20 Unexpectedly Cute Boy Names Shooting Up The Charts In 2018

Choosing just the right name for mom's baby boy can be hard. Even harder than naming a girl because boy names never change. Having a great first, middle, and last name combo can be a challenge. Most parents want their boy’s name to be masculine, unique, and hopefully have a cool meaning too. How do you decide what to name your child? It’s one of those decisions that can cause fights between spouses, and rifts in families. Do you pass down a family name, feel pressured to name your child a junior, or maybe you love a name your family hates? The pressures of naming can be overwhelming, but there are so many great baby boy names to choose from, how do you know which way to go?

Some parents choose a few names they like and then wait until the baby is born to see if the name actually fits the child. This is a really cool idea so that you don’t feel overly burdened by choosing a name but can choose a few and see how you feel when the baby is actually here. There are many great names, but these are 20 baby boy names you are sure to love for your child.

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20 Theo

Theo is a positively adorable name for a baby boy. This Greek name meaning, “God given” is perfect for any little boy. In German it means “bold people,” but the Greek meaning sure is awesome. Boys named Theo are said to have a deep inner desire to inspire others. They are creative and love the arts. They tend to be very active and involved in many projects. Theo can be short for Theodore or simply a name all by itself. Over time the popularity has risen quite a bit in recent years. It seems that the older names like George, Henry, and Theo are coming back in style. In 2017 Today.com had Theodore listed as the 5th most popular boy name. Theo is a super cute shorter version of that very popular name.

19 Daelan


Daelan is a masculine baby boy name. Pronounced to rhyme with Waylon, it means “a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers.” Boys named Daelan are said to be quiet, and analytical. They are goal oriented and love new ideas. They are very determined so they sometimes have a tendency to be aggressive. Names closely related are Dalen, Daylin, and Declan. Daelan Nash has a really nice ring to it. Very manly, unique and fun. There is sure to be only one Daelan in his class or even the entire school. A cute nickname for Daelan is dough-boy, or Dae-dae. Daelan Kael is an actor known for his role in 7th Heaven, and The Guardian. He is the only celebrity named Daelan that we are aware of. This very unique name may very well be gaining in popularity in 2018.

18 Nash


Nash is a fun, and unique boy name. It means, “by the ash tree,” and is an English name. Don Johnson played a character Nash Bridges in the nineties. There are many fun variations with a similar sound like Bash, and Cash. Nash was the brother in the hit series “Reign” about Mary, Queen of Scots. Archie Nash would make a cute and unique baby name. Or even Nash Roman. This is one of those boy names that no one would ever think was a girl. It just sounds very masculine. This name isn’t totally popular yet, as it remains quite unique in the U.S. especially. Boys named Nash are said to be humanitarians, loving, affectionate, and community-minded. Sounds like a perfect name for a baby boy.

17 Jett


Jett is a strong name meaning, “free, or black stone.” It is a name variation to the more common name Matt. George Lucas and John Travolta both liked the name so much they have sons named Jett. Whether you like it for the precious stone named jet, or because you just like the really cool sounding name, it makes for a great baby boy name. Since it’s a short name it would work really well for a first or middle name depending on the combination you are looking for. Jett Nolan, Brody Jett, Jett Ryker, and Bennett Jett are all really trendy, masculine sounding name combos. Jett Rink is a character in the movie Giant, and the Disney Channel TV show “The Famous Jett Jackson.”

16 Ashton


Sure, you are probably thinking about Ashton Kutcher right now. But while he is the most famous Ashton you can think of the name is actually really cool too! The name is an English one meaning, “from the town with ash trees.” Though the meaning may not grab you, the nicknames are just adorable. Ash, or Asher could be used as nicknames for Ashton. This name can be used as a boy or girl name, but it tends to sound masculine. Pair it with a masculine middle name and you have a real winner. Ashton Ryker, Ashton Nash…they both have a nice ring to them. Make sure the initials don’t spell anything bad. That can be a big problem later in life if you don’t consider the initials now.

15 Atticus


This super cool sounding boy name is Latin meaning, “from Attica.” To Kill a Mockingbird featuring Atticus Finch made this name even more well known. You probably have never met an Atticus in your life…but that’s not to say it isn’t a great name option for your baby boy. The name has a Roman feel to it makes it even more of a masculine, manly, timeless name. Atticus Milo, and Atticus Kane are two awesome name combinations. Fun nickname options are Atti, Tuck, Ace, or Atty. Atta-boy sounds like a good one too! Literary lovers are sure to think this is one great name. So many name options, but none compare to the strength the name Atticus presents. Though it’s rare, it has risen in the charts in recent years.

