20 Unexpected Things That Happen During The Second Week After The Baby Comes

When women are pregnant they spend so much of their time looking up how the baby is doing. They spend hours online tracking every week of pregnancy and what is going on with the little bean in there. This should not end once the baby is born. It is important to keep tracking the baby’s development.

It is important to mention any discrepancies to the doctor if mom notices the baby doing something they shouldn’t, or if they are not doing what they should be at all. It is also fun! It is fun to see the little ones develop and grow right before mom's eyes.

Many think this happens over time, that mom won’t see many changes right at the beginning. The thinking that a newborn is just a newborn can be very risky. Mom may miss something that she needs to pay attention to. There are a lot of differences between a 1-week-old and a 2-week-old. Some things stay the same or intensify, but there is already so much growth happening.

We have found 20 things that happen to baby and mom during the second week after the baby has made their grand entrance into this world.

20 Look You Right In The Eyes

This one may be a bit of a stretch and it will take a little while before your baby is able to focus their eyes, but it will come. Babies are not born with the ability to focus their eyes, it can seem like they are just staring in every direction. It takes time for the muscle to build up in their eyes so that they are able to focus.

By the time the baby is two weeks old, they will have some ability to look at mom’s face. They will stare intently when their eyes are able to focus that way. Mom will have to keep her face pretty close, because the baby can only see about 25 centimeters away.

19 Baby Still Wants Skin-To-Skin

Sometimes what is surprising is that things do not change, that can be the most unexpected thing. At two weeks old, the baby will still want a lot of skin-to-skin. This is a very important act that happens immediately following delivery and will continue to happen for a few more weeks. The good news is that dad can help out here.

This is a great time for dad to help out and he can do that by doing some skin-to-skin with the baby. It gives mom a break to shower or eat and it is a great way for the pair to bond. Mom has spent 9-months bonding with the new baby, it is dads turn.

18 They Will Still get smaller

The size your baby is born at will not be the size they remain for very long. All babies lose an amount of their birth weight after they are born. Breastfed babies can lose up to 10% of their body weight. This normally happens in the first few days following childbirth, but it can continue into their second week of life. This may be monitored by your doctor to make sure they are fine, but they normally are.

Babies adjust the outside world, and some babies do this slower than others and that is OK. It is your first lesson in not comparing your baby to others.

17 They Will Now Start Getting bigger

If your baby is still losing weight, then there is no need to worry because they will also start putting it back on now. Once the 10-11-day mark hits, the baby will stop losing weight and start putting it back on. Babies at this age usually gain about 1 ounce per day, but this is altered for each individual and is never a guaranteed rule.

It is advised to not weigh your baby too much in the first 6-months of life because their weight can vary and change so much drastically. As long as the doctor is not worried, and they are having 6-8 wet diapers a day chances are they are fine.

16 Baby Will Stay Curled Up

By the time your baby is 2-weeks old, it may seem like forever to you, but to them it is still all brand new. All they have ever known in their life is the womb, and near the end of pregnancy they were running out of room. This means that they were in the fetal position, or all curled up. They feel safe and warm in this position and it takes a while for them to straighten out.

At 2-weeks old, the baby will still stay kind of locked in a curled position. This is nothing to worry about and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with their spine. This is just the only position they know, and they are comfortable in.

15 Nails May Need A Trim (Be Careful)

The baby was born with fingernails, but they should not be touched until they are at least 2 weeks old. Their fingernails at first are soft and pliable. This is a result of being the womb for so long, which is full of fluid. It is the same phenomenon if we have a long bath, when we get out our fingernails are often weak. It is advised that mom and dad use mittens on their newborns, so they don’t scratch themselves.

Once the baby hits two weeks it is about time to give those nails a trim. This can be intimidating as mom is very scared she will cut the baby’s finger by accident. This can, and has, happened so it is advised to do this while they are sleeping and if possible to use a nail file instead of clippers.

14 Day And Night Solved

This one may only happen if there was some help from mom and dad. When babies are born, they are a little mixed up. They tend to sleep all day and then be awake all night. This may have something to do with them being awake at night in the womb because mom was not awake to rock them to sleep with the movement of her hips.

By 2-weeks the baby should have figured out the difference between days and nights, but only if mom has helped them. From the day you bring your baby home you should be keeping it dark at night and showing as little interaction as possible.

13 Sleeping A Lot Still

The good news is, at two-weeks old, your baby should still be sleeping a lot. Babies at this age need about 18 hours of sleep a day and can’t handle being awake for more than an hour at a time. This is why it is so important for mom to try and sleep when the baby sleeps. Their periods of wakefulness will start to get longer as they get older.

Look for cues that your baby is tired, and don’t wait until they are over-tired which can make it harder to make them go to sleep. Look for yawning and rubbing of the eyes as your first clue. Enjoy this stage of them wanting to sleep a lot because it will not last.

12 May Still Struggle To Breastfeed

If mom has decided to breastfeed her baby than she may be surprised to find that it can still be a struggle when the baby is 2-weeks old. Breastfeeding may be labelled as ‘natural’, but it is still hard. It is a skill that both mom and baby have to learn, it doesn’t come easy to many people. Hopefully, mom has gotten some help and support from a lactation specialist.

It is normal to experience cracked and sore nipples at this stage as well as latch problems. If mom is worried that it is too hard she should always reach out for help, but it is perfectly fine for it not to be perfect at this point.

