, this is something so small in our lives that we believe that we never had to learn how to do it. But this isn't the case. And when a babies nose gets clogged, it can be bad. So moms need to make sure that their baby's nose is cleaned out and everything is good there. They don't need to overthink it, they just need to be aware of it and keep it on their list of priorities just like breastfeeding would be. It's easy to clean out a baby's nose. Simply put in a couple drops of unmedicated saline nasal drops into their nostrils. A warm bath, humidifier, or keeping a baby upright are also great ways to do this.

12 Toilet Time Can Be Loud

Via: Baby Center

One of the things that really catch moms off-guard is the fact that babies can make a lot of noise while doing number twos. It's not just moms who are preoccupied with breastfeeding that are fascinated to learn this. After all, it's just so odd that something so small could make that much noise. And it's not just noise. It's also the odor and sometimes event the amount. But this is something that is totally natural given the fact that babies often have a very different array of foods than we do. Additionally, they have smaller bodies that process things more quickly. Therefore, moms should always keep a change of clothes for their babies (as well as for themselves) with them wherever they go.

11 Most Baby Clothes Won't Be Used

Stocking up on clothing is something that most new moms do instinctively. They buy something for any given situation in hopes that their baby will be healthy and comfortable. Then they totally forget that they have way too many clothing items and spend time on other things. But the truth is, most baby clothes aren't even going to get used. Babies spend the first few months of their lives in onesies. None of those fancy outfits that moms bought are likely to get used. Therefore, moms could be saving a lot of money that could go elsewhere by not making these purchases. Of course, this usually isn't at the forefront of a mom's mind when she first has her baby, but it's something that can really help in the long run.

10 Colic Is A Thing

Via: Medical Notes

Colic is something that moms don't tend to think about when they are worried about their child. But it's very common. In fact, colic happens in about 10 to 25 percent of babies and 1 in 5 in babies during their first few months. For those who don't know, it's a stomach irritation that can cause some kids to cry all fo the time and generally feel very uncomfortable. Most moms are not prepared for this at all. Instead, they are prepared for things like breastfeeding. But they need to know how to deal with it. A few helpful tips, aside from taking a baby to see their pediatrician, is to let their baby have a pacifier to help soothe them, lay them flat on your chest, or swaddle them.

9 Some Diapers Are Useless

Via: The Bump

Not every diaper is as amazing as others. Moms tend to learn this fact the hard and very inconvenient way. But it's just not something that they think about too much. They go to the store and buy whatever diapers they can find as they believe that they will do the job. But the fact is, not everyone will do what they were seemingly designed to do. Eventually, every mom will find this out if they haven't already. But they do need to do their research. Perhaps even ask around in order to see which diapers other parents believe are the best. A lot of moms on the web seem to like Huggies Little Movers Diapers, which have a contoured shape. But, then again, every child is different, so different brands may work best for them.

8 A Mother's Sleep Is Vital

Via: Parents Magazine

Moms need to remind themselves that their sleep is just as important as their baby's sleep as well as breastfeeding. This is because nothing will function the way that it should if a mom isn't well rested. Moms need to make sure that they get the proper amount of shut-eye at the proper hours in order to do their job as a mother as efficiently and effectively as possible. It's totally normal for moms to be tired all of the time. It's part of the job of being a parent. But this needs to be curved as much as possible. And it's really easy to forget about when other things take precedent, so moms need to be extra aware of this. Besides, their bodies will thank them for getting better sleep.

7 The Importance of Swaddling

Via: The Bump

Breastfeeding may seemingly be more important for babies than swaddling is, but this doesn't mean that moms should forget about it. This is because swaddling is one of the best comfort measures for babies. It lets them feel soothed. This is because it reminds them of being in their mother's womb. Therefore, it helps them sleep better. This is why many experts suggest that a mother swaddle her baby during the first four months of their baby's life, as it will help them get into better sleeping habits as well as allow them to feel comfortable. But swaddling isn't just good for bedtime. It's also good throughout the day in order to make their baby feel more at ease.

6 Friendships Have Changed Or Completely Vanished

Via: The Mommyhood Chronicles

When a mom is totally entrenched in the life of being a mom, she can wake up one day to find that all of her friendships have changed. She may realize that she hasn't seen or even spoken to them for a very long time. The friends that she does have are usually also mothers who can empathize with her day-to-day. But this can be a real splash of cold water for moms to accept when it hasn't been on their mind. Friendships are important and do need some attention. However, real friends know that moms are busy doing things that are a bit more important than they are at the moment.

5 Babies Don't Like Fragrances

Via: Meghan Telpner

With things like breastfeeding on a mother's mind, it can be easy for them to forget that they need to change their love of perfumes. This is because babies typically don't like the smell of perfume or deodorant. In fact, it can actually irritate a baby's sensitive skin. This is why baby products are designed to be scent free. If they do have a scent, it's usually hypoallergenic in order to accommodate their sensitivities. But moms often forget about this. After all, who would know that a baby’s sense of smell developed in the womb and is one of their strongest senses?

4 A Baby's Head And Neck Are Sensitive


When moms are breastfeeding, as well as holding their babies, they should remember that a baby's head and neck are really sensitive. This means that their heads and necks need to be stabilized at all times. So, no shaking or anything that moves a baby around all that much. If they are, bad things can happen since a baby's muscles and skeletons are still in the earliest stages of development. Because babies tend to be so cute, it makes people want to hug and squeeze them. But they need to be gentle with babies due to just how weak their bodies are in this stage of their lives.

3 The Umbilical Chord Is Still Around

Via: Sassy Mama Hong Kong

A mom tends to be focused on things like breastfeeding, changing, and making sure that their kid sleeps above everything else. This means that they can be taken back by finally noticing that their kid's umbilical cord stump is still on them. This can be icky to some parents as it doesn't tend to look all that good. Additionally, it's nothing that we tend to see in the movies or even in parenting handbooks. But the truth is, sometimes these stumps take longer to fall off than others. That's totally fine. It will come off in time and it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong if it takes longer than expected. However, a mom should never try to take it off herself as this could lead to bad things happening. Instead, they should just try and keep it dry and wait for it to come off.

2 Romantic Partnerships Change

Via: The Gottman Institute

Sometimes a change in a mom's relationship can be something that is noticed over time thanks to their attention being on other things such as breastfeeding issues. But the truth is, a baby naturally alters the dynamic in a relationship. Sometimes it alters it for the good, sometimes it just changes things, and other times it doesn't help matters that have been brewing for a while. But this is okay because there are ways to learn how to alter the bond between partners with the presence of a baby. In fact, this is important to do in order to make sure that a baby has the right love and support that it needs to grow and survive. It's just important for moms to remember that babies do alter relationship dynamics and they shouldn't be too taken back by changes.

1 The Necessity Of Car Seats

Via: Sunday Times

If moms are choosing to drive their baby around in the car, they absolutely need to be aware of their child's safety. This is equally as important as trying to get their babies to breastfeed safely and properly. This is because babies are very sensitive to motion as their skeletons haven't fully developed yet. This means that they need the right car seat and to have that car seat against the back of the front-facing seat and not facing forward as well as that it's semi-reclining at a 45-degree angle. Additionally, they need to make sure that their car seat is installed properly so that is doesn't come out of place during the drive. So, moms who are focused on breastfeeding also need to be aware of car seat safety.

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