14 Milo


A short, yet powerful name. Milo, is a fabulous choice for any little boy. An old German name meaning “solider, merciful.” Who needs a nickname when your first name is so cute? Milo Ryker, Milo Bowie, or really almost any combination sounds really cute. Milo is a masculine name, so no one would assume the named belonged to a girl. Though it never became very popular it has been wildly loved by many who have heard it. Boys named Milo are stable and love family. They are a powerful force to those around them. Charismatic and capable leaders, they tend to have great success in life. Giving your baby a name you love is important. Milo is one that doesn’t need a nickname because it’s so short, so be sure you love it, because it’s going to be what you say over and over again for the next 18 years, and then some!

13 Roman


Roman can mean only one thing, “a citizen of Rome.” Roman is a gorgeous name for your sweet baby boy. It’s one of those names that people seem to either love or hate. Hollywood celebs have certainly taken to the name. Cate Blanchett, Debra Messing, and Molly Ringwald all three have sons named Roman. Though it doesn’t need one, a fun nickname is Romy or Romeo. Another version of the name is Romaine which is the French form. Boys named Roman are said to be understanding, analytical learners. They are teachers, thinkers, quiet and sometimes introverts. Though they love being alone, they tend to have a yearning for deeper truths. Roman Theo, Roman Archie, and Oscar Roman make great name combinations.

12 Jasper


Jasper is a unique Persian baby boy name. Meaning, “binger of treasure” it is a fantastic name for any bouncing baby boy. It sounds similar to Casper, but without the whole ghost stigma. It has been a name gaining in popularity in the U.S. in recent years. What used to be an English name, has sailed across the sea and warmed many expectant parent’s hearts. Boys with the name Jasper are said to have deep desires for stability, need community and the support of others. Jasper Rhett is one cool sounding name. Another fun name combination is Milo Jasper, and also Jasper Theo. It’s one of those names that seems to sound good with almost anything! Choosing a baby name is one hard task knowing your child will be stuck with your choice for the rest of their life.

11 Archie


The name has been rising in popularity recently. With a hit Netflix series based on a main high school character named Archie…Riverdale may just be making this adorable baby boy name even more popular! Archie is a Scottish baby name meaning “bold,” “bald,” or “true.” A boy named Archie is said to be practical. He’s competent, powerful and prone to be wealthy. Finding adorable, timeless boy names can be really hard. Archie is a name that used to be wildly popular, tanked for some time, and has been coming back over recent years. The name is much more popular in other countries like England and Scotland, but Americans love the name too. Archer is a very similar name, and one that Archie could be a nickname for.

10 Axel


Axel is a super cool, masculine name. It is actually a variant of the Biblical name Absalom, which in Hebrew means, “father of peace.” Absalom was a son of King David. The letter “x” names tend to be gaining in popularity over the last several years. Will Ferrell named his son Axel. There is Axl Rose from Guns ‘n’ Roses, Axel Paulsen an Olympic gold medalist, and Axel Alonso an American comic book creator. Axels are said to be stable, loving, family men. This would make for a great first or middle name. Name pairs like Axel Ryker, and Axel Kane are just downright cool. As a middle name, Ryker Axel sounds really nice too. It’s one of those names that could be paired with almost anything and still sound manly and unique.

9 Nixon

Nixon is an English name meaning, “son of Nicholas.” Though it’s associated with a president of the United States who resigned before he could be impeached…Richard Nixon, it is still a really cool first name. Beyonce’s brother is named Nixon. Nixons are said to be orderly and service minded. They like truth and justice but can be quick-tempered. Nixons are practical and orderly. Nixon Milo is a cool sounding name. Or even Nixon Kane. This name has never been wildly popular but it is trending as a cool name for a baby boy in 2018. For whatever reason, the name is quite popular in the state of Utah. In 2015 it came in at number 76 as far as boy name popularity goes. With the popularity of it in Utah alone, it made it reach the US Top 1000 list for that year as well.

8 Ryker


A super cool name similar to Riley, Ryder, and Rylan. Ryker is a Dutch name with the meaning coming from the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation. “Command Ryker” is the term from the show, and the name became popular. Boys named Ryker have a deep inner desire for adventure. They are said to love to travel and like to blaze their own trail. Many times they are visionaries and hate restrictions. Ryker is a really cool, masculine boy name. Ryker Nash has a nice ring to it, as does Ryker Milo. The nickname possibilities would include Ry, Ry-ry, or even Ryke. If you love the name Ryan but hate how common it is, Ryker is a great second choice and very unique. There will probably be only one in his entire school!