11 You’re Ready To Go Out!

At around the 2-week mark it may hit mom that she has not left her house since she came home from the hospital. It makes sense, she has been recovering and she is concerned about exposing her baby to any of the germs that are floating around outside. This is probably the moment when mom starts to get a desire to leave the house.

She may want to be around other people, even if she doesn’t know them. Just to be in the presence of other adults. Going out with the baby is actually a really good idea and should be encouraged. Fresh air will do a lot of good for both mom and baby and it can help fight off cabin fever that a lot of new mom’s experience.

10 Mom Is All Alone

This may be the moment when mom is all alone with the baby. A lot of dad’s is returning to work at this time, which means mom has to handle this whole thing by herself during the day. Some mom’s do it on their own during the day right from birth because there is very little paternal leave for dad’s out there in the world.

Canada does have some great maternity leave coverage, but we still lack in the leave or dads. Unless mom wants to give up some of her time, dad does not get anything. This means a lot of dads will take some vacation time from work to stay home and help mom in the beginning. When the two-week mark hits, these dads have to go back to work.

9 Mom Is Getting Confident

Since dad is going back to work and mom has to have a handle on things it is a good thing that she is probably starting to gain some much-needed confidence right now. Once mom and baby have been together for about two weeks, she will start to be more confidant in her job. She can change a diaper blindfolded and she has some sort of feeding regiment down.

None of these things are absolute. Some things will take longer for other people and that is fine. If mom is still a little wonky after two weeks, that is also completely normal. It can take some moms more time to adjust to motherhood.

8 Birth Registration Happens

This is something that a lot of people forget about, me included. We are so focused on with the arrival of our little one that we completely forget that there is official business that needs to be taken care of. The baby must be registered with the country of wherever they are born. Every country has different guidelines on when this should be done, but the two-week mark is pretty standard.

Registration is easy, and it can usually be done online. It will involve getting the child’s birth certificate and any other documents that they will need. This may be an area that dad can help out in, he can fill out the needed forms for mom and take that off her to-do list.

7 Toe Playing Fun

Have you ever taken a really good look at your baby? A good look at how their little body works? Chances are, you think you have but there are certain things you miss. If you play with your baby’s toes at two weeks old, you may notice something. If you run your finger up the sole of their foot, they will curl their toes. If you run your finger over the top of their foot, they will spread their toes.

This is just one of many reflexes your baby has when they are born. They may not show up right away as your baby needs time to adjust to the new world and their body needs time to relax.

6 Get Ready To Hold Hands

Another reflex you will notice at two weeks old is one of our favourites. If you place your fingertip in the middle of their palm, they will close their hand and grab on to your finger. It will instantly melt your heart, and this will be your first experience in holding their hand. You will also notice that your baby is really strong.

Stronger than you would think for only being two weeks old. These are all reflexes that your baby is born with. The reason people say babies are resilient is because they are incredibly strong. They are tougher than we give them credit for.

5 Baby Is Trying To Walk?

This one we may not recommend because it could be dangerous as there is a chance you will drop the baby but there is another really cool reflex you will notice at 2-weeks old. If you hold your baby off the ground with his feet pointed towards the ground, he will make movements as if he was trying to walk.

He is not trying to walk at all, this is just another reflex you will notice after 14-days. Some babies do this sooner, right up to the day they are born. Again, due to poor head support and control, we don’t recommend anyone testing this.

4 Survival Instincts

We don’t really know why babies are born with these reflexes, but researchers think it has something to do with a survival instinct. That our little babies have this amazing ability to do tasks purely for survival. This would go all the way back to cavemen days when newborns had to have the skills to survive with their parents outside.

Of course, the world has changed, and they don’t really need these skills anymore but that doesn’t stop them from being inherited. The moor reflex will still be very strong in the second week. This will happen sporadically. If you lay your baby down, their arms and legs may flail out as if they were trying to catch themselves.

3 The Cord May Finally Come Off

This one is unexpected because it doesn’t happen to all babies. Most babies lose their umbilical cord fairly soon after delivery. The stump that is left behind will dry up and then fall off. This normally happens within the first week of their life. If it hasn’t happened yet, the second week is when it will happen for sure. If it still doesn’t happen, mom should speak to her doctor about it.

It is always fun when the cord falls off because then you don’t have to be so careful with diapers and clothing out of fear of it getting stuck. It also means you can give the baby a proper bath which is a fun bonding time for everyone.

2 Mom Is Ready For Visitors

A lot of people are trying to encourage their friends and family to stay away from them until the baby is a little older. They don’t want visitors in the hospital as they are tired and trying to spend this time bonding with their new baby. They are also worried about anyone possibly making their baby sick.

By the time the two-week mark hits, mom will probably be ready for visitors to come to the house. She will be ready for people to meet her new baby. She will also be craving adult interaction at this point and it will be fun for mom to have some other adults over to chat. It is still important that they wash their hands though.

1 What Childbirth?

Happy mother with newborn baby

They say that by the time the baby is three months old, mom has forgotten a lot about the childbirth. Women need to forget this part, or the world would cease to exist because no one would have more than one baby. While it takes a little while, by the time the baby is two weeks old, mom has forgotten most of the childbirth.

She remembers that it hurt and that it was long and exhausting, but she can’t really focus on the details of it anymore. She is so in love with her newborn that it all seemed worth it and she may even be thinking it is time to do it all over again.

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