7 Kane


Kane is a rugged Celtic name meaning, “warrior.” A possible variation on the spelling would be Cain. Though Cain was the bad brother from the Bible, the name Kane is still a really cool name. Kane is one of those names that you don’t even have to think about whether or not it could be a girls name. Kane can work for a first or middle name. Some really great combinations include Kane Nolan, Kane Winston, or even Hudson Kane. The name never became overly popular, though over the last few years the name has increased in popularity. Boys named Kane are said to be orderly and stable. They are practical and love to save and manage money. They are reliable, cautious, and conservative.

6 Rowan


Rowan is a great name choice for your blue little bundle of joy. It’s a Gaelic name meaning “rowan tree.” This super adorable name was traditionally used for girls, but it sounds so cool for a boy. Rowan Michael, Rowan Hugo, or even Axel Rowan make really great combos. People named Rowan are said to thrive on alone time. They love the quiet and search for deeper truths. They are practical thinkers and tend to be successful. Brooke Shields has a daughter named Rowan. Though the name meaning leaves much to be desired, it doesn’t have a bad meaning thankfully…just one that really doesn’t mean much. If you like rowan trees, however, you may feel differently! In any case, it’s a great name option for any baby boy.

5 Bowie


David Bowie is the first thing that may come to mind when you hear the name Bowie. It is a great last name, but even more unique first name. A Gaelic baby boy name that means “blond.” A common nickname for Bowie is Bo. Boys named Bowie are likely to love companionship and desire to be loved. They are passionate, compassionate and romantic. Sounds like the perfect man! They tend to be humanitarians and are usually very generous. Bowie Roman and Bowie Nash are 2 name combos you could do. Bowie can be a middle name as in Axel Bowie, or Callum Bowie. No one will ever assume a Bowie is a girl name. Completely masculine, unique and yet slightly trendy too.

4 Oscar


Oscar is a fantastic choice for a baby boy name. It’s an English and Irish name meaning “God spear, deer-lover, or champion warrior.” It has been the number 1 name in Sweden for several years and is becoming more popular in the U.S. Oscars tend to love peace and quiet. They thrive on it! They are analytical thinkers and tend to be quiet, though cooperative, considerate and even sympathetic. Oscar Kane and Oscar Hugo are cool combos. Oscar can work as a middle name too, though it’s so powerful as a first name, it seems to be better suited for it. O names can be tricky to find. Cute girl names like Olivia and Olive are great, but boy O names are harder. Oscar and Oliver seem to be two of the cutest options.

3 Rhett


You cannot possibly hear the name Rhett without thinking of Scarlett. Gone with the Wind made this name popular, and it’s even more so than his Scarlett is. Rhett is a Welch name meaning “ardent, fiery.” Rhett Butler was the hero in the story of Gone with the Wind, and that alone seems to be reason enough to name your baby boy this name. Rhett’s tend to be practical, powerful men, who are successful with business ventures. Workaholics may be a good term for them, as they sometimes even neglect their families because of work. Hopefully, this won’t be an issue for your son. Rhett Hugo is cute, and Rhett Davis is adorable. Rhett could make a unique middle name as well.

2 Harry


Harry is a great name, though it usually is thought of as the nickname for boys. Speaking of which, with the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle the name is sure to pick up some steam around the world. There may be little Harry’s popping up around the globe, but everyone wants to know if there will be a royal young Harry coming soon. Harry Potter also helped to bring the name to light. It’s a name that is timeless, and masculine. Harry Nash sounds like a rugged baby boy name. It shouldn’t be brushed off as too common, as this name isn’t overly popular in the U.S. yet, but may be a trendsetter with the royal wedding happening soon.

1 Maverick


Maverick is a cool manly name. It’s an English name with a meaning that stems from rebellion and refusal of conformity. A man named Maverick refused to brand his cattle as other ranchers did, and he bucked the system. He defied conformity, which has given us the name. Mavericks are stable and loving. They are said to be leaders not followers. It is a very masculine name and has a fun story behind it. If you are stuck with what to pair it with, try Maverick Ryker or Maverick Roman. Mav, Mave, Rick, are nicknames for Maverick though he truly won’t need one. Sarah Palin used the term frequently during the 2008 election and political campaign. But you don’t have to be from Alaska to love it!

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